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  1. He's not really loved is he, I'm pretty sure that bar pulling off a Claudio that will never change. He kind of has a bit of Arsene Wenger about him, nice guy, studious, serious, intelligent, no zany touchline antics, a bit dull. It's different things for different people, his lack of charisma, constant changing of the team, square pegs in round holes, his faith in youth whilst playing an aging CB who's best days are behind him, style of play. I get what he's trying to do and I'm miles away from demanding he should go but if he did I wouldn't be that bothered
  2. I just can't see us getting anything down there..... again!! But... After playing well against Man Utd and Liverpool and getting nothing maybe we're due one.
  3. I could nearly double those year's so could add lot more ups and downs. I think a little part of what's happening now is that we've been riding the thrill ride for decades and now we've been transferred to the mid table mediocrity of the kids ladybird coaster and some of us are really confused as to what's going on.
  4. Never go away really (last game was Wolves pre season before that......?) , was about 95% certain our game wouldn't be on TV and moved, didn't factor in them moving Fulham's weekend game to a Sunday and the knock on effect.
  5. Russia beating Turkey 1-0 but Soyuncu having a good game, Sky commentators being very complimentary about him. Had a cracking shot from the wing to the near post which the Russian keeper just got down to. * 2-0 not a lot he could do about the second got hit on the break, cut back to a man coming into the box, first time and in.
  6. I would love to see a CM who isn’t afraid to drive forward with the ball. Mendy does it to a lesser degree, Wilf just looks to lay it off every time.
  7. Not as bad as booking train tickets and a hotel knew it wouldn't be a TV game never thought about them getting picked for the Sunday game and it getting put back. Gutted! Big 5-0 on the Wednesday so committed to getting back to family etc. Never go away these days but this was supposed to be my birthday treat to myself, have a few days off so will still go down and just find a show or play to take in on the Tuesday night.
  8. Should have made them play away from home or in a neutral country. The lock out is just ridiculous.
  9. Seriously hacked off, yes even Livid with that. Have booked a train and hotel in London for 4th December to come back early on the 5th as I was sure the Fulham game wouldn't be on TV but they've moved it anyway. My first away game in year's seriously screwed. Out with work the night before the Spurs game, booked a hotel in town thinking if it's moved on Saturday it'll be 5.30 at worst and I can get up late, breakfast in town, bit of Christmas shopping etc.....7.45 FFS!!
  10. Not for me. I find it more frustrating than ever when we lose. It's partially the title win, partially the amount of investment that's gone into the club. I still see that same old Leicester DNA, games that should be getting points from being lost just because we seem to have a little stage fright, not turning up against relatively mediocre opposition (Bournemouth I'm looking at you!!), shooting ourselves in the foot and reloading the gun to do it again the following week. Everything has changed but nothing really has.
  11. Probably going to watch Coalville in the FA Cup so i’m expecting updates via here.
  12. I agree, I thought we were fair to great until Wes saw red and then the wheels came off as far as us being an attacking force went. I was frustrated at how the game turned out, and there were area's which could have been better but we didn't have a poor game.
  13. I love the big guy but I think Wes's days as a starter are gone. His main problem yesterday was trying to play football under pressure when simply getting a toe on the ball and putting it out for a throw in and allowing the defence to regroup would have been the better option. We said at half time one of our back four would see red but my money would have been on Amartey. The first half we were all over the place defensively but had three good chances to score and should have definitely scored twice. We started the second half full of intensity and looked fantastic. The first time
  14. Hmmm first real autumnal feel to a game this season , heavy rain and a bit colder. Hopefully our performance will brighten up the day. Going for a draw just because we haven't had one so far
  15. Looking forward to series 3 of The Man in the High Castle on Amazon this Friday. Watched the entire of season 1 of Car Masters, Rust to Riches on Netflix last weekend. Just started off with a "Oh I can turn it off after 10 minutes if it's....." attitude and finished up with "What do you mean that's all there is!!!"
  16. Turned into the AFL at half time yesterday morning, looked like Collingwood were going to run away with it. Caught the replay on BT this morning and wow what an ending. Every time i’ve watched AFL previously the games just seem a total mismatch.
  17. I honestly think the day’s when I am going to come away from a game wowed by a Claude Puel team are going to be few and far between. I fell in love with football over 40 years ago because it was entertaining. I watched us yesterday and I just found it frustrating to watch, so much possession and so little created.
  18. I think I underestimated just how poor they are. Watched the entire stream so in control, so much possession and yet a little sterile. We should of absolutely mullered them. It was a good win and I'm nowhere near being in the Puel Out camp but I think there's going to be very few Monday morning's at work where it will be 'That was outstanding' and more 'Good win on Saturday' when we win with him in charge.
  19. I can't see a middling performance, we'll win well or 'Leicester it' like we did at Bournemouth.
  20. RL seem to be all over the place at the minute. I drove in late on Saturday and had the pregame build up on, one minute they're going on about the strange team selection, Puel had thrown another Grenade in and the next minute they were saying easy win. Gave up on getting a stream that lasted more than 90 seconds last night and listened to the commentary, every Wolves attack and Ricardo seemed to be at fault for practically everything.
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