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    If you have watched Manchester City play under Pep Guardiola you will be familiar with the process. City attack in numbers: the centre-backs on the halfway line, both full-backs pushed up, the midfield dominating possession. If City have the ball, they have a good chance of scoring. But if they lose it, well, you know what is coming next. Of course, City are desperate to win the ball back quickly and go straight into the press. But if that press fails, the opposition have a huge open space to break into, with just two or three stranded defenders in their way. In that instant, the odds have swung in their favour and City know they are at risk. And that is when the tactical foul is deployed. A City player ends the attack, giving their team-mates those crucial few seconds to run back and rearrange themselves behind the ball. And the chance of City conceding drops. Guardiola has repeatedly denied that he would tell players to foul. But that claim is undermined by the footage in Amazon’s All Or Nothing documentary showing Mikel Arteta, then Guardiola’s assistant, instructing players to do exactly that before a game. “David (Silva), Kevin (De Bruyne), Gundo (Ilkay Gundogan), make fouls,” Arteta says. “If there is a transition, make a foul. If you can do it, better than Gundo, better than the defenders.” The implication of that last point is clear. If someone is going to get booked for the foul, it would be better being an attacking player (Silva or De Bruyne) rather than midfielder Gundogan or the back four. In Guardiola’s system, everything, even the fouling, is meticulously planned and apportioned. This might all sound like singling City out. But the data makes clear that City are the most consistent offenders when it comes to illegally stopping opposition attacks. Opta have been gathering information on this since the 2017-18 season, measuring the number of opposition turnovers each team faces and the number of those turnovers that end in a foul. The key number, effectively the rate of tactical fouling, is the percentage relationship between the two. Manchester City were responsible for the second and third highest rates that Opta have on record. So far in 2019-20, City have committed 117 fouls to stop 1,540 opposition turnovers, a rate of 7.6 per cent. In 2017-18, City committed 180 fouls to stop 2,587 opposition turnovers, a rate of 6.96 per cent. The only club to record a higher rate is Arsenal this season, with a rate of 8.2 per cent. And we know who took over as their new manager in December. https://theathletic.com/1603079/2020/02/18/tactical-fouls-man-city-arsenal-liverpool/
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    I think that if we, the fans, can get up for this and attempt to make it a bit of an hostile affair, the players might rise to the occasion, an early goal from us might help, if not, it’ll die a death and they’ll walk it and go home happy.
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    Oh to be a Leicester fan! Currently, players being dragged off include Schmeichel, Chilwell, Choudhury, Tiellemans, Maddison, Vardy, Barnes and Perez. We are therefore only doing so well because of Evans, Soyuncu, N'didi, Justin, Mendy and Ienacho. Oh dear. Maddison is a marvellous player. We have loads of brilliant players. We have fans who exercise their right to be opinionated. Many of the opinions lack the class of the maligned players.
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    You can't expect a young lad with little experience to pop in and out of a team ad hoc, at Premiership level, and perform the same as an experienced regular player of the level of Ndidi! How many regular games has it taken such a gifted player to get where he is? With regular experience will come composure and perhaps a little better reading of the game. His aggression is a major plus for me and it makes any opposition uneasy, he will learn to control it better given more game time. Some people expect far too much given his age and opportunities thus far. In many other Premiership teams he'd have perhaps been played more and been further ahead in his development. We're lucky to have him and his detractors should perhaps worry a bit more about losing him if he becomes disillusioned.
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    The analogy is a very poor one, though. Accepting gay people or people of other ethnicities did not impinge on anybody else’s rights - it was just a matter of people becoming comfortable with difference. Men being allowed to enter female-only spaces is a direct and serious assault on the rights of women and girls, and the substantial majority of people in this country will never accept that. Using gay rights or the fight for racial equality as some kind of predictive model for trans rights is an absurd logical fallacy - there’s literally zero equivalence between them. Aside from a tiny minoriity of intersex people people, sex is binary, observable and immutable. You can bang your head against this particular wall as much as you want, but you can’t change it. That’s why the majority of people will always be opposed to men being allowed into female-only spaces. No amount of campaigning is going to alter that fact.
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    Definitely think Maddison would be harder to replace than Chilwell or Maguire.
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    Why not play Justin behind Ricardo
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    Aggression, Mahrez doesn’t like it up him, play Fuchs
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    Albrighton cloned for both sides.
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    All this talk about the match not mattering because of the ban et al is well and good (even if I don't buy it). But if there was any one league match Pep had reason to treat seriously, it's this one. We're the one side MC is in direct competition with in the table. I would really like to see Kelechi out there - just have the feeling he'd pop one against his old club. He's been in great form and gotten too little reward for it. Better form than Vardy to be sure, though personally I'd go 3-5-2, play them both and bag the wingers for this one.
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    Think I'd go with...
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    I absolutely love Atletico and Diego Simone. he's the perfect anti hero for football. Mind you I was the kind of child that read books about the Kray twins and watched documentaries on bank robberies hoping they would get away with it!
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    You mean ‘on the shoulder ‘ .........
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    He can be tricky as he plays off the shoulder
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    I thought he got the ball
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    The more you win the mort losing hurts.. and Klopp is a bad loser. Gonna be fun when Liverpool start to not win every ****ing game
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    **** off Klopp, there wasn't any major talking points that game at all. You should see some of the shit we have to put up with week in week out. He's such a despisable cvnt, like to make out he's this happy cheery character but in reality he's the biggest nob going when things don't go his way.
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    Weird how an atmosphere that Simeone riles up here seems to gripe on them but when Klopp does it at Anfield he's lapping it up.
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    Atleti to perish in the quarters, due to a penalty clearly from a tackle a yard outside the box, and the VAR cameras not working... A man can dream.
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    Quite refreshing to see the smile erased from Klopp's mug
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    There’s some really, really bad co-commentators about these days but Macca is without doubt the worst. I think I’d prefer to listen to Don Goodman... Nah I wouldn’t tbf
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    I'm not sure what you mean by 'more dynamic'. Maddison's movement is terrific. In possession he can drop the shoulder, turn on a sixpence and play incisive balls through the eye of a needle. He has excellent close control and has a hell of a finish on him when he gets it right. Also, he often has to drop deep to collect the ball when those behind him aren't moving it quickly enough. His centre of gravity allows him to jink between challenges and spin in possession to put us on the front foot. Players like Maddison are hard to come by and we're lucky to have him. We need more like him in my opinion. He just needs to stay composed a bit more in the final third, that's my only criticism of him.
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    Still waiting to see what Soulsby and the council will be doing to honour the club that has brought so much prestige and money into our City. Is the Champions mural back up yet??
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    .. you really are trying too hard,! Your selective memory is warping your argument and do you little justice. I wonder how many people would hold their hands up and agree with you regarding that statement.
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    Always thought you’d back a ban FIF
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    Still his job to protect their goal - if he isn’t penalised then he’s done it well .... as I recall we weren’t at it at all which allowed him to bully us ....
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    He was an absolute bell end that day.
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    Unless it’s Boris and co dodging media scrutiny ....
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    Raneiri and Morgan lifting the PL trophy. Biggest trophy we've won, and can win. Stick that on the front plaza bit outside the club shop. I'd also have another one, of a player, on the other side. Sort of the corner where the away end is. I like it when we visit the Emirates because they've got it right in terms of four single statues. We literally have nothing celebrating our past around the ground.
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    Be interesting to see how many of the football experts on here could actually kick a ball.
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    I think he is trolling tbh. The Maguire incident was stupid and his explanation was crazy " i didn't kick him, i stuck my leg towards him and straightened it" that's a fooking kick mate! tbh the game is so far gone now its getting un-watchable, im prerrty much done with this season, lets hope next year is less tripe.
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    For anyone who has been to the MCG it has a walk of legends around the stadium maybe 10 statues of everyone athletes, cricketers, AFL players all for different reasons. Id love something similar: Banks with the World Cup Wes Lifting the Premier League Walshy with the league cup Vichai We as a club, I believe celebrate our history very poorly.
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    Dawn Butler goes all in by now declaring we are born without a biological sex, which will surprise midwives and parents all over the nation. No better than flat earthers some of this lot.
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    Not so sure I can agree with this. His first proper premier league season in and around the first team is always going to be a massive learning curve and he’d still walk into most bottom half PL sides. It was only a few years ago he couldn’t get into the Burton Albion first team and there were rumours of him being sold to league 1/2 clubs. He’s still got plenty of improvement left in him. Especially under Brendan.
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    Leicester City Fans - Away from home 91-92 season. Bloomin 'eck, is this really 28 years ago? Dunno whether to laugh or cry. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSnAyf1EqhU
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    Got Fridays Euromillions numbers for us mate?
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    Two harsh yellows, let's not hang him out to dry!
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    Ah, so it's that side of the debate. Yeah, gonna have to go and disagree with you on that one.
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    How are people still not getting that this is a parody account?
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    You realise his second yellow was due to him slipping on the turf right? And his first booking was frankly not a foul.
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    Football is more popular than at any time since the post war boom. The English Premier League is the most successful and entertaining in the world. Grounds are safer and more family friendly and relative to wages ticket prices have fallen in the last 10 years. As for Leicester, the club is easily the strongest and most successful it’s ever been. The O Neil era was great at the time because it was the first properly successful period since the early 60s but taken overall, the team is now far better and Claridge would be the first to admit it.
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    Excessive money broke football. It made players think that they are Gods who can act like spoilt children, it made teams cheat in order to bring more in, it removed some fans from the stadiums. Money is the root of the problem.
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    This is a major problem. He's reckless, and even if he's not a dirty player if you make reckless challenges all day some of them will lead to yellows or even reds. N'didi looks so calm and composed in that role - Mendy too - but Hamza is a bull in a china shop. I agree the first yellow yesterday was dubious at best, but I'm frankly astonished to see anyone complaining about the second one - being a loyal fan doesn't mean you have to ignore reality. You wan't find a more blatant yellow than that one, and whether the first one was unjust or not the point is you're on a caution and you just can't do what Choudhury did to earn the second. Bad judgment, which is a recurring problem which can only partly be written off due to youth.
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    I can see it being similar to Di Canio at Sunderland with them having a run and looking like a fantastic side, before it failing massively and him having a breakdown. I'd love it if they somehow beat Barcelona, just to see Gatusso go full Barry Fry. Hard to judge him on his record at Milan as manager in fairness, as that club seems rotten to the core. May just turn out that he's a decent manager, though I would be equally amazed if it doesn't fall flat on it's face. That interview . Whenever people think Klopp/Guardiola etc are characters, I can only assume that they've never followed Italian football.
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