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    It’s all complete bullshit that Harry has kicked off. All these stories are being put out to the media by agents & the United side in an attempt to get a deal pushed through. Top set the price tag early doors & has made it crystal clear to Harry & everyone else that’s involved what the price is & It’s non negotiable! ....He was taught well 💙
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    Surprised at the bitterness towards Matty from many on here. I'm sure his career hasn't panned out like he wanted to with all the injuries. He had the potential to play for England, he was that good. I'm pleased LCFC have sorted him out financially, it can't have cost the club that much in the grand scheme of things.
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    Did you want consulting when we broke the transfer record twice in a week?. Or how about when you pick up your free beer ?. £100 million training facility?. No didn’t think so. Give the club a break will you.
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    https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/1153082/Man-Utd-transfer-news-Harry-Maguire-Leicester Don’t ask whether Manchester United are right to stall on spending £90million, a world record transfer fee for a defender, to sign Harry Maguire. Instead, we should ask whether the England centre back moving to Old Trafford frontier his current club Leicester Citywould truly transport his football and his career to a higher level. Why leave a stable club that more recently won the Premier League title to join a team once again scrambling around in summer disarray? Why leave a team with a proven high-class manager in Brendan Rodgers to join a club taking a sentimental stroll to nowhere with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer? Why take such a risk with the critical transfer move of his life? If the classy and admirable Chieftain Tank defender of English football isn’t asking himself those questions, he really should be. There are many observers of the game, myself among them, who believe that Leicester are likely to be a superior team to Manchester United in the new season, one that will play better football and finish higher in the table. If the serious offers for Maguire arrived from Manchester City or Tottenham or Bayern Munich that would be another matter. They would represent a sensible move for a 26-year-old player of intense ambition.
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    Harry’s “I ****ing hate it here” face “Running away lol” “I wonder what it’ll be like to share a dressing room with Sanchez AND McTominay” “This is torture” *checking Instagram comments* “Kolo, is it just me or do you miss Celtic reserves too?”
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    I think a lot of you are not seeing the bigger picture here. This isn't about whether you think we're missing out on a good deal because you think Maguire is overrated, or easily replaceable. This is about letting the big clubs know that you're not going to be a pushover. Because believe me, they'll soon be back for Chilwell, or Maddison, or Tielemans, or Barnes, or some other player you DO actually rate and is not so easily replaceable.
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    No club likes to see any of their best players go but of all your best players I’d say Maguire is the easiest to replace. Furthermore you could use the huge fee being reported for him to really push the team onto that next level, just look at how Klopp managed to transform Liverpool with the Coutinho money, went out and bought what is now the best CB in the world and one of the best goalkeepers. i have doubts over whether this is a good move for Maguire in any way other than financially though, Man Utd are a basket case of a club and can see it hitting the skids even further next season under OGS.
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    So I've just asked again nothing on Maguire leaving, nothing on Dunk incoming but there is something with another transfer for us. Just trying to confirm something before I post in the thread that, that player has already in the transfer section 😉🦊
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    “Leicester will definitely finish above Man Utd next season”
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    I'm a bit baffled. Ghezzal is by no means great or my favourite player, but he seemed more busy and productive than anyone else 2nd half. Had I not watched the game, some comments on here would lead me to believe he did nothing - it rather suggests that people sometimes watch with a pre-conceived notion of players, which I'm quite sure we all do to a degree, but come on.
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    I’d rather we didn’t have donuts or two free beers over the course of a season instead unnecessarily charging fans to print their tickets in their own home. As Xen pointed out the revenue is nominal, we earn about £120m a season so what’s £200k going to do? Say a bloke took his two lads to 10 games in a season and had the audacity to print tickets off at home? An extra £45 a season trousered by the club. “But we’ve broken our transfer record! We’re building a new training ground! We’re going for the top 6!” None of that is being paid for by a 0.1% increase in revenue - it’s totally unnecessary. If we really needed that cash cut out the freebies or raise ticket prices, don’t charge fans an admin fee to print out tickets at home.
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    Without wanting to sound ignorant, why should the club consult with fan groups over anything? Neither FT or UFS have any official standing within the club. You’ll probably find that this is why the club are hard to talk to from FT and UFS, these new ultra groups think they should have a say about everything that goes on at their clubs. To me moaning about £1 when we’ve had years of mostly price freezes and are one of if not the best ran clubs in the country, is quite simply groups just trying to be relevant. UFS need to stick to atmosphere in my eyes and maybe the club wouldn’t ignore them every time they try and contact them.
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    We done alright for a league 1 level club avoiding defeat against the best the EPL had to offer in Pep's Man City a couple of years ago, when they failed to beat us home and away, odd why we never got pasted like Burton Albion did last season if we're on a similar level. We're of course nowhere near the level of a side who could compete at the top end of the EPL and most Celtic fans are fine with that, that's just the way it is but anyone who thinks we are league 1 level clearly has never bothered watching us, nor pays attention to how we have done in Europe. Ill informed ignorance. Football snobbery is one of the worst things going, there is a thread on here hundreds of pages long pretty much deriding Man Utd and their fans arrogance towards Leicester but in the same vein you have the gutter element on here making snidy, ill informed, unsubstantiated digs at the Scottish league whenever possible. 99% of the time there is always a team higher up in the food chain than you in football that's the way it is, some people are great at looking down and being arrogant but can't accept the same when looking up.
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    Some people are talking like having Dunk over Soyuncu or Benkovic is the difference between top four and mid table. I'll be gutted if we buy Dunk because that's also a statement about Soyuncu and Benkovic not being reliable or good enough now BR has assessed both players. Soyuncu is now 23 with some excellent assets of being quick, strong and good with the ball. I'd be buzzing if we signed a player of his pedigree who has 24 caps for a good footballing nation like Turkey, 50 Bundesliga games under his belt and was named in a Bundesliga team of the season.
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    He's Belgian & he's clever - He's gonna stay forever - He even likes the weather! He's Youri Tielemans! da da da dum CLAP CLAP! da da da dum CLAP CLAP! da da da dum da da da dum da da da dum CLAP CLAP! He'll tackle and he'll pester He'll pass like Iniesta - He'll win the league for Leicester! He's Youri Tielemans! da da da dum CLAP CLAP! (etc.)
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    I mean seriously? https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/791931/man-utd-transfer-harry-maguire-girlfriend-leicester-city-defender-england-fern-hawkins?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+daily-star-latest-news+(Daily+Star+%3A%3A+News+Feed)
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    Eh? What we get? We get the privilege to print our own tickets at home and they still have the audacity to charge us for it! And how are you going to end up knowing 'what we actually get'? It's not like the club desperately needs the money is it? It's a snide way of doing things. Charging us to do an admin job. I don't mind if they charged it if we chose for postage of the tickets but they're literally charging us to do a job their end. I didn't mind the booking fee per transaction as it has been in previous seasons but now it's every ticket they're charging for.
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    I much prefer this to things like the PL Asia Cup or the International Champions Cup or whatever they’re called.
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    Expect incomings before anything is agreed on Maguire, being pushed heavily by his agent but club digging their heels in and will get the fee they want plus any replacement lined up before its announced.
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    So, according to the tabloids and Sky, so far this window: Man Utd and Man City are battling it out for Maguire. Leicester want a world record fee. Man Utd have definitively bid £40m. Leicester want at least £65m. Man City and Leicester City have definitively agreed a fee of £65m. Man Utd have definitively offered £80m and will pay him £350k a week. Man City have definitively offered £80m and will pay him £280k a week. But Leicester want at least £80m. Leicester have definitively already offered Brighton £40m for Dunk. Leicester have definitively already offered Brighton £40m for Duffy. Maguire likes an Instagram post then tweets that he didn’t mean it Man Utd and Leicester have definitively agreed a fee of £70m plus add ons and a medical is booked. Man City have bid £80m again. Definitively. Leicester have definitively rejected that offer and want £80m minimum. Maguire’s good luck tweet to the Lionesses is then seen as a coded message about joining Man Utd. Man Utd have definitively offered £70m, which we have rejected. Leicester want £90m. Man Utd have offered £60m+£20m in add-ons BREAKING NEWS AFTER THE BREAK! STAY WITH US ON SKY SPORTS NEWS!! .... The breaking news is that there’s no new news. Maguire definitively throws a strop and storms out of Leicester’s training camp in Évian 3 days after they left. Leicester have accepted a bid that is way under their valuation. Maguire will have his medical tomorrow. Maguire will have his medical this week. Maguire will have his medical next week. Maguire is playing in Leicester’s pre season friendlies. RedCafe are believing Sean from Enderby tweets. Guardiola has managed to correctly identify who Maguire plays for. Rodgers has made it clear that nobody has bid anywhere near and that there’s going to be a cut off date as there’s three weeks to go. The things in bold are what has actually happened. Everything else is FAKE NEWS! It’s almost as if they have something to gain from literally making shit up. 🤔
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    Today has been incredible. After four years of hard work I graduated from my degree. It's been such a surreal day from getting my robes and hat at the start to the ceremony itself. It really hit me what it actually means during the ceremony. I'm gonna go put my feet up, have a beer and hope this wasn't all a dream.
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    Perez a starter. He is quality. You wait until you see the guy playing in person week in week out. Very very exciting. Absolute class act
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    In Soyuncu and Benkovic, we have two of Europe's brightest centre back prospects, who were being linked with top tier clubs before joining us. April 2018: "Manchester City are reportedly ready to overtake Arsenal in the hunt to sign Freiburg defender Caglar Soyuncu this summer, and manager Pep Guardiola is said to be a big admirer. Turkish newspaper Milliyet (h/t Turkish-Football.com) reported Guardiola likes Soyuncu for his passing and ability to play the ball out from the back, not to mention talks are already said to have taken place between City and the German club." https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2767895-arsenal-transfer-news-manchester-city-rumoured-to-hijack-caglar-soyuncu-deal July 2018: "Chelsea line up £25m Filip Benkovic move" https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/985615/Chelsea-transfer-news-Filip-Benkovic-Dinamo-Zagreb Can we play them please!
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    Relative to what, a pork sausage?
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    Could not see it posted anywhere (Sorry, didn`t look THAT hard) - delete if posted elsewhere https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/jul/11/leicester-premier-league-football?CMP=share_btn_tw
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    Why can’t he love the club and want to better his life/career? I imagine he’s extremely thankful of the platform the club gave him, how they’ve looked after him and he probably has a genuine bond with a lot of the people here.
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    All the pundits who slated us for sacking Puel saying we were expecting too much and should be grateful for avoiding relegation are now predicting us to finish top 6 and calling us dark horses. Modern journalism and footy analysis is wank
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    Ric Flair's £30-35m Wingers List 1) Brais Mendez (£22m release clause 2) Samuel Chukwueze 3) Ismaila Sarr 4) Hakim Ziyech (rumoured 35m euro release clause) 5) Suso (36m euro release clause) 6) Robert Skov 7) Andreas Skov Olsen 8) Mikel Oyarzabal 9) Florian Thauvin 10) Maxwell Cornet 11) Steven Bergwijn 12) Yannick Carrasco 13) Bertrand Traore 14) Bruma 15) Malcom Then there's slightly less attainable players that would cost around the £35-50m which I personally think would be worth pushing the boat out for once we sell Maguire. Some may not fancy the gig, but it's Brendan we are talking about in charge, players won't stand a chance of not wanting it. 16) Hirving Lozano 17) Ante Rebic 18) Leon Bailey 19) David Neres 20) Cengiz Under
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    Rob Dorsett saying on SSN that we aren't in the market for a central defender. Tarkowski and Dunk perceived poor value for money. There will be no Maguire replacement if he does leave.
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    This transfer negotiation is the same as Drinky’s & Riyads. The player & agent have been told they can leave but only if a club pays the fee we’ve set. It’s non negotiable. Maguire won’t be allowed to leave for a penny less than £85m
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    Maybe, just maybe, that Mr Peters fella wanted to write a "balanced" tweet. Maybe, just maybe, he thinks Maguire may try and force a move, without downing tools, and lcfc may decide to sell for 80m in the end as they wouldn't want to keep a particularly disaffected player ( and maybe he'll forgo some bonuses or contractual stuff ) Maybe, just maybe, Maguire and his agent are hoping Man City will come back in for him. Maybe, just maybe, Mr Peters has tweeted what he's been told by sources and added what he thinks (and maybe what he added is what has been suggested to him) Or maybe I'm wrong to think all that...
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    https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/leicesters-brendan-rodgers-can-last-18206826 Leicester's Brendan Rodgers can have last laugh over 'David Brent' wisecracks Leicester are going to be no joke this season under Rodgers, who is often mocked but ticks all the boxes as a boss ByRobbie Fowler 08:30, 14 JUL 2019 Fowler rates Rodgers highly as a coach and man-manager and fancies Leicester to push for Europe (Image: PA Wire) Brendan Rodgers is regarded by some as the David Brent of ­football. But I’ve got a feeling that the critics who like to make a bit of comedy capital out of the Irishman’s sometimes cliched media quotes won’t be laughing at him next season. Forget the perception that Brendan is a joke – the reality is that he’s an elite-level manager who came back to where he belongs when Leicester lured him away from Celtic last February. And, while there’s a good chance that it will be all the usual suspects at the top of the Premier League again next year, if there is a boss who is ­capable of upsetting the top-six status quo, then it’s Brendan. Believe me, behind that fluoride smile and gentle Ulster lilt, is a fella who ticks all the boxes when it comes to football management. I was lucky to get an up-close-and-personal view of Brendan in action during the three-and-a-half years he was Liverpool boss. I was very impressed – and, were it not for that cruel slip by Steven ­Gerrard against Chelsea in 2014 then it’s almost certain he would have become the first manager to parade the title in front of the Kop since Kenny Dalglish in 1990. I was a regular observer at Liverpool’s Melwood training ground when Brendan was in charge at Anfield. His sessions always challenged the players to improve – and the level of organisation was just as impressive. Sometimes the gaffer would spot me in the distance and come over for a chat to explain what he was working on and how he could achieve it. As a coach, he had no qualms about passing on his knowledge and expertise. New boss Rodgers hit the ground running last season — and almost cost Man City the title (Image: Action Images via Reuters) He is such an open guy, who believes he will only convince players to play his way if he is open and honest with them. Brendan isn’t just an innovative coach, he is a ­brilliant man-­manager who tries to get into the heads of the people he works with so he can bring the best out of them. Top managers aren’t one-­dimensional, they have a full toolkit of skills, from coaching and man-management through to tactical acumen and an ability to adapt. It didn’t end well for Brendan at Liverpool, of course, but his ­achievements in almost three full ­seasons in Glasgow are nothing short of sensational. Yes, I’ve heard all the grumbles about the SPL becoming a one-team ­competition in the years when Rangers were fighting their way back to the top. The Celtic side Rodgers built has won three domestic Trebles in a row (Image: Daily Record) But Celtic have just completed three successive domestic Trebles. And every successful manager will tell you that keeping players focused and motivated when they are so ­dominant is one of their toughest tasks. Brendan has ­returned from north of the border as a better manager. His impact at Leicester was ­immediate – and I can only see that continuing because it looks like such a good fit. The Foxes have got a very decent squad, which was underachieving under Claude Puel. Results got better instantly – and Leicester’s penultimate game of the season at Manchester City illustrated how cleverly Brendan can school his players tactically. Leicester are giving Rodgers new toys to play with by signing the likes of Ayoze Perez (Image: Leicester City FC via Getty Imag) Pep Guardiola tried everything to break the Foxes down and it needed a ­sensational strike by Vincent Kompany to win the game and keep the title at the Etihad. Leicester have already done good business in signing Youri Tielemans and Ayoze Perez. And they might have another £90million to invest in new players if Harry Maguire departs. The owners clearly want to build on the magnificent legacy left by chairman Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha when he died in tragic circumstances last season. Leicester no longer regard finishing ninth as a successful season – and they now have a manager who feels exactly the same way. I’m looking forward to seeing Brendan Rodgers make more than a few people look a bit foolish.
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    I know this isn't the Perez thread but it's worth saying here. If we don't sign a new RW, Perez starts. If we play with a SS, Perez starts. If our LWs are struggling, Perez starts. If we don't sign a new 8 and Madders or Tielemans gets injured, Perez starts. Even if none of these things happen and he's on the bench, he offers BR a genuine impact sub who can be brought on to change formation and win/hold out a game.
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    I've seen that Man United want £90m for Lukaku.
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    All these 'Leicester are poised to do great things " articles are making me uncomfortable. I'd prefer us fly under the radar and surprise people. Almost every season the "hyped" outsider falls short and I'm desperate for that not to be us. And in any case at present we are a long way from deserving such praise. While our transfer dealings have been good, we still finished a long way behind the top tier last season. I hope Brendan is keeping the squad's feet on the ground. They have done nothing yet.
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    Nope. We are looking to buy a first team winger. It will cost a lot of money if right one interested.
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    Sky Sports News have just spoken for 5 minutes about Maguire's desire to join Utd and that "his camp" are now going to change tactics because they are frustrated about a deal not being sorted yet. Utd know the price. Pay it and he's yours. It's Utd that are the problem here. THE VERY NEXT ARTICLE from them was about Lukaku's proposed move to Inter Milan. Utd want £79m but Inter have only offered £65m... "They're going to have to do better than that, they know the price". There wasn't even an ad break between them. You literally couldn't make this stuff up!
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    I think the Austrian stream is behind but can I say Weller is having a great game.
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    Soyuncu has over 50 games in the Bundesliga and 24 caps internationally with Turkey. He isn't some U21 international or club youth player. This guy was bought to step in if Maguire had departed last season. He is a very competent player and should really be given his chance to take over from Maguire IMO. Benkovic another very talented player, can also compete for that place, with Morgan also capable of filling in if needed. He surprised me last season how well he still competed. I honestly think if we were signing Soyuncu now, people would be much more confident in him. I think because he was sidelined for a season through no real fault of his own, people have started to underestimate what he was originally signed for and his ability. Give him his chance and let him partner Evans. I think he could turn out to be another great signing by Puel and really cement his place in the starting 11 with a run of games.
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    That's what I've been told by people I trust tonight but of course that doesn't mean it's going to be 100% right. Other media outlets may have been told different by other sources who they trust hence why they ran the stories they did. As always, time will tell whether HM stays or goes.
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    I’m pissed up right now but it honestly feels a bit Orwellian the extent that people defend the club. Even if this scheme earned the club £1m (likely 10x the actual amount) over the course of the season is it worth it to fleece the fanbase? Season tickets have been frozen - but if you want to suggest you care about the fans you don’t charge them for firing up the Hewlett Packard at home. Football is more of a business than it’s ever been but it football still remains somewhat of a social institution. There’s not the same obligation to generate profits for shareholders as a run of the mill business so it baffles me that some sections of support are so defensive over the club trying to eke out an extra 0.1% in revenue. In a sporting world of exorbitant costs, the value isn’t in ripping off supporters it’s in letting go a third choice keeper or selling a seventh choice winger. The reality is that club can absorb the cost. For non members already trying to get into an expensive closed shop an extra £50 season might not be so easy to be frivolous about. In the first place this issue irritated me but it wasn’t major but seeing a fair few willingly accept it has actually wound me up a bit. It reeks of I’m alright Jack behaviour. If we did this 8 years ago the fan base would be more upset but success reduces a lot of morale fibre.
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    If we go all out and sign a goalscoring wide forward of Pepe caliber to finish our spending then I can definitely see us doing top six, even four. It's not being delusional about our quality, it's about how shit everyone else is. It's not being over stated how bad they are, they really are. Arsenal have a literal bottom half defence and their captain has downed tools, they have a mid-table midfield and their best CM just left on a free. Their most creative playmaker's career is so finished he's linked to an Istanbul club that average about 200 fans. Then the best part is, despite one of the wealthiest owners in sport, they refuse to spend more than 40m which means they're haggling with what they found between the sofa cushions for more mid table talent like Zaha. They will be no stronger by August. Chelsea are the opposite of Arsenal. While Arsenal's only quality is two good strikers, Chelsea have a tidy defence (incl. Ngolo) and a completely non existent attack. They don't have a single quality striker at the club and their creative options are literally less than Norwich and Villa. Ironically, there's more to spend but they aren't allowed and while Arsenal have a manager with stacks of experience, Chelsea... well, don't. Then there's United. I mean. What the ****. I like to read the SIGames forums sometimes and I'm always mystified by some kid asking for advice because he's playing as Manchester United on Football Manager and he's getting relegated. I always think, **** me, you can sign anyone you want, play however you want, the game is loaded in your favour and you're still ****ing it up? This game just isn't for you. Ed Woodward? I don't think this game is for you. They have about a billion pounds worth of the playing assets and a back four that probably wouldn't be the best in the Championship playing in front of the world's best keeper. Guys they got rid of years ago like Evans, Welbeck and Drinkwater would walk straight back in to the team but they somehow decided to keep Smalling, Pereira and Jones instead. And their reinforcements? Near seventy million has gone already, pinning their hopes on two twenty one year olds that have one breakthrough season each on their cards and they want to back that up with a £90m centre half despite no world class quality in either goal creation nor execution beyond a £100m dosser who'll score the odd screamer than sulk for six weeks and who publicly just asked to leave. Honestly, if you don't believe that one of Leicester, Wolves or Everton at very least have a "credible" chance of qualifying for the Champions League in 4th then you've lost your marbles. And why not? It happens in other countries. Leipzig broke in to the top four in Germany by building very, very similarly to us while old giants like Schalke, Hamburg, Gladbach, Bremen have had their time and faded away. Villareal came from obscurity a decade ago to regularly compete for fourth while old European hopefuls like Zaragoza, Depor and Betis have declined. AC Milan are a mid table shambles that are only slowly recovering and Fiorentina faced relegation this year while scruffy little Atalanta have got their just reward for years of steady progress and sensible running. Dynasties come and go in football all the time. Look at Leeds, most of our parents would never have believed growing up that Leeds would be an irrelevant lower league side in 2019 just as they'd never have believed Tottenham would be Champions League finalists. Things happen slowly so you come to not notice but even through most of my life Tottenham were irrelevant until Bale. The football landscape is changing. Institutions like Arsenal clearly aren't very well adapted to change with it, Leicester and Wolves are showing they are. I'm optimistic.
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    Let’s spare a thought for New Zealand. They absolutely more than contributed to one of the most amazing games of cricket in history, and to have lost it must be gut wrenching. They’ve been phenomenal this WC, playing cricket without fear and going toe to toe with the supposed “big guns” - I hope they kick on from this and come on stronger in 4 years time, they deserve all the success that they’ll go on to have I’m sure. But get in England! They talked the talk and walked the walk. Another team which will go down in English folk law. Amazing!
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