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  1. Are you saying that every single one of us would have put in a transfer request? No we wouldn't... What a weird thing to say and an incredible assumption.
  2. Ffs! Classic Foxes Talk... He's said he wants to leave! It's not rocket science! Christ on a bike!
  3. Brilliant tonight! Adios Montana and Alex
  4. But of course it's more complicated than that as anyone with half a brain knows. The question being asked (as I've explained more than once) is do you want a player at the club who don't want to be at the club? It's not about Mahrez ABILITY. It's about questioning his commitment. But everyone knows that really.
  5. Good, welcome back mate
  6. Do you mean grips?
  7. I think that West Ham paying 15m for Hernandez and us 30 for Slimani (and that was at the start of LAST season) is suggestive of us rather having had our pants pulled down.
  8. My bad mate. Ive Just read it back...
  9. Are you back FIF?
  10. I'm sure he makes it clear he wants China, the MLS or, for some reason, Sampdoria? Why do you think he'd want to come to the Premiership and why would we want to pay big wages on a 33 year old?
  11. Meh.. This is you, this is
  12. Any idea why Galatasaray released him? Read up on it.
  13. Bloody Hell Nick! At least I go to games!