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  1. Decided to splash out on Ronaldo, need 90 Rooney at rcm and Walker at rb, upgrade Reid at cb to anyone half decent then longer term get Vieira or blanc at cdm, anyone half decent fancy a few games on ps4 to point out where I'm going wrong? I still keep getting battered 


  2. Anyone have any tips on receiving passes, seems like my first touch is terrible and I can't turn away from the press like I watch everyone else do, I've tried holding l2 which helps a little but still sluggish, l1 just seems to make the first touch much worse but once under control I turn a lot quicker 

  3. Benelux TOTS has good me a pretty good squad cheap.





    Only got 7 or so weekend league games in after getting in for the first time, won 3 or 4 but got smashed twice Friday night. Now I've gotta try and qualify again :(

  4. 8 hours ago, Foxin hell said:

    I wouldn't buy Kasper, way too short compared to other keepers which means long shots get past him easily. Also doesn't have a long throw which is vital to the way I play. 


    MOTM Kasper is going for around 90k, save up another 30k and get yourself De Gea instead.


    I know he's not as good as other options,  but I like having a sprinkling of Leicester mixed in. I'm a long way behind most in squad value, my main team was about 50k and my fitness team less than 10k but I've got Okazaki, Drinkwater, Mendy, Fuchs and Musa in there and I seem to get better results. Was looking at MOTM Amartey at CB a bit of pace, looked at making a 74 rated Lcfc team for the DKT but need a few k for Choudary and a lot more k for MOTM Amartey. Never got in to the weekend league always get beat by 3 in the final but now it can't be won more than once I might have better luck.

  5. I better get saving for his MOTM card then. Tried Mahrez up front paired with Vardy as he'd been anonymous out wide and it works a lot better than Vardy Slimani who seems useless for me. I wanna move to 4231 narrow but I converted Mahrez to RF to play up top and he gets crap chemistry as CAM, any solutions? Still want Vardy up top.

  6. Any methods to make a few coins? Tried a few I read, buying premier league centre halves for cheap to sell but can't really shift them so ended up with a Pulis-esque team. Thought my money was in when the J League MM came out but an hour later all my Tokyo players from bronze packs aren't even selling for 300 coins, first hour I was seeing them sell for BIN of like 800 then the market crashed, is it likely to go back up in the last few hours of the MM or is it worth listing with a 200  BIN now to get rid while there's some demand still? On PS4 BTW. And when's the next POTM due? Hoping for something similar to the MK Dons prices when the Alli one was on

  7. I don't get why you think Kramaric would be a better option? Didn't look great or fit in here, hasn't pulled up trees for Hoffenheim. Is it just the fancy name and comparisons with Davor Sukor? And I don't remember much guile from Kramaric? Even if Musa does as you suggest lack the guile that Kramaric has, he offers just being frighteningly direct instead.

  8. Don't get this love of what Klopp can do or on this case can't do to Benteke? Who's to say Claudio can't? We've all seen how he's got the best out of Kasper, Simpson, Wes, Huth, Fuchs, Mahrez, Drinkwater, Kante, Albrighton, Vardy, Ulloa/Okazaki... if he and the scouting team think Benteke has something to offer us, who would go against him?

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