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  1. Great finish last year! My best is about 50000. Yeah agree with you about double/blank gw. I think a big part also is getting a good start. After a while a lot of teams look the same but you really can pull away at the beginning. I also think sheer luck plays a huge part. The guy currently at number 1 has never finished in top million before. X
  2. This. For me that first album was the moment I "lost touch" with modern music. I thought it was just "OK", completely never got the appeal. X
  3. We are very close! What is the common consensus on what is a "successful" season? top 100000? Top 300000?
  4. I think I have an aversion to that kind of "rock" nasal voice. As I said, I know they are a great band and I like him a lot just don't connect with any of their songs. Not really a fan of "grunge" or whatever you want to classify Nirvana as in general but to me I always liked the Pixies 100 times more than them. As I say, I know I am "wrong" not liking them, haha. X
  5. Yeah, I don't like them either but I'm not sure they are a band one "should like", they are pretty lame. X
  6. RumbleFox

    Martin O’Neill confirmed as Forest manager

    I wish him well. Will always be a legend. X
  7. Yeah I would have been tempted but not at that price We also have the hardest fixtures of any team over the next 5 game weeks so probably not a good time to bring any of our players in. I already have Ricardo and he's been doing great recently but trying to fight the urge to have any other of our players as I think only really Ricardo is a good shout at the minute. X
  8. How's everyone doing? I somehow jumped 200000 places in three weeks (Still not doing great but sitting at about 485000 overall). X
  9. Hi all Was thinking the other day about how I just can't get into Nirvana even though I can see that they are a good band (I think I heard one of their songs in a shop). I just don't connect with them and find his voice annoying. Anyone else have bands that they know are good, that they feel like they should like but that they just cannae? I personally would also place The Beatles into this category but opted to mention Nirvana first so I wasn't accused of being insane and killed. X
  10. Still can't see a quote saying? Can you copy and paste it for me?
  11. I blame the media for pretty much 90% of the ills of society. It's like when you get a politician on the news and the reporter constantly asks the same question over and over just so they can get a soundbite headline to play 17 times every hour. You can even see they are being fed the whole thing in their earpieces "Keep pressing him, keep going til he admit he kills children. Don't listen to what he says or change your tact, keep going. I'm foaming at the mouth here in the anticipation of fvcking up someones career". X
  12. I think it's too late now, the damage has been done. This thread will likely nose dive into a Puel In/Out debate unfortunately. I can't see much in his quotes to get annoyed about but then confirmation bias is probably involved in how I view it in the same way it is definitely involved in those who are taking offence. X
  13. That is how I read it but the thread has now turned into a Puel In/Out one with people like me on one side defending him and folk on the other thinking he is using the tragedy for his own advantage which, when you look at the quotes, is an odd viewpoint but the internet is in full motion no and now nuanced debate shall be had so I might just duck out and have a wee cuppa tea. X
  14. Ha, no problem. I am a nob but a polite nob willing to admit when he is wrong. X