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  1. Said it before and it's on BBC iPlayer: Whitehouse and Mortimer Gone Fishing. I was feeling really down a few days ago but I watched a few episodes and was lifted in spirit and soul. It's magnificent even if you don't like fishing. The scenic filming is wonderful. Also on BBC, The Perfect Planet. Simply stunning.
  2. Just heard a news item reporting on 2 men that were killed on a "smart" section of a motorway after they stopped after a collision. A truck hit them and killed them both. The coroner said that smart motorways had the potential to be dangerous and that there should be a review into their use and that drivers needed more information about how to use them in the event of a breakdown/collision. The truck driver was jailed but said in a statement that if there had been a hard shoulder he would have simply driven past without colliding with the men. Personally I am very concerned about the lack
  3. Maybe Becka will learn some fancy footwork to pass on to the old man. Like a triple toe loop.
  4. I wish I was able to hang mine into the dryer
  5. A bottle of "Wholesome Stout" made by the Wye Valley brewery. Very nice. Smooth, not too heavy and a nice long finish.
  6. You can indeed as it's within the 7 mile travel limit.
  7. TBH it did start to disappoint somewhat about halfway through and the ending was quite corny but mostly season one was a decent watch. Just checked on IMDB and it seems ABC network ditched it after poor ratings. Netflix took it up but they too have now cancelled all future episodes
  8. In 35 years with the ambulance service I have never, ever seen queues like this. A friend has told me they had an 8 hour wait at A&E with a low priority patient on board. That made them nearly 6 hours late finishing their shift (finish time due to be 7pm, actual finish time 1am the following morning). The knock-on effect of that is that they are required by law to have 11 hours between shifts which means they would be 5 hours "late" for the following shift, i.e. 5 hours without the crew being on the road responding to 999 calls. Imagine the effect that has on response times if extrapolated
  9. Obviously certain situations require a different approach. In you mum's case they weren't in the wrong and could have justified their actions if necessary.
  10. And why not. It's logically safer to drive in an enclosed car with a member of your household to a less popular place. There's loads of waymarked walks in our county where you can easily avoid/distance from other people: www.choosehowyoumove.co.uk
  11. Not heard that song for nigh-on 40 years
  12. They said the fines were rescinded and an apology was given as it was a "misunderstanding" on the behalf of the officers. Underlying the need for clear and defined guidance.
  13. In the chip shop's food waste skip
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