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  1. Gerbold

    Time for Puel to go

    i wish I was a wizard with a crossbow .
  2. Gerbold

    Time for Puel to go

    Just looked it up. I get it. This all started with Charles Bronson and 'Death Wish'.
  3. Gerbold

    Time for Puel to go

    Stick to the topic.
  4. Gerbold

    Time for Puel to go

    To be frank, Puel has never exactly energised me, either. But since the title win I've noticed the continuing erratic and unsteady meanderings of the team - under all three of the managers that succeeded Pearson. Vichai has been very successful with the stuff he was good at - building business infrastructures. But, every time you sack a manager, you have to replace him. It always starts the same - with high hopes and certainty that they've picked the right bloke and then reality bites in. It seems to me that, somehow, management have to create a team which reflects the success of LCFC as an organisation. I yield the floor to anyone who understands tactics and strategy - but even I can see that Vardy is being wasted while his use-by date gets ever closer. His near-goal on Saturday again demonstrated his finesse and the way those chances are being 'underfunded' by a system that's not working for him. Okazaki is just too unsubtle and Maddison as yet just too inexperienced to make best use of Vardy's brilliance. Iheanacho needs to develop consistency and a higher level of performance. Buying a cast-off from a big club raises questions about why we would do that. I don't believe Vardy can be marked out of a game - except by creating defensive weaknesses elsewhere. Albrighton is a fine player yet his forte is in crosiing rather than touch play. I had hope Diabate would provide the missing link but he appears to have gone off the boil. I guess I'm agreeing with you - but with the proviso that the Club needs to stabilise. Or maybe the Club needs to shell out on a manager who either has proved his potential at the highest level or take a punt on an upcoming 'home-grown' guy. I think Cloughie (and Taylor) proved that silk purses can be made out of sows' ears - but that was before player-power. There's no easy answer to this problem - although we can all expect much more of the first half of a possible solution to be voiced on here - that is the 'Puel out' bit. Very few of those advocating that are coming up with solving the second part of the question.
  5. Gerbold

    Time for Puel to go

    Never even heard of him - let alone seen him. Is he a telly evangelsit or an American motivational expert?
  6. Gerbold

    Time for Puel to go

    Have you thought this through or are you going by some mythology you've picked up - that somehow someone's death can galvanise their nearest and dearest to forget their feelings and 'go and do it for the boss'. I think you've been watching too many Hollywood action movies. It may not explain the "shit" performances you write of, but the tragedy comes at a time when Puel is still trying to establish a clear 'modus operandi' beyond the events of the last six extraordinary seasons. The Club needs stability - and now we have one more destabilising event. Even if Puel's demeanour and motivational abilities are in question City still need aperiod of calm. Like so many of the anti-Ranieri, anti-Puel brigade, you expect miracles to be drawn out of the hat. We need to see if Topp and the current management team can emulate the long-term planning set into motion by Vichai. To expect anything, at this time, when the four teams currently at the top of the Prem are in such a strong state is unrealistic. You might call my p-o-v ludicrous but where's your plan?
  7. Gerbold

    Time for Puel to go

    You all seem to be forgetting that Srivaddhanaprabha died in horrific circumstances such a (still) short time ago. It seems that all the whingers are rising to the top again after keeping their mouths shut during the time of the intense mourning. Has it occurred to any of the 'Puel out' faction that it takes time to get over such a loss - and, given the admiration and/or affection of the players for him, it may be that they cannot get their heads around this tragedy as quickly as the critics feel is appropriate? I suspect those fans who were affected deeply by this will be far more forgiving of the team and its management. Perhaps this will just have to be the season that is written off and, as long as we don't get into a relegation struggle, look forward to next season - when time will have eased the effect of his death. Now is not the time to change managers and certainly not the time to appoint a stop-gap. We cannot expect Topp to have integrated himself into his father's position already. He may understand the Club and players intimately but it's a huge step of confidence and skill in assuming the role of ultimate decision maker. I know what I've written here won't affect those who are hell-bent on him going but it may remind those whose confidence is slipping that this isn't a normal situation.
  8. Gerbold

    Spurs 0-2 Post Match Thread

    Points taken. I was trying to be understated - for once.
  9. Gerbold

    Spurs 0-2 Post Match Thread

    I don't believe I missed your point at all. It's just that I'm incapable of thinking that I'd prefer City to be in the second tier. I don't experience these games as mediocre or tedious - but I get involved emotionally. You appear to need a different stimulus. Perhaps you suffer from ADHD. No, I wouldn't expect you to change allegiance, but it's interesting to see how you'll kneejerk - given the necessary provocation.
  10. Gerbold

    Spurs 0-2 Post Match Thread

    So that presupposes that you'd prefer a losing relegation battle followed by an indefinite term in the Championship - 'cos that's the way it works. Having reached the position we're in I'd prefer to see us stay in the Prem and hope that Topp & Co. do what they have to do (in terms of recruiting staff, managerial and player changes) while safely ensconced at the highest level. Vichai ensured that the Club moved into a stable condition and I'm hoping that the ambition is to keep it that way. Of course you could change your allegiance to Forest or Derby if you want to see consistent "scrapping".
  11. Gerbold

    Spurs 0-2 Post Match Thread

    I thought that we only really began to threaten in the last twenty minutes or so. But they were so bloody well organised at the back and the shots that did get through were either directed at Lloris or off-target. Morgan was outstanding. Chilwell was persistent and always difficult for them to stifle. Ricardo also played well. But Iheanacho looks as though he's never going to come to terms with not having hacked it at Man City. An attitude problem there, I believe. Maddison is consistently good and still learning. The rest were lacklustre. I'm not sure I'd want Iborra playing for me - given his expressed desire to go back to Spain. Alli looked offside on the re-run. But you can't allow Son any space - cos he can score that kind of goal consistently. We have a team that's capable of good football - and I suspect that the difference between Puel and Pochettino is one of the certainty the latter has - certain he's committed to Spurs and certain his squad want to play for him. Puel will probably ensure we stay in the Premier but that's treading water, not swimming to shore. I've always stated that he should be given time. Yet I'm wondering whether we're just not achieving what the Club can achieve and it's very difficult to put ones finger on just what it will take to honour the legacy VIchai established.
  12. Gerbold

    Islam Slimani to Fenerbahce (Loan)

    I only have to see the name Andrej Kramarić to rue the day someone(s) decided he didn't represent a player to build an attack around.
  13. I saw them at Leicester Poly (?) in 1970. Good, but couldn't hold a candle up to Jethro Tull. Is this off-topic? Oh how the ancient mind loves to wander off-topic and back to the days when music was infinitely better than....zzzzzzzzzzzzz.
  14. The match summations in the Guardian are concise and often dwell on a key subject. This was the summation of City's match with Burnley. Kudos to the writer - he got it spot on. Apologies to anyone who's uploaded this elsewhere before I did..
  15. Gerbold

    Khun Vichai and Piers Morgan.

    Some people have no safety mechanism on the route from brain to mouth - Morgan is one such individual. He's been employed for that very reason in a number of jobs where provocation draws attention. Sensible people avoid watching his antics or reading his views. We don't need to go back to Ranieri's sacking at a time like this. We all know that the manager's position is a tenuous one and Claudio received huge adulation at the time of City's success. Srivaddhanaprabha was later forced to act at a time when Ranieri's tactics were misfiring - perhaps simply because he could see that 'it' just wasn't going to work. I suspect personal pride and ambition caused him to view the possibility of relegation as a completely unacceptable outcome. In business an amount of decisiveness and ruthlessness is called for - amongst all the affection and admiration expressed for Vichai, it's also sensible to remember that he was a businessman and a highly successful one at that. Many on this forum have expressed cynicism or unease about Ranieri's and Puel's appointments (Gary Lineker amongst them) - yet we are still in the Premier with a developing squad. This is going to be the most difficult transitional period - far more so than the dismissal and appointment of any manager. Unlike many of the Premiership owners, we could see a strong but considerate hand at the helm - someone who wasn't concerned with milking the club or subordinating it to enhance his own ego. It's not the reaction of Morgan or Lineker or any other critic that's important. It's the continued loyalty to Aiyawatt as the club's figurehead. He needs our support as much as we are now looking towards him for leadership. Our task is to show the kind of consistency Vichai demonstrated - not to wildly criticise but to underpin the work which has already been done and remains to be done - by our patience and forbearance.