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  1. I can’t see this season re-starting any time soon. If at all tbh
  2. I imagine the knock-on effects will be astounding and, as you say, will hit us all very hard when this is all over
  3. Just heard on the box that two fellas have been prosecuted for coughing/spitting at Coppers, saying they ‘have the corona virus’ WTF! I’m well happy these cvnts are being prosecuted, but does the scumminess of man know no bounds?
  4. My car is STILL at Drive Vauxhall btw Standing dead in a compound I genuinely don’t believe I’m ever going to get my 16k car back
  5. I’d also like to see an enforced Chris Sutton commentary ‘behind closed doors’. As in Sutton being placed in the centre of an empty stadium and allowed to spout tripe to himself for a full 90 mins.
  6. We’ve lost our best player
  7. What a fookin day, first Ricardo now this Makes you wonder where on earth this is going to end
  8. I can never work out the rationale behind slating certain players at our club. Marc Albrighton joined us on a free transfer and has never given anything less than 100% He has won the title with us, has gone through lots of ups and downs with us (both professionally and personally) and has never appeared to moan or gripe when not in the starting 11. He always comes across as a pleasant bloke with no apparent failings-out with anyone at the club and, unless I’m wrong, I doubt he’s one of our biggest earners? He isn’t a world-beater but has never professed to be. And yes, he’s coming to the twilight of his career. So why criticise his selection before a ball has been kicked in anger? Like with Andy King, on here, there seems to be such little respect given by a selection of our ‘fans’, for a player who has always tried their absolute best in a blue shirt. People will always have differing views on team selections but it’s the vitriol that is demonstrated, at times, that I can’t fathom, particularly towards players who basically can be hailed as legends at our football club
  9. Exceptional young player. I’d take him to the Euro’s. He is so dynamic and so little is known about him relative to Rashford etc I think he’d spring many a surprise in the summer.
  10. There’s lots of ‘Kelechi-love’ on here at the moment Can’t see it personally. I’m well happy he’s putting in a shift but he’s not going to score us enough goals when Vardy is out. I believe a second, top rated striker to be imperative if we finally make it to the Champs league.
  11. Still sore over the cup exit How did ‘The Villa’ shit-house their way to Wembley? They are a woeful side...
  12. Are all those who were saying ‘Albrighton should be nowhere near the starting 11’ now all feeling a bit knob-ish? Cmon, own up...
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