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    From what I've heard hes a really sound bloke. Rumours of him having his head turned and he wants to leave sound pretty far fetched to me, he signed a new 6 year contract last year. From what I can see hes a massive confidence player and is struggling with that. Some time away from the firing line may help. Booing him / claiming he wants out are hardly going to help him.
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    Some perspective here. In out last 22 games we have only lost 4 , (or 5 in 29 games if you wanna include the defeat to man u away). Twice to Liverpool, once at home and once away, the away one we lost in last minute. Once to man city away. And one to Southampton at home. Surely every team has a bad game every now and then and more than 1 bad one in 22 games. We are still in a strong position with 16 league games to go. Semis of the league cup. And an fa cup tie lunchtime on a Saturday. If we get top 4 we would of had an amazing season. If we can add a cup or even a Wembley trip or 2 trips then it's a phenamanal season. Let's get behind the lads now. 4 huge game in a row and a nice week off for the players after a gruelling spell of fixtures. P.S our under 21's have a quarter final of an efl trophy to look forward too and they could end up at Wembley too with 2 more wins. U23s going steady in 3rd place in development league too. Let's all cheers up a bit and look forward to our next set of fixtures with 4 crucial games. 😀
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    They may only be playing 1-2 competitive matches a week, but that week also includes: Physical Training 3-4 times per week Mental/tactical coaching, including research on opposition teams/players Travelling to/from games, including hotel stays for long away journeys. Some players will also have to travel long(er) distance for training, as well. Media/Community outreach duties For national-team players they will have additional commitments related to that which take up a lot of time/energy Plus outside of work they'll have plenty of other commitments: Language courses or other university degrees (like Soyuncu and Ndidi are doing, respectively) Keeping on top of nutrition (which requires a lot more effort than it does for you and I) Many players have young families which take up a lot of their time and energy They may also be 'walking the dog' or 'surprising the missus' - that's not something that disappears for them. Their own social lives, which they're entitled to. Of course, there's also huge amounts of mental fatigue and stresses that these players go through which are a world apart from those of us on this forum, so that will impact them in different ways as well. And on a slightly separate note to all of that: as laymen we have very different definitions of what constitutes for 'tired'. This is an industry which is all about maximising every last bit of performance and really working the percentages, so whilst I might only consider myself to be tired when my energy dips below a hypothetical 70%, for instance, the sports science guys at LCFC may well have data that shows that anything less than 95% is "tired" and will cause significant drops in performance. All it takes is one relatively minor (or indeed major) trigger point in their personal lives and the very finely balanced system which governs them during their career can fall out of sync and leave them under-rested for high-level performance sport.
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    Chilwell needs to sit a few games out.
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    Would normally hope for a dour 0-0 in Liverpool v Man U but hope Liverpool hammer them to keep the gap open to 5th.
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    Is our defence that bad we need to spend whatever is take to get a centre back in? - No. Is our wide men that ineffective that we need to spend whatever it takes to get a quality wide player in? - Yes
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    I get that people are unimpressed with his recent performances, but when has booing, jeering and ironically cheering ever, ever made a player play better or try harder?
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    If we win by one goal I'll be grateful. All this talk of expecting comfortable wins reminds me of the attitude of teams during our title win where they were playing little old Leicester and then got beat. A lot of our fans suddenly think we're on the same level as Liverpool or Man City, we're not, we've just had an awesome half season.
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    Oh there’s absolutely no doubt he’d come, we’d all be buzzing, debut comes around - he fails to take his man on on the outside, cuts inside and plays a dodgy pass back to Evans... ”well that’s that then that Chow-Mein is shit **** sake BOOOO get out of my club, well done Congerton you **** YOU’VE RUINED MY CLUB! These owners don’t deserve this I’m ASHAMED! I’ve paid my money I’ll say what I like and he earns a **** ton a week he can take my abuse BOOO!”
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    Congratulations Southampton, they played us off the park for the whole 90 minutes and deservedly won. They should in fact have won by more. We've had a brilliant season, but that was poor. Hopefully Rodgers can get into them in training this week because performances have been poor for a while now. Onto the next one.
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    Absolutely no way we're finishing in the top 4 this season.
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    I think some of you need a little boost after Saturday’s showing. Andy King’s goal v Man City is today’s Premiership Goal of the Day. Enjoy.
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    I think that thinking this had a huge bearing on the result is world class stupid, personally.
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    Harvey Weinstein pretending to be disabled or sick or whatever the **** he's trying to do. Jesus Christ can you be any more shameful.
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    I don't want us to sell Chilwell and I want him to stay and improve, as I do with all the academy kids that break in to the first team. He's got shit loads of flaws and has probably cost us more points than any other individual in the squad this year but there's a reason defenders peak later than other positions and that's that so much of their art is about experience. He'll learn. That said, his position as a young England International with a fair bit of pace and perceived potential makes his market value ridiculously high relative to his ability. Like Maguire, we could almost certainly sell him for silly money and replace him with better for much less. I mean he'd probably go for about three or four times what we paid for Ricky.
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    Not to mention that Liverpool won the lottery with Coutinho. He’s no better than, for example, Mahrez but they got twice as much for him as we managed.
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    Unbelievable deal to get £35m for DD.
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    Is that when he plays the Christmas tree formation?
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    He just needs his own crowd song to encourage him to peak performance. This one has definite potential....
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    Spot on..!! .Though sometimes a few well Aimed wise words & coaching,can also Work wonders. Some fans easily forget his good moments and Good tackles during the same games,where mistakes were so obvious where he or any other player know they Need to improve und Pick up on. For some reason its not clicking for him on a consistent & confidence level. Bench Time could allow him Time to reasses his own game & Set up,plus where he can refind that form,that got him his 1st International caps.. Though..Its also unfair to presume he carries an afluence of arrogance that he believes hes undroppable, and is playing his best football,plus has nothing more to learn. I am sure they are hurting and realise there is still hard Work ahead. Also the whole Backline have to question,how come they have leaked more goals in this period,even when ignoring the Man.City & L'pool results. Instability in midfield has also led to defensive lapses. I still believe we can see, positive Partnerships in Chills & Barnes, also Chills & Gray. It just needs some more targetted disciplined work. Again the DM stability would help. Choudhoury has had more Good games,but like some others didnt find his game against Southampton. Whatever the selection and set up, BRodgers has got it right more times than not,and hell alot more Times than pre-Match suggestions from fans..!!
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    I mean firstly, Hirst as well as our other youth options haven't ever played at a level where you can say they would even get a game for Forest. Secondly, an injury to Vardy and I'd be crowing for Nacho and/or Perez to be our front line. Thirdly, we don't have a rotten record with young players, we have a pretty good record with young players; Chilwell and Barnes being very out of form doesn't suddenly give us a rotten record. I'm all for giving young players a chance, don't get me wrong - but it isn't just a case of throwing all the U23s into the team when we go through a rough patch just because they're doing well in the U23 league, which I believe is generally populated with younger teams than ours. Which isn't to denigrate our U23 players, they're clearly doing well right now and I hope it continues - but they're not suddenly all ready for first team football for the team 3rd in the Prem just based on that. I'm hoping Rodgers maybe gives one or two some time against Brentford in the cup from the bench or something like that, and maybe a few bench cameos in the league if we're lucky to be in a position to do so, but just throwing young players into the first team willy nilly isn't going to magically solve all of our problems.
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    We just haven’t got it mate and never will have, I’ve come to the conclusion. We’re a different breed I swear to god it defies belief
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    Why? because you don't like it? Maybe they should run all song ideas past the people who don't bother joining in to see whether they approve?
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    First thing I’ll say is he’s not a poor player. He is in an awful run of form though and needs dropping for a few weeks.
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    I think the biggest thing is missing Ndidi. Choudary is far less effective defensively
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    Let's be honest though he's been pretty poor for awhile now!!
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    Excited for these and Fitzhugh from what I’ve seen. Hope Rodgers can force through a plan for better progression something needs to change soon.
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    I think this is the game where we turn it around and get back to playing like a top team.
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    Stop trolling for goodness sake. Because they got him in to cover an injury of another player who then recovered faster then they were expecting. That is why. Andy is a top professional who has always stepped up and done what we have asked of him. He scored some important goals in all of our promotion seasons, as well as playing an integral part in our great escape. He then stepped in and covered where required in the title winning season, again scoring some important goals to keep our momentum. He also stepped in and did incredibly well in our Champions League campaign. He deserved better treatment after all that, Puel was awful to him. We owe him a much better respect. Some people have such short memories.
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    Probably will have signed Havertz, will have Firmino, Origi, Shaq etc etc. Probably best to worry about ourselves before we attempt mocking a team unbeaten for over a year. 🤔
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    "We've been to Wimbledon and Hereford, Carlisle away. Now here comes the Champions League, Leicester's on the way... Leicester's on the way!"
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    Why does the Maguire move annoy you? 80M for him is incredible and it allowed Soy to come through and be a better player.
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    You all know I'm a season ticket holder and hardest core Asian fan in here bar non. Need 2 tickets pretty please. Will be willing to undertake zero sexual favours in return which will be s blessing!!!!
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    Thats Why there is a wave of forum Members,that cant Pick a player...only Pick fault...!!! Then Hide behind the right to an opinion's-mask..!!! We just go too far....If seems mobbing,and Kicking in consistent negative campaigns,is an expected entitlement in Today s modern Social Media envroment....!! All players,must like all of us Adapti to criticism,its Part of life,and maturing,founded or unfounded..!!!! But many supporters peck Away Too much like mother hens,and are Not Mature in thought,when to Let it go and Let it rest....They have lost any idea..of the Base ,which is support to encourage.....and to Stand behind,when things are Not Running as one would like and percieves...It is easy to manage , support even brag,when all runs according to the individuals ideology,just as it is to Fall immediate into frustrating,immature emotional Blame Syndrome when not...!!!
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    Fair enough. I just would have remembered the random "Chilwell is ****ing shit" comment while everyone was happy and we were flying with him in the side doing bits. We start losing games and everyone loses their heads. The majority will think he is in the top 5 LBs in the league when he gets some form back. Looking forward to it.
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    Recall him, play him against Villa in the second leg, he scores a hat-trick to knock them out, then sell him to them the next day, simple.
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    As must you, to write such a reply
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    Do I need to go into detail about how bad he was in the last game, Needs dropping, and Fuchs in for now. If he puts in transfer request for been dropped then cash in. If he puts head down, and works to get better then bring him back in after a rest. I am also getting sick of the constant having a go at fans for not liking it when our players play badly It seems some are more concerned about the fans moaning rather than the performance of said players which I find concerning.
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    Hang on, who on earth in out U23's should be given a chance in the first team? Go on.....
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    VAR takes all the spontaneity, passion and joy out of scoring. No point celebrating a goal anymore in case it gets ruled out.
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    Football is a hugely subjective game- people will always look at the same incident different ways depending on their bias. Most of the offsides, for example, haven't been controversial- the issue is that the rule was brought in to stop players goal hanging 15 yards behind the defence, not to judge if a player's armpit or head was further forward on a TV screen. But the rule states that if a body part that can be scored with is ahead of the last defender when the ball is played, it is offside, so those decisions are correct. As I've said before, I've little sympathy for the teams, players, managers involved here. The Premier League didn't force this- it came about because people couldn't accept a bad decision. All those comments about "costing us millions, relegating us, costing jobs" meant we have to sit through this to get to the right decision- and they still aren't happy. As ever, the focus was on the negative impact of decisions- have you heard any manager call for video assistance when a decision went in their favour? Or did they play it off with a "sometimes they go for you" excuse? The game wasn't perfect, it never will be, but this stuff is just tedious now. So do something about it- accept it is here and you'll be impacted or get rid of it, still be impacted but have the chance to celebrate or moan accordingly. If everyone hates it, join together and ditch it. The game will carry on.
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    Only about 15 years too late but finally watched The Thick of It. Watched every episode in the last week and now I am yearning for more even though it finished about 7 years ago.
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    I'd like to start a petition for a section containing all the fans that: a) kick seats/dig knees into back of seats b) mispronounce Iheanacho/Soyuncu/basically any other bloody name, but shout that name every other minute for the whole game c) clap along to uptown funk d) stand up when the rest of the section is sat down e) get up for a piss, pint and a pie when we're through on goal etc.
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