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  1. 14/15 is the only good one. who the hell is voting 15/16 or 16/17? both a load of my arse.
  2. anyone know where to get a decent one? like not one that i have to rip up out of a newspaper and looks shit and is back and white? a proper lovely looking one?
  3. we don’t have any recycling system. just a massive room full of bins where i lob all my shit.
  4. not a full porny no but when she said she was a dancer SHE WERENT TALKING STRICTLY* *unless she meant strictly over 18 imho
  5. also the vid i have just watched of the new bird
  6. heard she found his passport and he is actually 55 not 22
  7. eyal’s a top noncer ain’t he
  8. had a decent punt on trippier most england assists @ 14/1 last week. plays every game i reckon, effectively as a right winger, takes set pieces, most assists to harry kane last season. big price.
  9. that watford shirt is absolutely fu cking disgusting
  10. I just completed this quiz. My Score 10/100 My Time 95 seconds  
  11. it’s an absolute disgrace we didn’t win anything under sven. the squads for 02, 04 & 06 were remarkable. we were pretty unlucky but even so, we had pretty much world class players in every position (bar left mid) in every tournament.
  12. i missed a couple last week and didn’t catch up, tonight’s was the best one yet though an the new’uns deffo have potential. not a patch on last year (yet) tho. but i didn’t think last year would ever live up to 2016 so still early days imho.
  13. strong ep that. that new spice is sensational. josh is gonna be decent too i reckon. eyal is hilarious, surely it’s an act.
  14. hahahaha hayley la i feel actually sick, poor eyal
  15. also the fact tyson fury is only 29 is genuinely the best boxing fact i’ve ever heard. he looks about 50. fu ck the gypsy king we should make him the actual king.
  16. you have to assume literally nobody in burnley can afford to go to azerbaijan away. literally imagine if we were in europe again. i wouldn’t give a shit who we signed, who we had as manager or if we were already relegated, there’d be a holiday to some absolute third world country to absolutely buzz over. can only assume burnley fans are all weirdos, which we already knew.
  17. tyson fury, absolute showman. made absolute dollar on the card tonight. backed metcalf to win inside the distance @ 7/1, loves him chasing his opponent in the 12th for a KO. backed mo hooked @ 11/2, decision was a joke but still a win. tyson’s fight was sensational. what a guy.
  18. couldn’t be disappointed by either. that jorja smith album is beautiful. just had a couple run through of KIDS SEE GHOSTS and it is going to be banging.
  19. kinda funny that we are going to play 5 at the back and 2 defensive midfielders against tunisia, tbf
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