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  1. At €20m I would say Coutinho is worth a punt. Brendan loved him at Liverpool and would likely get the best out of him. He’s only 28 and is exactly the type of player that we need if we’re genuinely looking to become a top 4 side regularly.
  2. I lived in bexleyheath for most my life but just bought my first place in Greenhithe. Nice to know I’m not the only Fox in the area 👍🏻
  3. I wear my Leicester shirt all the time around my local area (north Kent/South East London). I get stopped all the time, and people are genuinely very happy to see a Leicester shirt. Whether we’re getting bigger or not is up for debate. But one thing that isn’t debatable is how loved we are by other football fans. There are some who wanted to laugh when we didn’t get CL, but there were many more who wanted to cheer us when we won the cup.
  4. Mahrez gave his legendary status up when he sat in an airport desperately seeking a move away.
  5. You can say whatever you like but hearing my beloved Leicester City being called bottlers by so many pundits, and football fans, hurts. It’s really pissing me off. I know it shouldn’t, and it’s not even a totally fair comment but it’s still irritating. I was hoping today we could prove everyone wrong. It wasn’t to be. I am proud of the players efforts over the season. They have had SO many injuries to deal with, and European football, and COVID. But we should have won today, having been 2-1 ahead.
  6. I keep thinking we just need to win, and then I remember, that may not be enough …..:(
  7. Can we ask the FA to remove Perez and Amartey from our squad for the remainder of time?
  8. 7-0 win for us on Sunday, and we’re there.
  9. I think if we’re totally honest with ourselves, we’re not that bothered about missing out on CL football, as much as we’re worried that our best players could start leaving as a result of that…
  10. “We won the fa cup” doesn’t excuse the fact that with 5 games to go, we were 7 points clear and should have finished comfortably in the top 4. We were 12 points clear of Liverpool not that long ago, and now they’re level on points and ahead of us on GD. I appreciate that top 4 for us is an over achievement, but when you spend 68 out of 71 games there over two seasons, you have to get CL in at the very least, one of those seasons. Winning the FA Cup was amazing. Memories for a lifetime. But saying “we won the cup” when we should have finished top 4 and didn’t, just let’s the players o
  11. If this finishes 1-0 to Liverpool do we go all out attack on Sunday? Throw Maddison, Perez, Ihenacho and Vardy on? We’ll need to out score Spurs by at least 4 and hope that Liverpool don’t win by more than the odd goal..
  12. Yeah they’re pathetic. Their fans are an absolute joke. But amartey was wrong to do what he did, and he’s shit anyway, so I’d prefer if he moved on in the summer.
  13. It’s over lads, forget this great season, and look forward to the Euros!
  14. Tell me Maddison wouldn’t have put that away?! Perez you’re a useless piece of shit.
  15. I’m not even being bias, but how can anyone not pick us as no.1 for this. What the class of 2014-2015 did was unheard of. Winning 7 out of 9 games?! Are you mad? What team spirit, what courage!!! And the KP was bloody electric for those last few home games too.
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