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  1. The silly fuchers made the decision for him. Can imagine choudhury not giving a sh1t as he probably wouldn't have made the match day squad anyway. Maddison and Perez I have no words
  2. At 3 down the game was gone so it becomes a question of goal difference, not points. This is probably the last fuch up we can get away with this season and goal difference could be critical in the end
  3. Some of you writing him off too soon. He is missing a little luck like most players especially strikers when out of form. Not denying age catches up with everyone but our greatest ever player has earned more than a little patience.
  4. Perspective. We are still one point ahead in 3rd. Win the next 4 we will be ok
  5. 0 quality in the final 3rd and we've been caught out twice. Most important game and we're having an off day. Simply not good enough.
  6. Is social distancing still a thing when queuing in the supermarket? I'm at the til, bagging my groceries(wine and crisps) and someone is right up behind me. Even the dope at the til doesn't wait til I'm gone.
  7. Ha, I once filled up, drove off to a parking space then went to the shop. The woman on the til lost her sh1t cos she didn't know how much petrol I used.
  8. Just finished season 3 of Ozark and yes, it does get really good. Overrated but still gripping tv
  9. Agree. The "performance" tomorrow will be a good indication of where our manager and players heads are at.
  10. Tbf we could finish bottom of the league by 20 points and still be east Midlands number 1
  11. Biggest game of the season so far. Hopefully our timid performance v man City was preparation for a ball busting afternoon tomorrow..
  12. Also looks a bit like Eugene Levy...
  13. Ndidi walks into man City and Liverpool starting elevens not so sure about anyone else.
  14. I'm putting £100 on that little tw@t Lingard to score. I pray Rodgers see's this as must win and we perform accordingly.
  15. Only ever had virgin and the connection has dropped maybe 10 times in the last 7 years so pretty good. As for moving the master socket, £150 isn't that bad considering broadband is fairly essential and will cost more than that over a year anyway.
  16. Trying to think of a strong enough deterrent for the "tactical" foul to stop a breakaway. Red card, penalty?? Needs to be strong because like several things in the game, it is plain cheating but seems to be accepted as part of the game.
  17. After the dull international break I was really looking forward to this. Wish I hadn't bothered. Well at least Chelsea lost and fingers crossed west ham get nothing in their game.
  18. I wasn't really suggesting our players thought this way but a number on here have that attitude and just saying its the wrong one!
  19. I think its only ok to drop points if the teams chasing us drop points. If our players go into this thinking "free hit" we could suffer a big defeat.
  20. .....................matches aren't practice but how else do you gain match sharpness? Like I said he gets limited time and is expected to influence games. If he can't do that he is deemed not good enough?? We're doing well enough without him and Rodgers seems to have made a decision.
  21. He hasn't played often enough. Think he's been hung out to dry by Rodgers who has given him little game time but is still expected to make an impact in that time. Does this mean a better winger is replacing him or was Under just a loan that hasn't paid off?
  22. Yes I'm past that but the show isn't gripping me so far, will stick with it....
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