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  1. I can't stop watching it! I just can't imagine the devastation it has caused.
  2. Sorry mate, no offence meant. I like Wales as a country though.
  3. Congrats Fulham. Would've been nice to see Brentford in the Premier League but at least it's not Cardiff or Swansea.
  4. He doesn't get enough credit for his serious roles. Agree about that film, I was on edge the whole time. Only 2 films have made me so anxious that I had to pause them to calm down, this and Mother!
  5. Officially. Congrats to our number 9.
  6. Would've taken Europa League at the start of the season but well and truly f***ed off after watching what we've done to ourselves the past few weeks.
  7. Get Barnes and Gray on. Nothing to lose now.
  8. Fannying around with the ball too much!
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