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  1. Gerbold

    The Tactics Thread

  2. Gerbold

    The Tactics Thread

    This scenario devolves into either of two premises - your suspicion that tweaking goes on in order to keep the players 'happy' or that Puel is genuinely trying to adapt, with various line-ups, to each team next on the to play list. Or it could be both. If it's the former then it just indicates that player-power has gone too far in their favour and that a new balance needs to be introduced by the FA - for all those clubs whose stability (rather than performance) is prejudiced by players attitude. Iheanacho strikes me as someone who has that necessary arrogance of a top-class striker yet, if he allows it to dominate his relationship with the Club, can do neither any good. For me, tweaking, subbing and other tactical changes, are advantageous when used to surprise the opposition or to redress an imbalance presented by the opposition. We have a caucus of excellent players now - but still possibly not enough to allow Puel to let the team get on with it. The contradictory factor - having players who subordinate their individuality to create a cohesive team, yet the need for initiative at moments when they see opportunities presented, is ever present in football (and other heavily populated team games). We applaud players whose quickness of thought and movement undo defences or attacks, but only so far. For instance, both Gray and Diabate have been criticised for wandering into dead-ends after promising initial movements. I guess this is what distinguishes great teams and great individualists - the ability to see and follow through with these moves. Which calls for a high degree of responsiveness from those players around the playmaker. We have plenty of players teetering on the brink of creating a good team, but, realistically, so have those other teams with similar potential to us. Maddison and Chilwell are at key points in their careers and Leicester's potential. Both are apparently committed to City - it's up to Puel to now begin to tighten up his squad so that his team/sub choices are self-selecting (keeping in mind injuries and othe problems). I see tweaking/tinkering as a short-term palliative - but it's still early days. One thing that did disturb me was an analysis of the number twos (sorry) at each Premier club featured in Monday's Guardian. Our newest second-in-command, Jacques Bonnevay, was described thus: " Joined Leicester in June to replace the departing Michael Appleton, who was part of Craig Shakespeare’s staff before Claude Puel took over as manager. Aged 57, Bonnevay is vastly experienced and has coached in the UAE, Morocco, Turkey and Japan as well as in France. His influence at Leicester is limited, however, because Puel is so hands-on and oversees everything. Bonnevay puts on a few drills but Puel takes the training sessions." That indicates that Puel has a need to control - which will stifle the expressiveness of all around him.
  3. Cheers - I might have understood it had it been MtWG. But why quibble? As for unelucidated - it should be in the dictionary. Howyever, it's from the Latin 'elucidare' - to enlighten. Modern English meaning - "To make clear or plain, especially by explanation; clarify". Stick an 'un' in front of it and it means the opposite.
  4. And, for those unelucidated as to the meaning of this acronym - any chance of the 'full monty'?
  5. Gerbold

    Maddison named in England squad

    I get my Grauniad a day late - my neighbour buys it and passes it on to me - first thing next morning. I was just checking if the link had been posted - I think you must have been the initiator. Thanks
  6. The most massively triumphal hiccup in the course of City's history. Now, to do it twice would really stuff it to all the pillocks who want the CLub to settle down into relative obscurity.
  7. I've never taken defeats well or 'better' since the title win. I don't particularly start pointing fingers (although I had to snigger about Mahrez missing a penalty) but it always affects me badly and hasn't changed since '15-'16. I still get a thrill when I think back to that season, though. Maybe it's a little worse in fact - knowing that the team is now full of potential. I took heart in reading the Guardian's summation - which stated City had a "fine" side but Everton's combo could take any team apart. As far as I'm concerned I'm expecting more of the squad rather than less.
  8. Gerbold

    First names on shirts.

    From Wikipedia "Spanish [and Portugese] naming customs are historical traditions for naming children practised in Spain [etc]. According to these customs, a person's name consists of a given name (simple or composite [that's yer 'first' or, for the diehards,'Christian' name) followed by two family names (surnames). The first surname is usually the father's first surname, and the second the mother's first surname. In recent years, the order of the surnames can be decided at birth. Often, the practice is to use one given name and the first surname only (e.g. Miguel de ['de' meaning 'of' - also 'van' or 'von' in Dutch and German respectively] Unamuno), with the full name being used in legal, formal, and documentary matters, or for disambiguation when the first surname is very common (e.g. Federico García Lorca or José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero). In these cases, it is common to use only the second surname, as in “Lorca” or “Zapatero”. Note that this does not affect alphabetization: discussions of "Lorca", the Spanish poet, must be alphabetized in an index under “García Lorca", never "Lorca"." So, Juan Manuel Mata García chooses to stick Mata on his shirt - thus saving the shirt printers a lot of bother. Following 'our' naming protocol, our boy could insist on Barbosa Pereira. The Argentine Sergio Leonel "Kun" Agüero apparently chooses to have his nickname AND his dad's name on his shirt. Now, it appears, that there are plenty of African-Caribbeans lads who are following the patronymic/matronymic route e.g Shaun Wright-Phillips and Trent Alexander-Arnold It's a strange, strange world beyond our coasts.
  9. "So many Puel out calls". Every innocent bloke who ever got lynched heard similar endearments before they slapped the horse away from under him. This is the toughest league in the world in which to be a manager - Spain, Italy, France and Deutschland are a doddle compared to the Premier. The chaos that followed the title is now gradually receding, yet there are still those who, without naming a credible successor, want away with him. Of course, as far as they're concerned, (that is, the 'impatient ones' (who, if they were in a queue for euthanasia, would be asking "what's the hold-up in front?")) I and those holding my p-o-v, are pi**ing into the wind as far as advising forbearance. The six are sorting themselves out (bar United ) - in essence, as far as survival goes, there are fourteen teams struggling to hold on to the greasy pole. What we, as a team, have a reasonable chance of doing is progressing in two Cups and aiming for a Europa League position. We're seventh - however we've achieved that, it's undeniable that there's been a progression to stability. We may have had good fortune but, it's like the old adage says, ' the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have'. I take heart in the fact that, however much dissatisfaction the vociferous some express, it will have f**k-all effect on the Club. I suspect that Srivaddhanaprabha is quietly pleased at this point of the season - and is going to show patience far longer than the ingrates would like. So, Puel isn't providing the kind of football you want or fielding the players you want to see - on the training ground is where Puel is making his decisions - with some reference to the opposition. I would like to see a more stable unit, but in these days of player-power, maybe Puel knows that keeping players off the field will only lead to discontent. Not a mature attitude, but the days are long gone where men showed loyalty and commitment to their club rather than themselves. And so it will go - with the Puel-out brigade continuing to plead bogus reasons for his removal. This is the nature of this forum - any number of fools can express their 'feeling', and pick on single causes to champion - but Puel is managing a football team - an unsteady vessel on an ever changing sea. Very few of us could do it - even less would do it. I'm thankful that a heard-headed businessman makes the decisions at Leicester. We could have a jerk like Ashley ruining the Club.
  10. And that's the difference between a "Key Player" and "Youth Team". Keep at it FOXSE. Of course there's potential and, as 'Reynard' so perceptively comments, this is the start of a journey, if not the journey. The significant change in team personnel (as opposed to bench/squad personnel) indicates that the team is a long way from being 'self-selecting' - given the influx of new and re-discovered players. Puel's tendency to insist on constantly re-jigging the team certainly won't lead to complacency in the fringe players' minds but will it lead to stability? I believe he is going to be 'tweaking' for some time to come. He has been given a large pool of players to experiment with - amongst them some who are on a par with the better teams' better players. N'Didi, Maguire, Vardy, Schmeichel and now Maddison are automatic picks but the team has yet to consolidate its position. I don't believe relegation is a threat yet top eight appears unlikely at the moment. Like many of the 'middling' clubs we have players who are competent but not emerging a head above the pack. One positive though is that Iheanacho appears to be getting sharper and if he, Vardy and Maddison gel then we may have a very potent attacking unit on the way. Maddison is no Mahrez, yet, in terms of commitment, he outstrips our erstwhile stand-out player by a mile. So, in a way, we have a better situation potentially than when Okazaki/Ulloa/Slimani were the choices to play alongside Vahrez (or Mardy). Amartey apparently played very well yesterday - in a position he was deemed to be unworthy of a few weeks ago. Puel, is of course, the orchestrator-in-chief, but possibly we have the makings of a leader-on-the-field in Maddison. He looks proper Captain material.
  11. Gerbold

    Jamie Vardy

    Exactly this. The best teams have a way of unlocking any defence but recruiting those players who give that kind of service costs the proverbial silly money. City, for one season at least, benefited from a Mahrez who was fully 'there' - and could flummox any defence. I'm still hoping that Puel is tactically astute enough to optimise the potential we all know Vardy possesses. Could be that Ghezzal is one of the solutions.
  12. Gerbold

    Jamie Vardy

    Whilst pressure washing the drive yesterday I got to thinking about Jamie Vardy - maybe it was a crumbled bit of tarmac that appeared, under pressure, which resembled his face. Anyway, and I'm sure the more astute members of this forum have perceived the huge problem Southgate and a succession of City managers have come up against (and commented on it)....but this isn't ineptness as much as the paucity of creative midfielders able to bring Vardy's talents into play. Southgate, I believe, has commented on this, and he's right. Don't blame Southgate for the problem the FA and the big broadcasters' money has created - that is, the recruitment of creative midfielders from the four corners of the earth - rather than from the four corners of the British Isles. Southgate has to work to bring in the results by fielding those most likely to create the highest percentage of goal scoring opportunities. If the only player who, even partially fits the mould of creative midfielder is Alli, the man with an apparent phobia about passing to Vardy, then Vardy was always going to be the second option. When Mahrez was fully committed to playing ninety-minutes of every game then the fireworks happened - consistent goal scoring and some incredible goals. Anyone blaming either Southgate, Vardy and, currently Puel, for the lone wolf waiting patiently and often ultimately unsuccessfully, for the killer pass, is misperceiving what's going on. We can blame the FA for its spineless acquiescence in selling its soul to mammon and until they put British players first, then, unless some genius is unearthed and manages to shove his head up through the ranks of the Hazards, de Bruynes and Özils then it will be same old, same old. As for City, we're pinning our hopes on Maddison, but it may be that, arguably, one of the two best English striker of his generation will never reach the pinnacle of fame he deserves - because there's no one in either the English or City sides capable of feeding him the passes he needs. Puel can either accept that he has a player whose loyalty to City, laudable though it is, presents him with a half-problem he cannot solve or endeavour to create tactics and train the players which can provide a solution.
  13. Muzzy - always thought he had a good sense of humour. ditto for Frankie Wortho and Lenny G. Matty Elliot Banksy Mark Wallington Mags and Wilf - of the current squad. Steve Whitworth
  14. 'They' won't pay you to like Spurs - I'd be first in the queue if they started doing that . You don't know most of their fans - I have a very good friend who's a Spurs supporter and a great bloke. He's the only one I've ever known though - personally, that is. Dele Alli - agreed - there's something missing 'up top' there. As to falling back on their past - it depends on how far you consider is reasonable. Spurs had a fantastic double-winning side in '61 and have won eight FA Cups. Mind you they've only won the league once more than us! God - wouldn't I like to see Watford "do a Leicester" this season.
  15. I like the Spurs - have done since Blanchflower, McKay, White and Cliff Jones graced the field of play - although never quite forgiven the circumstances in which we lost the '61 final to them. But any team what stuffs United is flavour of the day for me.