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  1. 5.5 million is peanuts to premier league club even by 2007 standards. Its bit like signing a new player for that price. Even so they sold Tevez and the other guy to probably pay for some of that debt.
  2. Honestly I dont think any fans of top six club would argue about a points deduction most would have happily taken that than joining a super league.
  3. They should have done but at the time Trevor Brooking was high up at the Fa and he made sure nothing happened.
  4. For me what's more serious teams going into administration due to poor misfunding or a club attempting to break away causing to bring the game into seriously dangerous situation. If nothing happens itll show just poor favouritism.
  5. I wonder which players would have been prepared to have left their club if the super league had happened.
  6. Both but we've top four before fa cup we haven't.
  7. Who knows if a point deduction does happen title race back on :)
  8. Well Chris Powell works behind the scenes surprised he wasn't asked considering he actually has management experience.
  9. Give them credit they've took our minds off covid for a bit
  10. Seeing Arsenal and Tottenham kicked out of the premier league won't be all that bad
  11. The two the north london clubs won't be bothered due to the fact there struggling the most, plus neither haven't got a great deal of cash compared to the likes of Man City or Chelsea.
  12. It's got to be done considering I think this super league will be discussed again mark my words. They'll just try and rebrand it next time. Heavy point deductions will really show the risks of any clubs who dare to break away.
  13. Depends are far the talks went, I mean the way it was sounding it could have happen next season which means this is the later stage.
  14. Graham Souness has it the nail on the head, even though they've said they've pulled out this super league setup. They have still signed a suppose contract, can they just walk away from that i mean. It's a bit like a club agreeing to sign a player, paper works all done and dusted the players offically signed and then decided he's not going to going to come. I mean I think this far from over.
  15. Probably Man City due to the fact they have built City from nowhere to league champions to almost champions of Europe. Why ruin all this... I think City will look and realise they dont need the super league.
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