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    Spot on I know a couple of pro footballers and if anyone thinks it’s a doddle, think again. I’m sure I read somewhere that most players at the elite level are fitter than your top soldiers etc. They earn ridiculous money for sure and a lot is provided for them, but Fook they don’t half work hard to maintain their fitness Same with your pro boxers.. the fittest of all I believe Finally, I concur completely with the mental side of things. One of our top young players just has to have a couple of bad games and the media immediately pounces. Just look on this forum for example when Chilwell has a bad run. He suddenly goes from being England’s best young left back to ‘shite’ in the space of two weeks!
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    With them 15pts behind us and 16 games left before the match today solitary points don't cut it for Tottenham if they have any hope of catching us. Man Utd are now our biggest threats for a top four place. It would be massive tomorrow if we could beat Burnley and Liverpool win at home against Man Utd.
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    As much of a traditionalist as I am, why concentrate so highly on this game when we have a League Cup semi final 3 days later? For me, it's not a case of prioritising between league and FA Cup but prioritising between a Wembley visit and the FA Cup. I'm not saying wholesale changes but I am sure our sports science and medical staff will have plenty of input over those 14 days and for me Villa Away should be the main priority for them and if that means sacrificing the Brentford game to some extent then so be it.
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    Well as long as we win it will have !! ...
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    But then the argument would be "well lose a couple and we could easily slip into a relegation battle". You see it on here every season, no matter where we are in the league, people arguing we shouldn't go for the Cup "this year". Before 2016 it was the most major trophy we'd ever won. A trophy we were proud to win three times. Honestly mental how short some folks' memories are. The attitude among some in our fanbase these days defies belief.
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    They may only be playing 1-2 competitive matches a week, but that week also includes: Physical Training 3-4 times per week Mental/tactical coaching, including research on opposition teams/players Travelling to/from games, including hotel stays for long away journeys. Some players will also have to travel long(er) distance for training, as well. Media/Community outreach duties For national-team players they will have additional commitments related to that which take up a lot of time/energy Plus outside of work they'll have plenty of other commitments: Language courses or other university degrees (like Soyuncu and Ndidi are doing, respectively) Keeping on top of nutrition (which requires a lot more effort than it does for you and I) Many players have young families which take up a lot of their time and energy They may also be 'walking the dog' or 'surprising the missus' - that's not something that disappears for them. Their own social lives, which they're entitled to. Of course, there's also huge amounts of mental fatigue and stresses that these players go through which are a world apart from those of us on this forum, so that will impact them in different ways as well. And on a slightly separate note to all of that: as laymen we have very different definitions of what constitutes for 'tired'. This is an industry which is all about maximising every last bit of performance and really working the percentages, so whilst I might only consider myself to be tired when my energy dips below a hypothetical 70%, for instance, the sports science guys at LCFC may well have data that shows that anything less than 95% is "tired" and will cause significant drops in performance. All it takes is one relatively minor (or indeed major) trigger point in their personal lives and the very finely balanced system which governs them during their career can fall out of sync and leave them under-rested for high-level performance sport.
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    Absolutely. In addition I would love to see how the mainstream media would cope with so many of the big 6 out of Europe. True, but they’re only really suffering a small level of the mediocrity that the supporters of the majority of the other teams have felt. A crisis season would still be finishing in the bottom of the top half. I long for the day that one of the big 6 suffer enough to be close to the bottom or even relegated. Only then do I feel that their fans would start to get on a general level.
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    I have bought him 13 goals 4 assists in 7
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    Let’s not start chicken counting just yet .... all depends on which Leicester turns up .... fingers crossed peeps.
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    I find it pretty horrible as well. The whites are special, smacking huge number on the back doesn't really feel in keeping with Test Cricket. More dumbing down to be honest, cricket fans could usually work out who was who, now people just don't have the attention span for that.
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    Bournemouth trying to sign Jacob Bruun Larsen from Dortmund, he is very similar player to Ryan Fraser. I wonder if that could see Fraser sold this month rather than go for free in the summer? He's winding down is Fraser, very much like Eriksen at Spurs and a move now could be best for all parties.
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    I reckon the script was written for us to lose to Southampton. It just had that air of inevitability about it. Yep, we've simply got to raise our game against Burnley. Not just for a result but equally to show that we've still got it. We've played some beautiful football this season, but it's in danger of becoming a distant memory.
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    And I'm sure that's exactly what the people that run our club think as well, whatever is said in public. Quite right too, it's a business with a rare (for us) business opportunity not to be missed. The ability to hold on to our best players, replenished coffers to assist in the purchase of better quality recruits, ground improvements and any other infrastructure. The wellbeing and fitness of our squad has to be managed, thankfully by professional qualified staff who try to get the maximum performances from them. Top 4 will without doubt and understandably be the priority with the entertaining (not financial incentive) bonus of already having one foot potentially in a cup final. To risk blowing the first target for a supporters romantic dream of an FA cup early round match (where you could by providence pick up a much more demanding tie in the next round anyway if won) is not going to happen. They will obviously put the best team out they can in order to try and win and quite rightly and understandably, that will be that with a bit of verbal sugar coating from Brendan. Leicester City, first and foremost, has to be run as a business if it's to be successful in the long run. Supporters whims and desires will be a more distant consideration.
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    Could do with Brendan going in for Hakim Ziyech from Ajax been linked quite a few times would be a quality signing !
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    The Labour Party played politics with the county’s future ....... and lost ....... they let down the vast middle ground of the electorate who voted leave/remain but weren’t hard brexit/were content to respect the result. May’s soft brexit was a reasonable compromise and labour are responsible for the harder version that we are likely to get now. I’m surprised how little the MSM have delved into this........ it’s actually unforgivable given how this has played out with the country suffering tremendously economically and another 11 months at least still to go ....... maybe longer .......
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    Stop trolling for goodness sake. Because they got him in to cover an injury of another player who then recovered faster then they were expecting. That is why. Andy is a top professional who has always stepped up and done what we have asked of him. He scored some important goals in all of our promotion seasons, as well as playing an integral part in our great escape. He then stepped in and covered where required in the title winning season, again scoring some important goals to keep our momentum. He also stepped in and did incredibly well in our Champions League campaign. He deserved better treatment after all that, Puel was awful to him. We owe him a much better respect. Some people have such short memories.
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    I think he'd fall off his missus lately! He'll come back all the stronger for this.
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    They were talking about him on the radio earlier, and how the creativity is lacking in the team and he's not getting chances. Then today he goes and completely misses the ball when free, right in the middle of box, about 8 yards out
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    Most blatant penalty I've seen in a while.
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    All depends if we sign a younger unproven left back too, or how we rate Luke Thomas for example. Him just turning 28 is hardly outrageous either, but you might be right.
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    How has it came about that the Brentford game is what will ensure Champuons League qualification? Weird discussion because it has close to **** to all to do with it
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    Just finished the brilliant "Dark" on Netflix and the track "Thunder" by RY X just blew me away, downloaded his two albums "Dawn" and "unfurl" both V.GOOD. Also Eric Whitacre's Deep Field ( short vid of hubble deep Field images OST) mind expanding and blowing!
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    What's going to happen in the next ten years 1) For the 2021-2022 will see Jurgen Klopp leaving Liverpool for Real Madrid, taking Salah, Mane and Van Dijk with him. Following this we see a dramatic fall of Liverpool, with a lot of managers coming in and out trying to sort out the mess. 2) VAR is scrapped from English football and only to be used in the champions league, world cups and european championships. 3) Pep will leave Man City at the end of next season as they once again fail to reach a champions league final. 4) Sin bin's will be introduced by 2026, which will see a player leave the pitch for five minutes and sit in the sin bin once they recieve a yellow card. 5) The Uefa Champions League final will be hosted for the first time outside of europe for 2024 final and will be taken to New York City. 6) England once again fail at both European Champions and the fifa world cup in 2022. Which see's England reach the final this summer and reach the semi's in 2022. Following this England decide to part company with Gareth Southgate. Bad news for us Leicester fans, the FA decide to approach Rodgers with the vacant post. 7) Emma Hayes becomes the first female to manage in the mens football league by taking over at Northampton Town... at some point. 8) Manchester United finally sort out there troubles out, as once again become a force as this summer they appoint Mauricio Pochettio 9) Rangers and Celtic once again explore to move to the english league, they agree a deal to enter league two... but at last minute they are rejected due to a fear of policing at that level. 10) Leicester have finally lifted the FA Cup!
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    By 12 clear goals would suit us both nicely
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    went the bristol rovers game today. jesus they are shit. the whole game was shit and rotherham are top of the fu cking league. it was also fu cking freezing. what a stupid idea.
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    4019 at Kings Lynn v York City today.
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    It really does depend on which Trust they are applying to join, some are great, some so-so and some frankly dreadful. Like schools really! Some have a blueprint for leadership structures, ways of teaching, behaviour management, the curriculum etc and apply it to all schools that they take over. Others are more flexible and recognise that all communities are different so allow the school’s individual character to show through. Generally I would say that where a school is struggling the blueprint approach can be successful and produce rapid improvements but where this has been tried with schools that are already good it can lead to confusion amongst students/parents and a loss of morale amongst staff. In the worst cases there have been cases where Trusts in financial trouble have taken on financially secure schools and used them to subsidise struggling ones. This happened a couple of years ago in Wakefield (iirc) and the consequences were fairly disastrous. If you and other parents are concerned then the first step would be to write to the Chair of Governors outlining your concerns and requesting an open meeting involving parents, staff, governors, the LA and representatives of the Trust. If that doesn’t go anywhere then contact your local County Councillor as they are still responsible for the school at the moment. Another option is to contact the Regional Schools Commissioner for the East Midlands; his name is John Edwards and contact details should be easy enough to find online.
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    That they gambled and lost big-time is clearly true. I also share your low opinion of Corbyn. I take your point about their confusing position on Brexit, which was partly due to poor & over-complicated presentation. The fence-sitting came because the party was divided on Brexit - MPs, members and voters, to varying degrees: worth remembering that Labour represented some of the most pro-Leave and most pro-Remain constituencies.....a pretty impossible situation. The Tories were similarly divided on Brexit (more so their MPs than their members or voters). But.... - .Labour sought compromises on Customs Union membership & guaranteed employment rights etc, but May didn't offer these as she saw her interest as maintaining Tory unity....as a Remainer who wanted close alignment she's also a big loser - At the indicative votes, Labour overwhelmingly supported several compromise motions (Ken Clarke's Customs Union, a Common Market option etc.) but lost....suggesting limits to their ability to "mould the future relationship with the EU", even in alliance with Tory Soft Brexit rebels. Remember Lab started off 60+ MPs short of a majority, then lost a dozen more, many who would only accept a 2nd referendum (the Change UK bunch), there were only about 20 pro-EU Tory rebels & Labour couldn't control the Lib Dems or SNP - May didn't want to call an election, after her 2017 fiasco & the wider Tory party & DUP didn't want one either, as they'd have risked losing power/influence & Brexit as May was low in the polls. Labour didn't have the numbers to get an election - When the Tories did want an election (under Boris), they got one & it was the SNP & Lib Dems who gave them the chance. Labour joined in, but couldn't have stopped Boris' election even if they'd all voted against it - If an alliance of the Opposition & Tory Remainer rebels had started dictating Brexit via amendments, I'm sure the rest of the Tory party would have deposed May & replaced her with Boris...but anyway this didn't work when they tried it via indicative votes I also don't buy the idea that the Tories are now guaranteed 2+ parliaments. The "let's get Brexit done" sentiment won't apply next time. Hopefully Labour will replace Corbyn with a more credible leader & will offer a much better policy platform & campaign. In the meantime, there's an awful lot that could go wrong with Brexit & for the Johnson Govt generally. Maybe not. Maybe Brexit will be wonderful, tax revenues will flow into the Treasury, a brilliant PM will rejuvenate struggling areas & Labour will choose another idiot leader and disappear up its own arse......but the Tories are going to have a difficult 5 years, I think. Labour need to ensure they're an effective opposition & credible alternative govt, and they could win by 2024.
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    It's the 'save £43' that gets me. Mainly because coincidentally, that's the same number of points they're about to get docked.
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    On Soccer Saturday they have literally just said ‘Leicester are taking advantage of the bigger teams being in transition’. They claimed the same when we won the league. As I said last night there is an element of truth in it, I hold my hands up, I think we’re having a very good season and we’d be doing well even if the ‘big’ teams were doing well I don’t like how they downplay our achievements when they don’t apply the logic to other teams. Likewise it’s why Liverpool are so far ahead - they probably would still have a healthy lead at the top but they wouldn’t dare talk like that about them because it’s the ‘mighty’ Liverpool. I don’t usually let things like this bother me and quite like us going under the radar but it does make me laugh with the media and plastic love in over big clubs.
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    Yes, still going, getting there 12:20 on the train.
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    Get at them early! Have noticed how we’ve started lately has set the tempo for the result! Newcastle out the blocks quick and got 2 goals in the first half! Southampton started slowly and never got going lost the game! Start early high tempo just like villa away we win the game by a similar score line!
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    I worry about our lack of height and physical presence generally and there is no side more capable of exploiting that than these. Hence I would bring Benkovic in and go to 3 at the back. Play 2 sitting midfielders in Choudhury and Mendy to cover the wing backs and take Chilwell out of the equation because he's not direct enough or brave enough with the ball going forward. I'd go with: Schmeichel Soyuncu Evans Benkovic Pereira Mendy Choudhury Albrighton Maddison Iheanacho Vardy
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    if we beat villa we will have a double game week involving a game vs norwich at some stage. if you’re saving any of our players then surely that’s the time.
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    I remember getting home after the match and receiving an outage of Konchesky kissing the camera after we scored our fifth from a Liverpool supporting mate of mine and written over the top in caps was: THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH FOOTBALL WHEN KONCHESKY IS GOING ROUND KISSING CAMERAS.
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    Do we automatically finish 3rd because we are 3rd on the 18th of Jan sure theres 16 games left and yet we only need to play and win what about 5 more to win the cup.
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    Stat. My point is, we are in a semi final and 3rd in the league so we are statistically more likely to achieve our objectives elsewhere. In any other situation I would agree but not this time.
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    You will confuse people ........ don’t over estimate the general cerebral standard on here ........... I had to read it several times !
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    Thats a crock of shit. If it were that simple only the top sides would have any good players. Vardy Ricardo Maddison Etc.etc. if they were that good... it's good recruitment
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    I think this is the game where we turn it around and get back to playing like a top team.
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    '16th most-followed football club in the world, you'll never sing that'..
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    One of you should have tried to win the ****ing game first time then. 2 shots on target for the whole game (correct me if I’m wrong) watching it, it looked like two teams playing not to lose, rather than playing to win.
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    He just needs his own crowd song to encourage him to peak performance. This one has definite potential....
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    Could do with messi just behind vards but that ain’t happening either!
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    Andy King was brilliant at that level at that time in his career. Like a Poundland Frank Lampard, popping up to score all types of goals. 2010/11 he scored 15 goal from midfield. Sure we've moved on as a club and he's regressed as s player, but don't let that cloud your judgement of a top 2nd tier player in the early part of the decade.
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    Priced out by travel and the early kick off.
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