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    Sounds like a posh tea bag.
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    I think, like every manager, he'll be judged on his results, yes.
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    Sounds like Jose Fontes needs a pay rise! I guess after scouting some of those players, when he tells the scouting team he's found a good one, people tend to listen!
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    One of my personal favourite things from the whole Aranguiz affair is that I edited his Wikipedia page about 3 years ago and it’s still there.
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    Because shit happens in life and if Barcelona turn around and say "sorry kid, we need the money" Uncle Jorge is going to be chucking him in the back of his van and driving him round Europe to whoever is going to cut him the largest slice. Trincao is a talented youngster but he's not going to just walk in to a champions league club and start, not one of the big boys anyway. We just finished fifth in the most economically powerful league in the world, we're a recent title winner, a recent CL quarter finalist, we're the sort of club that's supposed to be signing players like Trincao. There's so much negativity round this place that often people forget that Tielemans was a transfer that made people around Europe envious, Pereira was a transfer that made people around Europe envious, Maddison was a transfer that made half of the Prem envious and most of Europe's elite would pick apart most of our squad in a flash if we stuck up the Open For Business sign. It's mad, we've risen so fast that even half our own fans still see us as the tinpot club that should be fighting with Burnley and Stoke to sign talentless heifers, if this kid rocked up at Sporting, Sevilla, Leverkusen or Roma you'd all be going "yeah that makes sense." But we ARE Sporting, Sevilla, Leverkusen and Roma.
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    Transfer windows wind me up. Yes, signing new players is exciting, but fans get carried away. If you believe half of our fanbase, we need to replace pretty much our entire first team every transfer window. I think we need a little bit of reality check. 1) I think fans (of all teams) have a tendency to under-rate their own team’s players and over-rate every other team’s players. There’s an obvious reason for this. We watch our own players for 90 mins, week after week, and form our opinion based on warts-and-all evidence. Our opinions of other teams’ players tend to be formed on Match of the Day highlights and suchlike, where you’re noticing the most interesting aspects of a player’s game. 2) Don’t pretend you have a detailed knowledge of a Bundesliga or Ligue 1 player. We all know you’ve formed your opinion based on FIFA or FM. And, frankly, if you genuinely have watched enough foreign domestic league football through which to form a valid opinion of a player, what are you doing with your life? 3) All transfers are a gamble. You can apply all the high-tech analysis and informed scouting knowledge to a player, but you cannot know if a player will fit in at a club, or in a team, or in a league. I saw some people on here were absolutely slating our management for signing Silva. This is patently ridiculous. He is a player with a rich pedigree, who everybody thought would be a huge asset. The reasons for him not fitting in are no doubt myriad. Silva has massive international pedigree and didn’t work, Vardy was a non-league player who became one of our all-time top 5 players. It will always be a gamble. 4) Signing players is not like on FM. Watch the Sunderland documentary on Netflix and the Leeds documentary on Amazon - they show the reality of signing players. Clubs do their best within the many constraints. 5) A high player turnover is not a good thing. You can’t build a team and culture if the personnel changes all the time. 6) Some players won’t want to sign for us, for whatever reason. 7) You can’t pack your squad with too many world class first teamers, because they won’t all be able to start. Top level players don’t want to come to Leicester to sit on the bench. That’s why our squad has to be a mix of top players, high potential players and backup players.
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    I find the disrespect for a player who, through no fault of his own, has had little opportunity here somewhat disturbing and embarrassing. Mendy came here as a replacement for Kante, which was always a hiding to nothing scenario, suffered a serious, career threatening injury in practically his first game for us (one that he was probably our best player in) and by the time he was recovered found his position in the side taken by someone who's name was permanently inked in on the team sheet (how would you feel if you had been forced to take long term sick leave, only to find that someone else had stepped into your job and you were effectively demoted as a result?). When he did play it was generally as part of a defensive midfield duo which stifled both him and Ndidi. I think he is harshly judged by many simply because Puel tried to accommodate him in a system that was universally unloved. He never moaned, caused unrest or badmouthed the club and played his part when asked (even agreeing to stay on at the end of his contract to see the season out when he had no obligation to do so). He has been the victim of circumstance, was never signed as flair player and did what he did competently. Good luck to him and thanks for being a good servant of the club.
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    Got an update on this last night. Basically he wants to be with a prem team to make sure of his place at the euros next year. He thinks all the speculation is funny because he's not had contact from anyone other than Palace and he's not keen on going there... He would jump at a move to Leicester, he's friendly with a couple of our players but nothing has been said on or off the record. Makes you wonder what players agents do doesn't it? Not very proactive....
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    The place is going to be absolutely stunning, no expense spared and no corners cut, they are using the best of everything, I can`t begin to try to put the place into words, it`s bluddy huge as well, 3 floors, full size swimming pool, spar pool etc, and Top`s suite is just breathtaking, the wallpaper alone was 20k :-) the players all have their own rooms and there`s a shit load more for guests and visitors, I`m like a kid in a sweetshop every time I go on site !
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    Imagine being a Juventus fan and seeing yourself linked with a winger from Burnley
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    No way they'd agree to three meetings if they have zero desire to sell.
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    Certainly no transfers imminent. More to do with the expansion.
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    Sat there like a twat for a good minute waiting for something to load.
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    For anyone who doesn’t want to read the last 22 pages here is a summary of the hard facts as they stand at present .
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    We ought to be trying to recruit 17/18 year old players from Portugal if this bloke is as talented at unearthing players as believed. Get some real quality in the U23's pushing the first team.
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    Also, excellent news. Back to 3 subs!
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    We signed his replacement a year before??
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    Ridiculous that they're making 55 people redundant but offering Aubameyang around £250/350K a week and looking at signing Willian etc. FA should start to make legislations that if jobs are being cut, the club has shackles on how they are able to carry out transfer business.
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    Statistically though players in a poor team should make more tackles and blocks. Keepers for example make more saves in poor teams.
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    Sense But no time nor place for such things
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    Just start a rumour Cags doesn't believe in Catalan independence. Job done.
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    There's an article in the Telegraph which says Barca want Bernardo Silva - don't think that is possible this summer but it suggests they could be in the market for a right winger or at least someone across the forward line like Lautaro Martinez who they've been linked with before. Tonight Setien played a front three of Messi, Suarez and Griezmann and had Fati on the bench. They might struggle to offload both Coutinho and Dembele so that adds another wide man, plus Pedri, Braithwaite are there. Fontes by all accounts is very highly rated at the club, he was promoted to senior scout not long ago - previously he was also involved in U23 recruitment. Not sure if he was a Macia appointment but he came in around the same time as him, but didn't follow him to Bordeaux unlike Esparraga, Friis-Hansen and Waldron.
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    Our badge is one of the best. As a city we should give greater emphasis to the Cinqfoil. Forget the Yorkshire and Lancashire rose emblems that have only been in use since the 60's, our Cinqfoil has been around since the 12th century. We have incredible history that too often gets overlooked.
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    If you want it to be true, it's an excellent source. If not, it's a virgin seeking attention. These are the rules, I believe.
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    That baby just screams out to be accessorized with a transparent Louis Vuitton backpack.
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    The problem is you are either offside or you are not. You either scrap VAR for offside or you go with its decision. In the majority of cases it has been correct. All you do is move the point of argument, if you give 10 cm leeway where does the 10 cm start? people are going to be arguing it's not 10cms to his toenail instead! The other option is we default go with lino decisions unless one of the captains asks for a review, maybe the reviews could be limited per game? Handball is the bigger issue for me. We had about 10 handball penalties not given for us and about 3/4 the exact same handball given against us (surprisingly mainly for big clubs). Also dives, Vardy goes down in box booked called a diving cheat by pundits, Fenandez or Mane it's a penalty and the pundits say they have been 'clever'. Football has a fundamental bias to the big clubs who already have a huge resource advantage, I am not sure if its intentional or a unconscious but it there and with refs and VAR too. Its absolutely repulsive watching Sky and their big six wankfest. People say it's all because the big six are the biggest audience draw, actually that is wrong the other 66 clubs combined have a bigger audience and if the fans of those clubs get sick of the game, the product is gone. Only the fans of the big six will care about the big six super league.
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    Iversen is the only player on the club's books contracted until 2025, they seriously rate him at City. He's on a Dean Henderson style trajectory up the leagues, League Two to League One and now a season in the Belgian top flight is a great move for him. Hope he does well.
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    You bastard. Thought I was hilarious putting this together and you bloody beat me to it
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    This is what all of the small clubs do when the big boys come calling.
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    Honestly can’t see the appeal of selling him. The people slagging him off on here is a joke. He was our most creative player after lockdown. The lads come on leaps and bounds. For god sake give him a chance.
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    Forgive me, not a rumour... Every season there's so much mad panic on here and constant wondering about what on earth goes on with transfers, fees, structure of deals etc. So last year I bought 'Done Deal' by Daniel Geey, a sports Lawyer, I'd definitely recommend it. Fortunately if you CBA you don't have to buy it, he's also got a really useful blog. https://www.danielgeey.com/blog/ a podcast https://anchor.fm/daniel-geey and did a decent summary article for GQ https://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/article/what-really-goes-on-behind-the-scenes-of-a-big-football-transfer Reading the Trincao thread, this one is especially interesting: https://www.danielgeey.com/post/football-amortisation-chelseas-50m-luiz-profit/. If we reference the Trincao deal, Barca are paying 50m euros for him, and offsetting that at 10m euros a year on their accounts during his 5 year contract, whilst loaning him to us for two seasons, perhaps at a cost of lets say... 5m euros a season... means they make 10m from us, don't have to pay his wages etc etc. That helps ease the financial impact on them whilst they're struggling and it means they either get a great player back in two years who they can keep or sell for a massive profit, or they decide they don't want him and probably sell him to us for the remaining value on their balance sheet. It's a no lose situation for them. I find this stuff really interesting and definitely helps with 'patience' and 'understanding' when it comes to coping with the transfer window.... something I think a lot of people on here need Also worth a follow is The Swiss Ramble https://twitter.com/SwissRamble does a lot on club finances. Interesting 'secret footballer' article too; https://www.planetfootball.com/in-depth/transfer-really-happens-contract-looks-secret-footballer/ Anyone got any other decent sources of info for the more technical side of transfers? Oh and In anticipation for the 'thanks Daniel' responses... 'You're welcome '
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    Daniel Sturridge is the most West Ham signing I can imagine.
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    A loan, for me, makes sense for almost all parties. It'd hurt a bit if he's amazing for two years and he goes back and we don't really profit from it. But if he's that good he'd probably have helped us consolidate our position which is value in itself and two years is more than we got out of Kante.
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    £1.5m a year off the wage bill.
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    If crossing isn't important, being able to make the right passes in the final 3rd is and he is equally as poor at that. Also runs the balls out of play unchallenged or loses it easily. I know crossing is no longer the main route of scoring goals but if you look at the way we play, the slow possession football where we eventually work it up pitch and pick and probe, requires wide full backs to be excellent at getting the ball and making the right decisions, something Ricardo is much better at. Chilwell its a lottery on what he'll do, but hopefully he can get better at this. On the counter attack there are few as good as him at getting the ball and driving up the pitch, that's why its so frustrating to see him waste it when he gets there.
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    It would be easy to think defensively we were much poorer after Chistmas, but i think up to lockdown we weren't actually that bad and it could be attributed to being without Ndidi..the last half a dozen games were poor though and there was a weakness but overall Evans and Soyuncu as a partnership was pretty good, even for a miserable git like yourself.
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    I’d forgotten how reading this forum is as joyful as sliding down the bannister with a rusty razor blade between your bollocks
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    Would be a disaster. The CB position already needs surgery, but this would place us in intensive care without any PPE. 'Stay alert- Keeps Cags- and protect LCFC'
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    I'd be really concerned at losing Soyuncu, for whatever kind of money, the defence would look pretty fragile without him in terms of quality and depth. He's unsellable at this point imo.
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    Didn't know where else to put this but much love for Wilf and his laugh
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    I think I’d rather see us sign Ollie Watkins then Benrahma.
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    I’d throw up if we spent any more than 10 mil on him
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