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  1. Was discussing the England match yesterday with a couple of mates having a nice drink in Stamford. We concluded that for 20 yr old Billy Gilmour to have controlled the midfield, we must have been doing something very wrong tactically
  2. Happy Fathers Day to all you dads on FT Have a good un
  3. Do you think if we crash out at the quarters, the FA will retain Southgate?
  4. I wouldn’t have kept Sterling on last night either. But we never looked like scoring in the second half whoever we had on I’d have no surprise if Southgate had told them to play it slow and make sure we didn’t lose.
  5. I’m honestly not sure our players knew what they were meant to be doing tonight? There seemed no real game plan. And I can’t stand the two bloody holding midfielders. Southgate is certainly a ‘mustn’t lose’ rather than a ‘must win’ manager
  6. Spot on Babs. Just said exactly the same thing to the mrs. I think Southgate will just be well happy we’ve picked up the point we need He seems so scared of losing his job he’s just content to not lose
  7. Solid, boring turd football Only Southgate can set up for Harry Kane to look so impotent
  8. No doubt he’ll bring Rashford on
  9. Not playing Grealish is just plain fookin stupid stubbornness from Southgate.
  10. We’ll probs go on and win one nil, but Christ this is so fookin boring to watch
  11. Is this really the best we can expect of England? So fookin pedestrian again going forward
  12. Which is very refreshing! But keeping on banging on about Vardy is just attention seeking tbh 😉
  13. This match is absolutely crying out for Jack Grealish
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