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  1. Look after yourself bud 👍
  2. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/leicester-news/driver-gives-police-ridiculous-excuse-4928629
  3. Hard one to turn down though mate Chelsea, massive wages, huge transfer budget this season I agree with you but difficult to say no to
  4. Just love watching him play at the moment. Effortless passing, controlling the centre of the park, and linking up play like a metronome Brilliant at the moment
  5. I think he was lucky today that Brendan kept his faith in him and kept him on. Don’t forget btw that many on the match thread were all for subbing him at half time. After that first half, if Amartey would have been subbed off at ht it would have killed his confidence still further. Rogers did the right thing
  6. Aye, I forgot to mention all of them are in their 30’s too! Don’t be popping next door for ‘a cup of sugar’ at the moment bud 👍
  7. He’s classy even off the field though mate isn’t he. He’ll end up at Barcelona or summat, no doubt
  8. I think both Maddison and Tielemans just upped a gear straight after half time. They are both superb footballers and Brentford hadn’t a clue how to manage them
  9. Your mate Big Dan had a storming first half! 👍
  10. Yes, although many on here were calling for him to be subbed at ht, Brendan did the right thing and kept him on Lets be fair though, we’ve had all the play this half
  11. I’m not personally. I don’t want to see any player kicked in the nuts. He needs to stay on and get his composure.
  12. If Brendan does take Amartey off at half time it’s gonna kill his confidence and I doubt we’d see him much more in a City shirt
  13. We’ll win this IF we don’t concede anymore. The defence worries me
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