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  1. Col city fan

    Champions League 2017/18

    It’s hard to imagine what Karius must be going through. The biggest club stage on the planet, millions of people watching and he literally lost his nerve...twice. I’m not sure he’ll ever get over this. His team-mates will be all sympathetic and understanding, I imagine, but I bet underneath they are all quite shocked.
  2. Col city fan

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Agree with all of this apart from I do think he’ll do really well wherever he goes.
  3. Col city fan

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Arnautovic has been a game changer for West Ham tbf. He’s almost single handedly kept em up. Having seen his little glimpses at Stoke, I never thought he could (and would) play as well as he has done.
  4. Col city fan

    Jack Grealish

    Has this forum finally gone mad!? 45 mill for Jack fookin Grealish!?
  5. Col city fan


    This is the point for me. The swell of negative opinion for Puel got built up over time and after a run of negative results and shabby performances. This pretty much led to the overwhelming negative opinion demonstrated in the poll. Then, this changed after one win. Now, 88% don’t want Puel sacked, instead it’s turned right on it’s arse. After one win. Such is the nature of FT and the fickleness of football fans.
  6. Col city fan

    Jack Grealish

    He’ll be scrabbling through his notes as we speak.
  7. Col city fan

    Betting Thread

    @Unabomber I had Mane anytime goalscorer AND btts Best win in yonks tbf
  8. Col city fan

    Jack Grealish

    Why on earth would we want to sign Jack Grealish?
  9. Col city fan

    How Was Your Day?

    Woke up this morning and still can’t quite believe the goalie’s performance last night in the champions league final. What a plonker
  10. Col city fan

    Betting Thread

    Villa not even scoring has fooked me up good and proper there Thought the btts was nailed on after the Fulham goal
  11. Col city fan


    And the point that the earlier poster was making was that if Puel does fail to come up with the goods, many posters will try to suggest that’s what they thought would happen anyway. That would be hypocrisy. And if that happens, it’ll happen.
  12. Col city fan


    Of course it is. After one win to see such a wholesale change is ridiculous. I’m not picking you out individually, just the general trend. I’ve made it pretty clear, I believe this squad needs a clear-out and for a tough bloke to be the one to do it.
  13. Col city fan


    The hypocrisy on here will be no different whether Puel does enjoy success, or not. If he doesn’t, the anti Puel brigade will be out in force. If he does, vice-versa. I’ll still recall the recent(ish) poll though. Where a large majority wanted him gone, only to turn right around with one win. FT is as fickle as they come, but just reflects football fanism per se.
  14. One of the best albums to put on whilst getting ready to go out drinking...
  15. If I remember rightly, they were ‘hoying’ ripped out seats at us?