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  1. Goal and two assists vs Southampton was pretty good...
  2. I feel like Cags will have to be smart to handle Deeney in this. With United playing Spurs, a win here would be big.
  3. People being a bit quick to wish to see the back of Chilwell. Justin was great last night and deserves to keep his place, but it’s just one game, and Chilwell has hit those heights for us before not too long ago too. I’m hoping a little break and some competition for his place will do Chilwell the world of good and he’ll be back with a bang soon.
  4. For one thing, the culture of rugby is completely different so you don't have players and managers constantly harassing the ref and talking about bad decisions. The whole culture that surrounds football plays against it here. If we aren't complaining about VAR we'll be complaining about refereeing decisions. People like to moan,
  5. I'm not convinced the players aren't motivated. They are young players who are massively overachieving relative to expectations - I can't see where the motivation would be lacking. More likely I think is that our current rut is down to a combination of a lack of confidence, some key injuries and us overachieving in the first half of the season. The dial moved on the expectations surrounding the club after the start we had to the season, and probably the squad aren't quite there yet.You're always going to get periods of inconsistency with young players, and as much as we are capable of great things I fear we are also capable of going off the boil slightly too. We are playing with the weight of expectation now, and things aren't as easy when you're looking over your shoulder as when you're flying up the league. Let's be fair, we've also had our fair share of bad luck for us the past few games as well.
  6. Seems like we’ve had another slight let off this weekend with the chasing pack dropping points. An upturn in form is desperately needed if we are going to finish top 4 though. Really hoping we put in a clinical display vs Villa
  7. Why though? Who are the agents that are pulling the strings? Uefa and the fa are two different organisations. Also if there were such a big bias then why aren’t United winning more games? Don’t get me wrong, VAR has its issues and needs rethinking. There have been many bad decisions over the course of the season. But these grand conspiracy theories make people lose credibility in my opinion Edit: Souness and Keane both thought the goal should have been ruled out. Are they being paid off to say that as well?
  8. Where have you heard ‘this is the way to play football’?
  9. They are the new rules, like it or not. focus should be on our own performance
  10. And could you give any legitimate reason why the PL and all of the officials would want to conspire to help Man City win?
  11. I wish some of you could see how hopelessly biased some of your posts come across. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had bad luck go against us recently, but this talk of a big conspiracy against Leicester is quite bizarre
  12. I worry with a player like Kasper it will potentially have the opposite effect. We’ve got a nice two week break now - hopefully he comes back refreshed. Short memories on here, earlier in the season people were lauding Kasper as one of the best in the league. Disappointing few games for sure, but he’ll be back to his best before long I hope.
  13. Perhaps - to be clear, I’m just saying written down, alongside the VAR comment I genuinely thought this was tongue in cheek. I’m not trying to pass comment on the incident as I haven’t seen a replay - looked like handball from where I was sat but I was in the opposite corner of the stadium! i think VAR should have checked it at least. My preference would be a better implementation of VAR than nothing.
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