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  1. He must be one of the most frustrating players around currently. He has potential, but he makes the same errors time and time again (it does seem). Not sure if he's learning from this, which is affecting his development to become more of a dangerous forward. It's quite annoying really.
  2. Not sure how updated this is; just typed in next Newcastle manager odds out of interest.
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-45763265 Such a horrible thing to do. Now sentenced to life in prison, with a minimum of 12 years.
  4. Reckon Chris Hughton will go there. Past links with the club. Edit: Just read the BBC article about him set to leave, and this banner was mentioned. Can't remember it being shown at the game despite being there, but it's an excellent and powerful message at the time (and still is).
  5. A strange club, really. Plenty of potential up there, with their facilities and strong and loyal fanbase. But, they've been messed around by Mike Ashley for a few seasons now; to the point where he needs to admit to his mistakes, and realise that he's possibly put the club in decline during his tenure there and actually with no little 'success' (barring last season under Benitez, who hardly spent much on players).
  6. It could be potentially up to £80m, but after a certain amount of performances etc and how he does?
  7. Went to see my Step-Father at the Leicester Royal Infirmary earlier. He's 95 and has suffered from pneumonia and heart problems for a while. He's 'end-of-life'/'nil-by-mouth' status now - so only a matter of time, sadly. He was a well-respected headmaster in Leicester (English Maytyrs). Feel glad to have seen him/say farewell to him, as would've felt guilty in not going to visit (got told by my Mother of the update on him this morning).
  8. Think the 'MattP with People' thread should have an image of him "alongside" Rachel Riley.. Think that'd make his day.
  9. The whole Brexit fiasco and the current next prime minister situation just shows how incompetent the government is overall, and justifies a need to 'start from scratch' and lay new foundations from the bottom up tbh to get the right people in of all aspects.
  10. Trump faces further rape allegations. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-48727972
  11. Have a slight concern/feeling that one of Benkovic or Soyuncu won't make it at LCFC, more the former imo.
  12. Is he captain-material? Not sure how good his English is.
  13. What does the hand emoji mean when the thumb is up but the little finger is down? Received a message containing: 🤙
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