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  1. I’m never sure on young managers being given top jobs until they’ve properly cut their teeth at a lower level. That said, I think Lampard would probably do very well at Chelsea. It’s not only about passion with Lampard, he’s also bright as they come. Bad news for Direby though if this happens
  2. Good job it only comes out in the summer Ride it in the winter it’d rust up to Hell and wouldn’t run You got a pic btw?
  3. I must admit, start of last season I wouldn’t have given tuppence for Rondon Now, I’d take him here, no doubt
  4. Good lad. You make some cracking posts imo
  5. An AJ v Wilder fight would surely be the biggest fight in recent times. And I genuinely don’t know who I’d have my dosh on. AJ the more accomplished fighter imo, but Wilder with such a killer punch I do hope this happens...
  6. For me, the point here is clear. The issue wasn’t Vardy, it was Puel. The number of players (not only Vardy), who have produced performances far more akin to their ability, under Rodgers, makes this obvious. Quite a few posters were all for dropping Maddison (or even selling him... the most ‘over-rated player in the division’) too Here’s the rub.. many posters chose Puel over these players. Of course Vardy is a club legend but the apparent willingness to almost dismiss him earlier in the season as a victim of the ‘Puel project’ was there to see I just find this interesting Thank God we made the managerial change when we did. I kinda think Vardy might not even be here anymore.
  7. Did Wilder really say it was his aim to kill someone in the ring? Or words to that effect?
  8. Raheem has been absolutely world class today. Utterly unplayable
  9. We very much have the players who can play the Rodgers way. And if we keep Tielemans, even more so.
  10. It simply interests me who is now shouting for Jamie as a club legend, when only a few months ago the very same posters seemed more than happy to have him dropped from the side. I’m interested in the psychology of this and the hypocrisy too. If you actually read the forum you’ll see I make as many jokes about Clattermole as everyone else does.
  11. I had no idea how good Vardy would be? But I did say it was a ridiculous decision when Puel dropped our best striker in a million miles. If people who agreed with Puel on this can’t own up about it, then that tells a lot more about them than about me...
  12. Who WERE the posters who claimed that Puel dropping Vardy (on one occasion starting Gray up top) was the correct thing to do? Im sure some did...? Cmon, own up...
  13. I did call Lee, but he said with all the stick he gets on FT, you can all fook off!
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