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    Don't worry, it's only bout the 10th time he's left now
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    Lewis Grabban's facial hair was worse than Jack Rodwell's behaviour in this. Its astonishing!!!!
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    I can't stop laughing. Forward to 1min 12 sec. He lets a fart out!!!! hahaha
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    Wonder what will happen if there is a second referendum or yet another bloody general election in terms of voter turn out ? I won't ever vote again and every other person I have spoken to is of the same opinion … all basically sick to death of politicians and the system in general.
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    We've been playing that formation in every single game for two and a half years now, so I reckon we might.
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    Famous at last!!! Anyone want a signed photo?
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    That is an absolutely bizarre thing to say.
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    Anyone seen this? Some of you genii quoted in here https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/wolves-leicester-city-fans-predictions-15696611 Love that Wolvesalona has made it to the press @Siraaj_lcfc - Drop Mendy otherwise Wolvesalona will tear us a new one. @Weller54- How will we fare against one of the greatest teams ever to grace the PL?
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    Albrighton is our version of milner ask him to play in a position and he does a solid job.
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    Completely agree…. His value to our team has regularly been undervalued im delighted he’s extending his stay here Has to be one of the best ‘Free’s’ ever…
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    He doesn't even need to necessarily be starting an attack to gain us an advantage by playing it wide. We're struggling to win the 2nd ball, so playing it long himself or passing it out to Morgan or Maguire to lump it upfield would probably mean losing possession anyway. When it comes to the supposed countless times he's played it over Chilwell's head, I'd be inclined to say that is negativity bias. We forget the times where Kasper's distribution is good whereas when it is poor, it is much more memorable. It would be interesting if we could see any stats on this. Edit: Take a look at these stats from Squawka. Kasper's distribution accuracy and throw-out success is better than De Gea's and his distribution from hands and goal kick success is better than De Gea's, Pickford's and Ederson's. Definitely not as bad as some people make out.
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    Seems to me to be some damage control for the last press release by the Mercury. Tanner making amends perhaps What's not Puel's concern? Puel clarifies what is not his concern. “I say all the time it’s not my concern about newspapers, speculation, bookmakers. “But with the fans we are together, I know they give their support in difficult situations since the beginning of the season. “When we see them away, it’s fantastic. “Sometimes they are not happy, they give their feeling and it’s normal.”
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    Fuchs poured Champagne on Ranieri's head in a press conference
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    For fùcks sake, now I’m going to look a right scruffy cúnt when I go out raping.
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    This thing might open before Tottenham Bottler Stadium
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    In theory you'd think it would be a good idea but I don't think so in reality. I think the set up was of it's particular spot in time at a particular stage of the clubs development and we've now moved on somewhat and that's not meant with any disrespect to them and we should be forever grateful for their unique contribution on our journey. Having also been there during the O'Neil era, I have similar thoughts about him. He gave us some special times but nostalgia is not a good maxim for picking a new manager. For what it's worth, at this particular moment in time, I feel a period of stability with the experienced head of Puel is what we need. Not unlike Pearson, I think he's had to swing the hatchet a bit after the removal of Ranieri and Shakespeare which wouldn't make him the most popular of men in some quarters. A change of style was needed because however successful it had been, we no longer had the players to fulfil it. At one point he had a mish mosh bunch of ill matching players, albeit quite a few individuals were very talented. He's now had one transfer window and is also trying to incorporate youth. There were to be no quick fix throw money at it solutions to our problems. To change again midstream could do a lot of damage and cause more confusion. New manager, new style more new players? Recipe for disaster at the moment imo, just a little bit of patience is required.
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    Surprised with the negativity. Possibly more important to our title win than Mahrez and Vardy combined. (being as we wouldn't have had them without him).
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    Not sure this helps your argument tbh, given it means there are two powerful reasons why his opinion might be at best skewed. Even if you're happy to dismiss any worries about his objectivity, that quote (on its own) is hardly a smoking gun.
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