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    8 years, 293 appearances. Won the lot. Brilliant player, fantastic leader. Respected and loved by everyone at the football club except a few thick fans on here. What a fu*king player. What a man.
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    According to this stat he should be considered the greatest footballer OF ALL TIME but because he plays for little ****ing Leicester the media will never tell you. According to my calculations that’s a goal every 3.6 minutes. A hat-trick every 10. 25 goals a match! One of the best ever footballers in the world.
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    Me and my mate are in Bangkok at the minute and we've just been to the shrine where Vichai is laying. There's huge preparation works being done for his cremation at the moment. Went there in my shirt (it's absolutely roasting here) to see the shrine, etc. But we were really lucky and one of Vichai's workers came over and told us that Top was currently in the room visiting his dad and that if we waited a few minutes he would come out and we could go and visit too. Top came out and left in his car with his security and we were allowed to go and pay our respects. The room was beautiful with a very grand gold pagoda type coffin and the lovely picture of Vichai that we've seen down at the KP. We knelt and bowed and signed the book and then left. Now having a cold Chang on the balcony of our hotel. What a special priviliage and amazing that we were there exactly as Top was as well. Wow!
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    We were outside of the Premier League for 10 seasons between 2004 and 2014. Perhaps we all take it for granted these days, but I don't! 40 points is a landmark number and well worth the odd tipple to celebrate to. Come on you foxes, hope you all have a good one tonight as we can look forward to another season in the league, and with a young and exciting squad led by a capable manager to boot!
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    All the people criticising Ndidi earlier in the season need to get in the bin. Guy has been an absolute machine with Tielemans next to him
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    I think decisions like this actually show that Southgate is a really good manager, chance creation stats are nice, but there's been a number of holes in his game over the last 6 months that outweigh the positives. Keeping him in the U21's for now is the correct decision.
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    The year we won it was a perfect storm, good momentum and squad from Pearsons previous season, good recruitment in the summer from Steve Walsh and good man management and tactics from Ranieri, playing to our strengths and not really changing much behind the scenes. Season after he apparently started changing things, messed with our formation and we didn't really have a settled squad (there was an article about how in one game he spent the week before in training preparing for a match with one system and then on the day of the game changed it). He also binned off a few important staff members. If he wasn't sacked I genuinely believe we would have been relegated, he didn't know how to turn a bad streak around.
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    Congratulations to Jamie Vardy, the party continues! A true Leicester legend.
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    People are doing Claudio a bit of a disservice in here. Yes there was spirit and talent, but Ranieri has the tactical nous to swap DeLaet and Schlupp for Simpson and Fuchs, to play Okazaki as a half and half striker support and midfielder to allow us to play two in the middle and two wingers. He made clean sheets a priority and then changed the emphasis to 1-0 wins and defend at all costs, just when we needed it. He handled the media magnificently. I think Claudio was a massive part of our success. To pretend he somehow spawned it and anyone else would have won that league as a manager is fantasy. Yes he struggled after and yes he won't keep Fulham up but credit where it is due. Edit - the post above already said some of this whilst I was ponderously typing it in.
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    He is the player Maddison thinks he is
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    Another of Ndidi’s underrated statistical contributions ... turning the traditional Shot Location Diagram: into the Wilf-o-Gram:
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    I'm a Celtic fan, and am personally embarrassed by that banner tonight. Brendan Rodgers has been hamstrung and overruled at every opportunity by our tyrant of a chief executive (Peter Lawwell) - who has now been here for 16 years. We were European finalists the season before he joined - its been a rapid rot ever since. It is no surprise that he has left - and I reckon he anticipated the support turning on Lawwell, but alas they're eating out his hands as usual. In Rodgers' first season he showed hunger and ambition; the football was beautiful, and he had a rampant and unbeaten Manchester City by the throat at Celtic Park. His motivation then dwindled as it became clear he wouldn't be backed financially (nothing to do with him personally, no manager has ever been backed whilst Lawwell has been here) and would have cheap signings forced upon him by Lawwell. Incredible sour grapes from a support who are that obsessed with Rangers, that they are too afraid to challenge Lawwell simply because he's apparently kept us afloat (Rangers went bust due to using illegal means to purchase players, something Celtic have never done so the argument is invalid) so instead are venting their anger at Rodgers for walking out - making him the 5th out of 6 under Lawwell to do so (Martin O'Neill couldn't wait to get out after Lawwell was appointed). Brendan Rodgers will be a sensational appointment for you, and his style will fit the current crop of players. I can see Leicester being a very dangerous side next season.
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    Daniel Storey bashes the nail firmly on the head once again: https://inews.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/leicester-city-brendan-rodgers-tactics-players-analysis/ "As pre-match shots in the arm go, it is unsurpassable. As Leicester City supporters began to file into the King Power, their club delivered the news that all had clamoured for. Seventy-two hours after waving – and worse – their angry goodbyes to Claude Puel on Saturday evening, Brendan Rodgers was named as Puel’s successor. As Rodgers applauded all four corners of the stadium from the directors’ box before kick-off, supporters were more enthusiastic than they have been in months. After the glum darkness of tedium, light shines in. The final moment of acceptance that you have fallen out of love might hit you like a bullet in the night, but the full process is longer and more painful. Divorce comes through a thousand tiny disappointments: spurned opportunities, strained relationships, weakened teams and home defeats. Puel left the touchline with head bowed low. Rodgers has never been a man afraid of holding his head high. Leicester City are in an almost unique position. They could play for another hundred years and never match up to the majesty of 2015/16, locked into a Groundhog Season scenario of just-not-quite and never-can-be-again. Allow that mood to fester and it can eat away at optimism like a disease. That was Puel’s great flaw. The only place Leicester City moved to under his tenure was the middle of the middle lane. But if Leicester’s place in time is unusual, so too is Rodgers’. Celtic is a behemoth of a football club, but in England it is treated a little like international management: very hard to take your reputation forward in huge strides and very easy to go off the radar. The jobs taken immediately after leaving Celtic Park by Celtic’s last five managers: Valerenga, Bolton Wanderers, Middlesbrough, Middlesbrough and Aston Villa. If Leicester is indeed a stepping stone for Rodgers, there is a symbiosis. If he succeeds, so too will they. Rodgers’ reputation is open to almost incessant debate. He would stress that he joins Sir Alex Ferguson as one of only two British managers to finish in the Premier League’s top two in the last 20 years. He would point out too that – for now at least – he has come closer than any other Liverpool manager to winning the Premier League title. If Rodgers’ sunshine optimism understandably invites mockery, a long queue of players are prepared to talk up his management and methods. This is a coup for Leicester, not least because they have persuaded Rodgers to leave Scotland with Celtic on the cusp of a domestic treble. But the truth is that the relationship between club and manager had deteriorated. Rodgers believed that Celtic were failing to back him adequately in the transfer market. Celtic were peeved that Rodgers was fluttering eyelashes to clubs south of the border. He believes he has unfinished business. The next three months also provide Rodgers with a free shot to accumulate some early goodwill ahead of the summer transfer window. If a full preseason always gives a new manager an advantage, Rodgers has bolted on an extra 12 weeks of honeymoon. One thing is certainly true: this strikes as a wonderfully natural fit. Leicester have a young squad of players desperate to be taken on to the next level, and are capable of playing the quick zipping football that Rodgers can blend with his possession-based strategy. Harry Maguire, Ricardo Pereira, James Maddison, Wilfred Ndidi, Ben Chilwell, Demarai Gray and Harvey Barnes all started against Brighton; all are aged 25 and under. Doubt Leicester’s ambition? Have a look at the designs for their new training complex, rated as the most advanced in Europe by engineering specialists. On that land of the former Park Hill golf club, the true legacy of their Premier League title will be built. There is a false accusation regularly labelled at supporters of mid-ranking Premier League clubs that they expect to push into the top six and win trophies. That’s nearly always nonsense, and it’s nonsense here. After 2015/16, Leicester City fans don’t expect anything – they just want to have a little fun."
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    Remember when we raided Hearts?
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    https://www.lcfc.com/news/1109488/wes-morgan-signs-new-leicester-city-contract/press-release Speaking after signing a new deal, Morgan said:“It means a lot to me. We’ve been through so many ups and downs together as a Football Club, and I’ve been right at the heart of it from the very beginning, so to extend my time here means very much to me and I’m very happy. “I can see a very, very bright future for Leicester City. We’ve got a lot of young players who have so much potential and even the current players we’ve got, we’ve got so much experience, we’ve been through it all and we can help the younger players to achieve their full potential. “It’s all about not being individuals, it’s all about everyone collectively chipping in, doing their part, to help the greater cause, which is making Leicester City successful.” The influential Morgan has made a total of 292 appearances for the Foxes since his January 2012 switch from Nottingham Forest, scoring 13 goals in that time. Those strikes have invariably come at timely moments – including the goal that essentially sealed the title against Manchester United in 2016 and the opening goal on a famous night at King Power Stadium against Sevilla in the UEFA Champions League. Powerful, inspirational and committed, Morgan’s time at Leicester City has seen him become the bedrock of a team that he has led into what has been uncharted territory for the Football Club, as the team lifted the Premier League title and reached the quarter finals of the UEFA Champions League. Morgan remains one of just three outfield players to have played every minute of a title-winning season and has represented Jamaica in the Copa America against some of the world’s greatest teams – a remarkable achievement for a player who didn’t make his Premier League debut until the age of 30.
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    What the **** Lad scored a worldy free kick at the weekend, paid an emotional tribute to a young girl, and some weird blokes hate him because he tries the odd step over. Can’t be arsed
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    Another bizarre post about Maddison. What has he done to people? Do you know he’s a big head? If so how? Regarding him taking set pieces, do you not think he might have been ASKED TO? I doubt he’s first on the scene unless that’s been decided beforehand. Stop writing crap mate. Seriously,
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    He made a lot of mistakes but I still maintain that Claude must be the unluckiest manager we've ever had. So many near-misses, missed pens, daft individual mistakes etc. That said, it was the right move to sack him.
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    From Wikipedia: While at Manchester City, Touré had a two-year-long extramarital affair with a 22-year-old student, pretending to be a car salesman named Francois.[40] The Guy is a GENIUS.
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    its ok. By the time the page fully loads, the rumour has been disproved
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    This is what we’ve been missing. Great to see
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    I'm all for having a song for the gaffer but don't just make it trolling Celtic. **** that who cares about them, we're not Rangers. Move on.
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    The original article/interview in French is here: https://www.rtbf.be/sport/football/etranger/angleterre/detail_tielemans-a-leicester-on-joue-aux-flechettes-avant-les-matches?id=10166186 Other notes, if my French is still useful: Rodgers uses a lot of tactical flexibility and interchanging of players, and in his short time, he's already been employed in three different roles "number 6," "number 8," and "number 10." They talk about how English fans love screamers from distance, as that's something Tielemans has in his bag of tricks. He said he'd like to show off a few more tricks, though--half-jokingly saying he might want to give the Zidane "roulette" a try in England. He also says he leaves any discussion about money and transfers to his agent. He says he plays football for the love of the game and not for money, so while the business of football can be crazy, he "keeps his eye on the ball" and doesn't worry about it. He mentions again (like he did in his intro interviews) that he's not the sort to go out and party. The interviewer brings up the British tabloid press and their reputation, and Tielemans cracked a laugh, saying they're not going to find anything worth writing about with him. Also, he mentioned how nice the people are in Leicester, and remarked that people still stop him on the street to welcome him to Leicester even though he's been there for six weeks. The biggest adjustment in life in England for him seems to be driving, which he's still getting used to. Aside from the Leicester/England questions, Tielemans spoke national set up (he is immensely proud of wearing the Belgium shirt, says Dendoncker is his best friend, says the winning mentality that the players have from their big clubs translates into a great team mindset and culture, and says you could see on their faces just how much losing to France hurt them. He also says winning the Euros is their goal.). He's also asked about Thierry Henry and Anderlecht.
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    you appear to be new around here we have this post once a month - it goes like this: "I'm the best fan, I stay to the end" "I'm a real fan too but I have a train to catch" anyone with half a brain in their head has the opinion "people do what people do, just move the fvck out of my way so I can see the end of the game" happy to help
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    Thought this deserved it's own topic. I'm sure the link title will amuse some on here https://talksport.com/football/502557/brendan-rodgers-leicester-sam-allardyce-talksport/ TOP SIX GOALS ‘Brendan Rodgers can transform Leicester into a top six club’, says Sam Allardyce on talkSPORT Big Sam insists the Northern Irishman cannot be blamed for wanting to leave Celtic and return to the Premier League EXCLUSIVE By Joe Moore 28th February 2019, 9:58 am Updated: 28th February 2019, 9:59 am Sam Allardyce insists Brendan Rodgers cannot be blamed for wanting to leave Celtic and return to the Premier League, where he believes the Northern Irishman can turn Leicester City into a top six club. Rodgers’ surprise departure as manager of the Scottish champions was confirmed on Tuesday, as he was appointed Claude Puel’s replacement at Leicester. Their new boss was in the stands for the Foxes’ 2-1 win over Brighton, and will take charge of the team for Saturday’s game against one of his former clubs, Watford. His move has been met with widespread disdain north of the border, with Celtic fans angry at the boss for abandoning them midway through the season with the Scottish league and cup titles still to play for. Allardyce, however, insists fans cannot expect Rodgers to be loyal to the club when such an opportunity comes along and says he has taken a step up in his career. “Brendan has made the right decision for Brendan – there’s no such thing as loyalty in today’s game,” the former Premier League manager told the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast. “He has stayed at Celtic because he has kept Celtic winning everything in Scotland, but now he is coming back to the best league in the world. “I don’t want to upset Scottish fans, but that’s a fact. It’s the best league in the world, the most-watched league in the world and it’s the league where you need and would always want to be. All the best coaches are here. “His patience has worn thin in terms of investment at Celtic. He loves the club, and you could see that, but at the end of the day the frustration of not being able to build a better Celtic has got the better of him and he’s given the Premier League another go.” “Brendan Rodgers has made the right decision for Brendan Rodgers.” “No disrespect but all managers want to be in the Premier League.” “The club didn’t match his ambitions.” Rodgers arrives at Leicester with the task of restoring balance to a team who have failed to maintain the incredible form which saw them crowned Premier League champions three years ago. That would be a tough job for any coach, but after finishing 12th and 9th in their last two seasons there is expectation on Rodgers – their fourth manager since that remarkable triumph – to raise their game. But Allardyce believes he can go one better and can make Leicester emulate Tottenham and become a regular presence at the top of the table. “Can Leicester get the top six under Brendan Rodgers? It is a big ask, but I think they can get there,” Big Sam added. “They’ve sold a lot of the top quality players they had, apart from Jamie Vardy, but they’re replaced them with some brilliantly talented young players who could go on under Brendan’s guidance and they could add to those who could get them into the top six. “Top four would be unlikely for a while, but it will be Leicester’s ambition, I’m sure, and Brendan’s that sooner or later they would get in the top four again. “If Brendan stays at Leicester as long he stayed at Celtic and they have a patience to build a young side, then eventually they can get there, as Tottenham did. “Money is key, but it’s how you spend that money. “They might not be able to do it on a regular basis, but it can certainly be done if you buy the right players, have the right mentality and build a football club that is ready to go forward and challenge for those places.” "They can get in the top six." "The top four will be the club's and Brendan Rodgers' ambition." Sam Allardyce is expecting big things from Brendan Rodgers at #LCFC. Do you agree with this? 🤔
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    If Puel had been in charge of a dominant first half and a soft concession, followed by a relegation fodder team beginning to dominate and pass it around, while their fans sang Ole, and then Puel brought on Ghezzal and Okazaki, this website would have melted.
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    Nice win - Buy Tielemans now and what a game for Barnes. Of course Jaime 101. Goals: 1-0 Tielemans 2-1 Vardy 3-1 Vardy
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    Ranieri did 3 things on the field that were pivotal. 1) Went 4-4-2 after a pre-season of playing 3-4-1-2 that we had ended the season in style under Pearson 2) Built the whole team around Vardy playing as far up on the oppositions defence as possible, with a high press and a direct and fast counter attacking style. Vardy had previously been chopped and changed in how he played under Pearson and had never really been prolific. 3) Switched from attacking full backs in Schlupp and de Laet to Fuchs and Simpson which immediately made us better defensively and further freed up Mahrez to have licence to roam. He was another player who under Pearson hadn't been in a system which gave him the space to wreak havoc like he got in the title winning season. There were many other factors, mainly N'Golo Kante who is a phenomenon and without him we wouldn't have done what we did for sure. But the groundwork had been set by Pearson in the way we trained, the sports science, the recovery (barely had any injuries) and we had the best recruitment and scouting team in those years leading up to the season we won the league. Our main man begged and pleaded with Ranieri to sign Kante and thankfully he relented and we got him in. When Ranieri is allowed to tweak things and change things how he thinks a team should operate, problems seem to occur. He is good in certain aspects, most certainly in relieving pressure on our players during that obscene season and the best thing he did was get over himself and leave them to it with just a close eye on defending like men possessed. We saw how badly it went and how quickly when he started making sweeping changes on and off the field the following season. This job for him at Fulham was always precarious, I thought he would give your players immediate confidence and you'd do well as at pretty much every club he's ever managed he gets off the mark quickly and then it wears off after a season or less but he's done very little that has helped. It's horrible to see, I thought Fulham would be ok this season after who you recruited and how well you played last season but it just shows how brutal the PL is, we very nearly went straight back down and we were built on the foundations that won us the PL the following season so it's bonkers.
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    Truth being told we just took shit loads of drugs tbh.
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    Claude would have lost that...
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    For the people who call him arrogant..... please read.
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    you’ve also got to remember they were playing when teams played one defender and he was only in defence cos he was too fat to play up front as well. the fact people claim it might’ve been harder to score in those days is absolutely insane.
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    Have been looking at this forum with interest over the last couple of weeks as I'm a Celtic fan and wanted to gauge how Rodgers would be received. I have no axe to grind with Leicester although I must say there's a bitter taste in the mouth with Rodgers directly, not because he left, but how he left and how his actions were very different to what he professed. Anyhow all that aside and leaving personal feelings out of I've seen a lot of playground stuff on this thread, my Dad is bigger than yours type stuff among Leicester and Celtic fans so thought I'd give an honest appraisal of Rodgers during his time at Celtic as a feeler of what's in store for you. The guy is a top class coach, one of the very best, of that there is no doubt, what you will most definitely get with him is he'll bring on the players you already have, particularly the younger ones leaps and bounds, he's done that ad infinitum with our squad. The flip-side of that would be his identification and acquisition of new players to come in and enhance the squad. He falls pretty short here in my opinion in that most of the signings he's made in his time here have been poor bar 2 or 3. The side he has left us with is undoubtedly better than the one he inherited but that is 99% down to his ability as a coach in developing players, not his transfer business, as the majority of the side was players he inherited. His record in this regard was also poor at Liverpool, particularly when he had the Suarez money so I'd beware on this front. This makes it even more critical he doesn't bring his charlatan of a crony Congerton with him who is a disaster. I get the impression if you could keep Rodgers on a leash in terms of transfers under a good DOF/HOR this may be less of a risk. In terms of his style/philosophy it is great to watch when it works and I've witnessed some excellent performances and very memorable moments during his two and a half years. The other side of this is that he's very stubborn in his philosophy and sometimes to his detriment. For example in Europe he insisted on playing the elite sides at their own game and we got a sore face more than once and we ended up with record home and away defeats under him. I get the argument that we can't compete with these teams but we've had managers in recent times who have had a lot less to spend and performed a whole lot better in Europe. All in all his record in Europe with us was pretty poor, as it was with Liverpool. The reason I say this you may end up on the receiving end of a few doings off the big boys at home and abroad due to his stubborness in this regard as he insists on playing too expansively against teams who are a lot stronger. Off the field he was like a breath of fresh air initially, however as time goes on you get the feeling he says too much and as such contradicts himself which lands him in trouble with the media and fans and he doesn't like then being questioned on it. I think a large part of this is that he undoubtedly has a bit of an ego and feels he can just say what he likes at times, prepare for a lot of cliches and quotes in that regard lol! One thing I'm going to find interesting watching from afar is that I've read one of the reasons Puel was bagged was the slow build up play and not getting the ball forward quickly enough to play to Vardy's strengths. I'm not sure how true a reflection that is but if true Rodgers style isn't too much different, prepare for a lot of sidweays passing and backwards passing at times when things aren't clicking 100%. He also seems to like big physical, mobile strikers who play well with their back to goal (e.g. Dembele) so will be interested to see how he uses/fits in Vardy. As said no agenda tried to give an honest and balanced opinion based on watching his team week in week out for 2.5 years. If everything works out it will go brilliantly and you'll be watching great football every week, I get the feeling however if it doesn't there'll be no middle ground.
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    As we are entering a new era with a new Manager, I think we all could make a bit more effort to enhance the atmosphere when supporting our team. I can't remember ever hearing a song or chant for Claude Puel, probably because of his dour persona and boring football which never endeared him to the majority of our fans. We should all get behind Brendan Rodgers and hopefully he will be successful and popular at our club. Here is my suggestion as an easy chant to get going and sing in support of BR. It is also a dig at the bitter Celtic fans! To the tune of Rebel Rebel by David Bowie: Treble Treble, he's left you behind Treble Treble, he won't change his mind Treble Treble, it's time to let go Brendan, we love you so!
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    Brendan had a dream To manage a decent team He came from Glasgow, now he's one of our own. Cuz Celtic are cack He'll never go back Champions of Scotland Who gives a **** about that?
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    I'd rather not have to 'strengthen my resolve' just because some knuckle dragger decides to shout abuse at me because I have the audacity to love someone of the same gender, if you don't mind.
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    For someone paying those prices for a rock hard pie and a flat pint, shouldn't be calling others thick.
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