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  1. Tielemans is too fresh faced for me I’d snog Kasper instead
  2. So far with VAR: 1. It generally gets decisions right more often than wrong. 2. There is now, mentally, a moment between a goal being scored and BELIEVING a goal has been scored. Your attention immediately goes to the VAR for confirmation. I’m not sure this is a good thing and there will be times when great celebration becomes disappointment. It’s happened already of course. 3. It’s surely bound to extend some games? A 16.45 finish could occasionally be nearer 16.50 or even 17.00 4. There will be more penalties given across the Prem this season. Possibly good if you like to bet on penalties in a game? However I’m sure the odds will come down to reflect this? Anyone continue this list?
  3. We hold all the cards surely? We don’t have to sell him. I doubt Harry is the type who’d go awol if we don’t sell him. We’ve become very good at holding out for the right price and should continue to do so. If Utd pay 80 mill for Maguire they’ve bought a top defender, an international, with years ahead of him. They should pay what we are asking for and get the deal done if that’s what they want to do. Also giving us the time to get a replacement. I’m not sure Soyuncu is good enough yet tbf
  4. The long summer evenings must just fly by at your place mate....
  5. Good to see David Price have a convincing performance last night, although not good that Dave Allen (sorry, always makes me think of the 70’s comedian) has a busted orbital socket apparently!
  6. Too many kids getting their knickers in a twist on here as per. Pre season friendlies are a run out and part of getting fit again. Nothing more Don't read anything much into them
  7. It’s ‘Hatchet Harry’ you nincompoop!
  8. I suspect that if and when any club pays an astronomical amount for Maguire, they’ll be paying not only for Harry, the player, but Harry the leader. He’s liked. Well respected and commands a presence both on and off the pitch. To be honest, exactly the type of figure Man Utd desperately need at the moment. I can see him as a future England skipper
  9. We’ve made some strange ones (but then again so do all football clubs) James being given a 4 yr contract, Slimani, Nacho, Musa, Ghezzal, the little French winger (name even eludes me) all on that list
  10. ‘Was just silly’ Stop using my phrases!
  11. The decision to resign James on a long term contract was, financially, utterly ridiculous. In business terms it would make as much sense as sponsoring the Sinclair C5 😀 And don’t let the likes of @Babylon persuade you it was the right thing to do It wasn’t. It was silly
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