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  1. Does he get you in to give the team talk against Liverpool and Man Utd each season?
  2. Yes, of course that is the only analysis required from the game.
  3. Brenda had a brain fart last night, he returned to the Brenda of last season against the big boys.
  4. Used to. It's become one giant clickbait radio show now. I find people like Alan Brazil utterly foul and would never choose to listen to him. Adrian Durham has just become so obvious it's painful, it's just all too set-up. As for the sports bar, well it's even worse than Durham in terms of obviousness. There are too many good football podcasts that actually focus on the sport and not making people angry.
  5. I'm glad the consensus on here seems to have been reached with head and not heart Refreshing
  6. Do people really want to go that badly? Infection rates are as high as they have been at any point in the pandemic at the moment. I genuinely don't see why anyone is so eager to go and sit with thousands of others in any setting. I do agree that it's ridiculous that people can watch a game in a cinema but I don't agree that we can use that argument to justify mass attendance. Nobody in government will say it because it's perceived as political suicide (it isn't because people vote for a party that shits on them every day) but they don;t want fans in ground
  7. Lako42


    Credit to Benguin for replying to all of these posts without showing annoyance or worse (unless i'm not picking it up)
  8. Lako42


    How would I know God exists if it wasn't for other people telling me? If I wasn't born into a religious family and had never been to church how would he invite me?
  9. Might not have been an exciting finish but I still watched every minute of it from 3pm. The golf is only half of the spectacle at August anyway. He deserved everyone to be watching that as he was mega consistent and thoroughly deserved it. Well played DJ
  10. She might be a right ****
  11. The market is now winner without DJ
  12. Dustin playing like an absolute boss I'm afraid. Rahm win covers my bets but looking like that's all I can hope for, unless Reed has a real run.
  13. And then 3 putts for a bogie
  14. Except football had real feeling and passion then and people actually cared (really cared)
  15. The funny thing is I've bet him every year EW from his 1st year. Not this year though. I think everyone is getting very carried away as he actually only carries it 15 odd yards more than other bigger hitters. As long as you are within 75ft the stats suggest you get a better score at Augusta. The way he battled today suggests he's got the potential to win, but it won't be the joyride the media are banging on about. His opening odds were a joke.
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