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  1. Easy win for Liverpool. 3 big games against lower clubs coming up so I hope we have a positive reaction after tonight's game.
  2. Arteta will be furious that Villa haven't let Arsenal score a goal.
  3. Yessssss!! Pleased the penalty save didn't come back to bite us! Well done Leicester!
  4. They didn't even show the actual goal at half time, just the penalty decisions.
  5. Is this really true? Seems unbelievable given how involved he is in our attacking play.
  6. Loved that bit of play from Maddison and √únder to set up the Vardy one on one too.
  7. Great result for the bus parking merchants!
  8. What's that style of cartoon called? I used to love them but I don't know what to Google
  9. That was such a clear yellow! What the hell, ref?
  10. I miss Andy Gray and Richard Keys as presenters or maybe it's just nostalgia.
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