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  1. MC Prussian

    FIFA 19

    Vrsaljko... finally.
  2. MC Prussian

    Spiderman signs...

    The chin gives it so away.
  3. MC Prussian

    Islam Slimani

    Compare Slimani (14 league matches, 1 goal) with Vardy (18 league matches, 7 league goals) Makes sense.
  4. MC Prussian

    Islam Slimani

    Odd comparison. They are/were at completely different ends of their footballing career. Slimain turns 31 this year, and isn't getting any better with age. Harry Kane was 20 when he was with us, at the start of his career. Who knows what could've happened instead, had we been more patient with him. But in the end, it only was a loan spell that was rather disastrous. Not Kane's fault, it just wouldn't work out for him here.
  5. MC Prussian

    FIFA 19

    The FIFA franchise is somewhat doomed. Ultimate Team is a massively cash-heavy mode that offers little in terms of rewards. Chances of packing a great player tend to 0, and by now, everybody's got a incredibly strong team, anyway. Finesse shot are way too overpowered, lag still a big issue. EA said they'd work on it - sod all has been done. Passes go astray left, right and center, no matter how precise your timing and directions are. Way too many special cards these days, simply intended to take more of your money out of your pocket. It's just greed, and it's about time I stop falling for that business model. Weekend League is too time-consuming for me these days, Squad Battles a highly flawed mode. There are so many elements that take the fun out of the game, it's staggering. This game brings out the worst in me. I've loved the franchise for many, many years. Starting out as early as the mid-90ies, but next season, I'll give FIFA 20 a pass (as I always do with my two-year cycle) and possible the entire franchise altogether. I'll play the shit out of this installment for as long as I can and then I'm done.
  6. MC Prussian

    Islam Slimani

    He's not been what you'd call an instant success at Fenerbah├že, has he? 14 league matches, 1 goal.
  7. MC Prussian

    Spiderman signs...

    For a moment, I thought we'd be getting Aubameyang on loan from Arsenal.
  8. MC Prussian

    Jamie Vardy to Chelsea

    Because that's exactly what I'm saying. Vardy certainly has his deficiencies, but he's also most definitely not entirely himself to blame for the attacking mess we're finding ourselves in right now.
  9. MC Prussian

    Jamie Vardy to Chelsea

    Don't know about the "lost a yard" argument. That he is getting caught offside so often is also down to the lack of support from midfield or the lack of proper interaction with our midfielders, they don't seem to get the timing right as often as they should. And it's also become easier to defend against Vardy because of the one-dimensional system we're employing. Play a high line and it's only Vardy you have to care about, our wingers don't push that much up front any longer. Ghezzal is no Mahrez and doesn't pose the same threat, Okazaki isn't favoured by Puel in a centre forward role and Iheanacho is so much out of form. As for not chasing down defenders/challenging defenders, maybe it's because of motivational issues?
  10. MC Prussian

    FIFA 19

    Slowly, but steadily approaching that Vrsaljko TOTY nominee card.
  11. That is not the point, is it? It's mostly about performances, tactics, player roles - and recent results, of course. The previous "reality check" piece doesn't really help Puel, does it? With regards to league position, my main concern is that we're about to see us repeat the mistakes from last season. I do hope we take the one goal left to us serious - finishing 7th.
  12. MC Prussian

    Let's have a TV shows thread.

    Going back in time, watching the five episodes of "Holocaust", first aired in 1978/79. Yes, the history of the Holocaust is condensed and yes, not everything is explained in detail, but the major events are mentioned, the cruelties of the war shown, as is the pain of the Jewish people whose rights, liberties and dignity were taken away bit by bit and it still holds up very well after all these years and is a very well written TV show.
  13. Thanks... somehow. Besides, it's not a trap, no nationality bias involved. Remember Lilian Nalis? Knocky? Le monsieur here is known for his stance himself and you could plough through his input to see that he is clearly biased. I'm just stating the obvious.
  14. Just for the record @yks: I'm not against Puel per se, I just don't think these recent interviews coupled with recent results are doing him any favour with regards to the relationship to the fans. I think the timing is wrong for these press pieces and that he doesn't appear to be able to reflect upon his deficiencies and (false) decisions as a manager. Most of the time, matches under Puel are a carbon copy of each other. If he were to approach games with a more proactive gameplan, (slightly) more attacking football, two strikers even (or let's say Iheanacho behind Vardy), if he could minimize the constant sideways and backwards passing aspect of his overly cautious tactics and deploy a system in which Jamie Vardy sees more of the ball, my bet is we wouldn't be having this discussion at all.
  15. You haven't destroyed anything. You simply stick up for the manager, not the team and not the club.