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    Hi all, 12 months down the line we're looking to replicate the special scenes at Cardiff last season. Please help to spread the word and raise your scarf as the players emerge from the tunnel and on the 60th minute, and join us in belting out When You're Smiling, which has undeniably taken on new poignancy since last year's tragedy. We're not aware of the club gifting scarves this year, so please bring your own and encourage others in your circles to do the same. Up the City.
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    Am I losing my mind? This thread is bonkers. This isn’t football manager you know. I’m always amazed at how eager some fans are to ‘cash in’ on our players. Chilwell is first choice leftback for us and England, runs up and down the wing all day, defends well, is good in the air. And he’s only 22. The big clubs aren’t mugs - they’re interested for a reason. Yes, he doesn’t have a great final ball - but if he did, he wouldn’t be playing for a club like Leicester! There can’t be many better left backs in the league right now. What’s the plan here? Sell him for £60m+, strengthen our rivals, spend half of it on replacing him with a worse player?
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    I’ve met her numerous times, always found her to be good at what she does.
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    Yes they were and perhaps still are. I never bought them though. Gotta get fresh from the store hot off the oil and sugar rack
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    Best song these ever did
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    Vierchewod and Manini at the back. Superb defenders
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    I didnt think wales were that bad? They were playing against the world cup finalists and wales are.....wales? It was a well earned point i thought
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    ...not after that display!!! There was just no belief or understanding out there on the pitch and this is not just a blip. I can not see them coming back from this, Roeselare were the bottom team and they looked so much better,confident, organised and seem to believe they could score at will.Just looking at the defence, no one seem to know what their role was, no one picking up and we were being passed to death by straightforward play, it did not need anything special to beat us. We need to sort out the Managers role immediately, to get back the belief that once flowed in this team. It is not enough to have these players at the club, they are no good unless we can shape them into a team and at present their mentality is nowhere near what it should be!!!!
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    Because it’s actually a bad thing.... or because some idiots are out there who want to make it into a bad thing.
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    Before my time. I do remember the lady who used to sell the programs inside filbert street. Think she moved over to the KP for a while too
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    This should demonstrate to everyone what a thoroughly poor and unreliable ally the US really is, particularly under Trump.
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    Unbelievable mate, that's where my soft spot of them stemmed from. Also, the kits they've had over the years are summet else!
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    Well we still happened and it's happening again
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    First win of the season
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    I don't disagree with their end goals, but their time-frame and use of overly alarmist language. Their main stated goal of 2025 for net 0 g/CO2 emissions is completely mad. There's no feasible way we can generate all of our energy from renewable or non-emitting sources within about 5 years. Gas accounts for about 50% of the UK's energy usage. The largest offshore wind farm on Earth (built by the UK) cost over £1 billion, and produces (at full capacity, 100% efficiency) about 1.7% of our energy needs, and that's with no real way of capturing the energy produced. We'd produce as we need it, and if we couldn't produce it, we'd need to import it. Normally nuclear plants are the answer to this issue, but they take upwards to a decade to build and open, way too long of a a time-frame for XR's demands. Hinkley Point C is going to cost at least £20 billion, produce about 8% of our energy needs, but the very first reactor won't be completed until 2027, 11 years after construction began. Realism is required in this debate, and frankly, XR lacks it.
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    Doesn't really matter though, does it? He was withdrawn because he was unfit to play professional football, doesn't mean he has to quarantine himself in his house.
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    I haven't cared since 1996 really. The world Cup was a total joke, soon as we played anyone worth playing we lost. As expected. Compare that to the 1990 semi final, we fought hard we the wins meant something, there was excitement there was passion. This England set up is devoid of any of the afore mentioned things. It's cold and soulless and completely uninspiring, I don't know anyone that thought we would win that semi final after the walk through we had to it. Southgate, who is somehow, not good enough to manage Middlesborough, God knows how, finds himself in charge of the national team, he either has dirt on his bosses or just plain lucked his way into that position. What is weird though, is that people think he is actually doing a good job.
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    I’ve edited a few bits in there to see if it changes your view of the situation.
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    I wasn't in Leicester as a kid, but was taken to a couple of matches in London in that era (early to mid-70s). I don't remember doughnuts but do remember them selling roast chestnuts from stalls outside the ground. Great smell, OK taste, I thought at the time. But I've had roast chestnuts since from street sellers in Lisbon and liked them. I also remember the good old days when it was "doughnuts" and not "donuts". https://grammarist.com/spelling/doughnut-donut/ Sorry for the multiple digression....
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    Josh played Wycombe last week and scored Posh's second from the right edge of the penalty area after connecting from a corner. Posh ended up drawing 3 - 3. They played again yesterday and won 2 - 0 against Lincoln winning in the last 10 minutes of the match. They're now third in league one. Here's Josh's goal against Wycombe. He has two assists and two goals after 12 games. In other news, Ndukwu is a permanent bench warmer in Southend return to losing ways after a brief new manager bounce. In fact he didn't get in the squad last match and was an unused sub previously. Hughes is starting for Salford City again and helped them to a clean sheet against league two's Cambridge. And Loft is seeing the odd ten minutes at the end of matches every so often but didn't get a look in as Crewe hammered four past Carsile yesterday. Iversen helped Rotherham win their last two matches and kept a clean sheet against 10 men Coventry as Rotherham creep around the middle of league one.
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    Turned down an England call? The article said he was confined to his room for two days and they didn't want to risk him travelling. That's not turning down a call, that's being told to stay at home. Very different things. If he isn't on international duty, he's on holiday just like a lot of our squad are, which means he can do what he wishes within limits.
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    From the article, right at the very end: Last night his agent said: “He was confined to his room with a virus on Wednesday and Thursday. He felt slightly better on Thursday but couldn’t be risked to travel with the team.” The Sun know what they're doing. They've always incited outrage over minor things. Maddison was only spotted there between 8 and 9pm. Hardly a Gazza-esque bender straight out of the 90s. Has nobody else ever been out when they're recovering from illness but not yet feeling 100%? It's a non-story from that rag.
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    3 years and a totally different style of football under 4 different managers is incredibly rapid change. I think Rudkin has definitely grown into the role of DoF as we're seeing a much clearer strategy now. Getting Soyuncu and Benkovic in before selling Maguire was very shrewd
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    Also bring back back the “we’re all going on a European tour dilly ding dilly dong” chant. Keeps Ranieri apart of our history too then!
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    Not trying to nitpick here, but I don't think it's fair to say Rodgers got the tactics perfect. Like you say, Liverpool deserved the win, despite only conceding the one goal all 90 I feel like they had us pinned back too much, particularly the beginning of both halves, and part of that was playing Maddison on the wing again. It nullified a lot of Tielemans' threat as his interplay with the winger on his side was not possible with Maddison cutting in constantly, so we had trouble progressing the ball to their box without resorting to long balls (which they collected up far too easily). In addition our wingers didn't have enough about them defensively although they did put in a shift. If we had dropped one of our 3 incredibly good "8s" and played Perez and Albrighton to start with, I still think we would have been able to build up play better and be a bit more staunch defensively. Liverpool are, however, the best side in Europe, and there's no shame in losing to them - what Rodgers did come up with was almost enough for a truly incredible point, and I'm aware of it. I think the diamond has incredible potential, but there's one problem with it in my opinion, and that is width on the left. Ricardo and Praet have already struck up a fledgling partnership on the right and combined together nicely a couple of times already, not just yesterday. But on the left, Tielemans needs to be the main prescence and needs to be able to essentially take the ball from Chilwell once Chilwell gets the ball to the edge of their box (which he is very good at doing), and then leaving Chilwell near the byline just to stretch the defence whilst he furthers the attack from that position. It requires some adaption from Tielemans which could take time. That's my two cents anyway.
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    3-1 defeat against last placed Roeselare. It's clear that the departure of Vercauteren has ****ed us. Highlights: 6-minute version: https://www.proximus-sports.be/nl/voetbal/proximus-league/video/26300/samenvatting-roeselare-oh-leuven
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