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    Few years ago, went on a date with a Tinder match. Went for drinks on Brauny gate, started well had a few and went to Soar Point for a few games of Pool. As up to this point I was the gentleman and bought all the drinks, she said she will get us a round. I said I will have a JD and Coke, which she shouted DOUBLE at. I like this woman. Anyway, after a few more hours of drinking, we were both quite drunk and went back to Brauny Gate, where she knocked her drink over which went over my crotch. She flirtily tried to dry it herself, but as it was the first date and she was drunk, I laughed it off and went toilet to dry up. Anyway, we decided to get some late night food. The first food place we came across was closing up, doors locked and the staff mopping. I said lets move on and she started banging at the window, shouting. Ok she is fiesty.. So then she says she wants a subway. I ask her what she wants, Tuna Melt.. 20 mins in she's got bits of Tuna all round her mouth and out of nowhere she grabs my head and kisses me. Breath stunk like a cats arse. Pulling Tuna out of my mouth, I decided I dont actually really like this girl and call her a taxi. She refuses to get in and says she wants to come home with me. 'Ok, we will go to mine'.. I help her get in, seatbelted up, jump back out, slam the door and literally run away...
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    We really are turning into a deluded billy big spuds lot of fans when they use embarrassing against teams that give there all. A lot of us really have forgot what we were all about now that’s embarrassing.
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    Planet Football28th August 2019 https://www.planetfootball.com/nostalgia/a-tribute-to-esteban-cambiasso-and-his-final-stand-with-leicester-city/ Esteban Cambiasso was never the obvious choice for an import who would thrive at a newly-promoted Premier League club, but he did all that and more in his year at Leicester. When Leicester City returned to the Premier League in 2014, there was little to suggest things would be much different to their relegation from the same division a decade earlier. They might have won the Championship at a canter, but their summer signings weren’t the kind to fill people with tons of confidence. Leo Ulloa and Tom Lawrence were brought in to boost the Foxes’ attack, but the most eye-catching deal was the one that saw Ulloa’s compatriot Esteban Cambiasso move to the East Midlands. Cambiasso had never played in England before, and he hadn’t played anywhere that wasn’t Inter Milan for a full decade. The Argentine played more than 400 games for Inter, and was on the books of the Italian club when he rounded off one of the finest ever World Cup team moves against Serbia & Montenegro in 2006. Still, a defensive midfielder, who had turned 34 a couple of weeks before joining – was this really what Leicester needed? Could he really gel with a Nigel Pearson squad? As it turns out, the answer to both questions was a resounding ‘yes’. A surprising impact Cambiasso’s arrival was greeted with references to plenty of other out-of-the-blue arrivals, from Youri Djorkaeff’s Bolton stint to Attilio Lombardo joining Crystal Palace. However, a lot of these were attack-minded players whose impact could be quantified far more easily than a man who was never picked for his scoring ability. Even if Cambiasso ended up thriving, it wouldn’t matter if the goals didn’t arrive from elsewhere. It was strange, then, that his first goal arrived in the sort of game that couldn’t be more different from the sensible, solid football he had provided under José Mourinho en route to winning the Champions League with Inter. Leicester and Manchester United had already exchanged five goals by the time Cambiasso pounced to turn the ball home after a Jamie Vardy miscontrol, but if there was ever any doubt about his commitment to his new club then that vanished the second you saw the passion that went into the celebration, Cambiasso’s final tally of five goals was more than he managed in any of his final three Inter seasons, but none were more important than his strike against West Ham in March. Leicester had dropped seven points adrift of safety with a 4-3 defeat to Tottenham, and it could have been an excuse for some of their players to down tools after recognising an already tall order was on the verge of morphing into an insurmountable task. Indeed, if you wanted to resort to cliché, the close-to-retirement South American with a Champions League title to his name would surely have been the hot favourite to decide this wasn’t for him. Yet Cambiasso was one of the main reasons the Foxes kept fighting. Early in the game against the Hammers, he let fly with a belter of a left-footed shot so pure it felt as though it represented the way he sought to dig the team out of the hole it had got itself into. It was if he was saying “we don’t need to give up”, looking at the way his compatriot Carlos Tevez helped wrest West Ham from a similar position after his own 4-3 loss to Spurs in 2007. With one swing of the boot, he loudly told the Premier League “no. I’m not done yet”. “I think the most important trophy is that Leicester City play next season in the Premier League,” Cambiasso said upon receiving his Player of the Year award at the end of the season, having helped the club pick up 22 points in their last nine games to climb from last to 14th, staying up with a game to spare. “I’m more of a team player than a star and I like the group trophies more than the individual trophies.” He opted to turn down the option of a contract extension despite having, in his words, “lived one of the most important years of my career”. Little did he know that, if he’d stuck around, the next year was poised to be even more special. However, when Wes Morgan and his Leicester team-mates lifted the Premier League trophy in 2016, they’ll have known none of it would have been possible without Esteban Cambiasso giving them the platform to thrive.
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    I think the most telling thing is to look at the players. They’re collectively hungrier and seem to have welcomed Brendan’s philosophy with open arms. Hell just look at Vardy last week - can anyone remember him being as relentlessly Vardy under Puel? I loved the huddle after Bournemouth - these players and manager are all together. They believe in each other. They’re focused. And they’re ready to perform. Good things are about to happen. I can feel it.
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    If I wanted to be any professional footballer, it would be Fuchs. He seems the type of bloke who’s grateful for what he’s got and loves his life. Always got a smile on his face and I bet his team mates love him to bits. I’ll be pretty sad when he eventually leaves but I sense he’ll be a success in whatever he chooses to do next. A proper hero of mine both on and off the field. Would love to meet him one day.
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    Don't see a single person on here that's calling for the managers head so that's clearly nonsense. We play shit against a shit side* and turn in a performance at odds with everything we said going into the game, why would we pretend to be happy? * yes. Manchester United are shit. Their fans say it. Their form says it. Their squad and injury list says it. Their manager's CV would do well to get him the Middlesbrough job. The most beatable Manchester United team we will ever face at Old Trafford and we totally bottled it.
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    My idol growing up. I ****ing loved him. He’s only about 8 years older than me but when you’re a young Leicester fan looking for another Leicester lad who’s done good - apart from Lineker - Emile was it. I watched as this fella forced himself into the first team from the reserves (I remember watching him on FNF Mondays in the reserves team) and became indispensable. Once, probably 25 years ago now, I went with my mum and grandma shopping for a new TV in a shop that probably doesn’t exist anymore. Guess who was there? Emile ****ing Heskey. My absolute ****ing idol. I was too star struck and embarrassed to ask him for an autograph. Instead my grandma said she’d ask him. Now, Emile was 6ft2. My gran was 4ft11. I will never, ever forget the sight of my hilarious gran looking up at Emile Heskey asking for an autograph for her embarrassed grandson. Genuinely one of my favourite memories of her since she died!
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    Interviewed Ndidi for talkSPORT today at DMU where he's doing a business degree. Will upload it tomorrow if anyone fancies a listen.
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    I think it's when he plays deeper for us with very little width outside of him that he has struggled and seemingly dithered on the ball. His best performances for us are when he and Maddison push further up with the protection of Ndidi or Choudhury and have a multiple of options with wingers and full backs overlapping. I just find it quite alarming how restrictive the flow of our system is when we add in another DCM and everything seems to change. Theres just no impetus or zip about our play and players then stop moving automatically and everything feels a bit unnatural. If Rodgers doesn't understand this or continues to ignore our strengths then I honestly can't cut him any slack, if this was a manager with less of a glowing reputation then he'd be slaughtered. There's another 2 huge games coming up where he's bound to be tempted with the same system and personnel with a bogey team at home in between. We really could see our season feel and appear in disarray after just 8 games if we aren't careful. Tielemans needs to certainly step up his game, we can make excuses and moan about how he is being deployed incorrectly but if I'm really honest I held him in such a high regard last season that I thought he would be our lynchpin week in, week out and at worst would just be a bit ineffective but so far this season he has been borderline anonymous. Time for Rodgers to swallow his pride a bit and stop overthinking the tactics and science of the game. He's probably boring them all, just stick them out there and fire them up.
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    What I like about yesterday is the notion that for a few years now we have lost games quite regularly to that ‘amazing goal’ that ‘extra moment of quality’ that ‘unstoppable strike’ and yesterday it was Blades fans coming away saying that. Because we had it. So that’s nice.
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    We’ve gone to the home of the Europa League champions. A team who lost only one home game last season. And apart from the first 30 minutes, we were the better team and probably should have won. Great team effort. Fabulous noise from the supporters at the ground. Some seriously embarrassing comments in the match thread, though. As per. Ninety minutes in a game - not ten. 38 games in the league. Not two.
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    He hasn't got an official thread for this season yet, so let's put that right! After a slow start, I think even the most begrudging Leicester supporter must be fairly pleased with him at the moment. Unbeaten, 3rd in the league, played a strong team in the cup and through to the next round. I think a number of fans have questioned the formation and lineup against Wolves and Chelsea but we got points in both matches and won the next two games. Perhaps a cautious approach, but it has us in a good position so far. Anyway I came across this today, and I think it's very revealing as to what the manager is trying to achieve here: Since Rodgers has come in, we have definitely noticed a few really good changes to our style of play: - We tend to concede early goals less often than under Puel. It still happens, but in general I feel like we start games at a higher intensity which keeps the scoreline down in the first 20 minutes. Well unless we score first like at the weekend! - Winning the ball high up the pitch to start an offensive counter attack is becoming common to our play. Perez winning the ball back for Maddison to play in Vardy against the Blades, Maddison winning the ball back for Tielemans to play in Vardy at the weekend, etc. What do you think of the manager's performance so far this season?
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    He represents everything that is wrong with this country. Obscenely rich and contemptuous of ordinary people.
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    Worst one yet. Sympathy’s.
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    Or just put it in the post match or Brendan Rodgers thread?
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    A few changes but I wouldn't change completely. We should be aiming for semi finals minimum of at least one of the Cups this season.
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    Wow, is that the world we live in? You chat to the wrong person, you get your legs broken? And people think this is okay? So he chats up someone’s Mrs. if he knew she was attached, then, yes it’s a poor move from Danny, but you seriously think that makes it okay for 6 blokes to beat the crap out of him and break try to break his legs? Mate, if you seriously think this is okay, you have serious issues. If society thinks this is okay, then we have a broken society. I’m shocked and a bit saddened if I’m honest that people think this is okay in any way.
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    My grandaughter on her first day at school in Grenoble, France, Yesterday: I think it was stylish to have it the wrong way round!
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    Evans is just brilliant. How he spent so long knocking around in mid table sides is a mystery to me.
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    I like Pogba. Gets too much hate from old farts like Souness and Garth Crooks, who wants every footballer to be like a 1982 version of them. I also think there's a bit if jealousy that they earned peanuts in their time whilst Pogba earns millions. I bet Pogba is actually a fun guy to be around. He's always happy and laughing and smiling. Man is enjoying his profession. Cant have that in this country. You gotta be a miserable **** around here.
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    Yeah, you'll not find rubbish like this in the Daily Mail.
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    Have you actually read the manifesto and marketing stuff I didn't say both sides weren't culpable, but it wasn't a proper debate. That seems to have happened afterwards.
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    I had a hunch after 4 minutes, but now after 21 minutes it's clear to me that Wesley is absolutely ****ing brilliant. Weren't we in for him? Huge chance missed.
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    I'm also not really sure on what basis people are saying he looked good or shit, there wasn't nearly enough to go on either way.
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    Its too early to form a definitive conclusion but one thing find strange, that people are prepared to turn it into a personality contest regardless of each persons ability as a Manager. Just because Puel had a quiet disposition it didn't make him a bad Manager . Sir Alf Rmsey had a similar disposition and he didn't do too badly. Yet many at the time wanted him dismissed because he didn't appear sexy enough for them. Puel came here with the intention of making us better and he certainly done that. There's no doubt he had an image problem, especially dealing with the media and players. Rogers on the other hand is media savvy and knows how to massage egos. Any fan who thinks Rogers record compares to Puels are deluded. It doesn't even come close. Take the Celtic results away and what has he done. A play off win with Swansea and a 2nd place finish with Liverpool, after he was left a great team by Kenny Dalglish. Puel on the other hand has won league and Cup in France. A cup final and top 10 finish with Southampton, plus a European trophy with Monaco I think. Do I think he would have been a success here, yes I know he would have brought success. Why, Because he had already found a way to beat or get closer to the big Clubs. Plus the quality of his signings Maddison, Ricardo,Tielemans. Plus he talked Harry Maguire to stay and sign a new Contract I believe also, only that he was saddled with Slimani , Kelechi and Silva plus others on long Contracts, he would have brought in a top Striker and or Winger. But FFP and financial Budgets made this difficult. Compare this to Rogers window, Where we sign Perez and lose Maguire. Yet he was reported to have 100 mil to spend. Again I'd say no comparison with Puel. I also feel rightly or wrongly that Rogers backroom team is weaker than others in the recent past. Going back as far as Pearson. There's no doubt some at the Club wanted Rogers to take over and when results went against Puel they seized on the opportunity. Results that had as much to do with the exceptional and extraordinary events that took place last year, Coupled with the reported unrest among senior players. it's clear now that Puel misread this situation believing the Club had his back, When some within were working against him. That coupled with some inept displays on the pitch led to his demise. While there is huge similarity in the way they both liked to work,both preferring to play football from the back and develop young players.The comparison ends there. Rogers likes to set up his team his way and it's up to the opposition to beat it. Whereas Puel sent out his team also with a plan but was prepared to adjust it as the game dictated. This was demonstrated by many of our second half performances where we came back to get a result in games. Rogers is clearly better in dealing with players using a modern approach. Where Puel was more old school a bit like Fergie and Mourhino. .. While it's still early days for Rogers and I've no wish to take sides. He has some way to go to get near Puels success in his short time here. A result tomorrow against Chelsea would help address that in balance.But only time will tell if he can deliver. Personally I have my doubts. But that;s just my opinion. With Puel, We'll never know what might have been. On such decisions history books are written.
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    I was at Filbert street as a guest of the matchday sponsors, and Birch was doing his bit at the front of the room over lunch. A pretty young waitress walked past, and Birch said "if she was my daughter I would still be bathing her". Classy. This was in 1998.
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    @Webbo Did a great job at co-ordinating and publishing a weekly quiz on here. Do miss a good weekly quiz tbh
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    Not for the first time recently, you seem happy for the Govt to ignore our sovereign, democratically-elected parliament (to which Brexit was supposed to be returning power, as I recall). Does this apply only to right-wing govts doing things you agree with, or should the executive also be all-powerful & subject to little scrutiny when a left-wing govt is in power? A hypothetical example: Corbyn ends up in No. 10 and produces legislation to nationalize various utilities without compensation. There's no evidence this policy has popular support and parliament is opposed. Moderate Labour MPs rebel and join Tories to block the govt. legislation. Corbyn says he'll just ignore parliament and/or not submit the rebel bill for royal assent and/or suspend democracy ("prorogue parliament"). Are you happy about an all-powerful govt avoiding democratic scrutiny and trashing the law under these circumstances, too? How is the decision to refuse an election (at this point) undemocratic? The Fixed Term Parliaments Act states that the Govt needs to either lose a confidence vote or get a 2/3 majority if it wants an early election. Our MPs are all democratically elected and they voted not to give Boris his 2/3 majority at this stage (I'm sure an election will happen within a couple of months).....hard to imagine anything more democratic! If Boris doesn't like it, he could change his policy/approach to one that our elected representatives WILL support or he could get on with negotiating this great deal he keeps mentioning....or he could call a no-confidence vote in his own govt. We have a long history of our democratically-elected parliament blocking specific govt policies without needing to trigger an election every time. What is shocking is that we have a govt seeking to use a major crisis to cynically grab power by suspending democracy, potentially ignoring parliamentary legislation, repeatedly telling lies, making no serious attempt to negotiate a way out of the crisis, and seeking to cynically use the crisis to call a toxic, divisive "patriotic" election in the hope of conning the public into giving them complete power for 5 years before Joe Public can see the reality of either No Deal or the sort of compromise Brexit deal that is feasible.
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    That is most definitely not the most shameful thing of the last 3 years
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    How do you honestly think this helps anything? You said exactly this in different words earlier this week and when I questioned it you've been radio silence since, apparently other than posting another boring wind-up merchant post designed to get negative attention that's adding nothing to the discourse. It really doesn't matter whether you're Remain or Leave, I'd like to see the more sensible and moderate posters on here who've had rather constructive debate over the last couple of dates actively oppose this kind of attention-seeking because its ultimately poisoning any conversation we have on here.
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    Hamza & Choudhury are very similar....
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    Hope Woy wins it tbf, deserves it got a lot of stick from them lot and hes still doing the business at 72
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    I'm a football-loving gay man with a degree in Maths & Statistics, so I feel like I'm fairly qualified to inform you that your interpretation of statistics in this situation is - essentially - bollocks. Believe me when I say that every single thing you mention in this paragraph is waaaaaay off the mark.
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    I can’t speak for everyone but as a former leave voter, I honestly didn’t really know what I was voting for. I’m not very fond of the EU but a no deal Brexit definitely wasn’t what I voted for. Patriotism was probably a significant part of my my decision which isn’t ideal, obviously. Is it democratic for something that I (and others) have changed their minds about to happen in the most extreme way possible?
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    So after all of these years of fans on here moaning about second string sides in these competitions, I bet some will be outraged if Vardy or Tielemans pick up an injury
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    I’ve found the wizard, anyone spotted Odlaw yet?
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    King’s quote about “who is this guy to kick me out after ten years?” was telling. (That’s a proof of the player power narrative, even coming from my favorite player.) Puel’s job was tough, especially following a players’ coach in Shakespeare. But the total lack of communication King complained most bitterly about -- that’s where Puel turned cold judgment into a hot mess. It’s the harder, unpopular decisions that most require communication to keep people on side. There was never going to be consensus on replacing part of the playing staff. But Puel could have got halfway there, if he believed the “outs” were worth the effort to understand, and demonstrated that fact via 2-way communication. The informal leaders in the workforce can either be your best asset, or a headache. But if they remain the latter -- as a senior leader, you are failing. I still think Puel left the club better than he found it. At worst he was a “necessary evil”, and I’m glad he had the toughness needed at a point of wrenching transition. What I didn’t realize was how much unnecessary collateral damage he was doing. Rodgers quickly understood that undoing that damage was job one, and he seems to have restored the balance in the changing room.
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    Blows my mind that anyone could watch that and moan about VAR. Took a minute, got the right decision. That's EXACTLY the sort of goal the big clubs usually have go their way because a linesman will flag it offside to favour United or Liverpool or Man City because they bottle it. This way they check it, get it mathematically correct and off we go. It stands.
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    The whole events of this week have happened because of Boris having shown he's willing to take an underhanded and undemocratic approach (eg. proroguing parliament), to try and force through a no-deal Brexit without consent of parliament. Boris has essentially forced parliament's hand; this is a problem of his own making. Given that Boris has made no headway in negotiations with the EU, I can only assume his intention is to deliberately go out without a deal. There is no majority for a no-deal Brexit in parliament, and there is also no majority for a no-deal Brexit in the country either. It cannot in good faith be argued that what Boris Johnson is doing is democratic. I invite you to think about whether you would feel the same if the roles were reversed, and it were Corbyn who was taking similar actions.
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    I love this gif and it's perfect for the below video...
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    Daniel Iversen - Rotherham United, 90 minutes in a late 1-0 defeat vs. Sheffield Wednesday (League Cup) & again in a 1-1 draw vs. Tranmere (League One) - Total Appearances: 5 - Total Clean Sheets: 1 Josh Knight - Peterborough United, 81 minutes & a first career goal in a 3-0 victory against Sunderland (League One) - Total Appearances: 6 - Total Goals: 1 Layton Ndukwu - Southend United, on as a second half sub in a 4-1 defeat to MK Dons (League Cup) and then subbed on at half-time in a 3-0 defeat to Rochdale (League One) - Total Appearances: 6 - Total Goals: 0 Ryan Loft - Carlisle United, unused sub in a 2-1 defeat vs. Rochdale (League Cup), then on as a half-time sub to score the only goal in a 1-0 win vs. Scunthorpe (League Two) - Total Appearances: 7 - Total Goals: 1 Kamal Sowah - OH Leuven, a first start and 85 minutes in a 2-0 victory over Lokeren (Belgian First Division B) - Total Appearances: 5 - Total Goals: 2 Andy King - Rangers, no involvement in the 1-0 win vs. Legia Warsaw (Europa League) and then an unused sub in the 2-0 defeat vs. Celtic (Scottish Premiership) - Total Appearances: 2 - Total Goals: 0 Islam Slimani - Monaco, 90 minutes and 2 goals in a 2-2 draw vs. Strasbourg (Ligue 1) - Total Appearances: 2 - Total Goals: 3 Adrien Silva - Monaco, 65 minutes in a 2-2 draw vs. Strasbourg (Ligue 1) - Total Appearances: 2 - Total Goals: 0
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    I’d quite happily take a boring 0-0 draw and keep the unbeaten run going.
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    too much of a pussy to go to leeds
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    I'm guessing theres a few there spending too much time on grinder! That song,imo, is totally crap and embarrassing.
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