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  1. I assumed it was just the Leicester match threads that were full of premature, hyperbolic drivel but I was wrong. Och well, you learn something new every day I suppose. X
  2. Brendan, why does every FT thread descend into bile fuelled bickering? X
  3. Just found this tread so apologies if I go over anything already said but cannae be arsed to read the whole thing. I have always been pretty skinny so not looking to lose weight but I am interested in diet from a health point of view. I started Time Restricted Eating a few weeks ago (I have my first food at 11am and last at 8pm, this includes all liquids apart from water). I eat healthy foods in general, always cook from scratch and go to the gym but all the research I have done suggests that Time Restricted Eating or IF (I prefer the routine of Time Restricted myself, I like to keep things simple) have so many benefits not just weight loss. I have actually lost a couple of kg in those weeks (from about 80kg to 78kg) although I was at about 76kg before Christmas so it is about my average weight. The interesting thing is I do genuinely feel better and have been performing well at gym. I also don't get mental hungry as often (I have always been one of those people that always gets hungry and gets grumpy if I don't eat every hour but that seems to have disappeared). Wondered if anyone else had experience of TIme Restricted or IF? The real test for me will be whether I lose the fat around my belly/torso as I have heard good things regarding Time Restricted Eatings ability to increase muscle and lose fat. As I said, always been slim but any weight I do carry tends to go the the torso so it looks a bit "skinny fat". Will see how it goes. X
  4. It is a nuanced issue. In an ideal world I would love to keep him and I agree with you that he is our best defender. We do however need to think about the bigger picture. Is Maguire better than Evans/Wes, etc? Yes, I think so. But is our entire current team better than a potential future team minus Maguire but plus £65m investment? If spent wisely then possibly not. One must also consider the player, I imagine given the chance he would rather play for Utd than us. I don't like saying that and it doesn't mean i am not ambition it is just an objective truth that most players want to play for the biggest teams. Some people will come on here and say "he is rubbish, get rid". They are, of course, foolish. But people suggesting that maybe for the long term future of the team/club that selling him might be worthwhile have a very valid point (Bale at Spurs is a classic example). I understand your point and fully agree with you regarding him being our best defender and, as I have said a few times, I would love to keep him but I do see the possible benefits of selling also. As always it is a nuanced debate with no "right" answer. X
  5. And the winner of strawman of the year award goes to..... X
  6. Only a few have "turned" I think. Most people realise he is good and would like to keep him but see £65m as a great price, probably too good to turn down. X
  7. Would be sad to see him go, he is one of those players that are just so easy to like, big scruffy idiot yet goes on the odd mazy run. He has clear potential and could be a proper worldy but, having said that, he hasn't had the best season and if we could get £65m for him I think it would have to be seen a s a good deal all round. We cold probably replace him with a better "defender" whilst maybe losing a little of his creativity. In an ideal world we should try and keep all of our best players but I don't think it would be the end of the world if he left.
  8. RumbleFox


    Well I was treated to a Gretsch Jet Club for my birthday so feeling happy. Just need to learn it now..... x
  9. Ha, this is me with everyone. Although I do walk around with my tiny willy hanging out so maybe my own fault? With regards to Maddison, I think he is a very promising young player who has had a very reasonable first season and am excited to see how good he can become. I fully expect England caps to come next season for him. X
  10. Of course not, you can say exactly what you wish to, I believe what you have done there is create a straw man. Firstly, "He was garbage in that game" is very different to "his IS utter dogshite and prances around like a fairy". Secondly, even if you did say something which I deemed "offensive" I have never said that is not allowed or that I have become the self appointed bastion of light on the forum creating "my rules", we are both better than pretending that is the case. I am merely saying that if someone says something like that they cannot get too upset and offended if someone disagrees with them. I am all for free speech, never censorship. X
  11. I respect your comments regarding corners but I think very few corners come to much. Statistically his corners are no worse than other's in the league, it is just you see them more often and maybe concentrate on the bad ones more than the good. Corners are very rarely scored when you look at the stats. Regarding his attitude I just don't see him in the way you do, he is a young kid with millions in the bank, were I him I would be a massive nobhead. He seems to me no more arrogant that a lot of other footballers and in all the interviews I have seen his attitude seems good. Thank you for responding, this forum too often descends into name calling from either sides so good to have an actual conversation. X
  12. Bert if someone said "I think he is overrated and can improve on x, y and z" then of course that is fine. It is comments like "Swell head, arrogant, complete and utter dogshite, fairy, etc" that gets people's backs up. it is a classic technique of people that like to troll forums. Say something offensive, then when you are challenged cry free speech. I am all for debate about players but let's try not pretend that all criticism is above challenge. X
  13. Mate I think there comments are slight "banter". No one is saying that you cannot have an opinion ,they are just disagreeing with yours. Free speech doesn't mean you can just say what you want without comeback. It means you can say what you want and that others can challenge it. Comments like "log out" are just silly and I think you have taken them a little too seriously. Some of your criticisms of him seem a little over the top or without factual basis and people are challenging you on that. They are not saying you cannot have an opinion but they want to challenge your beliefs. Some folk may have gone over the top but some of your comments bordered on personally offensive towards Maddison and some people think that is not on. What actual facts and statistics do you have to back up your views of Maddison? I disagree with most of your comments so far but I am always interested in hearing alternate viewpoints.
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