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  1. Exactly, they changed all the blue lights in the tunnel because they were the wrong shade of blue. This is going to be absolute spot on, they haven't cut corners on any thing they have ever done at this club. It won't start with this.
  2. Not mine I might add, a friend helped out this morning.
  3. Used the Just Park App to get a place in an office car park on Wellington Street for the West Ham game. Was out in town beforehand, cost me just over £4 for 9 hours.
  4. I wish Rob Dorsett would stop writing stuff like this!! Just another excellent piece from a man who also "Gets Leicester".
  5. I feel a lot more confident when Albrighton is on the same side as him. He seems to track back and help him out a bit more. I've only watched the extended highlights from Saturday and he seemed to get caught out a couple of times defensively, both times he looked a little exposed. Going forward he looks fantastic, runs at pace, close control, good feet. He's growing on me.
  6. There's always one bitter and twisted individual wherever you look. I saw some clown on twitter get in a veiled racism dig the other day about what "His people" thought of him, but I just left it. There's someone on the Forest board who on their thread just couldn't resist getting his little 'Administration' jibe in again on their thread about the crash. They just can't help themselves or just love to troll.
  7. Just saw on Facebook Programmes won’t be on sale but one will under each seat ? If true!!
  8. I'm actually quite confident. It's going to be incredibly emotional but once the whistle blows I'm expecting an incredible atmosphere for the entire game come what may.
  9. It really just about making money. The traditional fans of the club's involved need to be careful what they wish for. It will turn into a glorified champions cup playing games all round the planet just to maximise merchandise sales and subscriptions to online TV channels.
  10. I went down yesterday afternoon at around 3.30 as I thought it would be quiet. How wrong could I have been! I wanted a 2018 poppy badge which are in the shop apparently but the queue for the main tills was like a match day. Nipped into town for a bite to eat and went back later. If you haven't been down and you have the opportunity you should make the effort, it's incredibly moving.
  11. Can’t complain about today as we got a win. He was solid last week until we really started to push more forward for the equaliser then he looked exposed and was getting out muscled when one on one left alone at the back.
  12. All over the place, I'm not so concerned about the result as the performance. Part of me just wants to tell them to go out there and just play football, forget about the result. A part of me doesn't want to see us get badly turned over. As someone has already stated I also don't want them to go out there wound up with so much desire that we finish the game with 9 or 10 on the pitch and a defeat. I would love us to be approaching it like a normal away game, but we all know it's far from that.
  13. Quite like the lyrics to Days by The Kinks, Kirsty Maccoll amongst others. Thank you for the days Those endless days, those sacred days you gave me I'm thinking of the days I won't forget a single day believe me I bless the light I bless the light that lights on you believe me And though you're gone You're with me every single day believe me Days I'll remember all my life Days when you can't see wrong from right You took my life But then I knew that very soon you'd leave me But it's alright Now I'm not frightened of this world be
  14. Actually thinking of going down on Saturday afternoon (Yes I know we're playing) in the hope it's a little quieter. Just the way I am.
  15. Absolutely. It's going to be emotional. I will probably take part in the walk to the ground before the game. Obviously being the remembrance day game there will be usual minutes silence for that. Hopefully WYS can get resurrected at some point. Going to be 100% behind the team from the off and throughout the entire game come what may. The whole team (and the manager!!) has a free pass off me for quite some time.
  16. Just incredibly sad news. It’s always been a rollercoaster ride with this club but this is on an entirely different level.
  17. It’s a reoccurring problem now. We have 20-25 minute spells where we play some great football but fail to seize a real advantage (Ref didn’t help last night!) we then either fade away or shoot ourselves in the foot (Wes getting sent off, switch off for that goal just before halftime again). We can’t just hand the initiative to a top 6 side like that, there will be only one outcome.
  18. He's not really loved is he, I'm pretty sure that bar pulling off a Claudio that will never change. He kind of has a bit of Arsene Wenger about him, nice guy, studious, serious, intelligent, no zany touchline antics, a bit dull. It's different things for different people, his lack of charisma, constant changing of the team, square pegs in round holes, his faith in youth whilst playing an aging CB who's best days are behind him, style of play. I get what he's trying to do and I'm miles away from demanding he should go but if he did I wouldn't be that bothered
  19. I just can't see us getting anything down there..... again!! But... After playing well against Man Utd and Liverpool and getting nothing maybe we're due one.
  20. I could nearly double those year's so could add lot more ups and downs. I think a little part of what's happening now is that we've been riding the thrill ride for decades and now we've been transferred to the mid table mediocrity of the kids ladybird coaster and some of us are really confused as to what's going on.
  21. Never go away really (last game was Wolves pre season before that......?) , was about 95% certain our game wouldn't be on TV and moved, didn't factor in them moving Fulham's weekend game to a Sunday and the knock on effect.
  22. Russia beating Turkey 1-0 but Soyuncu having a good game, Sky commentators being very complimentary about him. Had a cracking shot from the wing to the near post which the Russian keeper just got down to. * 2-0 not a lot he could do about the second got hit on the break, cut back to a man coming into the box, first time and in.
  23. I would love to see a CM who isn’t afraid to drive forward with the ball. Mendy does it to a lesser degree, Wilf just looks to lay it off every time.
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