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  1. I do agree but also make the point that you have to have it to be able to spend it wisely (or unwisely). Take Mahrez as a recent example. As alluded to in the excellent article that was posted on here at the time..... Man City don’t need Riyad Mahrez. They might LIKE him, but they don’t need him. Signing Mahrez was like the chairman just adding another one to his collection. The Mahrez signing isn’t about spending it ‘wisely’. If Mahrez doesn’t work out for Man City then no problem, they’ll sell him and go for the next one...
  2. I think he is an exceptional player
  3. Col city fan

    Mobile data at KP Stadium?

    You are right with this. I swear sometimes I have no idea why some people are at the football. I don’t think they have either. For some families it is literally just something to do on a Sat afternoon to keep their kids occupied. The nipper is probably just watching some cartoon or something.
  4. Guardiola is clearly a superb football manager. He has round pegs in round holes at Man City and has done so wherever he has been manager. However...... Man City could realistically field TWO first 11’s, both of which could realistically get into the top three or four in the Premiership. Is tonking the opposition 5 or 6-1 really good for the Premiership? Or for football in general? Surely the fact that Man City have spent a billion quid (or so it seems) in their quest for football stardom has created a massively uneven playing field? Yet nobody seems bothered. The adulation and adoration for Guardiola is present it would seem whilst the money the club have spent goes unnoticed? Have Man City bought the league? What’s happened to financial fair play? Discuss..
  5. Col city fan

    Mobile data at KP Stadium?

    Yes mate. Most aggravating. It’s like a data Bermuda triangle
  6. Col city fan

    Ricardo Pereira

    Comparing Amartey at RB to Ricardo is like comparing an Austin Allegro to a Bentley. I do wish people would stop this nonsense with Amartey. He’s been here now for what? 2 years or so and we’ve seen he’s nowhere near good enough. Ricardo on the other hand looks the business IF he retains his defensive position when needed to.
  7. Col city fan

    City break recommendations

    Krakow is a very attractive City. The central square, Castle, Cathedral, River..all very pleasant. And you can visit Auschwitz and Birkenau if you want to get a proper understanding of what man can do to man (and woman). Birkenau is a haunting place.
  8. Col city fan

    N’Didi signs new deal

    @Tringfox will be well upset with this news. 😀
  9. Col city fan

    Thanks Wes.

  10. Col city fan

    Thanks Wes.

    I’ve had a post deleted already but methinks there was more to this thread than meets the eye.
  11. I agree. I don’t think they have a particular good squad to be honest, but it’s clear they are playing well under their level. Pogba and Lukaku can be quality and looked like cart-horses today. Utd need to get Zinedine in I reckon.
  12. What did Fred cost? 50 mill!
  13. I’m convinced Pogba would look brilliant in a side like Barcelona’s. He just does not want to play for Mourinho