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    It would be quite funny to see Liverpool win the title at Anfield with no crowd. For that reason, I'm in.
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    Will be massively disappointed if JJ doesn’t start next match
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    Currently under review from VAR.
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    Well. That was emotional. Thank to those that clapped the NHS. Brilliant of you and it made me feel really appreciated. Thank You. My near neighbours who know what I do were outside my house applauding. It's not just me it's all of us. It was a very humbling experience and it brought me to tears. @z-layrex I hope you saw or heard what was happening as well as @Bryn. 2 shifts this week and 3 Covid19 cases for me alone. I'm not heroic or doing anything special, I'm just doing what every other frontline NHS worker is doing. I think we all feel it's our job. Nobody I know in the NHS feels like we're special because there are many other people out there putting themselves at risk, private carers, nursing home staff, pharmacy delivery drivers. In fact, the carers who go to their clients however many times a day and visit multiple clients daily, are really at risk from being ignored or treated differently.There's many people on the front line although we, as ambulance crews, have direct contact to administer treatment and assessment at the "coal face", so I guess we are usually the first to come into contact with Covid19. Again, thank you for showing your appreciation. It really lifted my morale.
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    Glad we managed to hold the virus to a draw at least.
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    In the queue for a coffee last night, about 7.30pm, turnstiles 7-12. I dropped my guts. I’m not wishing to be over dramatic, but on reflection, I have come to the conclusion that it was the second worst fart I have ever done. Sulphuric, which is rare for me, deep, potent, lingering, it was an absolute beauty. The poor bloke behind me had a couple of young kids with him, god I felt for them, I took all three of them out and fair play to them, they stayed in the queue and took it all in. It wasn’t just them that suffered, many in the vicinity were looking around wondering what caused the issue, but these three took the brunt of it. The comment from the Dad was what tickled me “ Christ lads, wow, Stan never told me he was coming to the match” He continued with other comments about Stan, who I got the impression of must be one hell of an antisocial bloke where his arse is concerned. Anyone know a Leicester fan called Stan, who fits the bill? If you do I matched him last night. He wasn’t even there and the poor bloke got a mention.
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    I would genuinely follow Nigel Pearson in to war
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    The date is 12.06.20 It is the first day of Euro 2020. Harry Kane has created a clone of himself to lead the line for England. The sun is shining. Leicester have qualified for the Champions League by 10 points. Coronavirus is no longer in the news after a measly 64 people is confirmed as the final UK death toll. Toilet roll is back on the shelves except in the west midlands where it is being used to dry the eyes of relegated Villa fans. Rebekah Vardy is pregnant again. Life is good.
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    Shambolic when the money driven footballing leagues are taking more active and decisive action than our own ****ing governmant. they should have banned attendance of sporting events some time ago.
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    Still absolutely baffling when some of you lot don't put Dennis Praet in your team hes the best midfielder we have at the moment.
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    In case anyone is interested... BRENDAN RODGERS: 38 Premier League games, one full season at LCFC Overall: 67pts 1.76ppg W20 D7 L11 F71 A37 GD+34 Home: 37pts 1.94ppg W11 D4 L4 F34 A17 GD+17 Away: 30pts 1.57ppg W9 D3 L7 F37 A20 GD+17 Over the past 10 seasons, 67 points would've seen you finish 4th (once), 5th (four times), 6th (three times), 7th (twice).
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    I can never work out the rationale behind slating certain players at our club. Marc Albrighton joined us on a free transfer and has never given anything less than 100% He has won the title with us, has gone through lots of ups and downs with us (both professionally and personally) and has never appeared to moan or gripe when not in the starting 11. He always comes across as a pleasant bloke with no apparent failings-out with anyone at the club and, unless I’m wrong, I doubt he’s one of our biggest earners? He isn’t a world-beater but has never professed to be. And yes, he’s coming to the twilight of his career. So why criticise his selection before a ball has been kicked in anger? Like with Andy King, on here, there seems to be such little respect given by a selection of our ‘fans’, for a player who has always tried their absolute best in a blue shirt. People will always have differing views on team selections but it’s the vitriol that is demonstrated, at times, that I can’t fathom, particularly towards players who basically can be hailed as legends at our football club
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    You'll never sing that
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    Age UK Leicester Shire & Rutland is with Kasper Schmeichel. 16 mins · We’ve just taken a call from the amazing Kasper Schmeichel who is donating a hugely generous £20,000 to Age UK Leicester Shire & Rutland to support our local response to the Coronavirus. Kasper’s donation will bring care packages, phone calls and home visits to older people during this challenging time. What a kind, caring and community minded soul! Thank you Kasper from the older people of Leicestershire & Rutland. Please join with Kasper to keep older people safe and well by donating to our #LeicsCovidCare campaign on this link https://bit.ly/3dd0bmn
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    Just award the title to the team with the highest goal scorer and be done with it.
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    Play the fixtures into the summer, delay the start of next season, bin the nations league and play the Euros next summer instead. Maybe finally get rid of those awful international breaks in the Autumn to make way for a later start to the season.
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    Schmeichel will not be at risk of the virus as he never catches anything
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    Given Trudeau's history his wife probably mistook Elba for her husband at some point.
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    Me and my wife found out today that she is pregnant after 2 years of trying, on and off. Absolutely delighted. Too early to tell people properly but I need to tell someone.
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    Bloody hell 2.6 mill on drawings, I could have saved them 1.6mil if they’d have called.
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    Can you ask him why he is such a cnut
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    People being a bit quick to wish to see the back of Chilwell. Justin was great last night and deserves to keep his place, but it’s just one game, and Chilwell has hit those heights for us before not too long ago too. I’m hoping a little break and some competition for his place will do Chilwell the world of good and he’ll be back with a bang soon.
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    We have a whole generation of fans who don't, or rarely, have the the opportunity to get down the KP due to it being sold out or there only being a couple of hundred singles left. It's obvious we need an extra 10k seats.
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    This is genuinely class, properly warmed my heart watching this. Football is bloody great.
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    Just been in Morrisons. Saw a bloke whose trolley was full to the brim with hand sanitisers, baby wipes, soaps, everything that people need!! I called him a selfish twat, gave him a low down about the elderly and mums etc who need these types of things. Told him he should be ashamed of himself. He said: “that’s all well and good mate but I work here, can I carry on filling the shelves now?
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    The conscripts have started arriving on my ICU. If you've seen a ventilator once in a magazine we will have you. It's quite amazing seeing nurses who left critical care years and years ago just getting scrubs on and ****ing smashing it. You really do see the best of people at times like this.
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    So, Sean Riggott, Portsmouth defender, was sat in a pub on Friday night. He finds out he has coronavirus while at the pub. With several other people. Several friends no doubt. Earlier that same day pubs were asked to shut and several days before people were told to socially distance themselves. I despair. People just won't get the idea to stop fvcking going out for fun until this place gets locked down with only keeping supermarkets/hospitals open. You just cannot trust people. God knows how many people he's passed it on to. Gotta remind people (well, shouldn't have to) - at this stage people need to act like they have the virus, not act like they don't have it and take their chances in avoiding it. It really angers me people can't see the fvcking diseased elephant in the room and not use some fvcking common sense. For the good of society and the world and not themselves for once.
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    Could Ricky P be the first ever player to do his ACL and be available for the very next game?
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    When you see the errors the 'top line' goalkeepers have made this season, especially recently, makes you realise that some (and I emphasise some) of the criticism KS gets from our fans is a little bit OTT.
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    Based on what, exactly? Neither Congerton nor Rodgers will be involved in any contractual negotiations, that's Rudkin's domain. He's not done too badly in recent years, so no need to be too concerned there. Perez hasn't done too badly at all - he's been an involved player in arguably our second-best squad ever - and considering people value Gray at ~£20m then £30m for Perez isn't too outlandish. Not every signing is going to hit the heights of Vardy, Ndidi, Pereira etc., and whilst he's not been a star player I'd still find it hard to call him a flop. Congerton wasn't around long enough in the summer to have an impact on transfers, and in the winter its hard to find value anyway. That said, we were supposedly looking at a very promising signing in Demiral before he got injured, so I'd say he's on the right track for what we're after. Remember that the environment and budget he's working with at Leicester is worlds apart from his previous roles at Sunderland, Celtic etc. where his hands were tied by restrictive budgets and clubs which aren't able to attract the same calibre of player as ourselves.
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    stop going to games you goof youve been to like 66% of our losses but less than 20% of our overall games. YOURE JINXING US
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    Personal thought is pure confidence, before Christmas we were winning every week. Even in games like Everton where we maybe weren’t the best side. Then getting rolled by Liverpool and Man City and players knew they weren’t quite as good as they thought. They haven’t recovered since.
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    Posts in Leicester forum vs general chat
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    No healthcare system in the World would be able to sustain the amount of cases it would get if we just carried on as normal. Of course this is the result of the virus. Maybe the public take some blame as well, A&E is virtually empty now (15-20% at times of usual amounts) - it just shows how essential it really was for all these people to stretch it to breaking point.
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    Peak FT. We're discussing a worldwide pandemic and people want to turn into a thread worshiping a racist criminal. Look Robinson is a ****, you're daft for thinking he's a god, now can we get back to talking about the real issues at hand.
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    I've read enough Foxestalk to suspect that In the ongoing plastic/real fan debate I'd probably be considered by many to be the former. Despite developing a true passion for the club, taking time to read the written history and having familial ties to the region, I only started following the club closely at the start of the 2014-15 promotion season. I was hooked from day one but there ya go. I'm also a Yank who has only played the game for a few years at the youth level. Therefore in a (perhaps futile) effort to unplactic myself I've decided to fill this live game void with as many classic Foxes games as I can. All that said, would you all be so kind as to give me some suggestions for your favorite games ever prior to 2014. Thank you and stay well!
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    I'll never tire of reading stories and articles about him
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    Fingers crossed it's Slimani, Ghezzal and Diabaté.
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    In a fanbase rife with bellends how does it feel to be largely regarded as the number 1?
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    Would love Pearson to keep Watford up....just after Saturdays game he can start winning! Why anyone would have nothing but love for Big Nige is startling
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    Time for this lot to show some bollocks under pressure, this is the sort of situation that can make or break these players. If they are as good as they w as not to be then this is where we turn the screw and shut down the chasing pack. He has always been our talisman but Vardy won't let us blow this without a huge fight.
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    If anybody is steadying our ship right now its Praet. The passing is more composed especially in and around him. I think Rodgers is using him more and more as a box to box player with a little more licence to roam, as he played when at sampdoria. If Maddison can be pushed further up I think we'd start getting better results.
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