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    Sounds like a posh tea bag.
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    Transfer windows wind me up. Yes, signing new players is exciting, but fans get carried away. If you believe half of our fanbase, we need to replace pretty much our entire first team every transfer window. I think we need a little bit of reality check. 1) I think fans (of all teams) have a tendency to under-rate their own team’s players and over-rate every other team’s players. There’s an obvious reason for this. We watch our own players for 90 mins, week after week, and form our opinion based on warts-and-all evidence. Our opinions of other teams’ players tend to be formed on Match of the Day highlights and suchlike, where you’re noticing the most interesting aspects of a player’s game. 2) Don’t pretend you have a detailed knowledge of a Bundesliga or Ligue 1 player. We all know you’ve formed your opinion based on FIFA or FM. And, frankly, if you genuinely have watched enough foreign domestic league football through which to form a valid opinion of a player, what are you doing with your life? 3) All transfers are a gamble. You can apply all the high-tech analysis and informed scouting knowledge to a player, but you cannot know if a player will fit in at a club, or in a team, or in a league. I saw some people on here were absolutely slating our management for signing Silva. This is patently ridiculous. He is a player with a rich pedigree, who everybody thought would be a huge asset. The reasons for him not fitting in are no doubt myriad. Silva has massive international pedigree and didn’t work, Vardy was a non-league player who became one of our all-time top 5 players. It will always be a gamble. 4) Signing players is not like on FM. Watch the Sunderland documentary on Netflix and the Leeds documentary on Amazon - they show the reality of signing players. Clubs do their best within the many constraints. 5) A high player turnover is not a good thing. You can’t build a team and culture if the personnel changes all the time. 6) Some players won’t want to sign for us, for whatever reason. 7) You can’t pack your squad with too many world class first teamers, because they won’t all be able to start. Top level players don’t want to come to Leicester to sit on the bench. That’s why our squad has to be a mix of top players, high potential players and backup players.
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    I find the disrespect for a player who, through no fault of his own, has had little opportunity here somewhat disturbing and embarrassing. Mendy came here as a replacement for Kante, which was always a hiding to nothing scenario, suffered a serious, career threatening injury in practically his first game for us (one that he was probably our best player in) and by the time he was recovered found his position in the side taken by someone who's name was permanently inked in on the team sheet (how would you feel if you had been forced to take long term sick leave, only to find that someone else had stepped into your job and you were effectively demoted as a result?). When he did play it was generally as part of a defensive midfield duo which stifled both him and Ndidi. I think he is harshly judged by many simply because Puel tried to accommodate him in a system that was universally unloved. He never moaned, caused unrest or badmouthed the club and played his part when asked (even agreeing to stay on at the end of his contract to see the season out when he had no obligation to do so). He has been the victim of circumstance, was never signed as flair player and did what he did competently. Good luck to him and thanks for being a good servant of the club.
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    Imagine being a Juventus fan and seeing yourself linked with a winger from Burnley
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    Iversen is the only player on the club's books contracted until 2025, they seriously rate him at City. He's on a Dean Henderson style trajectory up the leagues, League Two to League One and now a season in the Belgian top flight is a great move for him. Hope he does well.
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    Sense But no time nor place for such things
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    Daniel Sturridge is the most West Ham signing I can imagine.
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    Iversen just signed a 1-year-deal
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    Hahahaa is Sean From Enderby on there? He had them on a piece of string last summer.
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    https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/really-hands-on-wolves-defender-18748778 Interesting article on Rodgers and Nuno Espirito Santo from Bennett's perspective.
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    Sat there like a twat for a good minute waiting for something to load.
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    Brooks would suit us better
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    I'm more shocked he's only 20 as opposed to the clubs we're linked with
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    Forgive me, not a rumour... Every season there's so much mad panic on here and constant wondering about what on earth goes on with transfers, fees, structure of deals etc. So last year I bought 'Done Deal' by Daniel Geey, a sports Lawyer, I'd definitely recommend it. Fortunately if you CBA you don't have to buy it, he's also got a really useful blog. https://www.danielgeey.com/blog/ a podcast https://anchor.fm/daniel-geey and did a decent summary article for GQ https://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/article/what-really-goes-on-behind-the-scenes-of-a-big-football-transfer Reading the Trincao thread, this one is especially interesting: https://www.danielgeey.com/post/football-amortisation-chelseas-50m-luiz-profit/. If we reference the Trincao deal, Barca are paying 50m euros for him, and offsetting that at 10m euros a year on their accounts during his 5 year contract, whilst loaning him to us for two seasons, perhaps at a cost of lets say... 5m euros a season... means they make 10m from us, don't have to pay his wages etc etc. That helps ease the financial impact on them whilst they're struggling and it means they either get a great player back in two years who they can keep or sell for a massive profit, or they decide they don't want him and probably sell him to us for the remaining value on their balance sheet. It's a no lose situation for them. I find this stuff really interesting and definitely helps with 'patience' and 'understanding' when it comes to coping with the transfer window.... something I think a lot of people on here need Also worth a follow is The Swiss Ramble https://twitter.com/SwissRamble does a lot on club finances. Interesting 'secret footballer' article too; https://www.planetfootball.com/in-depth/transfer-really-happens-contract-looks-secret-footballer/ Anyone got any other decent sources of info for the more technical side of transfers? Oh and In anticipation for the 'thanks Daniel' responses... 'You're welcome '
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    So you’re basically admitting to being a troll in spite of Chilwell, exciting life you must live my friend
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    It's not a complete lie. But you're confusing being swamped with breaching capacity which I never claimed - largely because every other kind of non-life-or-death operation a hospital does got scrapped and essential wards were reduced too to cope with it. We have family friends who are nurses at the city hospital down here in Portsmouth who are usually Cardiac nurses and Geriatric nurses. But both wards were set up as temporary covid wards whilst doing 14 shifts and having 8 patients to a nurse and annual leave was forbidden to be taken for 2 months. As was the same with many other wards, while the labour of nurses on wards like the Cardiac and Geriatric wards were greatly reduced - meaning people who came in for those reasons would not get the same level of care. And we weren't noticeably badly hit as a city. We had pretty standard numbers. You'll find similar stories up and down the country - where hospitals became essentially mobilised as temporary covid wards with nurses on long hours with no annual leave and far more patients to a nurse and doctor than ideal. Other wards suffered from covid, people having heart-attack or strokes or elderly patients did not have the same level of care that they usually would back in March and April time because their staff and resources were all taken up by temporary covid wards. People died who could have been saved in normal times from other ailments unquestionably. That isn't a lie, it's a lived experience which tens of thousands of NHS staff up and down the country will attest to. And a hospital system where all non-life-or-death operations are cancelled and the capacity of critical care wards dealing with heart attack or stroke or asthma attack patients is greatly reduced, while nurses are working on 2 or 3 times as many patients at a time as they should do while working 14 hour days having no annual leave is not somewhere we should ever want to get close to again.
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    That baby just screams out to be accessorized with a transparent Louis Vuitton backpack.
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    Why so disrespectful? He has done a great job when called upon and was very unlucky with injury when he was getting game time.
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    Surprised at that. Don't rate Choudhury as a DM very much, so if we are back to 4-3-3 it either opens up an opportunity to sign a holding midfielder, or the club could put their faith in Knight or Dewsbury-Hall. Interesting one.
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    A ‘story’ all on betting odds? Ffs the Leicester Mercury are shite these days...
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    Playing top flight in Belgium is far better than the championship. This is great business for all parties.
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    Football Twitter. Honestly what is the point? Not even mentioning the vile abuse that those freaks dish out, they actually devote their spare time to arguing about frauds, transfer fees and stuff that doesn't matter. I would disown any relative if I ever found out that they ran an account. Bunch of faceless virgins. This is coming from someone with over 5000 posts on a football forum.
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    Our fans still have a small club mentality . We do not have to sell our best players every year because the media say x, y , z Are after them all year . We have the second best full backs in the league after Liverpool. A huge part of the way we play . Missed massively in the run in . ”overhyped “ lol This kid has been chased since before he came on the scene with us , by Arsenal Liverpool etc now a current starting left back for the National team ? Yes let’s sell him . Embarrassing!!!
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    I'm starting to fear that I'm more likely to die of boredom (due to the endless discussion here about COVID-19 statistics) than by the virus itself!
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    Haha he has them on twitter too. The amount of Man Utd fans that take him for the real thing is so funny.
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    Is this based on anything beyond your own prejudices? Most office-based council workers will have been working from home and frontline services have continued through lockdown. Lockdown doesn't equal holiday.
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    Sadly, you have a point. Why would a class player like Chilwell want to play in front of some people who attend Leicester matches. People in the crowd make mistakes for him by barracking him and getting into his head. If he goes, we will see hi do really well for another team and be appreciated by their supporters.
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    I kind of find myself hoping Chilwell gets sold for his own sake, because he's an outstanding young player and certainly deserves a fanbase that treats him better than ours does.
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    There is no doubt that Chilwell has had a tough season this term. It’s easy to forget that this is his second full season as our established left back, and he’s still only 23. His first full season he had an extremely good campaign, and has gone on to establish himself as the main contender for England left back - granted it isn’t as competitive as the right back slot, but he has produced on the international stage. Up until Christmas he was having another good season, but since the etihad where he was doubled up on by Mahrez and De Bruyne - something many left backs would struggle with, he has undeniably suffered a dip in form and lost confidence. However, there’s nothing to say his development is finished at 23, quite the opposite. He looked good coming out of the lockdown, one of the few who did until the injury curtailed his season. There’s a reason that the ‘bigger fish’ are circling. Not just on the past few months but on how they feel they can develop him. The competition he would have in a stronger squad would push him harder as well - Fuchs sadly is not good enough for the position we are striving to maintain, and although he did well in his three games, Thomas is by no means a ready made replacement - in time he potentially could be. We could do with stronger competition for Chilwell rather than replacing him. I do however accept that of the saleable assets we have, Chilwell would be the one I would be least uncomfortable about having to sell, but I think he would be harder to replace than people think.
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    A loan, for me, makes sense for almost all parties. It'd hurt a bit if he's amazing for two years and he goes back and we don't really profit from it. But if he's that good he'd probably have helped us consolidate our position which is value in itself and two years is more than we got out of Kante.
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    2nd best player I've seen play for the club behind Kanté consistently puts in high level performances and a player you could see playing for any club in the world. It's mad how little he is talked about.
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    Honestly **** the sceptics and the whinging bastards that have slagged him off over the past few years. This guy is a proper Leicester City Legend. Yes the club has moved on but without players like him we wouldn’t be in a position to move on. Throughout the league one renaissance right until promotion to the premier league he was arguably our most consistent and important player. I wish him every success with his next club and I hope when we can all return to the ground we can give him a proper send off whether that be a testimonial or as an opposition player Long live The King
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    Stairs going up to the bedroom.
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    He is basically a 20 year old Marc Albrighton, better crosser than he is goalscorer, never looked all that pacey, just a bit more skilful than Albrighton. The type of player who suits Burnley because he has Wood, Barnes and Rodriguez to cross the ball into.
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    2.6m off the wage bill. Between him, kingy and kapustka thats 6.2m gone from players whove contributed **** all in the last two years.
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    Not sure about this, his next move should have been in the championship.
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    For anyone who can't access the video or hear it........ https://www.lcfc.com/news/1744464/andy-king-the-team-mates?fbclid=IwAR2cc2NqvYfbi_eEeiufut79uj6MWtdiME3YpWv_-4QPZVuBtcB3fOT5D7g In the first of a two-part feature on LCFC.com, we allow key figures in the Foxes changing room to explain Andy's immeasurable contribution to Leicester City in their own words...
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    Thing is, when he does start his record is worse than when he comes on as an impact sub. How many ties have we seen him have two/three good games off the bench. Gets into the starting line-up, and by the halftime everyone is screaming for him to be subbed?
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    We're favourites to sign Ollie Watkins on the odds now, although assume that's as a result of SFE'S tweets which really worry me that people would part with their hard earned cash as a result of his words.....
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    Ex Apprentice contestant Luisa Zissman. Unreal
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    I'm terms of value for money I don't think you can beat Turkish restaurants.
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    There's no way this kid didn't get called Lady Diana in school.
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    What I think is absolutely mad about football now is that we've gone from frowning upon diving, to understanding diving (which I do)*, to actively defending it even despite the fact we have video referees analysing the decisions, to effectively encouraging it. For all my corrupt shouts (and I think ridiculing the idea is absolutely absurd but we've done it to death) I did read a good tweet saying that Manchester United have simply played a very good numbers game on the sheer incompetence of the system in place, that they load the ball into the box, dive frequently yet because of the whole "clear and obvious error" know that they can't get booked for chancing it, hence why they get so many penalties for obvious dives like that one earlier. I actually cannot believe we've hit a point in football though where people legitimately think that's a penalty. Just how the hell did we get to this point? It's such a mess. I hate VAR but if I can give it one credit it really should pile some pressure onto football's governing bodies. It really has exposed so many flaws in the game. * I don't agree with diving, however, I do think given the sheer ineptness of both officials, and even more so the governing bodies who have allowed this total farce to manifest, I cannot really blame players for diving when it's clear that there is everything to gain from it, and very little to lose.
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    The potential Portuguese link down our right hand side...
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