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  1. Legend. As are they all. I still can't believe we won the fvcking league. We really did complete football. X
  2. Did someone say Michael Duff?!?? One of my all time heroes circa 2001.....
  3. I was looking to put a bet on us to finish top six. I only ever really bet on the National and am a bit useless. Where would one find the best odds for such a bet? X
  4. "Alwight laydeez, we're just down tha pub sinking a few jars". I'm more of Tifo football man myself, I like my presenters to me middle class and patronising but actually well informed. X
  5. And look at that wonderful face. He's a fan's favourite waiting to happen! X
  6. I kind of agree as we have a difficult start but for me Vardy is pretty much fixture proof. Might hold off on the others though. Also, if I don't have at least one leicester player i hate myself and want to die. X
  7. He looks about 15 stone and blonde on my stream? Maybe my monitor is fecked? haha
  8. I'm not one to get over excited over one meaningless friendly but we're going to win the league again aren't we? X
  9. So Perez for FPL then? I need to have Vardy and Ricardo and was conflicted between Perez, Tielemans and Barnes as a differential but Perez looks the best bet do we think?
  10. What a goal. Albrighton's pass insane. X
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