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    Welcome to the club, Cengiz!
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    Let's show some love for Justin, yes he's raw and he can and am sure will improve defensively. He works his backside off and is a great outlet. He's a young lad that is playing more games than he probably thought he would at the top level
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    Timmy or Barnes Man of the Match... Looking forward to these two next week
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    "[Çağlar and I] had a dream when we were kids to play in Europe together. That dream is now coming true with Leicester."
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    Think after last season we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves. One game at a time and all that jazz. Happy to see us winning again though
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    We're a really good side and anyone who doesn't rate Praet can fck off.
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    The madness when he dresses up as the undertaker and Cags appears as Paul Bearer clutching the Europa League trophy as the "urn"
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    Hi guys, I’m a fan of As Roma, sorry if my English is not perfect, but I’m italian :) I registered on your forum because I wanted to tell something about Cengiz Under. He arrived in Rome as an unknown, at the beginning of his first season he struggled to show is talent, but then in the second part he surprised everyone, giving us impressive performances. Probably if you had sold us mahrez we wouldn't have bought him (we bought Javier pastore, an economic disaster for us ). The following years he was often injured, especially this last year he was injured at the beginning of the season and our coach Fonseca never liked him, we had zaniolo on his position and later we used carles perez. Your team shouldn't have much competition as a right winger, if he will play continuously and stop getting injured, I am sure that for us Roma fans he will become a great regret. Our coach is so bad with young players, Under only needs a good coach who believe in him, he's potentially worth more than 27 million, we got a bad deal. I will follow his games at Leicester with interest, hoping that he will become what I thought he would become in Rome, good luck.
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    Hey Brendan, I've solved the selection dilemma you will face in November. There can only be one way to play now!
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    Right then Wes, you've got two options. 1. Join Leicester City. Train at one of the best training grounds in Europe. A club on an upward swing. Europa League this season. Decent wages. A highly likely chance of domestic and international career progression. And possibly the best owners in world football. ..... or ..... 2. Join West Ham. They're most likely going down. Again. Owned by the Dildo Brothers.
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    What type of mutant can play DM or RW. Sounds to me like when someone claims Armartay can play all these roles. based on the fact that’s ruined my lunch, it’s a no from me
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    I think he deserves more respect.
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    Why do people desperately want the thread to be closed? Bizarre.
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    “I will try to help my team-mates on the pitch and off the pitch and I believe that I can improve my performance every day. I think I am fast and can create lots of chances for my colleagues. “I feel very good because my best friend plays for Leicester City. I am very happy to be able to play with Çağlar [Söyüncü] and I always watched Leicester’s games because of him.”
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    Oh man, I can't believe Cengiz Under will be playing for LCFC! During a discussion here last year. I bragged a little bit about this young player. I am all smiling and so excited to watch him. It feels like getting Mo Salah to LCFC. I am not saying Under is as good as Mo Salah. Just that, this is a tremendous signing. I would have never thought Under would really come to play for LCFC, no disrespect. I always thought if he ever played in the Premier League, it was going to be one of the London or Manchester Clubs. Really, really happy for LCFC. I hope he stays injury free. The Premier League is just for his style. He's incredibly fast and great at beating defenders in 1-on-1 situations. He's got long range accurate shots, crosses and etc. I know some mentioned of Perisic, and I really really like Perisic but I would have picked Under on any day vs Perisic because Under is younger, faster, takes better shots, and a better dribbler.
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    Didn't he used to be Cat Stevens?
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    I can’t think of a single reason not to take the competition seriously? Let’s rest a few players and go out early, so we might qualify for Europe next season - where is the logic?
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    Imagine having 2 of the top 5 RBs in the league
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    He's 22. He's raw. He was playing Division 3 football a little over a year ago. He was playing Division 4 football a little over two years ago. He'll make mistakes - as we saw tonight - but he'll also provide good moments - as we saw tonight. Vardy took a year to adapt from Div 5 to Championship and a year to adapt from Championship to PL. Probably an unpopular opinion but let's take a measured view of the lad. And in truth he wouldn't be a regular starter right now if Ricardo was fit and Castagne played LB. He's doing alright.
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    Totally agree re Burnley. They were great. Everything that, bar the last 6 years, we would kill to have been for the last two decades. Organised. Committed. Dangerous. Disruptive. They worked us really hard and I like that they are out there every weekend sticking two fingers up rot the elite and running off a shoestring budget. Good for them.
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    Identified on a restraining order is not the same as knowing someone
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    I like British people so much, they're so cool about language. They're not like French people for example. Even if you did screw up grammatically they always say like "it's okay, we're understand each other, that's not a problem" kind things. My English is not good either but every English person help me every time I screw up and says okay. Also folks in there so great, this is why I love Leicester City and it's fans and actually feel proud to consider myself to one of them.
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    The obsession with the weirdos who want to get threads to 100 pages. Just been on the Fofana transfer thread and for nearly 2 pages it’s people going on about getting to 100 pages. It wasn’t funny 9 years ago it definitely isn’t funny nowadays. Cvnts
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    Does it? I’m not quite sure how any can glean much from it, because changing your entire team to one that’s never played together before pretty much always leads to a disjointed performance. Our squad has plenty of options. An injury / Make shift team has already swept aside two teams this season. You generally only (unless you are unlucky) have two or three starters out. We have plenty to cope with a couple of injuries. Will we be as good, no. How many teams are when they lose starting 11 players? ST: Vardy / Iheanacho / Perez Wing: Barnes, Under, Perez, Albrighton, Gray AM: Maddison, Tielemans, Praet DM: Ndidi, Mendy, Hamza Fullback: Ricardo, Castagne, Justin, Thomas, Fuchs, Amartey CB: Evans, Soyuncu, New CB, Morgan, Benkovic. Yes there is the obvious CB that’s needed and because of make up of our full backs there are question marks there. We aren’t Manchester City who can collect £60m players for the bench. So I have no idea what you expect the club to do.
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    Dear Englismen in Leicester. ! Now one of my Turkish friends has said and warned me that my English is so much poor and thats why I put Turkish people into difficult position . And I said to him thats not problem my english could not be good but I do not have any complex about that. English people is talking their mother language and I am trying to talk my poor english with all my efforts and learned with my efforts.. So, if you can not understand my English and İf I am very bad at this language please say me so . Meanwhile nobody is perfect . Thats all Folks !!! Thank you..
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    Well done, Ayoze, after only 2 games you have now been awarded FT scapegoat of the year for 2020 to 2021. Be proud of your achievement as you are in accomplished company. Other winners include Ben Chilwell, Richie Wellens. You've beaten off all of the competition early, including James Maddison. Wear your crown with dignity and pride.
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    Worth giving a shout out to Mendy, who I think has been superb in the last two games. Always been a bit part player but when ever he has been called upon he’s been faultless.
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    Did anyone else notice the change to the Twitter bio? 😂
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    Literally nobody would have Mendy in over Wilf, and nobody has said as such. He's allowed some praise for how he's started the season and people are right to say extending his deal looks top business, moreso now.
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    Yeah, but... Champions of England, you’ll never sing that..
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    Definitely an agent led transfer. Can't stand clubs who do that...
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    I like JJ but there is no way Fuchs was merely "steady" in 2015/16. He was superb.
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    Get to the final and finish 8th 100% Leicester in a European final
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    Annoyingly I think this lad is destined to be phenomenal and if we miss out then it'll sting. Pay £33m and flick Claude the bird.
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