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  1. Yep, one more in injury in midfield off the formation lottery from the end of the last season. Fcuking great
  2. I bet a good chunk of £500 million is dewatering and engineering costs. A lot of the grounds in Italy are owned by the councils - unsurprisingly nearly all of the Italian clubs what share stadiums want stadiums of their own and not have to share profits etc
  3. 1860's finances were fcuked, so they sold their half in the stadium in 2006. Servicing a hideous rent on it after that. Their nature average crowd figures would be between 15k and 20k - the average attendance being so high at Allianz for 1860 because away support could literally bring 10 to 15k worth of support. I was at Allianz when 1860 played St Pauli for Saturday lunch kick-off and St Pauli brought about 9,000. Financially it was always crippling to them. Once out of Bundesliga 2, they could play their own stadium again - minimum stadium requirements reduce outside
  4. I am with you on that. It's not so much I believe it portraying weakness, I just believe it set a standard that gave that result some false feeling of redemption or winning a trophy. Gave the players a feeling to rest rather than push on. There's something not quite right with the mentality in Southampton's squad. They are go through these spells, ended up towards the relegation zone one year and then threaten to the top six of the table.
  5. And we’ve not beaten West Brom at home for a long time off memory
  6. It’s still going to be subject to local rates being meeting certain rates of infections etc
  7. Only thing is Connolly doesn’t produce - 5 goals and 3 assists in two season. Vardy’s first PL season still saw 10 assists. The numbers really are dire for someone on set pieces and played nearly double Sharky’s minutes
  8. Hancock deserves a whack on the nose for saying ‘you should be thanking me’
  9. I did say I thought Ralph’s tears were going to have poor consequences. I got panned because folk thought it was some dig about emotions. Was more that it signalled an achievement which actually meant very little and the players subconsciously begin to ease off. The ‘redemption’ complete rather than pushing on!
  10. The location of the new Everton ground is mint. Anything lost from a 'community' type feel will quickly be forgotten. Nearer the centre of Liverpool and genuinely unique
  11. Just looked a bit deeper at this albeit only up to where fixtures are fully scheduled. This weekend Man City v West Ham Chelsea v Manchester United Midweek - 1st week of March Liverpool v Chelsea Weekend of 7th March Manchester C v Manchester U Chelsea v Everton Soon find some answers then and we need to take advantage of where they lose points.
  12. Just looking this weekend alone you have both West Ham playing Man City and Chelsea v Man U. Clubs have to drop points. That’s where I feel we are fortunate in our ordering of fixtures
  13. This is a good post. We got fortunate on Sunday as well. Was pointing out on a podcast I was listening too that projections don’t acknowledge that a lot of the chasing pack have to play each other. A factor this season is that most teams between 10th and 16th are going to have their season finished in the next few games. Can’t get Europe and can’t get relegated. That will be a factor
  14. It’s the noisy neighbours tho - they have overtaken United and now appear light years ahead. It’s akin to celebrating that you qualified for a final but then lose in the final
  15. Can be - he's really fcuking me off at the moment that he's more bothered about Liverpool failing whilst his club United flounder in their attempts at catching their city rivals.
  16. We could argue then if you don't fit a certain demographic then you don't have the right to talk about professional football. For example why do we have Graham Souness and Roy Keane talking about football in the 2020s when their experience is that of football from thirty years ago playing and twenty years ago managing? Why do we have defenders passing comment on strikers? etc etc
  17. It’s disappointing that the tender/mates debate has become party political - one of the benefactors is a Labour peer for example. The public should be keen to know how their money has been spent - there’s no doubting, we are going to be paying for the spending related to COVID and therefore it’s pivotal that it’s investigated whether a) better value could have gained competitively b) achieved at the same pace. It’s worth noting that at least one of the contracts failed - they bought PPE equipment what was considered not good enough and spent extraordinary amounts of public mo
  18. In fact after I posted this, I listened to last night ‘a Monday Night Club and it concentrated on the clubs challenging the big six. Rory Smith is very good and probably too nuanced for most podcasts
  19. She was absolute bang on in her analysis of Villa yesterday at half time. As opposed to waffling on commenting on the analysis package the producers/editors had cooked up
  20. Yeah getting really ****ed off at the podcasts which blatantly claim they prove decent insight but instead do **** all. Part of me wonders whether Totally have been pushed by the Athletic to be more clickbait. Although I happen to think a lot of their pundits now just talk shit such as Carl Anka and Storey clearly does not enjoy as a Loughborough based Forest fan pointing out Leicester’s success (even more so when he predicted that we’d have a poor season). Guardian football is better but no hugely so. That largely depends on their journalists on. Increasingly enjo
  21. Hull he was given a wreck and the process of turning it around. Derby he was largely proven right on by earmarking the squad as inadequate for what they wanted. Leuven no doubt poor Watford nearly pulled it off Theres no doubting that he’s excellent at building a club but clubs do have to be patient for that to kick in
  22. There is the very nice thought though that some City fans could give Wes Morgan a proper send off
  23. He couldn’t have dropped into a better job in terms of shaping infrastructure
  24. It’s troubling that the take is 39% think it’s a wrong decision and they have chosen the negative headline over the 61% what think it was a penalty
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