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    I feel this deserves a discussion on the main forum Norwich / spurs and Newcastle have now all cut the wages of all NON-playing staff a league that generates billions every year cannot and should not be asking near minimum wage staff to take a pay cut while multi millionaire playboys on the playing staff receive bonuses for games that will not or have not been played ! I would like our club to guarantee our non-playing staff will not suffer like this given our excellent financial position, and I’d love to see a league wide boycott of any team that does cut the wages of these lowest paid staff This growing story has made me ill , it’s disgusting and immoral to pay someone £250k a week full wages while asking someone on £16,000 a year to to take a pay cut ! My love of English football is being tested to the core right now
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    Won the Champions League and the Club World Cup with Inter Milan. Wears a ****ing Leicester City jacket around the house. And not even just something he had lying around from his one season here: it's one from the current ****ing season. He's magic.
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    3 days at work, day off today, back tomorrow. 95% of the calls mentioned Covid19 as a possibility, people calling 111 with difficulty breathing as a new problem, 111 not suggesting that they self isolate even though I'm sure they have an algorithm that they use to question callers about their symptoms but they will always err on the side of caution and send us for face to face assessment. Of the 24 patients I've been to 11 had the proper signs and symptoms of Covid19 and with no other underlying issues, were advised to self isolate etc, etc. 2 others had other illnesses such as asthma and they went to hospital. LRI is struggling to cope at the front end and are now taking extra measures to make sure patients arriving at A&E are channelled appropriately which is good. One thing I have noticed is the drop in "inappropriate" 999 calls. Seems the cuts and bruises, the mild abdo pain, feeling generally unwell but the GP can't see you, the simple falls with no injuries, the headache that "might be a stroke" the fractured wrists/ankles/arms, mild burns, have largely dried up. Thank you for staying at home when you can. It really is making a difference. If you genuinely need us we'll be there. If you can manage the situation yourself, please try.
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    As my understanding is, if it's through furlough then the club aren't giving them a 20% pay cut. They are giving them a 100% pay cut and the government (i.e. the taxpayer) is paying 80% of the wages. Shouldn't be happening when the clubs are getting £160m+ every year from domestic TV money alone. So after all this is done, on top of ALL the damage to the rest of the economy, the taxpayers are also effectively left paying millions to Spurs staff etc while Levy gives himself a £3m bonus for stadium completion (a year late). It's fvcking disgusting. I really hope our owners don't go down the same route.
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    Another day, another mental shitstorm. Its hard to describe it to anyone who hasn't worked in an ICU before, but all I can say is that it's a ****ing warzone. It still doesnt seem real, like everything is a movie or a dream and you'll wake up soon, it's that surreal. None of us ever thought it could be like this.
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    Schmeichel Simpson Huth Morgan Fuchs Albrighton Kante Drinkwater Mahrez Okazaki Vardy
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    A Letter From The Chairman Dear Leicester City family, I wanted to write to you all and extend my very best wishes to you and your families during these challenging times. Wherever in the world you are reading this, the on-going pandemic will have affected people in many different ways and my thoughts are with you all as the world collectively seeks to overcome this crisis. I’m writing to you all from Thailand, where measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 are similar in scale to other countries around the world, and I am reminded of the importance of community in overcoming difficult times. Football brings people together and while currently people are being asked to separate and to maintain distance from one another for the wellbeing of everyone, it’s important we find ways to support each other through this unique set of circumstances. The world is more connected now than it has ever been and maintaining those human connections, albeit from our own homes, will become increasingly important as we move through this together. As a Club, we feel we can play an important role in this, using our resources, our reach and our influence to support public health services and to support the members of the Leicester City family that need it most. Staff at the Club are working constantly to deliver this and to ensure that, in the absence of football, we continue to fulfil our responsibilities as a focal point for our communities – bringing people together, supporting the vulnerable and trying to do the right thing. But we are acutely aware that there are a huge number of worthy causes of all sizes within Leicestershire communities, for whom the pandemic both demonstrates their immeasurable value, yet threatens their very existence. It is with this in mind that today, on what would have been my beloved father’s birthday, the Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha Foundation is relaunching the Gift of a Wish programme for 2020, making funds available to causes in Leicestershire to apply for grants to support valuable work in the community. In these unprecedented times, a proportion of the funds available will be allocated to causes whose work supports those affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. It is also important that we make support available to causes whose work will take on added significance in the future, as our communities begin to emerge from this crisis and rebuild services affected by it. As was the case with the 2019 Gift of a Wish programme, which received an extraordinary response, the Foundation’s Board of Trustees will consider the merits of every application and distribute the funds in a way they collectively feel offers the most appropriate support to the greatest cross-section of our communities. We intend to launch further information on Gift of a Wish 2020, including details of how to apply for funding, early next week. The Coronavirus pandemic has presented the world with an unprecedented situation, where advice and recommendations are understandably changing as it evolves, which makes it all the more important that we remain agile and continue to make decisions in good faith, based on facts and how we feel we can best deploy our resources to offer the right level of support to the right people. This in itself will be an evolving process and we’ll continue to keep our activity under review. Football will be back, but that is for another day. This is about an extended family of people coming together to support each other through difficult times. Our overwhelming priority right now is the wellbeing of our staff, players, fans and the wider public, and supporting the communities whose support has always been so important to us. Stay home. Stay safe. Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha Chairman
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    https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/tottenham-bid-leicester-city-hero-4019418 Former centre-back Matt Elliott was given the opportunity to move to White Hart Lane but turned it down to write his name into Leicester City history with the League Cup win ByJordan Blackwell 06:00, 4 APR 2020 Former Leicester City captain Matt Elliott was once the subject of a £5m bid from Tottenham – an offer that manager Martin O’Neill could not believe. Centre-back Elliott turned down the switch to Spurs almost immediately, and went on to write his name in the history books, lifting the League Cup in 2000. Recalling the time he could have moved to White Hart Lane, Elliott said he was taken aback by the offer, with O’Neill in a similar state of disbelief. “I was training one day and I got the shout from Martin O’Neill to go and see him in his office,” Elliott said on former City winger Matt Piper’s Positive Vibes podcast. “I thought: ‘Oof, what's happened here? What I have done wrong?’ “It was running through my head all things I could be in trouble for. “As usual, Martin’s quite intimidating. He said: ‘Matty, I’ve just had a phone call from George Graham at Tottenham Hotspur, they've offered £5m for you. They want you to go down there this afternoon.’ “And £5m was quite a lot then, and I said: ‘Bloody hell, gaffer, I don’t believe that.’ “He leaned across and went: ‘No, neither do I.’ “I was like: ‘Cheers, gaffer, thanks for that.’ “It was true, but he just couldn’t believe the amount that had been offered. “He said: ‘You can be on the next train down there if that’s what you want to do.’ “I went: ‘Woah, hang on, gaffer, I’m happy here, I’m having the time of my life at Leicester. I want to think about it.’ “I didn’t want to go, and he said; ‘That’s what I wanted to hear.’ “I ended up signing a new contract not long after.” Elliott made 290 appearances for City over seven years at the club, scoring both goals in the at Wembley in the League Cup final win over Tranmere.
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    That would make me feel better Swanie but it’s not happening, Barcelona players have agreed to a 3 month 70% pay cut so that the non-playing staff don’t lose jobs or money But here in greedy premier league land we hear nothing , I can’t hero worship (and we all hero worship) a man on £150k a week knowing he did little or nothing to support his lower payed colleagues at his workplace I feel really disheartened I have continued paying my staff and will do for next 6 months at least while at the same time only drawing enough for my bills and food football in this country needs to find a soul and soon
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    Marc Albrighton.....when he plays well, we play well........somehow will never get the massive credit he thoroughly desrves
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    Weren't you in Vegas towards the end of Feb for the Fury fight or have I got you confused? It's a bit rich to say you were demanding lockdown in January and then jumping on transatlantic flights a month later.
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    Self Isolation Just seen a news report about the stresses and strains of self isolation. It reported that people are going crazy from being in lock down! It was strange, actually, because I had just been talking about this with the microwave and toaster and all of us agreed that things are getting bad. I didn't mention anything to the washing machine as she always has to put a different spin on everything, and certainly not to the fridge as he is acting cold and distant. In the end the iron calmed me down. She said everything will be fine, which surprised me because she’s usually the first one to apply unnecessary pressure and get steamed up over nothing !!!
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    About 10 seconds ..... The fact that you’re still posting on here should tell you enough!
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    This is the worst thing Corona has conjured up so far.
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    It makes you proud to be a fan of this great club.
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    Just tell her you're building up turd immunity
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    You know I was reading a comment by Alan Smith yesterday about his final game at Leicester on sky sports and felt quite pee’d as it came across that he saw Leicester as a stepping stone before his “big move”. Add to that Mahrez comments from last year. You get guys who don’t really (or it doesn’t really come across) appreciate what this club did for so many careers. Than you see this. The most decorative player in our bloody history. The guy who in his trophy cabinet can sit across the room of all these other ex-players who seem to forget Filbert Street/The KP was the ground on which the world first recognised them and roll out half of his trophy cabinet and have more to show than all of them put together, is a Leicester fan. The class of the man. Please be a great manager and please, one day come back to lead us to great things. He is bloody magic!
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    Lizards recover quicker.
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    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52120419 Leicester City 3 Everton 1 - The King Power Stadium, 7 May 2016 Not the game but the occasion. This was a spine-tingling day, the climax of one of the greatest stories British sport has ever known as the Foxes, 5,000-1 and relegation favourites before the start of the season (I tipped them to go down), won the title under their charismatic and popular manager Claudio Ranieri. It was the day the trophy was presented amid scenes of pure theatre at The King Power Stadium. Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli, blind since the age of 12, fulfilled a promise to Ranieri to perform at the stadium should Leicester City win the title. Even those of us who are fairly immune to the emotions surrounding a sporting event were choked at these wonderful moments before kick-off. Bocelli was accompanied to the centre circle by Ranieri, who demanded, and was given, silence before a truly wonderful rendition of "Nessun Dorma". The formalities of the trophy presentation were completed after the game on a day that now has added poignancy after Leicester City owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, who helped built that title side, was one of five people killed when his helicopter crashed outside The King Power Stadium on 27 October 2018. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=771zotBpLaY&t=7s
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    And this is in no way shaped by your well known and often expressed political leanings is it? Well Captain Hindsight, herd immunity was never the plan, we've been through that, it can be proven. The only evidence the herd immunity mob have is a discussion on This Morning when the Prime Minister mentions it as a theory. Despite hammering home measures, interventions and the plan to the contrary of this, every day for weeks. There's colourful graphs and everything. Pay attention. Unless of course you choose to believe that the evil tories want to kill our grandmas because it suits you to do so? Staged interventions were led by the science and the government's expert advisers. Going too early can be counter-productive and cause lockdown fatigue among the population when we actually need it to have maximum impact. If you have a problem with that, blame the experts. You know best of course. The government, quite rightly followed their advice, as would any other government of the day of any political leaning.
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    No he closed the pubs. Despite the press trying to make it all about Boris, it isn't all about Boris. If nothing else, this whole situation should have made it abundently clear that 1) The Government has some very very clever people advising it. 2) That we are vry fortunate to have a government who's reflexes are not to grab power and shutdown everything as early as possible when the evidence does't support it. It is easy to look at one aspect of this and say Oh they should have done this - our leaders don;t have the luxury of a theoretical - they have to look at all impacts including economic, not just deaths. A horrible position to be in, not made easier by people taking an overly simplistic view.
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    Usually just read through this forum from time to time and never post but this thread jumped out at me and brought me back to one of my favourite childhood memories. Back in the summer of 2000 Leicester visited Belfast to play my local team (first time I had ever seen an English team play) Cliftonville. I think Are Akinbiyi made his debut and looked like bambi on ice. Stan Collymore was in the 'executive box', which was really just a platform with a few nice seats, and he was happy to sign autographs for us. Neil Lennon was happy to sign things too. The main thing though that made the fay so memorable was that Matt Elliott hung around afterwards and brought a few of us local kids on to the pitch and had a kick about with us for about 20 mins. He even pulled the sub keeper over so we could take penalties. It was brilliant as a 10 year old. Me and the mates then started walking back to the pub at the top of the street where we would the da's and were playing football in the pub car park when all of a sudden the Leicester team bus stops and one of the coaches gives us all sorts of Leicester gear, signed boots, goalkeeper gloves etc. Ever since that day I have always kept an eye out for Leicester. Proper club
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    Like most people I am so grateful to our brave doctors, nurses and medical staff in this health crises. I would like to say a small thank you on a personal basis. If you would like to nominate an NHS worker for a free ticket ( I have 5 to give away) to a Leicester City home game when footie restarts then email me at clangley@ psafinancial.co.uk This closes at midnight tonight 30th March) Please nominate somebody who has gone above and beyond the call of duty. You can’t nominate yourself. Let me know why the person deserves the ticket and I will pick the best ones. I would appreciate it if nobody moans about how unfair it is that they can’t enter. I’m trying to do something nice.
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    Should’ve downloaded it instead
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    So you were so concerned about this you were demanding total lockdown but did then fly half way across the World to share an arena with 20,000 people? Seriously come on Cummings idea of herd immunity was never an option as soon as a potential death toll of 510,000 was mentioned - if you read the full Sunday Times article it states as soon as that figure was produced he actually became the staunchest advocate of lockdown. Boris currently has the highest approval rating in polling history - Twitter does not reflect Britain.
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    Today marks the 62nd birthday of our beloved late Chairman
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    Wonderful man just like his dad
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    Please keep him up there! Happy Birthday Boss.
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    I suppose it was always going to happen somewhere in the football league, I would imagine a few clubs live hand to mouth but for Tottenham Hotspur to ask the taxpayer to subsidize the wages less than 1 month into the season being suspended, we are talking about a club with a billionaire owner living in the Bahamas to avoid paying tax, a chief executive who received a massive bonus to deliver a stadium 10 months late, a club whoose average wage for the playing is £76'000 aweek and the signed a player for £54 million last summer, one for £24 million in January, the furlong was bought in by the government to protect peoples jobs and it will be needed by many small businesses but this is a joke and nothing short of fraud.
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    If I was a premier league footballer I would absolutely take a cut to pay the people that wash and prepare all my kit, make my meals at the stadium and training ground, prepare the pitch, do my physio and basically make sure I have everything I need on a daily basis! I couldn't look them in the eye. I hope the twitter chat is true that a group of our players are going to do this. I would be very disappointed if they didnt.
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    Aww just look at him. You're making him sad!
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    I hope everyone is doing ok emotionally. I know it's incredibly difficult at the moment and there's a lot of reasons to worry, especially for some more than others, but there is hope and we will be out of this before you know it. Everyday we get further into this pandemic is an extra day of acquired knowledge and an extra day towards an exit. Please don't bottle stuff up, the likelihood is that others are experiencing very similar emotions to you! Lots of love fellow foxes and football fans!
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    Planet Football28th August 2019 https://www.planetfootball.com/nostalgia/a-tribute-to-esteban-cambiasso-and-his-final-stand-with-leicester-city/ Esteban Cambiasso was never the obvious choice for an import who would thrive at a newly-promoted Premier League club, but he did all that and more in his year at Leicester. When Leicester City returned to the Premier League in 2014, there was little to suggest things would be much different to their relegation from the same division a decade earlier. They might have won the Championship at a canter, but their summer signings weren’t the kind to fill people with tons of confidence. Leo Ulloa and Tom Lawrence were brought in to boost the Foxes’ attack, but the most eye-catching deal was the one that saw Ulloa’s compatriot Esteban Cambiasso move to the East Midlands. Cambiasso had never played in England before, and he hadn’t played anywhere that wasn’t Inter Milan for a full decade. The Argentine played more than 400 games for Inter, and was on the books of the Italian club when he rounded off one of the finest ever World Cup team moves against Serbia & Montenegro in 2006. Still, a defensive midfielder, who had turned 34 a couple of weeks before joining – was this really what Leicester needed? Could he really gel with a Nigel Pearson squad? As it turns out, the answer to both questions was a resounding ‘yes’. A surprising impact Cambiasso’s arrival was greeted with references to plenty of other out-of-the-blue arrivals, from Youri Djorkaeff’s Bolton stint to Attilio Lombardo joining Crystal Palace. However, a lot of these were attack-minded players whose impact could be quantified far more easily than a man who was never picked for his scoring ability. Even if Cambiasso ended up thriving, it wouldn’t matter if the goals didn’t arrive from elsewhere. It was strange, then, that his first goal arrived in the sort of game that couldn’t be more different from the sensible, solid football he had provided under José Mourinho en route to winning the Champions League with Inter. Leicester and Manchester United had already exchanged five goals by the time Cambiasso pounced to turn the ball home after a Jamie Vardy miscontrol, but if there was ever any doubt about his commitment to his new club then that vanished the second you saw the passion that went into the celebration, Cambiasso’s final tally of five goals was more than he managed in any of his final three Inter seasons, but none were more important than his strike against West Ham in March. Leicester had dropped seven points adrift of safety with a 4-3 defeat to Tottenham, and it could have been an excuse for some of their players to down tools after recognising an already tall order was on the verge of morphing into an insurmountable task. Indeed, if you wanted to resort to cliché, the close-to-retirement South American with a Champions League title to his name would surely have been the hot favourite to decide this wasn’t for him. Yet Cambiasso was one of the main reasons the Foxes kept fighting. Early in the game against the Hammers, he let fly with a belter of a left-footed shot so pure it felt as though it represented the way he sought to dig the team out of the hole it had got itself into. It was if he was saying “we don’t need to give up”, looking at the way his compatriot Carlos Tevez helped wrest West Ham from a similar position after his own 4-3 loss to Spurs in 2007. With one swing of the boot, he loudly told the Premier League “no. I’m not done yet”. “I think the most important trophy is that Leicester City play next season in the Premier League,” Cambiasso said upon receiving his Player of the Year award at the end of the season, having helped the club pick up 22 points in their last nine games to climb from last to 14th, staying up with a game to spare. “I’m more of a team player than a star and I like the group trophies more than the individual trophies.” He opted to turn down the option of a contract extension despite having, in his words, “lived one of the most important years of my career”. Little did he know that, if he’d stuck around, the next year was poised to be even more special. However, when Wes Morgan and his Leicester team-mates lifted the Premier League trophy in 2016, they’ll have known none of it would have been possible without Esteban Cambiasso giving them the platform to thrive.
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    There's no point in speculating. Despite the sad present data analysis of these recent figures, comments like this will just make people panic to be honest. This may well be the peak, or close to it, of the worst (hopefully) - and all we can do is to follow the government's guidance on this outbreak situation.
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    He’s been an incredible servant since he joined the club hasn’t he, massively underrated and don’t know how he didn’t get an England call up during the 15/16 season. Absolutely criminal.
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    Modern day: 1. Chilwell. Quality player just not in form. Doesn't mean he won't be in form again. 2. Vardy. Although highly regarded I don't think others realise just how brilliant he is. 3. Drinkwater. Gets a lot of grief now about having ideas above his station but for a good 18 months he was proper England quality. Older: 1. Kevin Poole. Much better than many give him credit for. 2. Lloyd Dyer. Need I say more? 3. Wellens. Lots of grief but was decent enough for where we were imo. It was those around him that were pap.
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    But the opposite of conspiracy theorists is not to blindly believe what a load of politicians tell me or the tabloids or Facebook? It is reasoned understanding. For example, I don’t believe in climate change because Arnie tells me I should or the minister for the environment. I believe in it because 99% of scientists believe it to be true and all available data points that way. I feel like the “don’t believe what you’re told by the man” argument spouted by a lot of people prone to believing in conspiracies is a strawman and a dishonest argument. It’s about reasoned, critical debate and deep understanding of a subject, something David Icke has never displayed. Not having a go at you by the way just conspiracy theorists and the worrying “don’t trust the experts” mob annoy me. X
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    Although it will never happen, it would be nice if this crisis somehow reset top tier wages to a more sensible rate. No one needs £100k+ a week. That sort of dough could keep local charities going for months. We will almost certainly lose lower league teams without the financial clout to weather this storm. At least we have thick cvnts like Grealish getting fined and the proceeds going to the local NHS trust.
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    Morgan, we’ve (myself included) written him off time and time again and he’s always came back and put in stellar performances
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