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  1. 14 minutes ago, sheffield_fox said:

    I don't mind this at all. If it bothers West ham fans then more fool them. 


    If Europe's best and brightest want to come and prove themselves at Leicester for a season or two before moving onto their dream clubs, leaving us a tidy profit, I'd say that's exactly where I want us to be as a club. 

    Agreed, it'll be Real Madrid or Barca after him ar this rate, not Marseille 

  2. 54 minutes ago, Muzzy_Larsson said:

     I also think a bit of perspective is needed here, Leicester are riding on the crest of a wave going through one of the best periods in their history so despite all this noise t's a great time to be a Leicester fan. Support your team through thick and thin regardless of what happens externally. 

    Its true that this is the best time ever to be a Leicester fan, but if they slip down and out of the prem, I won't be supporting them anymore 

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  3. 3 minutes ago, Collymore said:

    The result on Sunday and now this? Coincidene?? 



    That Man City result has shocked the world and St Etienne have rolled over to the superior Leicester power. 


    We're the real deal people and with Seagrave it's exciting times. 

    We'll go and lose to Fulham now.. it's the Leicester way

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