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    Scored our first goal back in the Prem Scored our first winning goal back in the Prem Stepped up when it mattered A Champion Thank you Leo
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    In the unlikely event that they're still together (Mahrez likely to leave) to continue their glorious partnership with us next season, may I just say it's been an absolute pleasure watching them over play together. At times, they've mesmerised us. They've ridiculed opposition teams with some sensational pieces of skill and teamwork and ability. They've entertained us and turned on the style when it's required. Despite only supporting us since about 6/7 years old, I never thought I'd see someone with skills like Mahrez has play for us and be such a crowd-pleaser with many moments of magic. And Vardy is surely going down as one of Leicester's greatest ever strikers. 20 goals this season in a side that hasn't always turned up is nothing short of special and typifies his quality. On behalf of all Leicester fans, to Vardy and Mahrez - thank you. Goals against West Brom this season and Liverpool in 15/16 stand out of course but for all the other times you've combined to put joy on all our faces, thank you. You have been wonderful to watch
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    Got offered the opportunity to get a free Premier League medal, play in one of the most highly acclaimed squads in the history of the Premier League for a manager that's somehow made Raheem ****ing Sterling look world class. Imagine what he'd do with Riyad. Forgive me a bit of shameless rep-point grandstanding but he's helped us get promoted, helped us win the league, helped us get to the quarter finals of the champions league. Just like Drinkwater, he had every right to look to progress his career and do so with our support and gratitude. That's football, folks. All he did was request a transfer. There's been no downing of tools, no flouncing off, no refusing to play, no kicking up a fuss. He was a consummate pro after the summer, got his head down and got back to his very best. Nothing to suggest he isn't going to do so again now. He's probably leaving in the summer and when he does, cest la vie. Until he does, he's one of ours and he's a big part of our push to get back to our European tour. I for one can't wait to see the bright lights of Tallinn, Kharkiv, Warsaw and Tirana in the tin pot cup. So please, stow the childish bitterness, stop buying in to the pathetic Sky Sports narrative that he's causing disruption in the squad, don't believe the melodrama and just ****ing support him and the rest of the lads.
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    Anyone slagging us after that can do one. We could have drawn or won that. The future’s bright.
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    I waited so long to hear a manager says this. It seems forever that there has been no tie up between the 1st team squad and the rest of the club. Long may it continue.
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    I think that Saturday finally signalled the end to our illustrious League winning Captain's certainty to a place in our starting lineup. He came from the hated Forest and played and played and played. Every game he wore his heart on his sleeve and put his body on the line. I don't think I've ever seen a player throw himself in front of so many goal headed shots to keep us in a game. You did us proud Wes and you probably became the most unlikely title winning captain in history. Thanks for everything. You are a Leicester city Legend.
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    I love this forum (and God knows I waste a disproportionate amount of my free time contributing to it) but one thing really pisses me off and that's the battering some posters give our young lads. It's the same at the ground to the point where I regularly get into disagreements (albeit friendly-ish) with some of the miserable feckers who sit near me. Obviously everyone is entitled to their opinion but for the life of me I can't understand why some sections of our support are so keen to criticise our young players when we have probably the most promising group of youngsters in our history. There's a reason Gray, Chilwell, N'didi and Maguire are being linked to other clubs, it's because they're ****ing good players who we should cherish rather than berate the minute it's doesn't go so well. The thing with young players is that they're, well, young. So by definition they're going to make mistakes and poor decisions sometime because you only get experience by playing and making those errors. When I read people in the Peterborough thread saying we should flog Gray I wonder if we saw the same game because what I saw was a guy that Posh just couldn't live with but who needs to just refine his game a little. Likewise, if you not excited by the potential in the likes of Chilwell, Maguire and Iheanacho then I wonder if you're just a miserable sod. Similarly, at times this season, Chilwell, N'didi, Amartey, Iheanacho and even Harvey Barnes (after one bloody appearance) have taken some heavy stick which seems not only disproportionate but massively counter productive to me. I'm not saying people should say they've been wonderful when they haven't been and of course they're not beyond constructive criticism....it's more the 'he's shit'/ 'sell him' / 'should have sold him' / 'he thinks he's better than he is' comments that piss me off as they just smack of jealousy. It's probably those fans who will be first to call them a traitorous cvnt when they move to a bigger club. Sorry to rant but I think we've got it good right now and as I say, I think we should be excited about the team's potential.
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    I don't normally create threads but I'm absolutely sick and tired of the negativity around the club at the moment with our fans. Of course people are entitled to their opinions but it's almost like people want us to lose so they can moan on FT. People wanting the manager out when he's only been here for 6 months is pathetic. Take today for example, people just seem to look at the score without the context of the game. We completely battered a good Burnley side, away from home, with our third and sixth choice midfielder we should have at the very least come out with a point. Take Burnley for example, Dyche has built them over a number of years, where there hasn't always been success whilst he's been there, but eventually he's got a hard working, tough team that suits his style of play perfectly. If we want to be a club like Watford where we change our manager all the while we'll never do anything good. Instead of being negative we need to get behind the manager and at least give the bloke half a chance. We all know what happened with Pearson but look what he did, there were times in the Championship when we were absolutely abysmal under him, take that period where we didn't win for about 16 games for example. But eventually Pearson built us in to a good side. Who knows if Puel is the right man for us but at least give the guy a chance.
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    All the best, Leo. You had some big big moments in your few years here.
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    It is true that the reason for our encouragement to Leicester is the presence of Mahrez but we will continue to encourage this team which for us represents the challenge of the poor for the rich in football and good luck for the team and we hope to qualify for the European League next year Thank you for offering an Algerian player to the world We apologize for any comments or comments on the pages and forums of the team by the Algerians
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    It's a harrowing read and something I've been through. I lost £10,000 in less than 30 minutes a few months ago and finally hit rock bottom. I'm now doing everything humanely possible to abstain from gambling long term, it's not going to be easy but I'm very serious this time. It's no longer something I'm keeping to myself, they call gambling the secret addiction and it is. You can just sit at home or whilst your waiting for your missus in a shop, gambling your head off and causing untold misery to yourself and everyone around you in seconds. A lot of these online bookmakers don't have any limits either, unless you start winning a wedge and they'll soon restrict you. I lost a significant amount of money back in 2013 and remember at the time posting on here about how I needed to stop gambling but truth be told, I didn't want to know. I was just hurting that I'd lost all that money and needed the pain to go away, you'll agree to anything to try and stop the agony. I didn't do anything other than tell myself if I ever gamble again i'll devastate myself, I didn't tell anybody close to me who could help put barriers in place, I didn't tell my now wife how much I'd lost and what I'd been up to. So I ploughed on, on my own and managed to go nearly 2 years through determination not to bet or gamble on anything. But nothing changed in my mindset, I was still only one bet away from falling back in to the heinous habit that I had. After a while, if nothing has changed to your thought process or character, then the pain of what you did previously will subside and the exciting feelings of gambling and the holy grail of a big win will come back and fill your every waking thought. That's where my problem has been since early adulthood, I'm immature about money and life. Any problems or stress and the release of gambling and the potential to win big money would make everything better, when what a load of bollocks that is. A) I had/have no regard for money anyway so why would a load of it suddenly make everything right in the world and B) I am a compulsive gambler and any big win would only lead to bigger problems later down the line. But I'd always daydream about winning big as a way of coping with mundane life, unfulfillment at work and general day to day worries about money etc. I wasn't living in the real world, it was all fantasy as a way of escaping from whatever problems I had under the surface. It was a childish way of dealing with things, in fact that's being unfair to children. It was a moronic and warped way of life and mentality, only now that I'm learning about the triggers and how I've got to this point do I understand what needs to be done to permanently change for the better in my life long pursuit to a gambling free life. I go to GA and have recently started counselling through Gamcare (who are brilliant by the way) and it's still early days but I'm quietly confident i'll beat this. I no longer keep all of this to myself, I've been brutally honest to my wife, my best pals and my family and although they were horrified and it didn't make much sense, they have all been brilliant. I believe in honesty 100%, as a gambler you lie constantly. You lie to yourself, you lie to others, you're a selfish bastard and nothing gets in the way of that roulette wheel or that horse or dog shit conference south team you're waiting on 10+ corners for. I am open and speak about how I'm feeling and this is key for me to change, as soon as I stop being honest and keep all of this to myself, it's easy to slip back in to the world of gambling. I have banned myself from all online betting sites, I have software on all devices that add a further barrier just in case, I've cancelled credit cards, overdrafts and am banned from bookies, casinos, the whole nine yards. My wife has access to all my finances to ensure I'm not being a complete cretin. There's no going back. Truth be told, I still miss the buzz of gambling which is scandalous, given the sickening feeling that I can barely describe from the obscene losses I've had. But it's a twisted addiction and the anarchy and chaos of being thousands of pounds down and staring in to the abyss of financial devastation only to win it all back is a scarily powerful and alluring feeling. I can deal with any brief and fleeting twinge of missing gambling because I've built up a resistence to it's very being. I can never allow that to change, I view gambling as evil and I'm disgusted with the way I was living my life. I've got a son who's 2 and a half and I was risking his future by being a stupid idiot. I am aware it's a disease of sorts but I'm allowing myself no excuses for it, it just fuels my focus on changing the future. I can't change the past, the damage I've done, the money I've lost is gone, there's no point even going over it. It's the absolute pits of a thing to be caught up in. Anyway, if anyone else is suffering from the grips of gambling and haven't yet been able to reach out for help, please do before you cause yourself and your loved ones a lot of pain. Send me a DM if you want any advice on where to go for help, there's some amazing people and organisations out there who care. The government are finally having to accept this epidemic that the gambling industry is causing too. FOBT's in bookies are soon to be, if not already reduced from £100 spins down to £2 spins. Addicts will find their fix from somewhere but at least it's making it harder to do severe financial damage at the click of a button. Life is worth more than this. Don't be a pleb like me
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    Leonardo Ulloa has thanked the Blue Army for their support over the four years he has been at the Club, following Sunday's confirmation of his transfer to Mexican side Pachuca. More on this story... Leonardo Ulloa Joins Mexican Side Pachuca Top Ulloa Goals - https://www.lcfc.com/tv/805317/top-ulloa-goals Leo wrote... I am a Premier League champion. Thanks to Leicester City Football Club. I came to this Club four years ago and a lot of things have happened. Above all, we have achieved together the greatest success in the Club’s history. Things come to an end now for me at this Club as a better possibility has arisen elsewhere. We’ve decided to part company in the understanding that this is the best both for the Club and for myself. I want to thank everyone at the Club, from the guys at reception, stewards, kitchen staff at the training ground canteen, my team-mates, the Club’s owner and officials and the different managers and assistants we’ve had in this period. Thanks to all those who have taken part in my life while at the Club and I’m sorry if I’ve missed anyone. And, of course, the Club’s fans. It’s been a fantastic time with you, where you’ve made me feel welcomed and loved from day one. Even when my relationship with the Club was in a difficult place, you made me feel your support and your care. Thank you. We have done something fantastic together and you are part of some of the greatest moments of my life. I wish the best of luck to all Leicester fans and to the Club from now as life goes on. See you soon. Leonardo Ulloa (23) https://www.lcfc.com/news/805320/leo-says-farewell
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    Another immortal bites the dust if true. I suppose it was about time, he’s had a good run. Whatever you say about the guy he’ll live forever fondly in the memory of many a city fan including myself.
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    Evening Guys and Girls, The dust has kinda settled after the move and I'm starting to come to terms with us having to sell all of our best players to pay for Delia's little toy to continue, couldn't be more gutted for our team to be pulled apart but the move of Maddison is a strange feeling, as gutted as I am for our future chances in the championship I understand from the club point of view but also the player, this lad deserves a shot at the big time and him staying wouldn't be right for a lad of his talent, not just on the field but off it and lets be honest the money was far too good to turn down, Madders only really broke into the first team this season even though plenty more thought he deserved a chance during our frustrating near miss of the last campaign. I've been a Norwich supporter for over 30 years and there aren't many more that have captured my attention like him, only maybe a young Bellamy or Hucks in his prime for pure talent, this lad really does have the lot. As you can see from the videos posted he has some great skills but this is just scratching the surface of what he can go on to, I've seen the recent video here but there is also another of his growing up that will show how early his talent shined and it's a shock he hasn't been in the England under 21's for years, one thing that always stood out from me with Madders is his skill to use his body without even touching the ball, I've never seen a player sit the opposition on their ass without even touching the ball just by his body movements, add that to his cutting edge pass, awesome finish from distance and dead ball skills that are as good as I've ever seen at Carrow road, you've got yourself one hell of a baller. Next on to the lad himself, if you've got children this lad is what you want your kids to look to as a role model, the last to stay signing stuff for kids after games and the first to turn up at local hospitals or events when the players are asked, completely humble to his upbringing and what he's come from, he really does go the extra mile for the fans. A friend of mine lost his wife to cancer, she was a real super fan from Norwich attending over 900 consecutive games and after hearing of this he went out of his way to not only contact him to offer signed merchandise to auction for charity to help the cause but also wanting to meet him to hand it over in person to wish him all the best and sorting tickets so all the family could attend the game in her tribute, the lad can't do enough which is so refreshing in the current climate of football. Im so glad he's decided to join a really good team with decent supporters that will back him and help his development so that he can continue his development rather than take maybe a few more quid and sit on the bench of a "big club". I wish yourselves and Madders all the best and look forward to watching him get his England call up before too long. have a great season, Norwich fans will be watching ? Time for another couple of g&t's
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    Today for me is a sad day to see Andy King excluded from our 25 man squad for the 2018/19 season effectively ending his Leicester city career it seems. King seems to have divided a lot of fans over the years but one thing nobody can deny is the fact he has been a loyal servant to the club's for years which is incredibly rare these days. For that he has gained many supporters respect. From making his debut in the championship and dropping down to league one and climbing back uoto where we are today he has been on that journey with the club in its most successful period ever and he has played a crucial role over the years at times. Winners medals at league one , championship, and Premiership and out most capped international ever. Reaching the highs that we have his opportunities has been fee and far between bit being the club man he is he has never complained just got his head down and got on with it. I wish him luck wherever his next club will be if it's in coaching or still playing or both. For me a real Leicester legend.
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    Helped us stay up, helped us to win the title and was in that team that embarrassed Man Utd 5-3. Forever part of a team that is legendary.
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    And this, in a nutshell, is why he should be given time. We're all proud of the way we assembled our title squad. OK, we're highly unlikely to have that level of success ever again, but is there anything better than seeing teams chocka with homegrown talent doing the business for a club they care about? We've cobbed money about to little effect the past couple of years, great to have someone who wants to take a different approach.
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    I feel sorry for Simpson. It was clear with all his off the pitch troubles the game was a lifeline into normality. And he rarely put a foot wrong in our title winning season. He was integral to the team spirit. The man beemed happiness and joy in our goal celebrations. And he did legitimately try to adapt to Puel's style too. I think we've stepped up with Pereira but I don't fancy joining in any schadenfreude. He's our title winning right back.
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    Six years ago today. We signed Westley Morgan from Forest for £1m. Nigel Pearson's second signing since returning (the other being a certain Mr Drinkwater). Six months later, as a result of his strong performances, he was awarded the captaincy of Leicester City Football Club. Since then... Captain when we pushed for that play-off spot. Captain on Deeney Day. Captain when we set a new club record for consecutive wins (9). Captain when we were promoted to the Premier League. Captain when he lifted the Football League Trophy. Captain when we overturned a 3-1 deficit to beat Man Utd 5-3. Captain when we were rooted to the bottom of the league for 6 months. Captain when we couldn't buy a point. Captain when we looked doomed at the start of April, 7 points off safety. Captain when we turned it all around. Captain when we won 7 out of 9 to pull off the Greatest Escape. Captain when we surprised everyone with our great start. Captain when we kept it up. Captain for 36 games without a booking. Captain at the Etihad when shit got real. Captain at the Emirates when Arsenal won the league on Valentine's Day. Captain when we ground out every 1-0. Captain when we just. kept. going. Captain fantastic equalising at Old Trafford to take us within a point of winning the league. Captain when he was being dragged around Jamie Vardy's kitchen floor after Chelsea equalised. Captain for every minute of that season - every 3420 of them. Captain when he lifted the Premier League Trophy with Claudio Ranieri. Captain when he paraded the trophy to 250,000 people. Captain when it went wrong again. Captain when he put us ahead against Sevilla. Captain when he rushed back from injury to put in a proper captain's performance in the Champions League Quarter Finals against Atletico Madrid. Captain still, as we evolve into a top team. Scored at Old Trafford to take us a point within winning the Premier League Title Scored at the King Power to help take us to the Quarter Finals of the Champions League. Here's Wes, looking for his competitors for Leicester City's best ever captain: £1m. Leicester City legend.
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    We made it to the last 8 of the FA cup and we've been beaten by the league champions after extra time. We made it to the last 8 of the League cup and were beaten by the run away league champions on penalties after extra time. We're in with a good shout of finishing 7th in the prem. We have a lot of good young players coming through. What is there not to be happy about this season? Okay Mahrez and we could have been fighting for 6th place and gone even further in the cups but we are Leicester City I think we've had a good season and we're looking good for another good season next year.
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    Hello people, I'm French, not a Leicester City fan - sorry- but thanks to Puel I'm following your team. Some informations from France (I mainly follow Ligue 1 and I spoke with Puel in two occasions): 1. Puel is a very calm person. Even if he were fluent in english, he would be very calm and quiet. Some people hate him for that as football today is more about idiocy than football. Some of your fans will hate him for that. It's quite normal in our era. That's how he speaks in French: 2. Puel is passionate. Truly passionate. He doesn't care much about the media. Have a look at him when someone from your team scores and you will understand how he really is. 3. Puel loves discipline. He is disciplined towards himself and wants discipline from players. He built his own career around discipline (when he was a player at Monaco, it was his main quality). It's not only about yelling against players. Puel creates structures inside the club to make the players more disciplined and professional. 4. Puel can show a lot of love toward a player (it was the case with Ben Arfa and will certainly be the case with Mahrez). Yet, there are no free-pass for those players. 5. Puel is one of most respected French technician. Technicians from the French Federation of Football know he is one of the best technician in France right now. Actually, if he was not that quiet, he could have been the French national coach for the World Cup (that's what people say in football circles... sadly, not in the media). 6. Puel is known in France to take an average team with some potential and make it a lot better: Lille/ Nice/ Monaco (even if Monaco was a fairly big club at the time). 7. In big clubs he can struggle. With Lyon he struggled a lot. He spent 124 million euros in two transfer windows (which was a lot at the time) and still struggled. Lyon was like the PSG of today (in France) and he couldn't win the league. He is hated in Lyon for that. That semi in UCL was not that big for Lyon supporters. 8. Puel is stubborn. More than Wenger (I think it's natural for you to compare with another French coach, so... I'm doing it). If the board doesn't follow him, he can stop at the end of the season (he never abandons his teams like that, which I think is a good point). 9. Puel is a very hard worker. He dedicates his free time to football. 10. Puel is very demanding towards himself. It's not obvious like that, but he is physically a beast. You will often see him running with the players for kilometers or even playing football with them. He doesn't like being a spectator during the trainings. 11. Puel doesn't care about age. He will put the best player on the pitch. If this player is 16 years old, so be it. He gives many chances to young players. 12. Puel does like fresh players. Turn-over is very important for him (it's even more important in England because of the Boxing Day). 13. Puel loves trying new players. He can buy a lot of small players and make them good (or good enough to play league games). He takes some calculated risks and can sometimes win (or lose). 14. In terms of tactics, Puel likes possession. He can also do a kind of Catenaccio à la Française (same as Raniery), when he doesn't have the quality in his team. I think he is the best French coach right now (above Zidane as Zidane is managing egos). A lot of French people won't aknowledge it. I'm a PSG fan since decades. I've never been a fan of his teams. Still, I can aknowledge the quality he brings to his teams. I think Puel is the best French coach. P.S: Sorry for my poor english. I'm doing my best.