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  1. 1000 likes and we win it
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  2. You was our 12th man. Sang loud and proud. Made me so proud as all you could hear was you guys. You were amazing thank you each and every one of you.
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  4. Congratulations on your FA cup win today.Proper fans and a proper club.Enjoy you success. From a jealous QPR fan.
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  5. First win at Old Trafford for 23 years. 3 points closer to Champions League football. And our next game is an FA Cup Final. Never wake me up.
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  6. Man U have gone up in my estimation....
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  7. Us all, after that last 15 minutes:
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  8. Notts County fan here and wishing you all huge congratulations. We were rooting for you. Magnificent result. In our house, we are thrilled for you. Brilliant Foxes.
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  9. Congrats to you all. I'm a huge Oldham fan with a massive soft spot for Leicester. Don't take this the wrong way but I see your club as a benchmark for 'less fashionable' clubs like mine. Winning the Premier league was an unbelievable achievement but to sustain it and win the FA cup is just fantastic. I hope you continue to live the dream for a long time to come. Congrats again and enjoy every moment!
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  10. Soppy msg alert, had a few jars... I must be the biggest lurker on this forum, haven't posted in years but I check in every single day to FT. Breaking my silence to post today. In this last year I've gone through a divorce (with kids), lost a job, no longer speak to my family and have battled with depression. Amidst all the sadness and drama, one thing has been my constant, and my lifeline - this football club. Dealing with changes in my life, I cannot express enough how much this team has helped me, a safe place where I can forget the world and be happy aga
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  11. 12 months ago to the day I was giving CPR to my brother in law, but sadly it was to late and he died. 12 months later I’m at home now and celebrating what is a great day for Leicester City. Lets have a toast to all family and friends and Leicester fans who are no longer here today.
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  12. Spurs being invited to this Super League is the equivalent of Bananaman being called up to the Avengers.
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  13. How many owners do you know would be loved like this? What Khun Vichai, Khun Top, all of their family and King Power have done for this club is absolutely incredible Thank you!
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  14. Arsenal (With 5 games to go) 😂😂😂😂😂 You’re so sh1t it’s unbelievable
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  15. I'm not able to edit the original post anymore, but here's pretty much the full set so far (barring a few dreadful efforts)
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  18. This kid is going to be top class.
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  19. I can’t believe people actually want Liverpool to get a result this weekend. The quicker we get this top four spot sorted the better. A win on Friday and a Liverpool defeat and it’s possibly one round of games away. If it’s secured at home to Newcastle the week after that massively increases our chances in the FA Cup for me as we aren’t playing a massive pressure full match a few days before our first final in over fifty years. A bad result on Friday and a Liverpool win and that league table will make even the more confident of us start to fear the worse again.
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  20. @kingfox We don't win the game tonight if it wasn't for this incredible challenge from Jonny Evans:
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  21. Would be very hypocritical to do that as it would ruin Scottish football in the same way the charlatans are trying to do with English football
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  22. Legends who'll go down forever in the history of this football club.
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  23. Old Nacho: - Misses penalty against Palace. - Plays appallingly. - Everyone wants him gone (myself included). New Nacho:
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  24. The curious life of a Leicester City fan: just one more weird step along the world we go By Joe Brewin For every football fan, there comes a time when you question the merits of caring. Sometimes it lasts an afternoon. Other times, and more frequently after a seething period of reflection, mere minutes. But we’re all slaves to the strain – that heart-tugging, sick-to-your-stomach feeling of giving a shit. Conditioned to simultaneously love and hate everything on that pitch in front of us while completely powerless to do anything about it. Being a Leicester City fa
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  25. Nothing will happen. I'm certain of it.
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  27. Schmeichel has revealed how they paid tribute to Vichai during the game as he dedicated the victory to him. "When you work together and have an internal belief, that is what you can achieve,” he added. “On the inside of our shirts, we have a picture of him (Vichai). He is always with us. "For Vichai and for Top, this is what we have talked about for so many years and today, for the fans, it is amazing."
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  28. I honestly don't know what more some people are expecting out of us. We are a team with a budget half the size of those we are challenging against. We've built a brand new state of the art facility to help develop and attract new talent. We've lost a key player every summer since winning the league, but still replaced them with consistently quality purchases. We've reached European competition again and navigated multiple competitions this campaign despite a relatively thin squad. We're in an FA Cup final for the first time in 50 years. We've not been out of the top 4 all season, a
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  29. Absolutely not. Perez either plays in place of Maddison or gives us the option to replace him from the bench. Failing that, Praet. What makes you think that Vardy isn't fully fit anyway? It's his finishing that has been uncharacteristically lacklustre - but his pairing with Iheanacho has been lethal. Changing the subject; this forum can wildly vacillate between delusional optimism (we're going to finish second after beating West Brom and Palace), to the insufferable toxic negativity of the matchday threads. There appears to be very little balance or realism in between, aside from
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  30. Me and my older bro had a great time watching it!! Just delivered him back to LRI so he can start the next stage of his intensive chemotherapy! I’ll never forget I experienced this moment with him, my wife and my two daughters!! Thanks to all the Leicester City players and staff! Thanks to Top for being an amazing owner who clearly loves this club! Thanks to all you supporters that made the game and showed just what this occasion meant to us! And thanks to Vichai for making us believe the impossible can happen. I FCUKING LOVE MY CLUB!
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  31. So Luke Thomas has more medals than Harry Kane?
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  32. Please go and like the Vichai post otherwise you won't win lads
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  33. Should rename it Smug Bastards Post Here!
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  34. Postpone the cup final till after the season... like it should be.
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  35. Not our night. Every point is valuable at this stage though. Take the point and move on
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