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  1. On 22/05/2021 at 09:41, SemperEadem said:

    It was really easy to get a ticket last time. Seem to remember they refused to open it up to general sale which made a load more sign up for memberships.

    Correct I sat in out local taking 70 quid of people to sign them up for memberships on my phone lol


    That said I signed the wife up to help someone out and 2 years later she was able to get a season ticket.


    She's still not been to a game since:ph34r:



  2. 4 hours ago, SemperEadem said:

    Stewards have words with those that took a mask off?

    In sk1 corner. Yes during the 1st half. Noticed how many times they walked up and reminded folks. After half time tho they just seemed to get bored of it lol


    I stood with Jordan who didn't wear one all game and my mate also just wandered over after half time and never went back, never saw him put a mask on and I sacked mine off for the majority of the 2nd half as well.

  3. On 21/05/2021 at 13:39, HighPeakFox said:

    Advice welcomed as to the most effective reverse psychology triple acca on the 3 relevant games on Sunday... Leicester lose, Liverpool and Chelsea win presumably? 

    I'm contemplating 


    Liverpool win, can't see any other result.

    Chelsea draw. Meaning a win for us would be enough.

    Therefore backing us to lose. And praying at full time I'm not collecting my winnings and more worried about how much holiday I can get for Cl midweek again.

  4. 12 hours ago, FOXSE said:

    Isn't that just standard 'gates open 90 mins before KO'? So you can go in from then, onwards?

    I've just looked it over again. Yes it states gates open 90 mind before but then ticket does have an entry time as well. Luckily mine is 3.30 so not to bad. As I was planning to leave the pub at 3 anyway.

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  5. On 21/05/2021 at 11:16, Robo61 said:

    Have you got any evidence for this,  I have four friends who were successful at obtaining season tickets last time they were available and am pretty certain it was on the basis of the points they held.

    You could only enter the ballot if you had a set number of points. See my above post.

  6. On 21/05/2021 at 08:00, Wasyls Pec Deck said:

    In recent years it’s been a ballot for members to get a season ticket, so in effect points don’t matter (I think?)

    But to enter the ballot they set a points requirement. Think it was 38 last time from memory but that was about 3 seasons ago so I guess there's 1 and a half seasons worth of games to add to that so the level will be higher.

  7. 27 minutes ago, Wymsey said:

    Didn't know about the latter, thanks.


    Ironically, went past his house on the way out of Loughborough earlier; very smart.

    He doesn't live in Leicestershire anymore he sold up and moved to Nottinghamshire when they built the training ground so he's just down the 46 from it but towards West Bridgeford I believe. He had a dispute with Charnwood Borough Council over the installation of gates on his previous place.

  8. 6 hours ago, Spudulike said:

    Anyone had a pdf mobile ticket download thing yet? I got an acknowledgement confirmation email but no ticket. 



    Sure they aren't on the bottom of the email. Mine are.

  9. 3 minutes ago, rn9013 said:

    No tests. Health questionnaire will be sent next week. That’s all 

    Great stuff. Assume emailed to us to fill in and send back. Hopefully they send my lads to me. 


    Booked in to be jabbed on the 25th and 2nd one in August hopefully that means some return to normal come next season.

  10. Where's he stand now?


    Martin brought regular top flight football and a couple of cups along the way.


    Claudio Brought the impossible.


    Nigel brought the return to top flight football and 2 league titles along the way.


    Brendan now has 2 of our highest finishes with back to back top 5 and added the one we all grew up dreaming about.


    Is he now our most successful manager and can he build a real legacy?

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  11. I have been asked by a member of the LCFC London Branch of the supporters club to post the below.


    such sad news, just hours before such a huge occasion. If those heading to Wembley could help this happen, I know they would be very grateful.

    LCFC London Branch are devastated to learn of the untimely death of one of their long standing members, Colin Martin, at the age of 63, on the eve of City’s trip to Wembley.
    As a tribute to Colin we would ask you to join in a minutes applause in the 63rd minute at Wembley tomorrow or from your sofa or pub. The applause will be followed by a rendition of ‘When you’re smiling’. A tribute will also be left on the seat Colin was due to occupy.

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  12. 3 minutes ago, LittlethorpeFox said:

    Can we drink alcohol on the coach. Haven't seen anything suggesting other wise 

    No it's illegal on a coach in the UK. Be prepared for them to sniff your vodka and cokes 

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  13. 2 hours ago, Spudulike said:

    Used to love seeing the flags up at the back of the Kop (still struggling calling it that) especially the Godfather one. The broadcasters like to focus on the Vichai flag which is a cracker. Like to think the club would encourage them but I think not (no idea why unless they cover advertising). 

    In the clubs defence they don't have an issue with them and even installed a wire for them to be hung from after a suggestion from a poster on here.


    However see the post earlier from @SemperEadem about flags being stolen and therefore the decision was taken by UFS as a group to remove most. Hard earned cash for someone to lift them is not nice. Even been cases at away games where flags have been taken by our own fans.


    I plan to put mine back up at somepoint. But maybe with metal cable ties meaning someone actually has to smuggle some wire cutters in and even then if they cut them down. Why? What is the point.

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  14. 17 minutes ago, RGFox said:

    Hello all


    Was thinking of getting a flag made for Wembley and then to go up in the kop. Nothing massive, probably 5ft X 3ft..


    I've dropped the club a note about Wembley as I read man city asked fans to drop flags off and they would display when they played last month.


    Anyone taking theirs?

    Any advice re hanging it? Presume better to get with grommets (holes) in corners

    Yes better with grommets. Cable ties are a great way to hang if allowed. If not. I find shoe laces in the grommet holes make a good tempory way to hang. Tie them to the holes with a couple of knots half way along the lace then leave yourself the rest of the lace to tie round a rail etc like tying a shoe nice and easy to undo at the end of the game.

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  15. 1 hour ago, Spudulike said:

    Yes, that's true. She's also claiming that it will affect her 'privacy and peaceful enjoyment of her property' which is hilarious as we can't see her back garden and her front garden can be viewed by anyone standing on the pavement outside. All a bit weird as we've known her for years and get invited to family parties. Planning does odd things to people. 

    I'm married to a planning officer. Trust me some of the stuff that goes on you would think she had murdered their granny lol

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  16. 5 minutes ago, Spudulike said:

    Talking of extensions (I think someone was at some point, probably me) I've been trying to get a single storey 32sq metre side lean to built since last December. Still waiting for planning approval and already had an objection by a neighbour (claims a covenant exists but doesn't have evidence). Whilst waiting I've started asking for building quotes. Two written ones received so far, first for £62k plus vat (about £20k more than expected) and the second for £175k! I thought it a typo but apparently not. One of these two builders has got it very wrong. 

    Covenants are a domestic matter anyway so he would have to have the cash to take you to court even if he thought he could win. Its not something that the council will take into account when looking at planning.

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