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  1. wattolcfc

    Wolves A Match Thread

    Agreed but who picks the team and chooses Morgan - who is 35 this week, ahead of others. Who picks a massive out of form Mendy, and come to think of it Ndidi ahead of Choudhary on form? Gray has had so many chances to impress and fails every time. Maguire is also going backwards. Time for a change me thinks.
  2. wattolcfc

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    There is no-one else because he got rid of both Ulloa and Slimani without replacing them, despite being at the club 8 months and seeing that Nacho isn’t up to the job.
  3. wattolcfc

    Everton Away Match Thread

    We’ve got the best striker outside of the top 6 but don’t play to his strengths. It’s criminal, why wouldn’t you build your team around him?
  4. wattolcfc

    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    Oh the irony... You can’t be offside from goal kicks 🙈
  5. wattolcfc

    We need to talk about Wilfred Ndidi

    People stating that Puel is doing a great job bringing through youth yet Wilf is going backwards under him.
  6. I know someone who used to cut his hair and always said what an arrogant bastard he was, he thought he was above everyone else. Just hearing that really put me off the bloke.
  7. wattolcfc

    Saturday 10th November- Walk for Vichai

    Great idea. From Jubilee Square I see.
  8. wattolcfc

    The next chapter

    Yeah I thought this, it may be too hard for him and who could blame him. I do however, have full confidence that even if he left, he would leave our club in good hands just like his father did.
  9. wattolcfc

    Condolences To other 4 victims

    RIP to all involved. Life is cruel, let’s hope that a permanent memorial will be put up at the ground so that this tragedy is never forgotten.
  10. The memories he gave me will last a lifetime. Thank you Vichai, we are forever in your debt.
  11. wattolcfc

    Helicopter crash

    Been down to the ground this morning, a strange eerie feeling. Hope everyone gets down to the ground to pay their respects, after all, this man has given us some of the best days of our lives. The least we can do is to show his family how much we appreciate everything he has done for us. We Are The Foxes Family.
  12. wattolcfc

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    Dick pics again!!! No wonder they all want to bloody leave!😂