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  1. Without a doubt Southampton are playing much better football than Spuds
  2. What has Moanrinho done to the spuds? Blimey they were turgid in that first half!
  3. You gotta hand it to Dyche... 1 loss in 13 games!
  4. At last... It was SO good to see Vardy take that final goal... vintage Jamie Vardy...he’s been scoring them like that for over a decade Hopefully that’ll give em all confidence! Btw.. Palace were absolutely dreadful!
  5. It was poor goalkeeping but Tieleman’s cross was a big factor in his error Lovely ball in
  6. What an absolutely God damn awful football match
  7. Nothing there about ‘no supply’.. that was just an awful first touch! Vardy knew it
  8. Au revoir Champs League...
  9. I’d rather not have to play in the Europa league Genuinely
  10. Nah... that was handball due to Wilf having a barmy moment We are shite atm
  11. Really want to see us win tonight Come on you blues! (Pinks)
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