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  1. Do some people on here still want to offload Chilwell?
  2. Genuinely wouldn’t go anywhere near Zaha. Simply don’t think he’s particularly good and would cost a lot of money. I wouldn’t drop Barnes at present for Zaha. Genuinely.
  3. What with Sterling losing his brain and Bernardo Silva’s recent behavior, I have a sneaky feeling Pep is losing the plot a little this season. Make no bones about it. When he approached the officials at the end of the Liverpool game and stated ‘he wasn’t being sarcastic’, that’s utter bollox. He was angry....you could see the sneer all over his face. Often this level of annoyance can filter down to the players unless the manager is really careful. It also makes me wonder whether, knowing the on-field spat that Sterling had with Gomez, Guardiola had had a quiet word with Sterling before he set off for England duty. A kind of ‘just avoid him when you’re there’ type chat? If he didn’t have that conversation, that’s bad management imo. We have such a chance this season to finish 2nd. Liverpool I think will romp it, but Man City aren’t right at the moment.
  4. Ndidi is yet another example of a player who ‘caught out’ a decent number of posters on here. Like Maddison, Pereira and even Vardy ffs, people were writing that they were over-the-hill, weren’t very good anyway and the such like. Many argued that Vardy should be binned. The problem, of course, was PUEL. These players are top quality footballers but either did not or could not perform to their best under Puel. Now we have a decent manager, instilling confidence into these players, playing them correctly and with a smile on his face, we see the players for who they really are. Ndidi is top drawer. Look at his stats but also just watch him play. He rarely loses a 50:50 and generally knows where to be to break up opposition play. Puel had him as a box to box midfielder. Which was so wrong.
  5. I’d always imagined him as thick as shite 👍
  6. One of the worlds best strikers? Simple.. yes of course
  7. I think Deulofeu would be a typical ‘Rodgers type’ player. Quick with his passing, clearly gets into great positions and can obviously shoot. BUT I’d say he’s too much like Perez to be really needed, so to speak
  8. Fook him There were lots on here defending his antics when he kept sodding off to try to force a move. We are better off without the twat
  9. Who the fook is ‘Angelino’? How much did he cost?
  10. What a time to be a LCFC fan 2nd in the league and looking amazing
  11. Midfield is again why we won’t win a tournament any time soon. When you’ve got the likes of Delph and Barkley kicking about
  12. Lee Clattermole, Jay Emmanuel Thomas and Esteban Cambiclasso 👍
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