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    Not bothered about us being in a European Competition? Fvck me, what's the point in even playing football with that attitude.
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    Having this legend back made a massive difference.
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    I'm never one to panic and talk about sacking managers maybe because I've seen it get worse so often but when it looks like you're manager has no faith in the team to beat a bottom 3 team despite outplaying them for 45 mins it makes me lose faith in that manager. I'm still a long way from wanting him out but he's plummeted in my estimation of him. If the team are lacking bottle then for me this is a big reflection of the signals coming from the manager.
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    It's official: OHL has just been promoted to the Belgian 1st division!!! After numerous of court orders and complaint, the League had no other option as to promote both us and Beerschot. Waasland-Beveren is staying up as well. This whole situation could've been avoided if the League used common sense! We finally can start signing new players!
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    I think as the dust settles on a successful yet disappointing season I think it’s worth acknowledging this mans contribution. He’s not had an easy ride with us, he arrived with such high expectation and never really got the run of games needed and when he has played it was often in a role he wasn’t used to. After things going terribly and fans getting on his back it would have been reasonable for him to seek a move elsewhere. But he stayed professional when others simply wouldn’t, he got his head down and worked his socks off to improve behind the scenes. He has been used as a bit part player, who even when playing well is the first to be dropped. He was often a scapegoat, with the manager verbally criticizing him often unfairly. But not once has he complained to the media, sulked or tried to push through a move. He has just had his best season for us and things would really have crumbled without his contributions. The hero we needed but didn’t know. Our fans dont seem to warm to him in the same way we do to smiley players (Shinji/ nuge etc) but he has been great imo! No player should be happy to be subbed, but you need players who can accept their role in the team. This often isn’t the strikers who live off goals, but Kel has never stropped when his number comes up. Hope that we get to see him again next season!!
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    What are you all so worried about!?!!?!?! We're still 15 points ahead of Man Utd!!! What are you all so worried about!?!!?!?! We're still 13 points ahead of Man Utd!!! What are you all so worried about!?!!?!?! We're still 10 points ahead of Man Utd!!! What are you all so worried about!?!!?!?! We're still 8 points ahead of Man Utd!!! What are you all so worried about!?!!?!?! We're still 7 points ahead of Man Utd!!! What are you all so worried about!?!!?!?! We're still 5 points ahead of Man Utd!!! What are you all so worried about!?!!?!?! We're still 3 points ahead of Man Utd!!! What are you all so worried about!?!!?!?! We still have a better goal difference than Man Utd!!! What are you all so worried about!?!!?!?! All we need to do is beat Man Utd!!!
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    Forget what happened today in the match. The best news this season is that FINALLY Jamie Vardy wins the Premier League Golden Boot! Fitting that he does it in the season he gets the 100 PL goals too. Well done Vardy! Fully deserved!
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    After we secured Top 5 yesterday, I think it’s fitting to remember this quote from Khun Vichai: “I am asking for three years, and we'll be there. We won't take the huge leap to challenge the league's top five clubs immediately. Do we have a chance to beat them? Yes, we have, but I think we need to establish our foothold in the league first and then we think about our next step.” We forget (well, I do) sometimes that the Thai ownership has transformed this club. Today we sit 5th in the best league in the world and it’s the second time we have broken the stranglehold of the “bigger” clubs. Keep building, god knows where it will take us next. Vichai truly had a dream....
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    Apology accepted from me. Let's move on.
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    At the beginning of the season if you were offered top 6 we all would have taken it, if they also said you would play some sublime football and break a record for most goals scored in a game you would have taken it. For Brendan to come in and complete his long term project in 1 year and even before the season has ended is a feat worth applauding. We went toe to toe with Liverpool and Man city before the difference in available transfer money shone to light, which is out of our hands really. We have been without our player of the year and the best right back in the league for a while now, add madderz the creative spark, cags, chilli.... I'd just like to come at this with a different angle and say congratulations to Top,Brendan,the team and all at LCFC for a brilliant and exciting season. We are still a young squad learning together and can only get better together.
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    There’s something very Spursy about this group. We bottle it whenever there’s the slightest whiff of a struggle or pressure. From rolling over for Liverpool at home, to freezing against a Villa side featuring no strikers, to throwing away another chance in the FA Cup, this squad just don’t have the mentality needed. We’re serial bottlers. Everyone looks to someone else to dig the team out or take control. No in game management from the players; no one to put a marker down and drive them on; no one to take the game by the scruff of the neck. The space we afforded one of the worst sides in the league was criminal, we let them walk into the area and shoot. The goal we did score was comical. Nacho fluffed the shot, the defender cleared an off target shot back into Vardy’s path to scramble in. We used the January window to bring in an oil tanker of a centre back with the distribution of yodel. Rather than kicking on we’ve slammed on the handbrake and started reversing at speed. And as for subbing an attacker at half time against one of the most inept defences...
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    I thought it was just me that got one, class from the owners tbf YOUR CLUB COULD NEVER
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    Good evening everyone and welcome to our guests from Sheffield United to King Power Stadium for our penultimate home game of this unique 2019/20 season. Recent results have certainly left us with work to do in order to ensure we finish in a position that reflects the possibilities we have created for ourselves this season. There is no doubt that, when the season began, being where we are with three games to go is a position we would have been very happy with. However, striving to exceed expectations is something we have always tried to do and we cannot deny that our early-season form promised more than our pre-season targets. So, while perspective is of course important, we also have to consider the moment and seizing opportunities we may not have expected. I say this because our destiny this season is still very much in our own hands and it is in such circumstances in the past that our spirit has produced truly defining moments. We’ve been here before – when others feel we are faltering, that we can’t stay the distance, that we are vulnerable – and we have responded. It’s a time for courage, for unity and for belief. Three games for us to earn a finishing position of which we are worthy. With the stakes as high as they are in these final three games, we’re reminded of the importance of our supporters and the difference you could make had you been with the team tonight, this and next Sunday. I know how frustrating it will have been for you all, having to watch games from home and not being able to make your voices heard as loudly as usual. It’s encouraging to hear, subject to the pandemic being under control, of the possibility of supporters being gradually reintroduced to stadiums next season. Football just hasn’t been the same without you. But, for now, we have to find a way to draw on each other’s strength from afar so that, when we do welcome you back to King Power Stadium, it might be for the very biggest occasions. Thank you for your support. Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha Chairman https://www.lcfc.com/news/1725810/khun-tops-sheffield-united-programme-notes
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    The absolute state of some of the comments on here. We’re in Europe for Christ sake, and some of you are MOANING??? Just as bad as the Man U fans thinking they’re entitled to champions league. Its a rubbish way to finish a season, but get a grip of yourself lads, seriously.
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    I can only think that Rodgers was worried we would score another and win the game.
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    That's the problem with modern football, everything is about money. I don't know when the 'big 6' armchair fan bollocks about not wanting to be in the Europa League started, but I'm not having it- there are plenty of serious away days in there and that's what it's always primarily about as a football fan. If that's where we end up, so be it- hopefully we get to travel because it would be an amazing experience and we would have an excellent chance of seeing European knockout football after Christmas again.
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    Sorry all those too good for the Europa. How many times have we won it ? How many times have won a trophy ? Seriously, let’s go back to league one, at least their mid-week games are on a Wednesday.
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    It’s not rocket science … OK maybe it is.
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    Bit on the short side
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    Big money that. Fair play he is a good player and it gives us some bargaining power should anybody come sniffing round him. Tell you what it’s been good to see him in the stands at matches recently, he’s been celebrating like a fan when we’ve won and looking gutted like a fan when we’ve lost. He’s a good lad I reckon I don’t buy some of the shit that gets spouted about him.
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    This is the tielemans we signed
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    I'd rather see them constantly bottle looooooool
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    I think, like every manager, he'll be judged on his results, yes.
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    Sounds like Jose Fontes needs a pay rise! I guess after scouting some of those players, when he tells the scouting team he's found a good one, people tend to listen!
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    Sounds like a posh tea bag.
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    One of my personal favourite things from the whole Aranguiz affair is that I edited his Wikipedia page about 3 years ago and it’s still there.
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    Yeah, it hurts. Yeah, it's disappointing after having such a lead. But for those, like me, who were there during the David Pleat years and the depths of League 1, this ain't bad. There's 92 clubs in the league pyramid, you'd only swap places with 4 of them. The table never lies.
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    Didn't he put 3 on a plate for his teammates against Sheff Utd the other week?
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    Reiterates how brilliant Ranieri was in the second half of 15/16. Managed the pressure and handled the players so well.
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    Doesn’t sound like someone wanting to leave
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    We're gonna do this lads, dont worry, everything is gonna be alright
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    I've seen enough. Not been able to stop the rot. Can't let it continue. Nice guy and when his tactics work it works well but has no other plan
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    Brendan: We're gonna give Ryan one last shot against Utd. I think he could be the spine of this team for years to come Kasper:
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    Not with the rampant racist behaviour I've witnessed over the years at their ground. **** em. The last we were there they were signing 'a town full of pakis' like we were back in the seventies. Why would I want that derby?
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    This is probably going to be a divisive opinion and maybe not many people will agree with me. However I think it’s the way forward for Leicester City. If you read Sir Alex Ferguson’s autobiography when he discusses moving away from Ruud Van Nistelrooy and evolving his Manchester United team, he spoke about how he felt football had moved away from having a 20+ goal a season striker who has to be fed chances in the box and cannot create for others. If you look at the trios of Tevez/Rooney/Ronaldo, Firmino/Mane/Salah or Bergkamp/Henry/Pires which have been successful, it’s because they are a whole unit, they are interchangeable and they create for each other as well as being able to put the ball in the back of the net. Look at Rashford/Martial/Greenwood today as an example of a trio that are being primed for the future, they are going to be a unit that if they stay together will make United title winners again in the not too distant future. Earlier in the season there was an article in the Athletic that said our expected goals was only 14.27 but our actual goals tally was 27 at the time. It was predicted that it would be unsustainable and we would see a drop off. This has proved to be the case with our 15th position in the form table for the last 12 rounds of matches. Our team right now is built around providing chances for Jamie Vardy and this puts pressure on both the team to feed Vardy and for Vardy to regularly convert those chances at high percentages. It is not a sustainable game plan because it relies on one man being at the top of their game consistently and is too one dimensional and predictable for the opposition. So the potential unpopular opinion from me is that I think it is time to start the process of moving on from Jamie Vardy and bring in a striker who is not just a goal scorer. We will never be able to sign a star such as Mbappe or Haaland, however buying a more complete striker who can contribute to chances being made as well as putting them away is what we need to progress as a football team in my opinion. It’s time to buy a striker who will genuinely push Vardy to be the starter in that position and is in a different mould of striker to Vardy. No doubt Vardy still has a role in the squad, especially against teams where they will look to make things difficult for us and we can sacrifice a midfielder for an extra striker. Vardy is a legend for Leicester fans and rightly so, this is not meant to take anything away from how good he has been for us or his achievements for the club and I am happy for him that he has won individual recognition with the golden boot award. However for me it is becoming apparent his acceleration is dropping off - a few seasons ago he would have blitzed past Lindelof on the through ball that we saw today in the first half. He also doesn’t seem to be able to repeat high intensity sprints like he used to, which was another key asset to his game as the opposition became tired. For me, it’s time to genuinely bring in a successor to Jamie Vardy’s crown who can compete for his position in the team and either replace him now or in the not too distant future.
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    Great Andy King article in The Sunday Times The party’s finally over as Andy King leaves Leicester July 26 2020, The Sunday Times On Friday, for the first time since he was a bright-eyed boy of 15, Andy King will not be a Leicester City footballer. The first time in 16 years, since he travelled north into the unknown, leaving Furze Platt school in Maidenhead. You would expect anxiety — if you did not know him. Those who do know “Kingy” will be unsurprised there’s none of that; to learn he’s “excited” about being out of contract and free to find the right club for a new chapter. He has always been a shot of positive energy, a spark both in a team’s engine room and dressing room. Leicester’s record-scoring midfielder, he’s the only player to win League One, the Championship and Premier League with the same club. “But I want to draw a line under that amazing journey and look forward to the next one,” he says. What he had at Leicester? “You don’t replace it. You have to re-find it. I’m looking to find a bit of it somewhere else. I want to play for a team hungry to achieve something because I know I can offer that. I have experience of offering it.” His home is in a gorgeous village near where Leicestershire borders Rutland and he has made his life in this part of the world with Camilla, his wife and The Wolf — their cute and playful cavoodle dog. But change comes around. “From a football point of view, in my head I left [Leicester] 18 months ago,” he says. That was when he went to Derby County to begin a series of loans, the casualty of a strange marginalising of senior pros by Leicester’s former manager Claude Puel. Frank Lampard, then the Derby manager, personally pushed for his signing and Derby began well, before a freak ankle injury suffered when Nottingham Forest’s goalkeeper landed on him. That summer in 2019 there were suitors but he couldn’t quit Leicester without one last go at winning his place back under Puel’s successor, Brendan Rodgers. He played in pre-season and Rodgers wanted him in the squad but was frank: Youri Tielemans and Dennis Praet, his big midfield signings, would be ahead in the pecking order. “I probably should have left earlier but when you’ve a connection like I have with the club you want to give it every chance,” King says. “Brendan was brilliant, though. I appreciated his honesty.” Desperate for time on the pitch to earn himself a berth in Wales’ Euro 2020 squad, he gambled on a loan to Rangers, which didn’t work out. A stint with Huddersfield Town — which finished on Wednesday — was fruitful. King helped save them from relegation and got a fix of something that became addictive with Leicester where, in ten rollercoaster seasons from his debut aged 18 in 2007-08, there was something to play for every season. “It’s a special thing, being part of a group, having that feeling of chasing a success, whether it’s a league title or avoiding relegation or a cup,” King says. “It’s an absolute drug and I’m desperate for that feeling again.” That Leicester journey began with a text from Angie, his mum, one school day at Furze Platt. She had an old Nokia 3310 and was no good with phones so it arrived in capital letters: “LEICESTER WANT TO LOOK AT YOU”. Released by Chelsea, King interested bigger clubs but just had a feeling. “Chelsea have a song, ‘Over land and sea . . . and Leicester!’ I don’t know why but I always had that in my head. For some reason I saw the name and I was buzzing.” He lived in digs on Aylestone Road, run by Paul and Tracy, with 15 other academy boys. He walked to training until buying a tiny Peugeot 206 he dubbed “the Blue Bullet”. When he was in the first team and upgrading, he passed the car on to his boot boy and Leicester proved to be like that, especially after Nigel Pearson arrived — a place where relationships are special. “When we were in the Championship, we used to get a party bus — you’d have the music and lights and if we didn’t have a Tuesday game we’d go out somewhere, Manchester if we were playing up north, London if we were south.” Who was on the bus? “David Nugent. Danny Drinkwater. Kasper Schmeichel. Matty James. Lloyd Dyer. Marcin Wasilewski. Sean St Ledger — he probably booked it.” The day Leicester were promoted to the Premier League in 2014, the squad were round at King’s house. “We didn’t have a game and everyone was watching Gillette Soccer Saturday, yelling as the Championship results came in and spraying champagne in the air.” Then there were the Christmas excursions: Dublin, Stockholm and, in the Premier League title season, Copenhagen. King, Drinkwater, James and Ben Hamer famously dressed as Mutant Ninja Turtles for that one — and the WhatsApp group the four still have going is named “Turtles”. “Those are the times you’ll miss as much as anything on the pitch,” King says, “and they help when you’re signing someone. The stories get around and players ask mates, ‘What’s the changing room like there?’ I know Madders [James Maddison] did when he spoke to Chilly [Ben Chilwell] before choosing Leicester.” His Leicester highlight? “Can I say the whole thing?” From playing at Hereford in League One to Atletico Madrid in a Champions League quarter-final, he loved it all. Unbeatable was scoring and being man of the match against Everton, the day Leicester received the Premier League trophy. After Andrea Bocelli sang, players sat with their families and friends in clusters on the pitch — like the best picnic ever — and he’ll never forget looking over at Jeff Schlupp. “Jeff was one of the lads in digs with me all those years before and to spend that day with people like that: you’ve seen what they had to go through as well, the injuries, the mental battle of everything and then sharing that high . . . “That’s what brings you back to saying I want to achieve again, I want more. Because I’m not done with it.” King played 379 times for Leicester, scoring 62 goals but last played for them in 2018. “The past couple of years have been difficult for sure,” he says. “Because I had something so good. I feel I’ve almost done it in reverse: you’re supposed to go to a few clubs when you’re young and then settle but I’ve done it the other way round.” On loan, “you’re never really part of the club”. He likes “to invest in where I am, become part of the infrastructure,” and is looking forward to signing somewhere permanently. He’d like to go and meet a few managers. “I know how scouting goes. A recruitment guy sits on his computer and goes ‘age — under 26, games — 40 of the last 46’ and my name’s not going to come up. “But I feel if I sit down [with a manager] and say this happened and I want to achieve this, they might say, ‘Right, actually that’s quite good.’” On holiday in the south of France, he’ll be watching Leicester v Manchester United. “I’m a Leicester fan, my wife’s a Leicester fan. I’ll be watching with her family, who’ll be screaming at the TV like they always do. “I’ll be hoping and praying Leicester qualify for the Champions League. I want that for the team, for the manager, for the fans, for Jon Rudkin [the director of football who signed King].” “I want it for Top [owner, Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha, son of the late Vichai]. I know they really want to win something or get into the top four for Top, and that he wants to do it for his father. He has put so much into the club and deserves it.” And King wants it for others. For Gaz the chef, Dilly and Sheila the old laundry ladies, Debs and Rach in the office, Macca the kit man, Dave Rennie the physio, and all the others who were dear to him on his journey. “There are too many to name.” Coaching may be in his future — he’s taking his badges on an FAW course alongside Ashley Williams, Joe Allen and others from Wales’s Euro 2016 squad — but for now it’s all about playing. “I’m 31 and have this idea of keeping going till I’m about 39,” he grins. “I’d love to play at the King Power again — with another team.” Discover more from The Times Download our app Visit our website Times Expert Traveller
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    Chilwell doesn’t make the pass for Perez’s goal, to be honest, I doubt he would even see it.
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    Congratulations on the birth of your child.
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    Because shit happens in life and if Barcelona turn around and say "sorry kid, we need the money" Uncle Jorge is going to be chucking him in the back of his van and driving him round Europe to whoever is going to cut him the largest slice. Trincao is a talented youngster but he's not going to just walk in to a champions league club and start, not one of the big boys anyway. We just finished fifth in the most economically powerful league in the world, we're a recent title winner, a recent CL quarter finalist, we're the sort of club that's supposed to be signing players like Trincao. There's so much negativity round this place that often people forget that Tielemans was a transfer that made people around Europe envious, Pereira was a transfer that made people around Europe envious, Maddison was a transfer that made half of the Prem envious and most of Europe's elite would pick apart most of our squad in a flash if we stuck up the Open For Business sign. It's mad, we've risen so fast that even half our own fans still see us as the tinpot club that should be fighting with Burnley and Stoke to sign talentless heifers, if this kid rocked up at Sporting, Sevilla, Leverkusen or Roma you'd all be going "yeah that makes sense." But we ARE Sporting, Sevilla, Leverkusen and Roma.
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    Got an update on this last night. Basically he wants to be with a prem team to make sure of his place at the euros next year. He thinks all the speculation is funny because he's not had contact from anyone other than Palace and he's not keen on going there... He would jump at a move to Leicester, he's friendly with a couple of our players but nothing has been said on or off the record. Makes you wonder what players agents do doesn't it? Not very proactive....
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    Romano is not the sort of journalist that will publish information he doesn't think is genuine. And we are not the sort of side that get named in these sorts of media mind games in transfer sagas - if you wanted a club to act and join the bidding war, you'd say someone 'bigger' than us was interested. Anyone seeing us getting a €50m bid rejected would say 'well I can't see them going any higher' and consider us out of it. We knew about bids for Dennis Praet in June, and didn't sign him until deadline day. If we're the ones bidding it usually means we are favourites - the Italian press tried to stir up that Milan were interested in Praet but I'm not sure they ever were. La Liga starts on the same day our season does, and Braga's season finished on 27 July. You would therefore expect Trincao himself is on holiday now and probably until the end of next week. So it will probably be a while before anything is to be agreed for him. City don't bid for players they aren't confident of getting. Talks wouldn't still 'be on' if they weren't confident of getting the player. They wouldn't stand by and watch other quality players get snapped up while they pursued an impossible deal. I think it's got a real chance, if Trincao wants games, who better than us is going to play him every week?
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    The poor guy must be feeling terrible right now, as do we all. Just wanted to mention him, as I thought he'd done really well up until that point, and the (apparent) plan seemed to be working. He's going to get lots of blame, and in the larger scheme of things, it isn't his fault.
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    This is what does my head in. No one is miserable about breaking into the top 6. Everyone, is in fact furious that we let a 14 point lead slip. It wasn't down to injuries (which obviously haven't helped), but down to our own mental inability to win those games which we should've. Poor tactical decisions along with poor player performances have really cost us.
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    A heads up for you all who may be regular Fosse Park customers. Over the last month I became a victim of a clever scam while out shopping. Simply going out to get supplies has turned out to be quite traumatic. Don't be naive enough to think it couldn't happen to you. Here's how the scam works: Two seriously good-looking blonde ladies come over to your car as you are packing your shopping away. They both start cleaning your windscreen, with their breasts almost falling out of their skimpy T-shirts. It is impossible not to look. When you thank them and offer them a tip, they say "No" and instead ask you for a ride to another place. You agree and they get in the back seat. On the way, they start having sex with each other. Then one of them climbs over into the front seat and performs oral sex on you, while the other one steals your wallet. I had my wallet stolen July 4th, 9th, 10th, twice on the 15th, 17th, 19th, 20th, three times yesterday, and very likely again next week as soon as I can buy some more wallets.
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    1-0 Leicester 93rd minute, we need one more to get top 4 and we've got a corner. Kasper sprints up the pitch and produces a diving header into the top corner. The Leicester fans around the world go into delirium But wait....... VAR is checking the goal........ Goal disallowed due to handball in 53rd minute by James Justin. Pundits after the game don't even mention it
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    Worse 2 mins?! How about the Watford Troy deeney goal in the playoffs
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    The place is going to be absolutely stunning, no expense spared and no corners cut, they are using the best of everything, I can`t begin to try to put the place into words, it`s bluddy huge as well, 3 floors, full size swimming pool, spar pool etc, and Top`s suite is just breathtaking, the wallpaper alone was 20k :-) the players all have their own rooms and there`s a shit load more for guests and visitors, I`m like a kid in a sweetshop every time I go on site !
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    I don't actually think we played that bad (weird for me to say that), they just took their chances. Serious investment needed in the summer, God knows how we'll cope with European games as well as domestic ones.
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