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    The Foxes Talk summer summed up in one GIF:
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    Everyone on Foxes Talk right now:
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    I've had a few drinks so I thought why not...
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    It’s all complete bullshit that Harry has kicked off. All these stories are being put out to the media by agents & the United side in an attempt to get a deal pushed through. Top set the price tag early doors & has made it crystal clear to Harry & everyone else that’s involved what the price is & It’s non negotiable! ....He was taught well 💙
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    Surprised at the bitterness towards Matty from many on here. I'm sure his career hasn't panned out like he wanted to with all the injuries. He had the potential to play for England, he was that good. I'm pleased LCFC have sorted him out financially, it can't have cost the club that much in the grand scheme of things.
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    Won't be popular at all but a huge thanks has to go to Claude Puel for laying the foundations for us to make one of our biggest ever signings.
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    What Top , his late father and family have done for our Club, City and County is simply amazing The dreams we have they have helped create The memories we will love till our dying days they have helped create and still they go on giving , gifts that allow us the chance to create more dreams and memories Khun Top thank you , thank you, thank you
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    I'm a bit worried that all this hubris is going to bite us on the backside. Transfer window isn't closed. Maguire is likely to leave. And as much as I don't rate Arsenal's squad in particular, they finish top 6 every year and we don't. I've supported City for too long to know that one dickie result against wolves is all it takes for the traditional Leicester mentality of told you so, glass half empty eeyores to get going. Let's just go quietly and humbly go about our business rather than sneering at Man U and Arsenal
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    5 year contract
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    It seems that the western world stands on the brink of a massive extremist cultural step backwards, a reversion to prejudices of the past. The rights of minorities have not, in my adult lifetime, needed more protection. So this is a good thing.
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    Did you want consulting when we broke the transfer record twice in a week?. Or how about when you pick up your free beer ?. £100 million training facility?. No didn’t think so. Give the club a break will you.
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    Top and co are at the ready in Leicester. It's happening people. Anyone as excited as me?
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    Sky Sports News have just spoken for 5 minutes about Maguire's desire to join Utd and that "his camp" are now going to change tactics because they are frustrated about a deal not being sorted yet. Utd know the price. Pay it and he's yours. It's Utd that are the problem here. THE VERY NEXT ARTICLE from them was about Lukaku's proposed move to Inter Milan. Utd want £79m but Inter have only offered £65m... "They're going to have to do better than that, they know the price". There wasn't even an ad break between them. You literally couldn't make this stuff up!
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    5. Sunshine 6. Moonlight 7. Good times 8. Boogie
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    Major rep points for @Ashley for being the first to break this story. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Rob Dorsett
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    https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/1153082/Man-Utd-transfer-news-Harry-Maguire-Leicester Don’t ask whether Manchester United are right to stall on spending £90million, a world record transfer fee for a defender, to sign Harry Maguire. Instead, we should ask whether the England centre back moving to Old Trafford frontier his current club Leicester Citywould truly transport his football and his career to a higher level. Why leave a stable club that more recently won the Premier League title to join a team once again scrambling around in summer disarray? Why leave a team with a proven high-class manager in Brendan Rodgers to join a club taking a sentimental stroll to nowhere with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer? Why take such a risk with the critical transfer move of his life? If the classy and admirable Chieftain Tank defender of English football isn’t asking himself those questions, he really should be. There are many observers of the game, myself among them, who believe that Leicester are likely to be a superior team to Manchester United in the new season, one that will play better football and finish higher in the table. If the serious offers for Maguire arrived from Manchester City or Tottenham or Bayern Munich that would be another matter. They would represent a sensible move for a 26-year-old player of intense ambition.
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    Sure you don't need me to tell you this is done and not the end of the signings either
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    scenes if tielemans looks up his name on Twitter and sees a picture of himself and just turns and looks behind him
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    While I may not get everything right I think you will find uf you look through my history I have put forward some good info. People can slag me off all they like but when I get snippets of info I'll keep posting it whatever people think. I'm just a fan like everyone else you can take it or leave it as you please.
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    It's the 21st century and homophobia is rife still in football.
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    With respect mate, it honestly baffles me that someone can back Gray and Ghezzal for game time in one sentence and question Evan's in the next. Ghezzal has done nothing. Gray hasn't improved since we bought him and Evan's was our best CB last year. Incomparable.
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    I’ve just seen a troubling news report from the Vatican ......
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    Harry’s “I ****ing hate it here” face “Running away lol” “I wonder what it’ll be like to share a dressing room with Sanchez AND McTominay” “This is torture” *checking Instagram comments* “Kolo, is it just me or do you miss Celtic reserves too?”
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    “My Perfik Announcement Video” Club tweets “👀” at 9am tomorrow. Twitter and FoxesTalk are in a frenzy. “ANNOUNCE TIELEMANS” cry the dozens of replies. “Rudkin Out” cries one idiot. “OMG 🍆💦” says Sally, 34, from Syston. At 9.15am, the club tweets that the squad are on their way to Évian for a summer training base, with a handful of pictures of the squad. Everyone is now sifting through the photos, and the players own social media accounts, to try and spot Tielemans. “JUST FKN ANNOUNCE TIELEMANS FFS” says Luke, 12, from Braunstone. Sally is somewhat busy doing something else. “Free Maguire” says one confused Algerian Man Utd supporter. At 9.30am, the club tweet a video. The video starts off with the 9am tweet, and scrolls through the replies. Then the 9.15am tweet - again, lost of “ANNOUNCE TIELEMANS” tweets, among them “leister without Magire is rugbeh club 🤑🤑🤒🤒😈”. Then in the video, is Maddison and Vardy on the plane. They’re talking to them camera singing “we’re all goin on a, summer holiday”. There comes a SHUSSHHH from the seat in front. They turn the camera around, and it’s YOURI TIELEMANS, standing there in full Leicester City kit. “Big Daddy is trying to sleep” he says, and winks into the camera. Fade to black. And Sally wanks herself into a coma. “YOURI 2224” pops up, and the internet explodes. The end.
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    I absolutely 100% guarantee the following chain of events has happened: 1. ITK on here says we'll sign a winger between 30-50. 2. People start guessing names on foxestalk, Thauvin sounds like he fits the bill. 3. Loads of people keep going on about Thauvin. 4. Someone, probably some absolute amoeba like Sean from Enderby posts on twitter that Leicester are in for Thauvin. 5. A couple hundred ten year old dweebs retweet it. 6. The intern at the Mercury writes an article for the website saying Leicester are in for Thauvin. 7. HITC regurgitate it, causing a few thousand more dweebs to tweet it. 8. The same fake rumour mills that link every roughly Europa League standard player in Europe to Leicester, Everton and West Ham copy the rumour linking the same clubs on just about every other clickbait football "blog" on the Web. 9. Two or thee over excited cockneys take it as gospel and lump a fiver on Thauvin going to West Ham on Sky Bet. 10. Skybet see a potential to encourage a market and all of a sudden, hammergaz88 from Basildon becomes "sky sports source" number five million and eighty two. Meanwhile in France, Florian:
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    Make no mistake, this is the most impressive signing this club has ever made. Cambiasso was an extraordinary coup but you could almost understand why he came here at the end of his career. Tielemans is pure box office, he oozes sauce. I am astonished we have got him and we have played an absolute blinder from the moment we got him on loan to this day. We fell in love with him and he seemingly felt a great bond with the fans, players and coaching staff. This club is an exciting place to be right now and it's right place, right time to get him and the stars really have aligned. Remember this day, we are now about to witness what is known as a FOOTBALLING MASTERCLASS. Get the fcuk in.
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    I just fcukin love this, this signing is up there in the top 10 moments being a Leicester fan in the last 30 years, it really is. We are signing one of Europe's real deals, I'm astonished we are getting him. He's nigh on faultless, we've won the league and yet this still feels out of this world. As a kid I lived and breathed the Izzet and Collymore transfers, then Cambiasso a few years ago was pure hysteria but this just oozes what we've become. I'm not gloating or being arrogant, as a club we've worked damn hard to get here. We deserve this, we are on the verge of backing up that freak season 3 years ago. Tielemans is pure sauce.
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    I dislike Spurs for entirely non LCFC reasons. Poch is the new Wenger, he's fundamentally dishonest and has an excuse for everything. Kane is an immensely arrogant and self interested footballer, most of the stuff he comes out with is about him and his individual records first and the team second. Son is frequently made out to be the likeable Spurs player but he's the worst diver on the team, he throws himself to the ground waving his arms around with his sad puppy dog eyes at the ref whenever anyone gets near him. Dele Alli shouldn't require any explanation. Then there's the ridiculous media obsession with them, wanking themselves to death because they play reasonably attacking football with a few British players. Hoddle, Murphy and Jenas being the obvious worst. Then there's their fans. I don't hate them because of 15/16, it's just that 15/16 have me exposure to them. I'd never even thought much about Spurs fans before but then I saw Fighting Cock and Spurs twitter, reddit etc. Lots of fans get called delusional on the internet and it's often unfair (Newcastle fans for example, I think they mostly know they're just a mid table club) and I appreciate every club has moron fans (this place must look awful to outsiders at times) but, Christ, Spurs surely have the highest % of mouth breathers. I should caveat this by saying I could have a similar rant about half the clubs in the league. I don't really like anyone other than Leicester. I don't consider any of them rivals, I'm well aware it's my own personal pettiness and resentment. I just hate everything quite easily.
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    Imagine saying to somebody 10 years ago; We’ll win League 1 We’ll win the Championship We’ll pull off the greatest Premier league escape with Cambiasso pulling the strings We’ll win the Premier League We’ll reach the quarter finals of the Champions League We’ll reject a £70 million bid from Man Utd for our England centre back We’ll break out transfer record with a 40 million pound signing
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    I think a lot of you are not seeing the bigger picture here. This isn't about whether you think we're missing out on a good deal because you think Maguire is overrated, or easily replaceable. This is about letting the big clubs know that you're not going to be a pushover. Because believe me, they'll soon be back for Chilwell, or Maddison, or Tielemans, or Barnes, or some other player you DO actually rate and is not so easily replaceable.
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    Not yet we haven't. Proof of the pud will always be what happens during the season and the next few seasons and we are yet to see how we perform. It looks good, it looks promising and boy are we all excited, but lets not go all Arsenal or spurs here ........... that would be the pits
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    I much prefer this to things like the PL Asia Cup or the International Champions Cup or whatever they’re called.
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    No club likes to see any of their best players go but of all your best players I’d say Maguire is the easiest to replace. Furthermore you could use the huge fee being reported for him to really push the team onto that next level, just look at how Klopp managed to transform Liverpool with the Coutinho money, went out and bought what is now the best CB in the world and one of the best goalkeepers. i have doubts over whether this is a good move for Maguire in any way other than financially though, Man Utd are a basket case of a club and can see it hitting the skids even further next season under OGS.
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    Went to the fan store today and only went and bumped into TOP. Pretty much confirmed Tielemans is a Leicester player
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    Who is this
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    Well i'm excited. Massive coup for the club this one.
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    So I've just asked again nothing on Maguire leaving, nothing on Dunk incoming but there is something with another transfer for us. Just trying to confirm something before I post in the thread that, that player has already in the transfer section 😉🦊
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    Moving the guy who just had the best season of any RB in club history out of position is not a winning play in my book. Ricardo stays where he is.
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    To be fair to Maguire if we refuse him a move away and we're turning down offers of £70m+ I do think he has a right to ask for a new contract to ensure that his wages reflect that of the value the club have placed upon him.
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    My wife gave birth to our first child at 12.30 this morning, a beautiful baby girl.
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    My dad isn’t one for making things up and yes, I’ve referred to myself as “big daddy” (long standing joke), but Youri is on the plane back from Belgium right now to Birmingham. Make of that what you will...
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    Cheers Geoff! Come on home Youri...
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    They have been honoured for their bravery ByCiaran FaganCrime Correspondent 04:00, 26 JUN 2019 Heroes: (left to right) Pc Kevin Marsh, Pc Michael Hinton, Pc Steve Quartermain, Sgt Mike Hooper (Image: Leicestershire Police Federation) Four police officers who risked their lives at the scene of the King Power Stadium helicopter crash have been nominated for a national bravery award. Pc Steve Quartermain, Pc Kevin Marsh, Pc Michael Hinton and Sgt Mike Hooper all suffered burns as they tried in vain to rescue the five occupants of the helicopter. They were first on the scene after the aircraft fell from the sky and burst into flames shortly after taking off from the stadium on the evening of Saturday, October 27. They were unable to save the five people inside - club owner and chairman Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, two of his staff, the pilot and another crew member. The National Police Bravery awards are held by the Police Federation of England and Wales and honour officers who have performed outstanding acts of bravery while on or off duty. The four Leicestershire Police officers spoke today after they learned of their nominations. Sgt Hooper said: “The day started as any other day does – we were there to police a football match. "What we faced by the end of the evening was something that we wouldn’t have expected. “It was extraordinary circumstances and something that no police officer would ever want to face in their entire career. "We only acted instinctively how any other police officer across the country would have reacted. “We were just doing our job. "We have had to come to terms with the fact that we couldn’t save the five victims.” Pc Marsh said: “I’ve never really thought about what I actually did that evening but placed in that situation would I do the exact same thing again? Yes, I would.” Flowers laid outside the King Power Stadium (Image: Will Johnston Photography) Pc Quartermain said: “It’s a real honour to have been nominated for the National Police Bravery Awards. "I think being nominated probably represents the actions that we took on that night but also the actions of the other officers who were exceptional in managing the operation and recovering everything else afterwards, as well.” Pc Hinton said: “To be nominated for the National Police Bravery Awards is overwhelming and really honouring. “I feel really proud to have been nominated and to represent Leicestershire Police.” Dave Stokes, chairman of Leicestershire Police Federation, said: “Our four officers acted with real bravery, rushing towards the crashed helicopter. "In the blink of an eye, they risked their own lives in an attempt to get to the occupants. Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha acknowledges the fans during a lap of the pitch after the Premier League match between Leicester City and Bournemouth (Image: Plumb Images/Leicester City FC via Getty Images) “Sadly it wasn’t with a better outcome and our thoughts remain with the loved ones of those who lost their lives that night. “When the officers were told Leicestershire Police Federation had nominated them for The National Police Bravery Awards, they became emotional and said, ‘yes we risked our lives in an attempt to save those five people in the helicopter, but isn’t that just what we do?’ k A silence is observed in memory of Leicester City chairman Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha prior to the Premier League match between Leicester City and Burnley at The King Power Stadium City 'honoured Vichai's memory' “They should be incredibly proud of their courageous actions that night.” The event – the 24th National Police Bravery Awards – is sponsored by Police Mutual. John Perks, chief executive officer of Police Mutual, said: “Police Mutual is very proud to be supporting the Police Bravery Awards for the 11th consecutive year. "My colleagues and I are deeply honoured to be able to show our appreciation for police officers’ bravery in keeping us safe.” https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/leicester-news/heroic-police-officers-were-burnt-3019055
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    Tielemans probably wants a bigger club than us so I'm guessing he'll end up at Celtic or even Celtic reserves...
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