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    "Leicester had not finished ninth or higher in consecutive top-flight seasons since 1967." While that is true we did finish 9th, 10th, 10th, 8th under MON which is pretty damn close and was a superb achievement at the time, along with the 2 League Cups.
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    The fact he's turned it into a story just about sums it all up.
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    He did five years and 170+ games, did two cup finals and absolutely worked his ****ing bollocks off every minute he was on the pitch. Savage the off field personality might be a nob, but Savage on it was no doubt a Leicester legend. Until King Power he was a key part of one of our most consistently successful teams. In many ways, his on pitch spirit was very much the epitome of Leicester City work ethic. His inner drive to be a pantomime villain everywhere he goes couldn't stop him winding us up at Birmingham and Derby when he left but I always largely took that as just his idea of "banter" more than any ill feeling. You are right to an extent, he went from being Mr Derby County post retirement to Mr Leicester City about halfway through the 15/16 season and it was a bit blatant. But doesn't mean we should look down at what he did here in actual football terms.
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    All of you amateur accountants are really taking the fun out of the transfer talk section.
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    Pretty similar to the ITK info we get now then
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    Where did Pearson bury it? Head or between the shoulder blades?
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    Man city deserve a transfer ban for the next two years.
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    Good, optimistic read, an excerpt: Leicester are one fine summer from a Champions League squad
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    The more i get to think about it, the more i feel i was right with my initial impression, that certain people simply underestimated the league. Not necessarily the level of difficulty, but rather the intricacies, the quirks, the tactical approach. It may be understandable. from a Leicester point of view. If you can run/manage a EPL club, that running a Belgian second division team should be a walk in the park. Turns out it's not. Anyway, the guy that's going to be leading the new scouting department formerly worked for KV Mechelen (the club that won our league this year) and Anderlecht. Huge props to Top though, for listening to local expertise and acknowledging that the English way simply wasn't working for us. It's the first time it really feels that we are not simply the subject of a hostile take-over but can look hopefully towards the future. That he has our best interest at heart, despite signs to the contrary before. It sounds dramatic i'm sure, but after flying in Leicester board members, a former Leicester manager, Leicester players (good and bad), a Thai goalkeeper (more marketing than quality), getting swamped by Thai flags and Thai advertisements on the ledboards, the stadium changing names to "King Power at Den Dreef Stadium" while turning more and more blue by the minute... meanwhile Pearson seemingly getting a free pass, and we get to endure Hirst week after week while slipping into last place. You can understand my confidence wasn't exactly skyhigh. So it's a big turnaround in momentum. The feeling of being left without a voice while the club is taken away from us, has been replaced with a very positive vibe of hope :-)
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    Agreed and actually, when out of the media view, was a very pleasant and polite unassuming bloke, he lived in our village and was never flash in his behaviour though did like his nice cars 😁. A regular at our pub for Sunday lunches, I remember him once sitting at a table with his wife Sarah waiting for his dinner, when he suddenly got up, left the pub and drove off in his car leaving his wife at the table! She looked a bit confused and said she didn't know what he was up to. He returned about 5 minutes later. What he'd seen was a young village lad and his mum come in the other door of the pub (season ticket holders). He'd been back home and fetched his previous days Leicester shirt he'd played in and gave it to the boy because he'd previously spoken to him and promised to get him a shirt one day. One very happy little boy. As locals we used to speak to him but largely left him alone for privacy reasons. His wife was lovely also and she and my wife used to chat as they both had young babies at the time. I met his Mum and Dad when they were sat looking at leaflets for houses when Robbie was moving to Birmingham City. Lovely people and it was really sad to hear when his Dad had dementia, it's an awful illness both for sufferer and families. The 'outside of work' Robbie was one of the good guys and nobody round where I live has a bad word for him.
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    Nige looks so well at the moment. People go on about him not managing at the moment but fvck it, if he's happy who cares. Those that were there know how much he contributed to our success and those that weren't don't matter.
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    Born in Nottingham, obsessed with Celtic, awful Norfolk accent. What a sad, confused man he is. Daddy issues, I'd guess.
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    What do you think happens when we leave without a deal? What do you think the EU will demand when after 2 weeks we ask to negotiate a future relationship? Or are we just going to have no sort of close relationship with our nearest neighbours? I'll answer it for you. We end up agreeing to the same terms as the WA. But only this time we'll be negotiating from an even worse position with no transition period and a worsening international standing having reneged on our commitments. What improvements do you want making? How do you solve the Irish trilemma? You're living in cuckoo land, you're believing in some kind of abstract world fed to you by people that have consistently shown themselves to have no idea and you obviously refuse to face up to the realities of the modern world. People voted to leave for what I believe were mostly completely understandable and legitimate reasons. Unfortunately, a fraction of them have let themselves be taken on a ride by a bunch of chancers that can only use rhetoric to address problems. People are addicted to confidence rather than ability and action.
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    I like him but I'd have way more respect for him if he rocked up at like Milan, Dortmund, Valencia, Napoli, Inter, etc and actually built to topple one of the big boys.
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    I get no club wants to lose their best players and Maguire is clearly one of those. However, given the strength in depth you guys have at the back and the astronomical fees that are being quoted for Maguire would it not be perceived as a calculated sacrifice to strengthen other areas of the side? Would be far easier to replace than someone like Chilwell for example.
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    I live by the term "buy cheap, pay twice" and think you could use it in this context. - Buy Tielemans, we know it works out here... he's good enough and young enough to make this deal a no brainer. - Buy a cheaper player, doesn't work out, we go back to the market and get someone else who is also a gamble. Probably pay more in the end both in wages and fees.
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    Tielemans being at Leicester is an anomaly in the first place. On one hand he is one of the most promising youngsters in Europe and then on the other he was deemed surplus to requirements from a club that has nosedived off a cliff. But let's break it down a but further. Monaco paid £20+ million for him 2 years ago aged 20 and on the face of it he looks like he did poorly in his first season when they finished 2nd but this season individually his stats were better but the team has bombed and he fell out with Jardim. He was loaned out as Jardim came back and tried to save them. This shows he isn't wanted, if the boot was on the other foot and we loaned out Iheanacho or Soyuncu we would be off our heads if we thought they were then worth double what we paid for them. The problem is though, Tielemans has been exceptional for us, is on the verge of being first choice for a star studded Belgian national team and has only just turned 22. He guarantees goals and assists from central midfield and if he was still at Anderlecht or at someone like Ajax and we were in for him then £40m wouldn't be as obscene as it sounds. We don't tend to stand a chance ordinarily of signing £40m rated players as they go elsewhere, nor do we ordinarily stand the chance of signing a player like Tielemans with his experience and stature at such a young age. So we now are having to weigh up whether we shit ball Monaco for a player they have deemed surplus to requirements albeit not necessarily due to ability, or we realise the rarity of a player like Tielemans being within our grasp and pay the fee for him which all things considered he is probably worth. The danger if we don't is, we allow the likes of Man Utd or Spurs get their house in order and require a new midfielder where the price tag of £40m doesn't bother them. If we were to lose out on him to a club that did pay the asking price it would be galling, especially when we could afford it either straight up or from the sale of Maguire. Not to mention when we seemingly throw £55m around last summer on Ward, Ghezzal, Soyuncu and Benkovic that weren't either a priority or trusted to be regulars. I hope we know what we are doing, I can't say this is sitting well with me though. The lad is liquid gold and I'd love to know what scenario or what sort of talent we would be willing to pay more than £20-30m for? Certainly a bit hypocritical when we demand obscene fees for our assets who aren't probably anywhere near as good as Tielemans. Please don't balls this up Leicester.
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    Hahaha this is next level now, instead of competing for transfers with Everton, just straight up buy their players.
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    Took Ostersunds from the Swedish 4th tier to the top flight, won the Swedish cup and then beat Arsenal in the Europa League. Swansea were in a right mess, they’ve been asset stripped and barely replaced players. Finishing 10th playing tidy football under the circumstances is a steady achievement.
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    Honestly the best wedding photo I've ever seen. Those shoes remind me of the spiders from Ocarina of Time. Also how many costume changes. Is that all the wedding day?
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    You're missing the point... The money we get for Maguire will be used to strengthen the team... We have adequate strength in that CB position without Maguire.. Cash in.. Buy Tielemans, Bowen and Che Adams (and still have some loose change left).
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    Kramaric wasn’t really a flop in my eyes, came at the wrong time and has done decent since moving on
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    Grown adults pissing on a toilet seat in a ****ing place of work. As in the toilets in an office block. What are you playing at you ****ing animals. Jesus wept.
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    Yes - they both come from the same Country.
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    Sutton just wants threads like this created around the internet to promote himself ......... let’s not give him any publicity ......
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    Do you ever think it sounds a bit sixth form Corbynesque politics? I listened to Farage yesterday and the message, as partly echoed by you, is we need to smash up all the political institutions to make everything rosy. It just sounds all a bit school boy ridiculous. The thing is also PM Farage with 32% of the vote isn't going to be rushing to change the electoral system because all of a sudden PR favours liberal, anti-brexit (then becoming pro EU accession) parties and Farage isn't holding on to power come the next election. I agree there needs to be change, but not Farage's change. But the reason that parliament can't implement the decision of the people is because Brexiteers blocked it. We'd be out of the EU now but for 28 Brexiteers. It would be a strange thing to want to smash up all the institutions because your own side (and the people that would end up as BP MPs having defected) has stopped the people's instruction being implemented. It's not really the same as the warnings in 2016 though is it? Because one was 'speculation' about what might happen as a reaction to an instruction that produced no immediate tangible change and what future change was to come was expected to be minimal and sensible, thus making it ludicrous to think things might implode immediately. This one is 'speculation' about what happens in the event of a very tangible sudden increase in the barriers to the overwhelming majority of the UK's trade along with a complete, almost overnight, severing of the mechanisms for the functioning of a deep and intricate supply chain (that encompasses every aspect of everyday life) that has been nurtured over 40+ years. Moreover, this is not an end point and merely leaves the UK facing exactly the same dilemmas but in an even weaker position. There is not any moral justification for leaving without a deal. The country isn't fine though. Be it Brexit related stuff like a lack of business investment or tough trading conditions or non-Brexit related stuff like violent crime, a social care crisis, criminal gangs, housing, and 'left-behind areas', the country is hardly fine. And you're happy to extend the malaise that with a dozy Brexit policy and smashing up the institutions. I just can't countenance it. A sensible Brexit that was less divisive, not unnecessarily corrosive was there to be had for anyone that isn't a fan of the EU (me included). A Brexit that reflects the nature of the modern world but returned sovereignty back to the UK. I've no idea how we ended up at this point. That all said, the polls favour Farage because we're at a European election when people feel they can vote for anyone and that inflates GE polls. At an actual GE the choice will again be between a Labour government that ends up cancelling Brexit or a Conservative government led by someone else that might be able to eventually manage it.
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    Just catching up on this thread. I'm quite surprised how many people are dismissing Harry on the basis that we have two ready made replacements sitting in the wings. Personally I don't think we can be so certain - one has played a few times and for sure looks promising but certainly not the finished article. The best we can say for the other is that we are optimistic. Its difficult to judge from the Scottish Premier League because he standard is generally so poor. Just my opinion, but I feel we should be very wary indeed about letting any of our top players leave. We might find we very much miss Harry.
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    So I’m just back from my first trip to Bochum and I’ve had an amazing couple of days. only a few weeks a go I decided to go to the game on my own not knowing anyone but I have to say from the people who helped at this side with getting me a ticket and letting me join them for the weekend and the Bochum fans who looked after us all weekend in their city to the random Bochum fans in the stadium welcoming me to their club and giving us scarves and of course the curywurst have all been beyond what I could have imagined. Loved the whole weekend only problem for those is that put up with me this time is that this will not be my last trip, so let me know folks when your going over again! So thanks to everyone I met or helped me out it was a brilliant experience.
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    Blimey I’ve learnt something today ... Mrs cf’s In for a good kicking tonight ! ...
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    If this does happen, I think the combination of Robben and Ricardo could be filthy. Both obviously got great technique and Ricardo's overlapping runs would open up space for Robben to cut in, or you know he would find Ricardo with a reversed through ball. The one twos would be a thing of beauty.
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    After seeing whats happened in the Stringer thread, I probably won't get away with this post without someone saying hello Marc but he's been absolutely superb for us, I can't believe you're saying that. During thaf Puel stint this season, he always looked 100x more effective than Gray. He's such an outlet for us. And in the other seasons he doesn't need defending. He's been incredible. His work rate, his unrivalled delivery in the box. He's been absolutely immense. I seriously cant believe anyone wouldn't think the same. In fact, as a free signing, id say its surely the best one we have ever made?
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    We were linked last year. He was absolutely dog shit on loan in La Liga and only shone in the Scottish division. Would suit a Championship club for about 8 million. No better than what we have.
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    I like the optimism and i'm inclined to agree. I honestly don't see the first 11 (that's including Tielemans) as being that far away from the so-called Big 6. Trouble is when we need a goal we bring on Iheanacho, when we need to beef up the midfield we bring on Mendy and when we need to shore up the defence we bring on Morgan etc etc Our first 11 is more than enough (would like to sign a quality winger) but the squad as a whole needs beefing up.
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    I'm voting lib Dem as well. Farage is a pound shop Enoch Powell. All Brexit is doing is distracting us from all the important issues in the country, protecting public services, climate change, knife crime. Kids being stabbed everyday in London and yet all our attention is on this mess and it has been for the past three years.
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    Congerton's only just started and we've already been relegated from Everton and West Ham to Newcastle and Southampton
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    I recently did a dissertation based around Leicester City. I emailed his business enquiries and he came back to me and arranged time out off his day to let me meet him and helped me with my dissertation whilst letting me record it. My point is before you give him abuse just beware you haven’t met him in person, only listened to his commentary. When I met him he was insightful and went out off his day to not only meet me but actually show me around BBCRL. Just a thought
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    The translation is either off or they've taken it out of context. He wasn't referring to Leicester when he said that - it even says in the Mail article. He was talking about whether or not to retire.
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    Wow that is some of the most cringe worthy self promotion I have ever seen.
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    So do I call you Ian, colleague of Ian or fan of Ian? I do realise all 3 could be one and the same For the purpose of my reply I'll assume you are Ian, I have based this on you joining the forum to specifically comment on this thread and defend yourself. Take away some of the extreme comments Ian and take on board the many constructive comments and this could help improve your commentary, how you come across to the fans and how they perceive you. Utilise Pipes more discussing FOOTBALL, avoid fashion, boring stories about journey, snacks and especially the fkn irritating Matt Elliott impressions. In game focus on patterns of play, who's on top, where problems lie what we could do to change, who's dangerous for us and more importantly describe what's happening in the game utilise Pipes. I truly do hope this helps you Ian.
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    When Theresa May resigns, whoever takes her place will have exactly the same problems. They're not going to magically disappear. As for Farage, his background team are clearly very slick however they're preying on those who can't analyse their arguments. Those who have been radicalised, those who can't see the dangers of electing people who have given zero information into how they're going to enact their main (only) policy. Those who think this country is still somehow a major global power. They're the ones who scream patriotism when they're the one's who hate what this country has become the most.
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    Dare I swim against this tidal wave of animosity towards Stringer and suggest that on the rare occasions that I listen to him on Radio Leicester (basically in the car on the way back from a game) he always comes across to me as a highly competent, listenable and insightful broadcaster who seems genuinely passionate about LCFC.
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    He's probably right. He was the first to bring us the news of the Hugo Lloris murder last month.
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    "Have you met my dogs, Ian? ...come on you'll love them 'Fido, Max, Benji Come and say hello to my friend Ian!'"
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    We have no problem filling 32k every week, despite a large number of people not bothering because its difficult to get multiple seats together. With an expansion, I imagine 37-40k being the typical turnout. 40-42k for the big games. That'll only increase if we have a few years of sustained success, as well. Obviously dead rubbers, midweek/TV games etc might take a bit of a hit. Having a few thousand empty seats isn't a huge issue as long as the club are sensible about how they sell STs. If they set it up so there's a block of seats with NO season ticket holders in it then they can temporarily close off a section if expecting low sales (cover it with one of those large crowd banners with the LCFC logo on, so it looks intended) and reopen when demand requires it. Having empty seats is a FAR FAR FAR better problem than not having enough to meet demand.
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