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  1. I guess it’s either a sign of the times or a demographic of some of the FT members that anyone is even trying to defend these players on this thread. They were selfish, silly cvnts and could well have contributed in a significant way to the club not being in the CL next season If anyone doesn’t think what they did is important, take a long hard look in the mirror
  2. The point is you suggested people expect us to win every game Which of course, is bollox It was a flippant, nonsense comment made initially by Babs I think? And was a pointless one. It’s like talking to 10 year olds sometimes on here. I think what is being said is for LCFC to please not shit ourselves for a second year running and go and not do a bottle job again Nothing more than that really but of course you want to spin a yarn as per
  3. Brings me back to this wider debate about whether modern day football fans can truly associate with the players and see them as heroes and role models. We’ve got people on here who have had tattoos done, depicting LCFC emblems and maybe certain players, trophies etc and hey, each to their own But one of the things that’s put me off modern day football is this disassociation between player and fan. I honestly don’t think Maddison gives a shiny shite about Leicester City, other than what he can get FROM us in terms of moving on. Mahrez was the same. Even Harvey Barnes must now be
  4. Durham made the point that I made yesterday. Yes it was good that Rodgers did what he did But, discipline wise, all those players must have made the choice to do it in the first place. Suggesting zero discipline Very upsetting... and if true they turned the lights off to try to avoid being caught! 😆
  5. I can never work Praet out Don’t know if he’s actually very good or not much good at all One of those really non-descript players who really can shine or go missing in equal measure
  6. You're being silly here (again) Stan I doubt many people expect us to win every game. Eg did many people moan that much when we lost to Man City? I recollect a lot of ‘well it’s a free hit’ etc What people DO expect is to put in performances to try to win games that are very winnable. Eg yesterday. And to not open up big gaps at the top of the division, excite us all with dreams of the Champs League, only to then seemingly give in when we get so close. Aka last season and maybe this season too Is that too much to expect? Of course it isn’t
  7. Don’t back down from this mate. The usual suspects will laff at you but you are correct. What I hope is that Brendan and the team now surprise us and finish 4th But yesterday made me nervous for sure I saw last seasons capitulation as a failure If we do it again now.... 😩
  8. I don’t think Dan is being scapegoated here. I’ve said already and I think most have, he wasn’t directly involved in any of the goals yesterday But I think even I’ve under-estimated Amartey. I think he’s probably worse than even I thought he was, but not scapegoating here at all Yesterday they were pretty much all rubbish Nearly every time I see Amartey play, i think our defence generally looks more shakey. I thought the 3 central defenders would help but if anything it’s made it worse
  9. Even you surely must accept they were the better team. They were better disciplined, more clinical and more tactically astute. And this was without their two best players. You’re becoming an Ostrich Bertie boy! Not for the first time either
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