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  1. 🤣 see above edit. 2nd half 11 posted on mercury site
  2. Ricardo on the wing? Late edit. Based on this 2nd half line up.
  3. @fuchsntf do you need a cuddle? I enjoy your posts but they have definitely taken a darker turn in recent weeks. Very critical of differing opinions. People are idiots. Accept it and move on 🤣 I am optimistic for the season which may sometimes manifest itself into comments like man u are shit. Its all relative. And hopefully relative to our team. Only time will tell. 😘
  4. A fair summary, but I have a caravan in skeg and with it being first week of school holidays in a Leicester hot-spot i found I didnt bother, or get any nods back. The only acknowledge was the "dj" outside the villager in Ingoldmells who commented on my dashing pink shirt over the tannoy. He commented that on the back would be champions followed by relegated 2020. I settled for giving him the middle finger but have silently vowed to smear him with my own shit next year "if" we miraculously avoid relegation. ****.
  5. Maguire is dead to us,this is the reserves now. Enjoy the last 4 years of your contract slab head (or the next 5 years at united)
  6. No use to us but theyd improve that shower of shit
  7. But it's not your choice, and never will be. The bottom line is, if you want to set all of the rules, you buy yourself a football club. Harsh but true im afraid. The club are allowed to pick and choose what they listen to and act upon. And i for one, think they are doing a "reasonable" job at it.
  8. Off the top of my head... Look at the world around you, 90% of bills are increasing. Lcfc are a business, not a model for social conscience. It is not their responsibilty to balance the country's books. Printing your tickets at home is a benefit to people who do not trust the uk postal system (and who does) and chooses not to spend their time visiting the stadium outside of match day or diminishing their "match day experience" queuing for tickets. Costs rise, ours have actually gone down, because of "your" lobbying, and they choose to balance their books rather than accept increasing overheads, which in doing so, would put them on a social mission and be standout performers when compared to direct comparable competitors. Believe it or not, their is actaully a silent majority who live their life by the general facets of capitalism, in oreference to the alternatives. You win some, you lose some. Life's a bitch. You like it or lump it. You get what you pay for. Etc.etc. Stereotypes comes about through generally accepted things that happen. This aint france people. And even if it was, burning shit doesnt work.
  9. So the people who caused the loss of revenue, that the vast majority did not request, are up in arms that the club is balancong the books elsewhere. This strikes me as moaning about something you caused. You get the credit for the u16 band and the club get the blame for the stealth tax. To put it another way, the club changed their pricing structure, rewarding season ticket holders more (u16 st holders, the future etc), at the expense of non st holders. Seems a sound business decision that will result in more demand / justification for season tickets, in time for when we increase the capacity. Good business decision. Would we have moaned if they put a few % on st prices for the first time in years, coonciding with an upturn in our spend to make a better "product" for us fans. I certainly wouldn't. They gave me something i didnt ask for and didnt need, and are balancing their books in a very well thought out business way. (And thats completely ignoring that their admin costs are legitimately increasing, and value for money compared to other teams in the premier league)
  10. Remember your own story chap, which gave lots of people lots to think about. Things change, life changes, life can change, but first things first, get some meds, give them time. Get back into counselling, and use us as well. Dont do anything others will regret. Let them help you, like you have helped others. **** regrets, your life is your choice. We all make mistakes, move on from them but seek the help you need. Much love brother. Few more days and the footie starts. Close season is a difficult time anyway. Hope this helps in some way.
  11. Ill help. Do it.
  12. Brighton, villa and an other for me. Newcastle would be fun bit surely they'll sort their shit out one day.
  13. Just checking, nothing happening here 👍🏽 as you were chaps. Ps i like the scots who have joined. Their opinions when they differ from mine are more interesting than leicester fans who are obviously just wrong if they dont agree with me 🤣
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