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  1. Col city fan

    Arsenal away next😳

    Why id play Big Dan against the Arse is for two reasons: 1. I’m convinced he’s a confidence player who is nervy. If he plays he must be alongside someone who is assured and who can give him direction. He’d have come on a bundle if he was paired with the likes of Tony Adams and John Terry imo. 2. He’s quick and we need quick defenders against Arsenal. I’d rather Amartey than Soyuncu as the latter does not want to be thrown in for this game imo.
  2. Col city fan

    Football Manager 2019

    Fook this complicated shite! Can’t we go back to the days of Freddy Adu and lumping it up to big Russian strikers? So much more fun...
  3. Col city fan

    Arsenal away next😳

    My God! You want to pit Amartey and Soyuncu up against their attacking flair? Soyuncu might be brill but he’s never played a Prem game. And Amartey needs experience beside him surely? My pick would be Amartey and Harry
  4. Col city fan

    Spain v England Nations Cup

    Nice one mate. Hope you’re ok
  5. I remember talking to one of the maintenance blokes on the site we have our caravan, at the time we’d been linked with Maguire. This bloke is from Hull and said straight off, ‘if you lot have a chance to sign Harry Maguire then don’t bloody hesitate...he’ll be playing for England soon absolutely no doubt’ How right he was...
  6. The Hull fans adore him as much as we do tbf.
  7. Col city fan

    Spain v England Nations Cup

    Great observation about Kane. That was exactly how I saw it too. His game was a lot more than just about scoring goals, last night.
  8. Col city fan

    Spain v England Nations Cup

    Not sure. I think Kane tonight has been exemplary in his hold up play. His presence has enabled us to play this way.
  9. Col city fan

    Spain v England Nations Cup

    Oh be quiet Moosebreath...
  10. Col city fan

    Spain v England Nations Cup

    Don’t bet on football.. it’s crackers...
  11. Col city fan

    Betting Thread

  12. Col city fan

    Spain v England Nations Cup

    Absolutely fookin typical. You couldn’t write it. The night I bet big on Spain, they suddenly become shite whilst England become world beaters...
  13. Col city fan

    Any other refugees from Bentley's Roof on here?

    Who is Moosebreath/Gaelic back as THIS time?
  14. Col city fan

    What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    Yes I’ll just hop over to Cambodia to try out driving on their roads. (And watching someone taking a dump!)
  15. Col city fan

    UEFA Nations League

    The Jocks really are a poor poor team. They have some decent players but can never seem to get it right collectively.