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    What a guy. He never has to apologise to us. Ever. He gave me one of the greatest birthdays of my life against Sevilla. I reject your apology you ****ing hero.
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    Gazza has now arrived at the scene with a fishing rod and some sandwiches claiming he is a friend of Rebekah Vardy.
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    6 posts in 6 years and this is all the crap you can come up with
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    He was fantastic today! Unlucky to have a goal ruled out, won basically everything and the real plus for me - his distribution was superb. He didn’t screw up the fast short passes and was pinging it around to build attacks. Honestly if he can do that every week he would be in the conversation for a true heir to Kante’s throne. In this system he basically has to do the work of two people and somehow he manages it. And to top it all off he’s a really nice guy too! Love players like this. Take a bow son!
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    Been given a contract at Huddersfield Town, who he'd been training with for a few weeks:
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    Perez has clearly gained an advantage by being in an offside position when the rebound comes back to him. Correctly disallowed.
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    Is currently planned for 19th October. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/leicester-news/second-walk-vichai-planned-1-3353500
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    We just need to play Ndidi and Hamza together in a defensive two.
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    And persisting with Chilwell until he became good and giving Hamza his unexpected start.
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    Squad players have to play. You have to reward guys for busting their asses in training all season and never getting a sniff in a PL game. If you run out the same starting eleven against a team a division below you in an off-brand cup competition, what message are you sending those guys? I don't think you wholesale swap everyone out, but it'd be crazy not to get guys like Benkovic and Justin out there. Ricardo needs a break, so does Evans and probably Soyuncu too. And at his age no way Vardy should be playing this game. Use Ienhacho or Perez up top, Gray and Albrighton on the wings, get Praet game time in the middle.
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    As for a centre half better than Maguire - Jonny Evans.
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    Surprised that many can’t understand the Kane dislike. Was dreadful on loan (as well coming across as some David Brent character behind the scenes) and then went absolute nuts when he scored his first goal against us despite no stick. Continually demeaned us on social media in 15/16 which proved an actual positive for us in the end. Then as the air of someone like Rooney on the pitch. If it was up to him, he’d take every set piece including throws in. Constantly on at the ref too. The blokes an arse
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    They way he very slightly dips his centre of gravity throughout, when twisting/turning means his passes feel like they're one touch, even if not. If this is him after less then a hand of games then, wow, what another great signing. You've got to admit, this is one hell of a City team now.
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    We go second in the league, and that’s your first reaction! Jesus wept. Still 100 per cent against sides who finished lower than the top seven last year.
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    Nah, with the cap now the fees would be mi-newt.
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    They do have a slight point though, Newcastle were unbelievably shit and we were very disappointing at Old Trafford. The media in this country are nuts, few weeks ago we'd have been lucky to finish 9th again, now we've practically got third wrapped up. They're so bipolar and absolutist it's nuts. We're in a fight for fourth absolutely but the coverage since the Spurs win has gone nuts. And when we lose against Liverpool and West Ham win it'll be about how the Hammers are in a title race and how Leicester were over rated, you can see it now. Everything in extremes.
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    Brendan Rodgers is an exceptional coach and manager. The best coaches can improve individuals and the team as a result. There are so many examples I could give but here are just a few: - Soyuncu no longer rash, times his challenges and defends as a pair properly with Evans. - Chilwell and Barnes link up effectively now. They never did this under Puel. - Ndidi's distribution has improved massively. Don't think he gave the ball away in that half, whereas before he panicked under pressure and could be pressed to get the ball back. - Vardy's runs and chasing down make acres of space for the attacking midfielders to run into. Look at Ricardo's goal, and the space Vardy occupies vacate the space for him. - The team presses as a unit winning the ball back time and time again. - One-two's and overlapping runs are so much more effective all over the pitch. The title win was something else, but honestly this team is the best ball playing Leicester team I have seen in my lifetime. Impressed!
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    As much as I think Ayoze will come good, I'd bring in Praet and have Madders roaming. I just think Dennis is absolute class.
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    Great table- but did you drop Man Utd down the sofa?
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    So then, what's everyone's take now after a day or two to calm down? The penalty was soft, I really wish Albrighton had just cleared it rather than taking that touch that put him in the situation that Mane could simulate contact and give the ref the opportunity to award a penalty. I am not as outraged as most regarding VAR's failure to overturn it, the current process is fairly obvious that they will only overturn clear and obvious dives or where they can prove something has happened i.e. offsides/hand balls even when there is still some subjectiveness to them. I think the problem lies with the referees not using the option of checking the monitor themselves, if this was the norm then the process could be that the assistant checks and makes a suggestion that the referee has another look and then then ref can decide if he's happy with his first decision. VAR is never going to get every decision right, anyone who thinks it can or should is going to be a very disillusioned football fan for the rest of their lives. On to our performance, we did ok. I am still not 100% happy about how little we created, it's the hardest away fixture of the season but it's a common theme this season away from home. We barely create anything, Vardy was once again a ghost and the odd time he was set free the sharpness wasn't there due to not being involved enough prior to that. The chance Barnes created for him in the first half would have been dispatched in a home game playing 4-1-4-1 where he's alive. Very frustrating and this surely has to concern Rodgers, if it doesn't then he's pig ignorant. Praet was superb again for us, he at times was getting the ball and I thought it was Barnes, which i'm not sure what that tells us about the formation or Barnes lack of movement on Saturday? It was a tough game for a lot of our players but Praet revelled, likewise Soyuncu who was dominant, classy and the bollocks. He overshadowed Jonny Evans who did seem tested to the maximum, Soyuncu's pace will allow him the ability to face any opposition and not worry too much, with him as always the danger is staying focused for 95+ minutes and resisting shoves and challenges in precarious areas. I thought he'd given another penalty away on Salah but thankfully it occurred outside of the box. Tielemans looked much sharper on the ball, he opened Liverpool up 3 times in short succession in the 1st half with probing forward passes for Chilwell to get in behind and every time it appeared Ben had webbed feet. Heinous ability under pressure to get telling crosses in. Maddison's quick feet continue to mesmerise me, this is something he has improved no end. He was once again fairly quiet by his standards when deployed on the wing but he was much busier and involved when he moved centrally, Perez's assist was sublime and hopefully Ayoze is playing himself in to a bit of form. Two assists in 2 games for him, now just needs a goal and he's up and away. I though Schmeichel had his best game of the season for us, he made a number of solid saves and his distribution was good against a team who are notorious for trying to unsettle that phase of play. Overall we can't be too disappointed with a narrow defeat at Anfield, it's obviously the manner in which it happened that hurts like hell. I think that will spur us on in the coming weeks though, we are still in fine fettle and very handily placed to march on to a top 6 challenge this season. We are still a massive work in progress and there are weaknesses in how we tackle away games and a lack of chances, Vardy who's record against the top clubs is phenomenal and yet in these games of late he has been completely snuffed out. Our wide areas are our weakness, coupled with Chilwell's complete inability to offer any reliability down that side, this is why playing either a diamond or Maddison on the wing is like tying one arm behind our back. Plenty to still work on, but when we are in our strongest system and we move well, we are up there with the best in this division.
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    Must play Praet if you ask me.
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    A lot of ugly snobbishness going on here that says more about the posters responsible than it does about the town of Coalville. Coalville is a proper proud Leicester City stronghold always has been and it's inhabitants deserve better from a Leicester City supporters board. Up the city.
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    "Pearsonites" really. This is still a thing is it. I just love great Leicester City managers me. But yeah, Rodgers hasn't lost by one than one. Wouldn't start comparing him to other managers yet though considering he's been here for less than 20 games. I do like Rodgers though so that makes me some sort of "Rodgerite" I guess. Weirdos some of our fan base.
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    They have already released it.
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    He clearly got a rush of blood after the scissor kick and tried to nick the ball too high, got pulled out of position and never caught back up with Kane who eventually scored. That error aside, he was absolutely immense. I think one of our best bits of business in recent years was investing in two promising CBs the season before we sold Maguire - I was disappointed that we seemed to be sniffing round the likes of Dunk and Tarkowski which suggested a lack of trust in that investment last summer. It's clear to me that he needed a run of games to iron out the flaws and the lack of composure in his game, and he has grown to be more and more imperious by the game. He reminds me a lot of Wasilewski - I love a front foot defender who is positive with their challenges, doesn't stand off, and really seeks to dominate the attackers. He was a huge part of the victory yesterday and he and Evans complement each other very well. I genuinely think we have both gained £80m and improved on our starting CB partnership.
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    It is a a terrible decision, if you watch the incident, when Peroz kicks the ball dyke is a yard off of him, but going towards Peroz, thats why the ball went over him. To give a free kick in this instance is just plain wrong, and Leicester would have had a marvellous chance of winning the match. Taking the decision as gospel, would mean any overhead goals you have ever seen should have been ruled out as in the penalty box there is never the amount of space as their was in this play. The referee at best, all match has had a stinker, and at worst he was biased.
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    I like to think there are some people who work for talkSPORT who speak sensibly about LCFC
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    It goes to show how well we're doing this season that one of the most promising young full-backs in the country and a starter for the national team appears to be becoming the new scapegoat on this forum. He's a part of the equal best defence in the league, he put in a wonderful cross for Ndidi's goal, he does everything you want from a full-back and he's still improving.
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    It's nuts. People are suicidal. Not sure why it's hard to grasp that Man City and Liverpool are total opposites. Man City are creative but patient and want more space on the ball, they'll break you down if you back off but they hate it if you get in their face. High press, high energy, try and attack them = good. Parking the bus = very bad. Meanwhile Liverpool are a bit like us, they're just way better at it. They're super fast, super dangerous in transition but they lack creativity in the middle of the park and thrive off disorder. High press, high line = very bad, park the bus = good. We made them look like a mid table team last year at Anfield, just by being organised and solid. We play them at their own game, we'll get murdered. A straight shoot out of Vardy, Barnes and Perez vs Salah, Mane and Firmino? Jesus.
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    This argument is infantile. They've both been guilty of it, that doesn't make it fine. Also from your list of words 'coup' was used by both sides, 'liar' is a fact, 'dictator' is a fair way of explaining the unlawful prorogation. Fair enough on 'fascist' although I don't think that's thrown around willy nilly. And the fact you are bringing up McDonnell quotes from 5 years ago shows that abuse shouldn't be accepted. Both sides have been guilty in the past but the debate was about moving forward, especially since the threat to politicians has been shown due to the murder of Jo Cox. To dismiss it as humbug is despicable.
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    Ok here's my list of Leicester City confessions: Thought Sven was going to propel us into a force Thought Vardy was an awful footballer (nothing is ever gonna beat this one) Thought Zieler was going to be a goalkeeping legend for us Thought Musa was going to be world class having seen him skin a few players while I was p*ssed up in Stocklholm + saw some youtube vids Tried to disuade my old man from having a bet on us to win the league at 1500/1 Nov 2015 (ended up going halves, praise be) Thought Claude Puel was a brilliant appointment and that Southampton were just ungrateful retards Most recently based on a few appearances that I saw last season and 1 pre season this I thought Soyuncu was a league one footballer Brutal honesty.
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    Fair play to them I say
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    Just imagine how good that Ricky Riyad right flank double team would have been.
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    Safe from having to visit Specscavers for another year!
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    I was really impressed with Praet contribution, I'd like to See him start
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    What an absolutely sensational game of football. I loved everything about it.
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    I would go for the same formation as normal, but with Albrighton in for Perez, and possible Praet instead of Tielemans (presuming Maddison is fit). A little harsh on Youri, but I think Praet is a little better defensively, and Tielemans was a little sloppy with the ball at times, which would get us punished by Liverpool.
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    Steve Bruce, arriving at training tomorrow morning:
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    For City fans of a certain age I believe the F.A. Cup is the one, we have appeared in the final most times and lost. Well remember losing valiantly to Spurs after getting kicked off the park.....Les Allen`s tackle on Len Chalmers was a disgrace but players didn't get sent off in Cup Finals then.......tears and Dad telling us "Maybe next year". Cue 1963 and Man Utd in the final, I believe with 4 matches to go in the league we were favourites for the double!..............3-1...tears and Dad telling us "Maybe next year". On to 1969..14 years old, City not fancied at all against Man City.Dad "won" a ticket in what was then a lottery to obtain a ticket....just one.Dad span a coin to decide if my big brother or I would go to the match..guess who won.....cue tears and "Maybe next year,son" Then Dad miraculously managed to obtain another ticket which he gave to me saying he couldn't manage to go to the game anyway.(Knew he was lying but pretended to believe him).......so off to the magical F.A. Cup final on the train with mates, all 14 years old....no adults, would that happen now I wonder.Ticket sewn in the inside pocket of my school blazer, didn't have another coat that fit then.Me going to the F.A. Cup final! excitement knew no bounds! Cue sitting on the steps of block H 57 (Yes I still remember the block number) afterwards .Tears and "Maybe next year" I found out many years later that my Dad had paid £6 for my 12/6d ticket (62 1/2 p) which was half his weeks wages at that time..Great Dad mine, City Fan all his life after returning from the Second World War.Sadly he left us in 2011, how sorry I am that he never saw the miracle that was 15/16, think the shock would have seen him off anyway!! So , to conclude , PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.let me witness City winning THE Cup,before I "Pop my clogs"....Just once, that`s all I ask...........just once...
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