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  1. Drinkwater

    And then you have the risk of them not hitting the ground running (or at all). So many players come to England and struggle with the pace and physicality of the league. Take Mkhitarian for example, Bundesliga player of the year and only now starting to look effective in the PL. DD is a proven premier league player - that shouldn't be understated. However, if we are talking about an offer of £40m I think it would be hard to turn down.
  2. Ulloa - back to Brighton?

    Agree with your sentiment but Alexander-Arnold is a right back - the Coutinho situation has nothing to do with it
  3. Mahrez to .......................?

    Jesus, you guys.... Imagine how you would feel walking back in to work after a 6 week holiday. Don't spout some nonsense about his wages blah blah. Human emotion is relevant - just because he earns more than you doesn't mean he doesn't have the same feelings. The sooner that kind of notion is stamped out the better
  4. Fuchs

    Loved that
  5. Alexis Sanchez

    Just to play devils advocate. He has given a shit load of cash for community projects back in Chile, and is absolutely revered where he is from for it. His contribution in this area has been quite widely recognised and I can think of few Leicester players who are doing anything comparible. You might not like him, but in comparison to someone like Vardy, he comes out looking pretty rosy. Hes also world class at football. Easily in the top 3 players in the league. Pathetic tonight though, lost a lot of respect for him for that. But let's keep it in perspective...
  6. Arsenal Post Match Thread

    On point. Invited them on for way too long. Only their own fault they didn't bury us way earlier in the game. Game was crying out for Gray around 60/70 minutes. Disappointed we were so negative and slow to respond.
  7. Arsenal Post Match Thread

    What's him being Chilean got to do with it?
  8. We absolutely were playing hoofball. Just don't be drawn into thinking this is a bad thing. Direct football and long balls have been slammed in recent years in favour of tiki taka and possession football etc. It can be boring, but all styles of football can be boring. I'd personally much rather see an incisive long ball counter attacking team than some of the shit possession football served up by the likes of United etc just going side to side for 90 mins. We were direct, we were lumping balls up high, but we needed to be - and it was exhilarating to watch.
  9. Crystal Palace post match 2-2.

    Bad day for the injuries alone. A fiercely contested game was the last thing we needed with Vardy playing 90. Cant believe more hasn't been made of the foul on Benny for their equaliser - it's blatant, should have never been a goal.
  10. Atletico Madrid (Away) Pre-Match Thread

    If just them being the home team was enough to make them do that it wouldn't be so unusual as they play at home about every other game. This is going to be a seriously tough game. We need to hope we are absolutely on point and for a bit of that Leicester magic.
  11. match thread ranieri MNF

    Much more likely is that this season just presented different challenges which he wasn't as great as dealing with.
  12. Slimani

    Read again, I said putting aside all those negatives, as in I'm not commenting on them...
  13. match thread ranieri MNF

    Don't you think it's a little bit simplistic to suggest he just lost his ability at some point between last year and this?
  14. Slimani

    Huh? What part of that don't you think is fair?
  15. match thread ranieri MNF

    Indeed. its possible to be a great manager of a situation when things are going well, and simultaneously not a great manager when things are going badly. Different skill sets. Love the guy, massive respect for what he did, but he couldn't turn the situation around. What he's said tonight doesn't give me much confidence he would have if he had stayed.