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    Did a brilliant job for us all things considered. Top bloke
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    Seems like we have turned into one of the better clubs to be linked with, basically if the players are not good enough for the top 6 Then “it looks like Leicester Everton West Ham are interested” if they are Portuguese then add wolves
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    Now Collymores got to be on there, imagine the havoc, if you let him play with some women
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    Wes isn’t a hard man He actually seems quite the opposite, a smiling nice placid bloke. He is the type of person to pull back players not the type to be restrained
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    It's like the club are trying to hang out with the school bullies just because we managed to beat up a wimpy kid once. Totally out of step with the mentality that made our success so great in the first place.
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    I have no doubt that some people thought, "hmm, that's a bit odd, must've missed the sea". However, nobody is ever going to go up to the front and tell the stewardess they think the plane is going the wrong way.
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    We beat Spain, in Spain, about 5 games ago. I think we’re a long way from the finish article but we’re a much better side than we were last summer.
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    I've said before that there's not many things you dislike but you keep doing it until you do. Could you imagine punching yourself in the bollocks and saying "aye, you get used to it, it's not so bad eventually"
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