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  1. By the looks of it you need to fail an intelligence test.
  2. 'Knights Templar International' Keep these groups open for comedy value at least.
  3. bovril

    Notre Dame

    Ah that 'Ocean' logo glittering. Good times.
  4. bovril

    Notre Dame

    Anyone remember the old Hunchback computer game?
  5. Skye's lovely and the north and south of the island have very different characters. Sligachan Inn has some good ales.
  6. Harris is incredible. I'm not sure if I've ever been to a place that felt more remote. The landscapes are stunning.
  7. On the Adriatic side, the coasts of Emilia Romagna and Marche are probably the most commercial. The Conero coast is lovely and there are some great bits of Marche further inland if you want some mountain scenery to get away from the heat. Bit further down there are some nice stretches in Abruzzo, a region which has some great food and drink and some spectacular mountain scenery in land. Puglia is probably your best bet, some stunning stretches of coastline, great food drink, wonderful people and well-enough organised for families. On the west coast, Liguria is very beautiful and Genoa is a great city. The Tuscan coast has some nice spots, the Costa D'Argento near Grosseto is really beautiful. Lazio and Campania are better known, especially if you have been to Sorrento before. Calabria is one of my favourite regions in Italy but not sure it's great for a family beach holiday. Sicily is stunning, one of the most amazing places in the World I think. West coast is incredible in parts. The area south of Messina is a bit more built up but has some beautiful places to see including Etna and could be a good bet. Sardinia I don't know so well but seems to be a good mix of gorgeous coastline and organised tourist areas. To cut a long story short, Veneto and Emilia Romagna may be your best bet for a well-organised, family package type place with some sites to see, but will be packed. Puglia a good option I think.
  8. bovril

    Notre Dame

    This is awful. Centuries of history destroyed.
  9. He's the worst type of ****, a pseudo intellectual who's actually thick as shit.
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