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  1. 14 minutes ago, Foxxed said:

    Spurs and Arsenal have more supporters than us. Sky are playing to their audience so their audience stays and watches adverts.

    Sky are dicks. 


    They have always been baised to the big clubs, but this season if just seems so much more obviously than usual. 

    Maybe because more fans are watching sky as they are not at the game. 


    The bullshit around Villa and Leeds is sickening. 


    On another note, how is Madison not in the England squad? 


    Sancho grealish Madison sterling



    What a front five that would be. 

  2. We're so far pass what Armartey has to offer. 

    He's too slow for our game now. 


    We have far far better right backs, far better defensive midfielders and he's never been used as a center back.


    There might be a player in there, but for me, it's time for him to move on.

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  3. 31 minutes ago, chapero82 said:



    Nicolás Tagliafico seems to fear that his desired summer transfer will ricochet. Following Chelsea, Leicester City is also threatening to pull the plug on a potential deal.
    According to Sky Sports, Atalanta Bergamo's Timothy Castagne is the top contender to succeed Chelsea acquisition Ben Chilwell in Leicester. Tagliafico is also in the picture, as is Robin Gosens from Atalanta, but the 24-year-old Belgian seems to be preferred. The British media writes that the asking price is the reason for this.

    Castagne would be cheaper than both Gosens and Tagliafico. The Argentinian is said to be allowed to leave Amsterdam for 25 million euros, but a considerably higher amount is also circulating abroad as compensation. The fact is that Ajax cooperates if a good offer is made in time.

    Outside of England it is relatively quiet around Tagliafico. The alleged interest of FC Barcelona and Atlético Madrid has been discussed, but does not seem to be concrete for the time being.

    The way I read this...there saying that Ajax are asking more from English clubs and we won't pay. The agent is now worried he and his client is not going to get a pay day and so is trying to persuade Ajax to sell at 25m.

  4. Although I think this guy gives us the option to go 5-3-2 I don't think BR wants to play like that. 


    Richardo is basically a wingback playing at right back. It's the way we play. Chilwell was the same. 

  5. Just now, Bluearmyfox28 said:

    Agreed, especially if your playing against a smart side. 9 times out of 10 your gonna look for the inside pass, which makes it easier to intercept. 

    If 3-5-2 is what we decide to go for, I’ll be very disappointed that we’ve not gone for Goosens or Telles tbh. Both would add double digits with regards to goals and assists in that position imo.

    Maybe we did and either they didn't want to come or we couldn't afford them?


    Losing out on the CL means we need to reset some expectations.

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