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  1. 2 hours ago, Costock_Fox said:

    They usually have toilets on board. 

    Just had the offer of taking the socially distanced coach with the Tigers to Twickenham for £35 I’m going by car anyway but....


    “Please note that all buses will have a maximum capacity of 25 people and will comply with all Government Social Distancing rules. This means that all toilets on board will be unavailable for public use.“


    Doing 2 x 15 minute rest stops instead. 

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  2. Over the last six months i've taken over two dozen lateral flow tests, at home, at work, at testing centres in the city and each time the email and text message i've received (all negative) is identical in format, there's no mention of where the test has been conducted.


    The only reason they want you to go to a testing station is that you have to input your own result at home, it;s not scanned or read in anyway,  test positive and the temptation to think screw it it's the cup final might be a bit too much for some. :unsure:

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  3. 14 hours ago, Freeman's Wharfer said:

    No one is arguing that the club has been obligated to have 3,600 on coaches. The issue is how they approached that.


    Had they come out and said “we have 3,600 tickets that have to have coach travel with them so that leaves 2,650 tickets that can go by other means and the choice of transport mode will be offered on a first come first served basis” then no one could have taken issue.


    Knowing that the majority might not want coach travel they could have made it too good to refuse with a genuine subsidy at £10-20 a ticket or even free travel. I appreciate LCFC is a business but let’s not forget that the club is making money through prize money and ticket sales by being in this final. It could have been a big gesture at what has been a difficult time for many.


    Instead, they chose to hide behind the government mandate, actually deceive fans by saying the criteria was postcode based and hoodwink their most loyal fans who had the highest priority into paying £45 for a coach ticket as well.


    I often find that people who fail to understand what the issue is - such as @Sean2000 in this thread - look at this as an isolated issue rather than part of the bigger picture which includes things such as how football fans are treated by the club/government, people’s basic liberties and organisations being held to account for mistruths and deception (which I know isn’t very en vogue at the moment).

    I think this nails it. 

  4. Going on my own. 

    Have a friend on the row in front and 7 seats away. Block 137


    Got my ticket and coach from the KP then tried to get her ticket and suddenly there was no availability on the KP coaches so she got a ticket but is  going from Enderby.  We’re going that’s main thing! 

    Meet up down there.

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