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    I really, really like this team goal we scored today. Not necessarily a brilliant goal, but quite indicative of Leicester under Rodgers. Gray is superb in this sequence and gives a glimpse of his true ability, Ricardo is his usual amazing self, and I like Praet here too, who doesn't overdo things, but instinctively knows what to do and makes the simple things look easy, supporting the play and moving after his pass to potentially receive the ball again and to keep the play going. Barnes is sharp thinking in jumping over the ball, understanding a team mate will have also supported the attack and will be better placed to strike it than him, and as for Tielemans, well pick that one out! What a howitzer! This is a clip that shows fluid movement, fast passing, quick interchange of the ball between players, multiple players supporting the attack trying to score, and a great finish at the end. Honestly, I can't think of any Leicester side that played like this consistently. We've seen plenty of goals already this season like this. Even our title winning heroes didn't play this sort of style, even if they were amazingly effective in other ways. A style like this is what means you will beat well organized defensive teams like Burnley on a more consistent basis, and is the evolution a team needs to make to go from midtable to dreaming about glory. Very enjoyable!
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    As much as I think Ayoze will come good, I'd bring in Praet and have Madders roaming. I just think Dennis is absolute class.
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    We go second in the league, and that’s your first reaction! Jesus wept. Still 100 per cent against sides who finished lower than the top seven last year.
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    To be honest I come to the football to get away from politics and sh*t like that so unless he's said we should deep fry babies alive, I'm not bothered.
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    Great table- but did you drop Man Utd down the sofa?
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    Rodgers made a comment in his post match interview that we'd had an iffy VAR decision against us vs Liverpool, then had this fortune this time. These decisions shouldn't feel like they even out, they all should be spot on each time
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    3 assists in his last 3 games, he is starting to step it up. The man comes in to his own when the weather turns shit, he'll score soon enough.
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    For me left backs: Robertson, Digne Right backs: Pereira, TAA, Walker I really think people are underrating Chilwell. Yes he's had a few dodgy games but he's had mostly very good games in his time with us. If he can add end product to his game he is the complete fullback in my eyes. He's very solid defensively, especially for a 22 y/o. He's quick and can drive forward with the ball well. Last season he did 86 dribbles, more than any other fullback except Pereira (110) and Wan Bissaka (90). His heading ability is also fantastic for a fullback with his big vertical leap and his first touch is exceptional when we switch the play or Schmeichel dinks the ball out to him (assuming the ball makes it to him that is). He obviously has areas he can improve like decision making and crossing but he's got about another 5 years before he hits the peak of the average fullback. Where were the lads listed above at when they were 22? Robertson was getting relegated with Hull, Digne was warming Barcelona's bench, Kyle Walker was out on loan at Aston Villa and Pereira was out getting in the French league team of the season (oh wait he's actually pretty good that lad). In short, Chilwell has amazing fundamentals and with some of Brendans magic coaching I have every faith that he'll get back in form and become one of the best left backs in the world! Oh and just like Kingy, he's one of our own in my eyes.
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    Serves them right for two weeks ago the dickheads. Actually, thats a very good decision from VAR, which is the bigger point here. There’s no way enough contact there to constitute a foul. Correct decision.
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    I don't understand why Chilwell is the new scapegoat for us. Careful what you wish for you'll miss him if he leaves
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    Total shots is a nonsense way of judging whether a team is good at attacking. Play Demarai Gray in midfield and he'll probably have twenty shots a game that go out of play.
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    As a side point I have to say that was the most impressive minutes silence I've ever seen. You could hear a pin drop. Credit to the Burnley fans for not being idiots about it
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    Think the manager called the game pretty well here: ------------------------------- “It’s a very good three points without us being anywhere near our best,” “I thought that we started slowly and we weren’t aggressive enough. Too many players probably felt that we could just play with the ball and not without the ball. “At this level, you can’t do that against a good team like Burnley who haven’t been beaten away from home since the beginning of the season. You have to earn the right, and we didn’t do that. “Thankfully, we got a goal just before half-time. It was a great cross and wonderful leap by Jamie and finish. But we had to be more aggressive in the game, it was too timid. Like I say, we didn’t want to do the other side of the game.” “In the second half, we were much better in our intent and, of course, we started to threaten them much more,” he said. “We had a plan for the game that if we needed to chase it, how we could go after the game because we want to win every game. “It was a wonderful piece of play by Demarai on the side – a nice combination and cross – and Youri finished it really well. We were about to make a sub to try and make an impact in the game, but we got the goal and then the plan changes because we feel then that Burnley will go a bit more direct with two strikers. “We end up putting Wes in, looking to see the game through. It’s not one of our most fluent performances, but Burnley are a difficult team to play against. When I came into here, everyone talked about these being the types of games that the team might have drawn and even lost a number of them, so to win it, it’s a big psychological boost as well. “Also, pay tribute to the players, and the supporters, because today, the emotion of the game – I’ve been involved in games like this as well, where the emotion of the game can always be a flat performance, a 0-0. “We end up getting the three points, which is great for the supporters, because they were amazing for us today. Hopefully they can go away and be proud of seeing their team not making the best performance, but in terms of fight, they did us very proud.” “Like I say, it’s very difficult because the players will feel that. What we wanted to do today, we said that we wanted to fight for the result. Khun Vichai left an incredible legacy here and what I’ve tried to do since I’ve come in is tap into that and one of the key words was ‘fight’, that I’ve always heard from Khun Top and the guys. “We’ve tried to do that in every game, and today, like we say, we fought, we went behind in the game and showed a great mentality. Our aim is to make this place a really, really difficult place to come and get a result. Another win helps you on the way to achieving that.” ------------------------------- I think it's encouraging that rather than tooting his own horn, he's acknowledging we ground out a result in this one and can improve. I also like that he knows we start too slowly, even though this is a problem that we can't seem to fix! We've had it since the title if I am being honest. Anyway in Rodgers we trust!
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    3 points for the boss ! papped hooter( on car) through underpass on way home ... happy days
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    People who try to tell you an anecdote, which is pretty shit in the first place & fill it with details you have no way of giving a shit about. "When I was on holiday in Corfu, in a place you've never heard of, I met this bloke called Dave, or was it Kevin, no it was Dave. He came from Mansfield & worked for a company that made radiators. His wife was a receptionist at a school I think. Hang on a minute, he didn't come from Mansfield at all, he came from Newark. Have you ever been to Newark. There's a nice pub there on the river. I forget what it's called..............." Is this story going anywhere & how soon will it end? Bore off you boring fvcker
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    After 9 games: - Ahead of Chelsea on goal difference. - 2 points ahead of Arsenal - 5 points ahead of Tottenham - 7 points ahead of Man United despite losing to them (lol) If we beat Southampton on Friday you'd have to rate our start at something like 9/10. You couldn't have asked for much better and after that disappointing result against Wolves in our first game, we have turned it around brilliantly. And as Rodgers says we know our wingers can do better to make us even better! Loving this season so far!
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    i just don't get why you'd persevere with it. even if you were weird enough to think this is a good idea, if i put the first video up and within 5 minutes someone replied calling me a nonce i'd just take it down and never do it again.
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    But but are we winning on xG or whatever is called
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    Abandoning the one reliable ally in the Middle East is an absolutely awful policy decision. The Kurds deserve much better than this and Trump pussies out. Do you seriously think Erdogan would’ve attacked US troops? He knew Trump is weak and would back down. Because he doesn’t have a spine. I don’t care much for Trump other than acknowledging he’s somewhat of a numpty but this is a low for me. This is a very desperate attempt to defend his worst foreign policy call yet.
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    Ricardo seemed to manage absolutely fine without him last season.
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    If you saw someone gathering up the scarfs from a particular row then you should have confronted them or at the very least made a steward aware. I have kept my scarfs and don't agree with selling them but at the end of the day that's a decision for the individual. Stealing from the seats of other fans however is just theft.
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    Come on mate, let's forget all that and get behind our local *checks notes* river...
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    You can tell I haven’t passed my driving test yet 😂
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    Assume Salah still recovering from his near death incident
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    Loved it, thought it picked up quite well once people figured out the words.
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    I think this is a pretty fair assessment of the match and the season so far. First 15 minutes, I thought we played some lovely football, quick, incisive, good movement off the ball. Then for the rest of the half we just were not that good. personally thought Chilwell at fault for the goal. He stood off and should have done more to prevent the cross. Second half we were better but the last 10 minutes we were a smables and literally just hanging on. Our game management just disappeared. Also think there's not anywhere near enough credit as to just how good a team Burnley actually are. They work very hard, are very well organised and actually play some quite decent stuff. They're far removed from the simple long ball merchants some on here seem to think they are. Wood was excellent yesterday, a much imporved player from when he was with us. In the end I think we were just a bit better than them and had a bit more quality. But that was a good win against a decent side who will cause problems for teams this season.
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    Not a pop at you mate. As long as actual goals continue to reap actual points, xG can go suck on someone else's spreadsheet
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    This is another fave: Annoyingly bit too blurry but that's me in the Namib desert in Namibia, wearing my 1997 Euro Tour flag (which was my lucky charm in Cape Town during our title winning season). I had to sit there for hours trying to get the shot - eventually I had my phone connect to the camera's wifi and had to have my finger on the trigger for absolutely ages without letting the light of the phone screen be visible in the shot. It was at this point that I realised it was 9.30pm on a Sunday in Namibia and I hadn't eaten anything, so I had to race into Swakopmund to find food.
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    These are woeful. Burnley are a good solid defensive team. Soton aren't. We have to go there and be positive. They made Chelsea look like Barca.
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    Can understand the Morgan change but it’s completely but us on the back foot.
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    Interesting stats thanks, will have a look. The dispossessed stat is interesting and you make a good point about fewer minutes. Conversely those fewer minutes make his tackling numbers even more impressive. I like him but I certainly understand some fan's concerns. I think he will be an important player for us this season and everything in his history suggests that when he does finally score he may go on a streak. When minutes played are factored in he is also third in the attempted dribble stats (behind Maddison and Ricardo) so it would maybe make sense he is also third in the dispossessed stats (behind the same two players). I dunno, I like him and think he's had a steady, if not remarkable, start. X
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    This has already been discussed in another thread, basically the only stat that matters is played 8, 14 points, 14 goals and 4th in the league. Sometimes stats are over used and don’t paint a complete picture, more the story the author wants to tell. I use a lot of data on a daily basis and I don’t think anything here looks very deeply at the situation.
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    I voted remain. I would've preferred a remain win. But we lost. So let's vote this through and crack on with other important issues. Who knows... maybe Brexit might be the best thing for the country after all. (Not holding my breath but no-one knows)
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    I just hope the players aren't as confident as most are on here. There are no easy games in this league and we have o be up and fight for every point in every game. Yes, I agree that we should set up to attack, but need to do the basics of hunting down from the front and chasing back as a pack and then let our class show. Get it right and yes we could make a statement, not have our game heads on and it is going to be like going to the dentist! I trust Brendon to kick their butts if they start off badly.
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    Solksjaer kept in a job and Liverpool's title bid hurt. This would be ideal.
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    A 7/10 Youri is still better than 15 other teams have to offer in this league
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    Shout out to the boys in blue atm having to deal with all these protests and stuff as well as fight proper crime. They're doing a sterling job.
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    Honestly the look on dyches face is better than the points
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    I think we do have work to do in the attacking department but it fails to mention that 50% of our games so far have come against last seasons top 6 sides and another game was against the team that finished 7th. Granted the other 3 were against Sheff united, Newcastle and Bournemouth but I felt we were brilliant (apart from the sheff united game) in those games. Its like people who like to talk about possession stats. It's all pretty pointless if you ain't scoring and winning games. I couldn't give a shit if we have 1 shot on target against Burnley and win 1-0. Of course I want us to play well and score goals but winning is the most important thing.
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    Have Sky as it's essential if you want to watch cricket, I also watch football on it. What has that got to do with anything though? Saturday is our last home 3pm kick off of the year and it's October. It's mental.
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    The SNPs position is hilarious, they won’t accept or respect this referendum but demand one for themselves. Which if that vote goes the right way, they will expect it to be upholded but if it doesn’t they can try again and again. They absolutely under no circumstances do not want to leave the EU but then supported a referendum that would have seen them do that in 2015 and want to repeat that referendum.
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    Boris: was forced into a corner and agreed to a deal in which he suggested a year ago ‘should never even be considered by a Conservative government’ which he now calls and is unknown whether it will pass or not. Trump: totally abandoned his Kurdish allies, only to mesh a ceasefire which forces them to cede valuable land when he could have simply told Turkey to fvck off. The alternative take to this is that it’s amazing that whatever Boris or Trump serve up in 2019, there’s always those gullible few happy to eat it up without question. You can’t accuse ‘the Left™‘ of being unreasonable when you’re basically whitewashing one of the worst foreign policy calls in years and a Brexit deal which (as well as being hypocritical) hasn’t passed and we don’t yet know the repercussions of as ‘Boris & Trump own the Libs’
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    By putting contemporary politicians, who have done by far less cruel things, on a pedestal with a maniac such as Hitler, normalizes genocide and dilutes the discussion surrounding national socialism and its heinous acts. Do you know your history? Again, it's all about instilling fear. Such a post does absolutely nothing in order to advance the discussion, it's shallow, populist, stupid claptrap on the sidelines on its own that undermines our political achievements of today and what we had to overcome to get there. #leastweforget
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    Lol the man united class of 92 won 8 leauge titles, 2 champions Leagues and 10 other cup competitions. I'm not sure our 94 squad which lost 2 play off finals before winning one and getting relegated and had Ian Olmondroyd in it! deserves the "class of" nickname.
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