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  1. Drinkers alone are clearly not supporting the pub to the point that it's viable only with that sort of clientele. She is a strict landlady that's for sure, however, the Robert Peel is one of the only decent beer pubs left in that entire part of Leicester. The beer is always changing and usually decent.
  2. Messing with it by saving it. The previous owners ditched it, Everards are trying to keep it going. I imagine the locals don;t bother.
  3. Lako42


    Nice to see some bikers on here. I ride pretty serious mtb (cotic bfe) love my local gravel exploring as well. Suffering on the turbo for winter.
  4. If we get Slavia Prague whilst we can't go I'll kill someone* * Just for clarity, I won't actually kill anyone.
  5. Leicester a better team with Maddison starting but never EVER taking another corner. If Under doesn't start and take corners then Branda can **** off.
  6. The meaning of all competitions is just being eroded. As a proper supporter of any club it just wont be worth following in 5 years time IMO. Football as a sport is very nearly dead, football as a business the killer. At least I had a tortuous time following us for 25 years, I almost remember what it felt like to be fully engrossed in it all, the passion, the living and breathing of all things Leicester City. I would even end relationships over it when I was younger, I was angry at times and would defend my home city to a ridiculous level........the feel and truth off i
  7. So many annoying bugs regarding player requests etc. Just kills it for me
  8. I love how shit Forest are. It's just a thing I enjoy.
  9. It would be negligent for them not to make preparations for the return of fans, it's as simple as that.
  10. Does he get you in to give the team talk against Liverpool and Man Utd each season?
  11. Yes, of course that is the only analysis required from the game.
  12. Brenda had a brain fart last night, he returned to the Brenda of last season against the big boys.
  13. Used to. It's become one giant clickbait radio show now. I find people like Alan Brazil utterly foul and would never choose to listen to him. Adrian Durham has just become so obvious it's painful, it's just all too set-up. As for the sports bar, well it's even worse than Durham in terms of obviousness. There are too many good football podcasts that actually focus on the sport and not making people angry.
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