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  1. The Golden Child was great! Weirdly, I had a dream that Charles Dance was giving me acting advice last night. I'm not an actor but it was nice of him to do that.
  2. Requiem for a Dream Donnie Darko True Romance Interstellar Halloween (1978) Inception Terminator 2: Judgement Day Clerks These are my personal favourites
  3. A sequel to The Shining has been made, I didn't know this was in the pipeline.
  4. Watched Gladiator again on DVD last night. Such a beast of a film.
  5. That's exactly what sprang into my mind. The best Rocky film by far. Can't wait to see AJ and David Haye running on the beach together in preparation for the rematch.
  6. Your avatar goes so well with that.
  7. All the build up and excitement for that! 2nd half has some making up to do.
  8. 6ft 4” same as Christopher Reeve and roughly the same as 6 and a half foot long Subway sandwiches.
  9. It was Fabio Quagliarella for Sampdoria, I remember him some years ago playing for Italy. He's 36 so he's having a nice Indian summer period in his career. 26 goals this season.
  10. Won £79.60 here from a bet I placed last summer. I don't know how I got money as the Ronaldo top scorer part didn't happen?
  11. What a cracking debut he had for them too. Didn't he score 2 own goals and get sent off?
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