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    Sky Sports News have just spoken for 5 minutes about Maguire's desire to join Utd and that "his camp" are now going to change tactics because they are frustrated about a deal not being sorted yet. Utd know the price. Pay it and he's yours. It's Utd that are the problem here. THE VERY NEXT ARTICLE from them was about Lukaku's proposed move to Inter Milan. Utd want £79m but Inter have only offered £65m... "They're going to have to do better than that, they know the price". There wasn't even an ad break between them. You literally couldn't make this stuff up!
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    I much prefer this to things like the PL Asia Cup or the International Champions Cup or whatever they’re called.
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    So, according to the tabloids and Sky, so far this window: Man Utd and Man City are battling it out for Maguire. Leicester want a world record fee. Man Utd have definitively bid £40m. Leicester want at least £65m. Man City and Leicester City have definitively agreed a fee of £65m. Man Utd have definitively offered £80m and will pay him £350k a week. Man City have definitively offered £80m and will pay him £280k a week. But Leicester want at least £80m. Leicester have definitively already offered Brighton £40m for Dunk. Leicester have definitively already offered Brighton £40m for Duffy. Maguire likes an Instagram post then tweets that he didn’t mean it Man Utd and Leicester have definitively agreed a fee of £70m plus add ons and a medical is booked. Man City have bid £80m again. Definitively. Leicester have definitively rejected that offer and want £80m minimum. Maguire’s good luck tweet to the Lionesses is then seen as a coded message about joining Man Utd. Man Utd have definitively offered £70m, which we have rejected. Leicester want £90m. Man Utd have offered £60m+£20m in add-ons BREAKING NEWS AFTER THE BREAK! STAY WITH US ON SKY SPORTS NEWS!! .... The breaking news is that there’s no new news. Maguire definitively throws a strop and storms out of Leicester’s training camp in Évian 3 days after they left. Leicester have accepted a bid that is way under their valuation. Maguire will have his medical tomorrow. Maguire will have his medical this week. Maguire will have his medical next week. Maguire is playing in Leicester’s pre season friendlies. RedCafe are believing Sean from Enderby tweets. Guardiola has managed to correctly identify who Maguire plays for. Rodgers has made it clear that nobody has bid anywhere near and that there’s going to be a cut off date as there’s three weeks to go. The things in bold are what has actually happened. Everything else is FAKE NEWS! It’s almost as if they have something to gain from literally making shit up. 🤔
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    Why can’t he love the club and want to better his life/career? I imagine he’s extremely thankful of the platform the club gave him, how they’ve looked after him and he probably has a genuine bond with a lot of the people here.
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    We are. and an 8.
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    This is why I love Sean.
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    I usually don't give a shit what sky publish as we all know they are working to their own agendas, however, is it just me that finds this completely disrespectful to have mocked him up in a utd shirt, they're supposed to have some element of professional integrity surely??
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    To be fair if this does go through there's only one thing for it......
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    United ITK? He's ****ing ten. The state of the Internet man jesus. As funny as it is, the problem is that Leicester fans start reading and believing it and before we know it Harry, who has conducted himself like a pro, will be the subject of abuse from Leicester fans saying "oh just get rid!" and giving him abuse when he's done literally **** all.
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    I've always found the best way for people to improve at something is to deny them the opportunity to do it 🙄
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    Very good player. Fits the bill as much as that other Praet. Will someone like that join and risk being on the bench? The club would have to sell the long term plan of competing on all fronts/European competition and rotating similar players to snag another finished article. If they can, the price and wage isn’t an issue at all.
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    Surprised at the bitterness towards Matty from many on here. I'm sure his career hasn't panned out like he wanted to with all the injuries. He had the potential to play for England, he was that good. I'm pleased LCFC have sorted him out financially, it can't have cost the club that much in the grand scheme of things.
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    We should never consider doing those stupid world tours again after the 2016 pre-season debacle. Even if we were successful again, having a solid pre-season is worth way more than building "brand awareness" and having players not know what time zone they're in on the opening day of the season.
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    Double standards, because he plays for Man U they’re allowed to demand an obscene amount for their player who’s contracted to them, but because we’re little Leicester we can’t do the same.
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    Samsonite... i was way off
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    I don't agree with this at all. Someone can love the club and still realistically accept the chance to go to one of the biggest clubs in the world for a huge pay increase. Good God - compare the way Harry has handled this situation with the way Mahrez did. I've said if before - I don't know how any LCFC fan could ask more of a guy than what Harry has done with regards to the transfer drama. I'd sell him in a heartbeat for 80 million but I'll regard him with nothing but gratitude if he does go.
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    #neverwrong - wrong about Townsend (was a deal on table) - wrong about Heskey (bad info from agent... joined Bolton) - wrong about Remy (but, have photo with him before Chelsea pulled plug) #sometimeswrong (recently right about several who I’ve shared what I know/have been told. Take it as you will) x
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    One of my mates has this masterpiece...
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    196 ****ing pages and the only thing different today is someone’s dog has shat on my lawn.
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    Gift for Stranger Things fans (who smoke):
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    It was a smart move tbh. It shows he is still our player and that's how it'll stay, the interview as well was genius from BR. Publicity we've rejected 2 bids of below our valuation and that we won't stand in the way should an offer acceptable come in. The time limit mentioned increases the pressure from their fan base. We're playing with Utd at this point.
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    You are clutching on some straws if you think Sean is some hive of information. He said Robben was joining us
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    He's beginning to lose credibility with me, Sky and United being aggressive in their plan to unsettle the player. United have the price so it's totally on them, we're not standing in his way and Maguire is all too aware that if he is that desperate he can hand in his transfer request.
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    Is that essentially a Leicester reserve player training with Celtic’s first team? Chris Sutton must be concerned about the step up.
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    How was my day? Very special and emotional. Managed not to cry.
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    This is the Politics thread for the rest of the year, this will be the only Politics thread on this forum. The Politics Thread cover all Political discussions from Brexit, Trump to local elections. Warnings/bans will also be issued as per forum guidelines for any personal insults/offensive posts towards other members. If a member makes an offensive post or one with a personal insult please report it without replying, replying makes moderation more difficult removing the lines of conversation that follow, often spanning multiple pages. Any offensive replies or insults back will see you both issued a warning regardless of who started it. Finally Politics can be a divisive topic of discussion, one that people have very strong views on, may we recommend taking some time out if you feel yourself getting heated. Please do not lose your membership over a topic that is secondary to why you all visit FoxesTalk. This topic will not be locked or removed, members that are unable to follow our basic forum guidelines will be. Any other interesting news stories, start a fresh topic. It's a waste to have it lost in a general news topic that is 99% politics anyway.
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    Yep agree.. If you cone up short you have to expect to take your cit off.
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    "Right, this market value shit is pissing me off so here's my analogy:3yrs ago I bought a dog for £180 and now have the most awesome, loyal, loving, 5yr old Border Collie. The dog's market value is round about the £200 mark but I wouldn't consider selling him so if anyone asks, and some have, my stock answer is £1m.It is completely my right to do this and is therefore up to the buyer to reach an acceptable compromise." This is the best thing I've seen on RedCafe, turning to dog analogies to explain business to most of those on that forum
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    You mean there is a possibility he gets treble?
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    West Ham sign Haller. We've got not divine right to 7th, we're going to have to fight West Ham, Wolves, Everton tooth and nail for it, let alone anything above that.
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    I would probably get shot down for this, but personally I would take £65m + Bailly.
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    Ohhh. If he leaves and goes to Man City. I am taking a day off and spending it on Red Cafe.
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    Teams had worked out that Maddison was our only creative outlet in that 10 role with the double pivot. It wasn’t that Maddison needed a kick up the arse, he needed support, which is why YT was bought in.
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    🤣🤣. Love where this thread has gone. Debating our ability to love on FT💕. Superb. Funnily enough, I had this conversation with my second-born the other day. I was explaining to him that I could never love him as much as his older sister as she was here first .......... Or was it the other way round, that I could never love her as much again now there was a new addition to the family?! 🤷‍♂️ Or was it that my capacity to feel love was completely independent and unaffected by a previous or subsequent relationship? One of those. 😊
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    Getting closer and being close are massively different, I am getting closer to death every second but really hope I'm not close.
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    Go get Brais Mendez and we can shut the fcukin window.
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    Love it! Sun’s headline reads ‘VARdy puts Foxes Into Europe’ 😂
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    I would but I only have 3 posts a day on that ridiculous site!!
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    There is no “quotes”
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