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  1. A thoroughly embarrassing game. Naveen is garbage, pure and utter garbage. Amateurish fielding and bowling. Yet again Nico has big questions to answer about the face his team cannot do the basics.
  2. Some right bellends swearing at the Derbyshire fielders and giving them the willy puller signs right in their face on the live stream. Just complete arseholes
  3. Although not as embarrassing as some of the pond life in the stands.
  4. Embarrassing attitude So we're now dece t at the 4 day format and shite at t20 Bet the CEO would prefer the opposite
  5. 1st game rust. I'm glad he had a good spell in so that he can open up a bit more tomorrow
  6. fyi tickets are available for the t20 against Yorks. I'd get in there as the 1st three are sold out https://www.eticketing.co.uk/leicestershireccc/
  7. Of course they are, it's a requirement isn't it? I would imagine they would prefer it turned into flats.
  8. deffo some spots on the Soar. Look for the book Wild guide to central england
  9. worth a nibble at the price. Some of the big boys will struggle i think.
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