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  1. The Car thread

    It is like magic isn't it? They should all be called 'Dynamo'..
  2. Nigel Pearson working for KP again

    Makes no sense? Why can't you be a person who assertively gets their message across whilst not still being a 'people person'? A people person doesn't have to be a pushover, have a weak personality or be nice to everyone?
  3. Nigel Pearson working for KP again

    About sums it up from what I've heard...
  4. Bartosz Kapustka - Debut in Bundesliga

    The point I was making mate is give me 'boring', 'solid' and 'sensible' over what looked like nailed on relegation, every time.
  5. Okazaki = Class

    You only have to watch this to see how the opposition gives up possession when they have Okazaki running in on them. He makes them panic and this is crucial in how we've come to have success over recent years. This is what you don't get from your big lumps up front, like Leo. The opposition have all the time in the world to play it out from the back.
  6. Okazaki = Class

    I would assume that Shinji is a managers dream. He don't moan if he's not playing, gives everything every game, looks constantly happy and content with life at the club. For his age, is fit as a butchers dog, scores goals, links up play, gives us all a laff by falling on his arris. Brilliant signing. If there is a player in the disgusting modern age of Prem football who still epitomizes 'value for money', it's Shinji. I'll look back on his time at the club with NOTHING other than respect. It's fascinating how fans see players. There is a lot of banding about on here for Cambiasso as a 'club legend'. Personally, I see Okazaki as every bit as much a legend as Esteban. Without a doubt, in the same way as Cambiasso came to the fore in our great escape, so Shinji played a crucial role in us winning the league title.
  7. Bartosz Kapustka - Debut in Bundesliga

    No nor can I. This forum remains periodically very bizarre, with some posters commenting on how good they thought Kaputska looked in some of the brief appearances he made for us. He may somehow make a breakthrough but all I saw was a player who looked quite skillful, but just too lightweight for the Premiership. I say once more, thank God the owners pulled the plug on Ranieri. Some of the signings we made during his tenure were bizarre and we were getting relegated under him last season. Of that I have no doubt. We may complain about Shakey and some of the boring style of play he brings to the team. And rightly so at times. But at least he's solid, seems sensible and I think, will keep the players feet on the ground.
  8. The Car thread

    Always phone them mate. Never accept an online quote. Just haggle. It's ridiculous what they'll knock off, just by 'speaking with their manager'.
  9. Superbru Predictor 2017/2018

    Bollox to 'quietly going about my business'! I'm fourth!
  10. Okazaki = Class

    If there is any set of stats that shows categorically that stats don't tell the whole story, it's these. Im sure I read once that the team stats, when Shinji starts, are by far the best. Goals scored, points obtained etc. I think Shinji has been exceptional for this club and is one of the most under-rated players we've had in a long time.
  11. Let's have a films thread.

    There is such an eerie atmosphere about the first one and Pennywise is played unbelievably. You almost don't care that the werewolf thing in the first looks naff, as does the monster at the end. This doesn't really matter because the film gets you engrossed in it. And as I said before. For me, one of the problems of modern day horror movies is they are TOO graphic. This thing about having to see everything and it all having to be more and more gory, leaves nothing to the imagination. This is why books still have their place and always will. When something gets ones imagination racing, it's at its best.
  12. Is Slimani of premier league quality

    There is one main reason why Slimani is growing on me. When he scores for the club, he looks absolutely overjoyed. He looks like he wants to be a success here and is massively happy when he gets goals. I like that. One of my workmates went to the game last night and told me that where she sat, Slimani was getting Hell from many of the fans. I think we need to get off his back and support the bloke to be honest. If he looked like he didn't give a shite, I wouldn't be bothered. But I think he does.
  13. C'mon you lot, what's it gonna be? 2-2 for me Vardy and Mahrez with ours
  14. Is Slimani of premier league quality

    I honestly see Slim like a bit of a Yakubu. His all round game ain't strong. But he scores goals. Last night, I honestly thought he was pants (though again...he had NO service) and then he comes up with a wonder goal. He's like marmite I reckon.
  15. Demarai Gray

    Has to be one of the most frustrating players I've ever seen! He's got it all really. He's quick, agile, got good feet and can dribble with the ball. But he don't bloody pass! The number of times Gray does a great run, but then opts to shoot from the edge of the area rather than look up and square it to a fella with so much more space! Surely this can be trained into him?