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  1. There are too many permutations still in play to be able to say whether or not we'd be reliant on that game or not. Ultimately, 4 wins would virtually guarantee top 4. 3 wins would likely be enough, but in question. Anything less and we'd need some pretty good fortune in other games to stay top 4 I would guess.
  2. It's hard not to feel frustrated at the dropped points against the likes of Watford given how easily others seem to be dispatching them right now. Still in our hands, but we need to win some tough games to get top 4, and we could have left ourselves with a lot more wiggle room than we have now. Still, all in all it's been a really good day for us.
  3. It's 3 breaks in play - the half time subs don't count towards that.
  4. Do they hate jews, or are they just anti-Israel? The conflation of those two things has been a problem for quite some time.
  5. All reasonable points so I can respect that point of view. That said I think the family/home violence is quite a different issue because it's not an institutionalised problem, which racism is. You're right that homophobia is a problem as well, but I don't think anyone anywhere has tried to claim that is no longer important - just not what the spotlight is being shone on right now. That said we have had the rainbow laces campaign for a while in football, and I'd personally be in favour of seeing more of that kind of thing done. These aren't easy things to fix. However for me this idea that sport and politics don't mix isn't something I agree with. Particularly in the case of football where the culture surrounding football typically promotes a breeding ground for people acting in a racist homophobic manner when they might not normally as well. And then you have the likes of the football lads alliance and all that shit as well. So sad as it is, I think the audience of football largely includes a lot of the people that it's important that this message reaches. For what it's worth I also don't think the message 'don't be racist' is particularly political either.
  6. I mean the core of the message is that black people should have similar rights and opportunities to everyone as well. Regardless of any controversies on the fringes of the BLM campaign, I hope as a club we continue to stand behind that message that racism has no place in our club or our fanbase for as long as is needed.
  7. I don't think I ever implied he did. I simply asked a question as well? If you're going to pull me up for inferring something from his question maybe you should check you're not doing the same from my question?
  8. As great as it would be, United are flying at the moment and Bournemouth look amazing. We need to hope that we pick up 3 points and that Wolves drop points against Arsenal. That would be a great day for us.
  9. Is there a reason it shouldn’t? It’s literally 10 seconds at the start of the game to show support for an anti racist movement.
  10. Chelsea and United don’t play each other unfortunately!
  11. Mate have a word with yourself. We are battling for a champions league place. This is an embarrassing comment
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