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  1. His effort on their goal attempting to stop the cross was absolutely feeble. Like the kind of stuff what gets other players telling you what they think.
  2. We can discuss sideways passing, long ball and counter attack but if you show zero tempo and play at pedestrian pace, then might as well not bother. At the moment we don’t deserve European football. And I’ve had enough of the players and manager hiding at the moment. Seriously pissed off
  3. And you know if we **** the European spots, those five points lost to Norwich....
  4. Manager, players and generally our club can get ****ed this weekend. Absolutely diabolical. Did even put in the effort tonight
  5. Drop Tielemans, you drop the zip in the passing. Already been told off about Hamza but Deary me he’s off it
  6. Just to add I’ve seen with my very own eyes in a stadium Praet play the deepest in a midfield set up
  7. I haven’t said he should be questioned. I am saying he will be questioned
  8. Looks like someone doesn’t understand the nuance of language
  9. Personally I’m not so fussed because I think we are on paper the sixth best team in the league. But we’ve failed to react to poor results under Rodgers, ultimately fans don’t like losing games and we’ve lost a few recently
  10. He had a choice to make when he made that second tackle. Just like he did in the summer with England Under 21s. He’s not ready for a team in our position personally. Needs to learn the game more. https://www.theguardian.com/football/who-scored-blog/2020/feb/28/premier-league-players-change-teams-results-most Stats don’t lie as well on this Not my opinion, I’m just saying there will be a section of our fan base which will begin to question him.
  11. I personally find it baffling a player who was so foolish in getting sent off finds his place back within two weeks. Particularly given his movement off the ball to the defence is static
  12. Sounds like before Wolves away to be honest
  13. Just saying if we lose this, there will be questions about Rodgers
  14. Vardy picked his kids up from school this afternoon
  15. Arsenal will struggle to afford that right now.
  16. Will the club not accept returns in this case?
  17. I think the real key is that it's slowing in China (if we believe their stats). So with the right precautions, we can work to slow it down.
  18. That team had some bloody good players. Olsen and Delaney went/play for big European clubs. Augustinsson, Santander and Cornelius all went/play for decent major country domestic teams.
  19. Wolves Supporters Club chairman Albert Bates declared ‘I would advised that fans just purchase the BT Sport package and watch it here. I think we are being fed information dampened down, and we’re not being told how serious this is. I think they should cancel the game, I don’t understand why you they haven’t to be honest’ Looks like Wolves have their own Cliff Ginetta
  20. I don’t think PL will open an investigation as the fallout could rock the TV deal and subsequently affect all of the clubs. Realistically 14 teams would rather take the TV money as a Man City less PL will see them mid table or lower.
  21. CAS will hear the appeal before the Champions League starts. When they did it with AC Milan, it was July I believe the verdict was given. The difficultly is that it means a couple of clubs will have to go in pre season training early in case of European qualifiers and it might be a waste of time. However there’s been signs that CAS will look to wrap it up by Early June
  22. I think the bigger issue for me is not so much the use of sponsor to ensure invested money. It’s the use of third parties to give extra money to the likes of Mancini. That’s wrong
  23. It’s fairer now as it stands. It won’t be fairer in five years of using. Equally the ten year period is nonsense.
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