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  1. Leicestershire is becoming the worlds biggest housing estate.
  2. He's easily our best midfielder
  3. I'd ****ing love us to get revenge for the cup, really give them a good hiding and cement their relegation push. Can't see it though
  4. Same. Walking back to the car we had nothing but good words from Sunderland fans.
  5. Likely we'll fail on both then?
  6. Let's hope the 1500 weirdos we do take actually make a noise. It's not difficult to outsing the home support at Everton
  7. I'm already up there. Immediately to the left. Usually the only one singing.
  8. Isn't the area mostly season tickets?
  9. Sadly its just not enough people
  10. Grealish to make Madders look like a league 1 player again?
  11. Will the crowd actually get involved again now that there is a bit jeopardy to the games? It's been ****ing miserable down there all season because we've had a massive points cushion. Time for the fans to actually do something other than gently clap a piece of cardboard
  12. On TV the KOP looked like a National Trust members expo was being held. The most horrific KOP in the land
  13. He's got more movement off the ball than the rest of this team combined. He needs to play centrally, he'd be a perfect foil for my sweet African prince.
  14. We need more seats, we don't need as many seats as Spurs or West Ham Pretty simple really.
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