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  1. Went for Ricardo. He’s had some superb games for us.
  2. Wonder why we are so pants this evening. Didn't expect this. Come on Leicester!!
  3. Similar thing happened to me at the cinema last week, there was about 8 people total in the room, 2 middle age women come in and sit directly behind me. At the start of the film (Captain Marvel) it says ‘For Stan’ on the screen and the following interaction between them happened: Lady 1: “ooh that must be for Stanley Kubrick” Lady 2: “I think it’s for Frank Lee” Lady 1: “but it said for Stan?” Lady 2: “oh yeah, you’re right. It must be for Stanley Kubrick, I should know that.” One of them kept kneeing my chair every 5 mins so I ended up just moving seats, it shouldn’t bug me as much as it did but who sits near someone in an empty cinema screen? You have the whole room to choose from. It’s not assigned seating either.
  4. What an exciting end to the game. Well done Watford for coming back.
  5. Reminds me of the old sticker books. Edit: forgot about Southampton, I’d swap them for Boro
  6. He should be able to call them out post match without punishment. He'll be speaking the truth. You can't say a bad word about "the officials" or you'll be in trouble. Very weird rule.
  7. Bet Sean Dyche isn't enjoying his beef stew this afternoon.
  8. Poverty Scottish football/fighting or best league in the world?
  9. Spoke too soon watching the Holland Germany game.
  10. Cannot stand international football. Probably because I support Ireland and they're crap to watch. Most of the games are a drubbing or just seem so non competitive.
  11. I was young then at the 2002 World Cup. I kept imagining a scenario where David Seaman and the other keeper (Nigel Martyn maybe?) got injured and Ian Walker saved the day and led England to glory. Walker would’ve saved that Ronaldinho free kick
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