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    I think, like every manager, he'll be judged on his results, yes.
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    Sounds like Jose Fontes needs a pay rise! I guess after scouting some of those players, when he tells the scouting team he's found a good one, people tend to listen!
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    One of my personal favourite things from the whole Aranguiz affair is that I edited his Wikipedia page about 3 years ago and it’s still there.
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    Got an update on this last night. Basically he wants to be with a prem team to make sure of his place at the euros next year. He thinks all the speculation is funny because he's not had contact from anyone other than Palace and he's not keen on going there... He would jump at a move to Leicester, he's friendly with a couple of our players but nothing has been said on or off the record. Makes you wonder what players agents do doesn't it? Not very proactive....
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    Romano is not the sort of journalist that will publish information he doesn't think is genuine. And we are not the sort of side that get named in these sorts of media mind games in transfer sagas - if you wanted a club to act and join the bidding war, you'd say someone 'bigger' than us was interested. Anyone seeing us getting a €50m bid rejected would say 'well I can't see them going any higher' and consider us out of it. We knew about bids for Dennis Praet in June, and didn't sign him until deadline day. If we're the ones bidding it usually means we are favourites - the Italian press tried to stir up that Milan were interested in Praet but I'm not sure they ever were. La Liga starts on the same day our season does, and Braga's season finished on 27 July. You would therefore expect Trincao himself is on holiday now and probably until the end of next week. So it will probably be a while before anything is to be agreed for him. City don't bid for players they aren't confident of getting. Talks wouldn't still 'be on' if they weren't confident of getting the player. They wouldn't stand by and watch other quality players get snapped up while they pursued an impossible deal. I think it's got a real chance, if Trincao wants games, who better than us is going to play him every week?
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    The place is going to be absolutely stunning, no expense spared and no corners cut, they are using the best of everything, I can`t begin to try to put the place into words, it`s bluddy huge as well, 3 floors, full size swimming pool, spar pool etc, and Top`s suite is just breathtaking, the wallpaper alone was 20k :-) the players all have their own rooms and there`s a shit load more for guests and visitors, I`m like a kid in a sweetshop every time I go on site !
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    No way they'd agree to three meetings if they have zero desire to sell.
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    I love how Iheanacho has gone from being trash not worth having to god not worth selling in the eyes of basically the same people on here. Peak foxestalk. I defended Iheanacho more than most on here, I'm a pretty big fan of his. I think he'll have a really solid career as a top flight forward. But there's absolutely no point him being at the club if Rodgers doesn't have faith in him and he clearly doesn't. I also think you've got to be a bit nuts to think he's better than Edouard, tbf. Iheanacho was summed up in a nutshell when he went tearing through the middle of Manchester United the other day then fell over taking a shot. He's always going to have that in his locker. He's got the balance and agility of an elephant and its always going to hold him back. Give him room and time to get the ball under control and finish and he's going to score goals consistently throughout his career but Edouard is a much, much more comfortable player on the ball. If we don't buy him, some other club our size will and he'll be worth a good 40% more than Celtic sell him for after a year. If he played in any other league in Europe we wouldn't even be debating that. Its just the usual English attitude to the SPL.
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    Really can’t understand why we would be keen to sell Iheanacho. He’s been one of our best players after lockdown. He is the only player in the squad who can link the midfield and attack. His confidence has grown throughout the season and he is only going to get better. He should be offered a new deal not sold. imagine selling Iheanacho and keeping Mendy, Fuchs, Albrighton. Surely those wages could be freed up and spent on another forward?
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    This whole ‘ he is no good because he plays in Scotland ‘ is getting silly and quite frankly it’s making a lot of people look very unintelligent. We got Mahrez from the french second division We got Vardy from Non league Our title winning captain came from the championship. We got Chilly from our reserves, Kasper came from the championship... Maddison from the championship Kevin was let go from a poor Villa team who didn’t want to renew his contract. If our scouting network ( and that of several big teams around Europe) feel like he is worthy of their attention then there is obviously a reason for it...
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    There's a global ****ing pandemic people. It'll be done when it's done. English engineering projects don't finish on time when there's not an international crisis going on ffs.
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    Also, excellent news. Back to 3 subs!
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    We signed his replacement a year before??
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    Ridiculous that they're making 55 people redundant but offering Aubameyang around £250/350K a week and looking at signing Willian etc. FA should start to make legislations that if jobs are being cut, the club has shackles on how they are able to carry out transfer business.
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    It really is great when I see we don’t get too ahead of ourselves.
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    Never heard of him but I'm easily led so I am extremely excited.
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    I'm going to say my piece and then leave this thread alone, again. I'm 45. I'm fit, healthy, and my youngest child is 13. I have a condition which is routinely managed, if not it makes my blood 'sticky'. I have no side effects day to day, and I live my life just like your mum, sister, daughter, aunt. But every 12 weeks I go to Leicester general for about an hour, that's it. If I contract covid though I'm likely to die as it's been found to coagulate blood. My treatment has halted due to the strain on the NHS, so who knows, I could have a stroke or a heart attack any time but it wouldn't be recorded as covid related, I would just be one of the unrecorded deaths which people seem OK with. My death would be recorded as someone with underlying Health conditions, although pre covid it wasn't even a concern really. I expect, and had no reason to think otherwise, that I can expect the same life expectancy of everyone else. I enjoy my weekends away, my holidays, my job and I love LCFC to the full. In fact I've been a supporter since the 90s, and yes I stand up for the whole match and yes I sing. It really saddens me though that some people here are writing me off as either old, or someone who somehow can be sacrificed so that people younger than me can enjoy the freedom of going down the pub. It also really amazes me that people haven't grasped, or understood, the long term effects of covid even on people who are deemed young, healthy and fit. Seriously people, open your eyes.
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    uploading for you all to enjoy, came across it over the weekend as i've been organizing my dads old match programs
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    I find it funny seeing Leicester fans debating if Eddy is good enough for them... Not only is Eddy better than Iheanacho, but he's better than the best version of Vardy. I understand that money talks and he will be for the off (next season hopefully), but no offence I'm 100% convinced that he will be skipping the Leicester level stepping stone. This is a guy who has the best strike ratio for France U21's team in history. 11 goals in 6 games, he was thought of as a better prospect that Mbappe when they were coming up, if it wasn't for some silly decisions(sniping someone with an air rifle) he'd most likely still be at PSG, your only chance to get him would be paying well over the odds which I don't see, when he moves it will be to one of the historically big clubs.
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    We ought to be trying to recruit 17/18 year old players from Portugal if this bloke is as talented at unearthing players as believed. Get some real quality in the U23's pushing the first team.
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    If you want it to be true, it's an excellent source. If not, it's a virgin seeking attention. These are the rules, I believe.
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    Vardy, Mahrez, Kasper, Drinkwater, Kante
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    One of my favourite seasons. What a time to be a Leicester fan this was
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    EXCLUSIVE Man Utd want Kasper Schmeichel to replace David De Gea https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/12290266/man-utd-transfer-kasper-schmeichel-de-gea/?utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=sunfootballtwitter&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1596319386
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    The problem is you are either offside or you are not. You either scrap VAR for offside or you go with its decision. In the majority of cases it has been correct. All you do is move the point of argument, if you give 10 cm leeway where does the 10 cm start? people are going to be arguing it's not 10cms to his toenail instead! The other option is we default go with lino decisions unless one of the captains asks for a review, maybe the reviews could be limited per game? Handball is the bigger issue for me. We had about 10 handball penalties not given for us and about 3/4 the exact same handball given against us (surprisingly mainly for big clubs). Also dives, Vardy goes down in box booked called a diving cheat by pundits, Fenandez or Mane it's a penalty and the pundits say they have been 'clever'. Football has a fundamental bias to the big clubs who already have a huge resource advantage, I am not sure if its intentional or a unconscious but it there and with refs and VAR too. Its absolutely repulsive watching Sky and their big six wankfest. People say it's all because the big six are the biggest audience draw, actually that is wrong the other 66 clubs combined have a bigger audience and if the fans of those clubs get sick of the game, the product is gone. Only the fans of the big six will care about the big six super league.
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    Yes, he's very good. Stand out points about him: - Dribbling. A truly wonderful dribbler, we are talking Mahrez levels, if not slightly better! Not as good a first touch, but a better overall dribbler. - Good physical attributes. usually these type of players are small and slight with a low centre of gravity. This kid is 6 foot tall and quite broad shouldered, yet can still shift his feet quickly. - Good decision making. Has a very good picture of the game. This type of player would easily get straight into the first team. He's got all of the positive points of Barnes and Gray but without the negatives. The downside is that he's a young foreign player coming into a new league, and would need time to adapt. But in terms of quality, he's got it. I think it would be a good move for the player too, he will play every week for us and become a star, and can then head back to Barcelona in a few years time.
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    But I thought we had no money and our recruitment team were all clowns?
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    If Rudkin gets two world record fees for Maguire and Chilwell then his knighthood will be in the post. Arise Sir John Rudkin, for services to taking the piss.
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    i mean, 60,000 have died on the "excess death" charts when it's transmitted to an estimated 5% of the population. If anything, it's worse than we initially thought. And that's not to mention there's probably more than that who now have to live with permanent damage to organs. Again, we've had NHS workers on here say over and over again, it's the worst period they've ever experienced back in March/April time. Just read MPH's posts here over the past couple of months to see how "benign" a mild case is. What do you want us to do, just let cases continue to rise and not put a stop to it, even if over a million die? Also, pushing back treatment for all other kinds of things like cancer or deimensia/alziemers or things which require instant care like heart attacks, strokes and asthma attacks? The whole point of lockdown was to stop the overwhelming of the NHS and that still remains the case. People seem to forget that. As soon as cases begin to rise again, we risk that happening again. And we have to put more restrictions in places when cases begin to rise again. "wake up"? Wake up to what? That that kind of complacent thinking could cause the death or a horrible life-debilitating disease to millions? "Sure a few old people died and many others with complications, including a handful of otherwise healthy individuals. but by and large it's fairly benign." is just awful, awful misinformation. I perfectly understand the argument that people die from economy impacts, that 30,000 people died extra over 8 years of austerity I get that - but it's miles away from doing more harm than good. The number of people who'd die or have horrible inhibiting times directly from covid and indirectly from the NHS being overwhelmed would be hundreds of thousand, if not millions, not thousands and it massively outweighs the number of people from the economy being slowed down by about 10 times. I have no doubt that the people criticising the pulling back of measures would also be the first criticising a 2nd lockdown if it has to come due to the NHS becoming swamped again when it would be exactly that kind of complacency which would have caused it. We've already seen that with several countries around the world including the US.
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    There's an article in the Telegraph which says Barca want Bernardo Silva - don't think that is possible this summer but it suggests they could be in the market for a right winger or at least someone across the forward line like Lautaro Martinez who they've been linked with before. Tonight Setien played a front three of Messi, Suarez and Griezmann and had Fati on the bench. They might struggle to offload both Coutinho and Dembele so that adds another wide man, plus Pedri, Braithwaite are there. Fontes by all accounts is very highly rated at the club, he was promoted to senior scout not long ago - previously he was also involved in U23 recruitment. Not sure if he was a Macia appointment but he came in around the same time as him, but didn't follow him to Bordeaux unlike Esparraga, Friis-Hansen and Waldron.
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    This is what all of the small clubs do when the big boys come calling.
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    Jesus Christ, Demarai Gray will be eighty five years old and in a nursing home remembering back over his career in the Championship and Foxes Talk will still be excited by his potential.
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    We were linked with him in January, but he went to Barcelona instead. There is precedent for him to be sold to us, Barcelona often use their clout to turnover some players very quickly to generate additional revenue, look at some of Everton's players - Yerry Mina, Lucas Digne and Andre Gomes. Their wage bill is astronomical so trying to offload a player to generate revenue quickly is more than possible. Even if we only got him on loan, I think he'd be a fantastic signing. From the few clips and match highlights I've seen he's something else. To sign for Barcelona at that age regardless of whether you make it or not means you have to have technical quality at the very top of the game, and this guy has it. I think he'd be a smash hit here, especially with a fellow Portuguese compatriot in Ricardo behind him!
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    You're telling me it would be a failure if we don't sign 7 players? Iheanacho was £25m three seasons ago, a CF will cost you £30m+. There is no such thing as a complete winger that we can afford, but a decent one is another £30m. Two is £60m. Telles will cost at least £20m, and the two CBs at least £50m. So you think we can afford £160m of players AND a cover no.8 player, only by selling Chilwell? A £100m net spend? Are you aware of the pandemic that has meant the PL has advanced £125m of solidarity payments; donated £20m to the NHS; lost all matchday revenue for the last third of 2019-20 and likely all of 2020-21 and owes the broadcasters at least £330m in rebate? Are you aware of the costs of turning a billion pound business into a COVID secure one? And the costs of moving its entire operation to a whole new facility in Seagrave? More than that, are you aware that you can only name 25 players in the first team squad? Which two wingers are you going to be able to sell from the current squad? Which centre back leaves? Anyone with this mentality is deluded, plain stupid and extremely entitled. 'Spend some f***ing money' is the sort of thing you should be saying if our owners were Mike Ashley or Joe Lewis. It's just disgusting to accuse owners who have invested so much in the club and converted £100m of our long standing debt to equity, and then pushed us into our greatest era in our history, of not spending money. We broke our transfer record three times under these owners. They have handed us £91m on favourable loan terms for a world beating training facility. They are expanding the stadium. Get a grip.
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    Well, I went on the first trip over all paid for by the club. We drank in Leuven then walked to the Ground. Whilst in the Ground drinking a few of their fans approached us and invited our group to their pub which we happily went. Long story short we've been friends with them ever since and they've came over to Leicester now four times. Once paid for by Leuven/Leicester the other three off their own back. They're showing an interest in Leicester City and if you don't get that then give your head a wobble. It's great to be getting interest from Europe. Majority of them even have Leicester shirts now too... putting money into the club. I'm sorry if its too KPFC and not a 'natural' bond between two clubs like some would suggest.
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    I really don't think his distribution is as bad as some make out. He's better than most in the Prem but not up with the very best in the league, if he was then he probably wouldn't be playing for us. I nearly smashed my TV up after both of those recent **** ups but it would be totally wrong to allow that to define his season when he's been mostly excellent. We'd have a job replacing him, that's for sure.
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    I totally don't get this mantra that he's no good with his feet. He's certainly in the top third. He gets tarred with the mistakes, maybe two howlers a season. And maybe two per game that go straight out of play which the crowd moan at, ignoring the 20 clean passes he's made prior. At a rough guess he costs us maybe four goals a season and saves us maybe ten. He's a net asset and above all, he sets a serious winning mentality.... something very few of our current team have atm.
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    You would have sat here saying similar about Moussa Dembele a couple of years ago, who actually scored less than Edouard for us and now if you were linked with him you'd be in raptures as there's top clubs all over Europe after him. Edouard could go the same way, maybe he won't but the ceratin thing is if he leaves Celtic and does relatively well anywhere else he'll be outwith your reach. Players like Eduoard, Leicester's chance to sign them is when they're at Celtic as if he was at a Lyon, Everton or somewhere like that and done well he'd be far off your radar. I've said it before and I'll say it again but it's folly and arrogant to turn your nose up at the SPL in terms of finding value, particularly with the money you have wasted on players from the Portuguese and French leagues in recent years that are obviously stronger leagues in general. Said it before and will say it again, you could have had Tierney, Van Dijk, Dembele and John McGinn from Scotland and still had change form £60m who would all at varying points in time improved your squad and earned you very good money when selling on.
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    I’d forgotten how reading this forum is as joyful as sliding down the bannister with a rusty razor blade between your bollocks
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    Would be a disaster. The CB position already needs surgery, but this would place us in intensive care without any PPE. 'Stay alert- Keeps Cags- and protect LCFC'
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    Didn't know where else to put this but much love for Wilf and his laugh
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    I think I’d rather see us sign Ollie Watkins then Benrahma.
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    I’d throw up if we spent any more than 10 mil on him
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    This is the problem with not just our club, but fans of all club in the modern era. Kasper is no doubt a club legend and will have been at the club for 10 years in the new year, being an absolute brilliant servant to the club. Yet some fans would get rid of him in a heartbeat. Although no player is immune from criticism, it does seem slightly unfair when players at a similar stature at the club, such as Vardy, misses a penalty against Spurs and the manager gets sacked the following week, gets zero stick, but Schmeichel does. People are quick to jump towards the error he made against Bournemouth and the error against Man United (when the game was already gone) but forget about the games he keeps us in only a few games before against; Watford, Brighton and Arsenal to name a few.
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    All in all good achievement by us
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    ****inel. May as well just end it all.
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