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  1. This.. We aren’t ‘turning on Maguire’. We simply think 65 mill would be a great price for him.
  2. Well done Stan When the fun stops, stop is actually a very pertinent strap-line
  3. http://www.whoateallthepies.tv/videos/282608/a-league-referee-jared-gillett-wears-mic-during-match-to-demonstrate-exactly-how-hectic-things-can-get-video.html
  4. Challenger v Haywood was a great scrap. Good fight that
  5. Exactly the same. As per usual, I agree and think completely the opposite to AKCJ. Chilwell is destined to become a superb LB imo and far more difficult to replace long term than Maguire.
  6. Love how Chillers has developed this season. He’s definitely England’s number 1 LB now
  7. Absolutely beautiful goal from England. Kane’s pass was sublime
  8. Over 70 million spent by the club on Slimani, Nacho and Musa Let that sink in a little while..... No longer can we laugh at other clubs over-spending. We’ve done some decent business since we won the title, but we’ve done some terrible business too.
  9. Looking forward to watching Sam Bowen tomorrow night. Our kid has watched him fight and said he’s pretty amazing. Kyle Haywood is also on the undercard. A local lad and meant to be a good young boxer.
  10. This kid oozes class. I’d love for us to keep him Some players just seem to glide across the pitch and this lad is one of them.
  11. Draper was quality but didn’t really look too bothered a lot of the time. Agree with others over Parker and Steve Thommo (one of my fave City players)
  12. I’d be much more pissed off to see Chilwell leave than Harry. Harry is good but I believe Chilwell will become exceptional. It’s obvious what Maguire’s main limitation is....pace. I doubt he’ll ever be an ever-present in a really top side because his lack of pace just gets exploited too frequently.
  13. I thought Wales were shite but the sweaty’s have today hit an all time low! Kazakhstan!
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