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  1. It sodded off for the night and came back the next morning as far as I know. I don’t think it just left or anything like that. I remember it was a little tortoiseshell
  2. I did a session with a Ouija board many years ago with my girlfriend at the time and my mate and his girlfriend I remember it like it was yesterday... It was done in my mates g/f flat and she had a cat at the time. We hadn’t had a drink that night and had organised to go round purely to do this ‘activity’ It happened..... The glass at a few points was whizzing around the table even though all four of us had a finger on it. It wasn’t really spelling anything to note, that I recollect, but it was flying around from one letter to another. The most bizarre thing thoug
  3. I can’t work our whether @Strokes is on the wind up? Sharp and keen??!! Staggering. I assume it’s a joke
  4. Hey HPF, do what i do and laff at em. The forum seems to contain its fair share of quite strange people and if you let them wind you up you’ll suffer. I hope you’re ok bud and that this stops for you.
  5. He looked like either Ron Benson or Tony Hedges out of Mike Bassett 😆
  6. And you can go and do one an all! 😆 Nick or Swan Lesta or whoever he fookin is is just trying to unnerve me, knowing as he does that I’m gaining on him in Superbru Well it won’t wash... 👍
  7. Oh shut up Nasty Nick ffs! 😆
  8. Cmon Stan it’s obvious what it means. Is Brenda given more time and patience, and his managerial shortcomings overlooked because he comes with a big(ish) reputation and, of course, an amazing start to his LCFC managerial tenure. I’d imagine if, let’s say, Sean Dyche had presided over City during 2020, just about the whole of FT would be calling for his head if he’d secured the same amount of points for us as Rodgers has done?
  9. Aye, shame then we spunked 55 million on this pair isn’t it. What a striker that could have gotten us.....
  10. Again... (sigh) 26 points from 22 fixtures in 2020 IS NOT a couple of games.... Here’s the rub, for me. Is he being given time and patience by people like yourself (overlooking the win/loss ratio) simply because he’s Brendan Rogers? If so, look more closely and then decide
  11. Good post Perez is clearly this season’s scapegoat. Again, people think Perez was bad yesterday... look at Barnes or Praet, both did the arse end of fook all.
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