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  1. Reminds me of Franz Carr. All the pace in the world but just about zero final product. Time to move him on, I think Barnes for instance is a far better player.
  2. How many times have we all said that!
  3. I think Man Utd will step up for this one and I’m going 2-1 home win Rashford and Martial with theirs, Maddison with ours
  4. My liking of Brendan Rodgers increases even more. He seems to know exactly what to say.
  5. No problem mate and you are spot on. ANY top midfield we’ve ever had must always contain Kante. Imo he was the lynchpin of our incredible achievement
  6. Completely agree. Great post. Anyone looking back at that era with anything less than big respect for what we achieved clearly didn’t experience it. Our midfield of Lennon, Parker and Muzzy was and always will be one of our best ever.
  7. Were you around at the time cos you’re talking bollox
  8. A good honest post Young Stan Yes, I wish him all the best but won’t shed any tears. Some players just don’t seem to click at certain clubs. Slimani is the same I’m happy Brendan is offloading the players I’d have offloaded Amartey will be next...
  9. Rodgers has certainly got us buzzing again TBH under Puel we’d reached a stage where I thought we’d go into games and boringly grind out a draw, or lose This feels very very different
  10. Has anyone pointed out the pass from Chilwell leading up to Vardy’s sublime finish? Absolutely on a postage stamp!
  11. I’m not sure I’d call him the best striker the club has ever had? But he’s in the top one
  12. Again, I think he’s one of those players who, because what he does isn’t always ‘obvious’ (eg picking a killer pass etc), a lot gets missed cos we aren’t always watching him (if that makes sense). Watch his movement off the ball. I love Albrighton, for example, but what he does is clear... gives everything every game and has a great cross. With Perez, his contribution is different, But nonetheless as important imo. I think his movement creates space for others, and especially Maddison and Tielemans to give them time to do the ‘special stuff’
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