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  1. TheBear

    Season tickets

    Looks like there wasn't many tickets knocking about then! Think maximum points from last 2 seasons is 53, Going to games on other people's season tickets seems to have cost me! Fair play to you guys! It does nark me that proper fans can't get tickets but there is someone in my office who is a season ticket holder despite being an Arsenal fan, and "likes to see Leicester do well but..."
  2. TheBear

    Season tickets

    How many points did you guys have, I wasn't successful, just wondering what the cut off was! Gutted to say the least!
  3. TheBear


    What really irks me with Kasper is the passing the responsibility onto others... he makes a rash decision or boots it out of play, or a slight mix up with someone and he is blaming them and screaming at others. Never holds his hands up to an error because he believes he doesn't make any! If He isn't willing to get better at his consistent faults he will never get any better in the future. I think he has been amazing for this club but I am sick of him doing the same bad things consistently and never learning from errors!
  4. TheBear


    This has happened times and it seems he never learns from the mistake of a poor starting position!
  5. TheBear

    Watford away - 3pm Boxing Day

    Looking for a spare ticket for this if anyone has one available... Will collect too. Please PM me.
  6. TheBear

    What gigs are you going?

    Milburn tomorrow at O2 academy! Very good value live!
  7. If Vardy wants to play for England (and not just make the squad) I think this could be a fine solution to that. Only time will tell and I think the way he is playing leading the line currently that he will be tough to shift from that position. As much as he grafts when we have the ball, his work rate when we haven't got the ball isn't where it was 2 years ago. Then again he has earned the right to lead the line!
  8. TheBear


    Stearman, Mattock, Moore, Schlupp, and now Chilwell... Only 1 of arguable PL standard and we got over the odds for him, and then Chilwell, thats really 1 or 2 PL standard players in over 10 years.... for a Category 1 academy it's a disgrace. Correct me if I'm missing one! We aren't even making money on them selling to lower league clubs... I always thought our academy sides under Rudkin were all about winning, win at all costs, not about player development, they were always big physical sides that brushed aside players that tried to play football and gained success at that level only. Goes without saying that the lack of players stepping up proves this theory further... I seriously think we have major issues with this guy having unilateral control on all things football at our club!
  9. TheBear


    If we appoint someone like Puel like alot in the media are now going with, surely this is a move by Rudkin to get in a man in who will say "yes sir, yes sir, 3 bags full sir" it stinks of Rudkin clinging onto the power he has assumed with various departures and multiple sackings, it seems he is answerable to no one and his word is gospel with the owners. This guy is clearly a massive problem for this football club and the lack of forward movement and stagnation since winning the league under his watch is actually quite alarming. If a business went from steady growth, to market leader, would the guy in charge retain a position if the business then went backwards and regressed? I think if you want us to actually move forward as a club and get our identity back, this guy needs to be ousted. We need to protest him being at our club and we need him gone out of our club. He isn't qualified to make decisons that are hindering the progress of the club! We need to vocally demostrate his role and hopefully the owners will listen!
  10. TheBear

    Shakey Sacked

    Matty James is a good footballer that's been devastated by career threatening injuries, doesn't make him a bad player, he kept Drinkwater out of the side in the great escape season, saying a lad that is recovering from a career threatening injury and the 5th choice striker are to blame is very odd and very incorrect
  11. TheBear

    Shakey Sacked

    Seen rumours on Twitter from a Huddersfield account that our owners were big admirers of Wagner, even more so after we played them...
  12. TheBear

    The Iborra Thread

    So why doesn't the manager see this and play 2 players in a 3 to help them both. Everyone can see it bar the manager!
  13. TheBear


    What was up with Fuchs last night, seemed to me like he didn't want to be on the pitch first half, make some bizarre decisions and didn't seem to want to get involved. I thought he should have been subbed at half time. Chilwell looks hungier and more eager to impress, I get the feeling Fuchs head is in USA with his family and he seems more interested updating his Instagram story and selling clothes than playing football effectively for us at the minute!
  14. TheBear

    The Iborra Thread

    Spot on pal, if we are expecting a bloke whose played in a 3 his whole career in Spain where the tempo is slower to run around like a dog on heat when that is not his game we are all going to be disappointed, the only way he will get up to speed is by playing games. Anyone would have though he was worse than Junior Lewis on last nights performance, at the end of the day he was outnumbered against the most experienced midfielder in the league, an England International and a top European central midfielder, for a 1st start I think it was a promising performance, I think people seem to compare all of our new midfield signings to Kante these days!
  15. TheBear

    Someone needs sacking

    Does the Chief Executive Offficer not preside over all aspects of the business, and in a football club that would include selling and recruitment too. Agreeing to sell an asset without a replacement rubber stamped is bad management, I'm sure its not the signitature of J Rudkin on the cheques....