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  1. **** no. he had one genius season then sulked for 2 years. plus he would want man city level pay. **** him
  2. how is this playing now, been a couple of months since i quit and im feeling a return coming on, new game start.
  3. the stranger To lay on one's arm so as to deny the passage of blood and ultimately loose feeling in the limb, followed by the act of mastrubation with said limb. I gave myself the stranger last night.
  4. nothing quite like it, i have never researched this much onto a game, but im on the wiki, watching youtube, learning maps, the lots. best thing i have found to do, is play just one map. a few times offline to get usued to it, then as scav only, after that, use your PMC and have the map open on a tablet or something so you know where you are. escaped with over 400k in weapons last night. what a rush
  5. Ban izzy from the jokes thread, you made us sing that
  6. thats usually around march
  7. i dont really want to jump on the meme bandwagon , but this was too funny i thought
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