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  1. 7 hours ago, Kyuubi said:

    Just had the most satisfying win on one league friendlies...


    Go 1.0 up... guy continues 

    Go 2.1 down... guy celebrates and pauses the game... nope not quitting

    Go 3.1 down... guy celebrates and pauses... yeah ok buddy whatever

    Go 4.1 down... yep you guessed it...


    2nd half


    Guy passes it back to his keeper and plays round the back for 20 mins... que the comeback...


    Go 5.4 up... I celebrate and pause the game lol


    Had to give him a taste of his own medicine

    I had a cracking one the other day went 1 up guy didn't quit. Went 3-1 down but though **** it. You didn't quit so I ain't. Made it back to 5-4 he hauls me down on the counter in injury time to stop me scoring. Red card. And I score from the free kick anyway.


    I conceded a penalty extra time 2nd yellow so 10 v10 he misses penalty and I win with 116 mins on the clock lol

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  2. 3 hours ago, HoustonFox said:

    Agree it’s (even more) a sweat fest in Friendlies now and the golden goal friendliness has gone away with EA making changes to make people finish games if you aren’t winning.  Messi is mainly Squad Battles and then some rivals, so should be doable though. 

    Messi is easily doable but we know that means everytime we play a friendly moving forward messi makes an appearance where he can as we will all be doing the same.

  3. 25 minutes ago, deejdeej said:

    Scraped enough fodder to get that Dybala after spunking all my coins away. 

    Does anyone play for the silver stars players? I find it the most fun mode and got a decent little silver team. Wamangituka is like the silver version of Mbappe, would do a job in most normal teams.

    I've done a few. Do seem to get some Good match ups. Che Adams is actually a decent card i use in my pl side off the bench as well. Just did the jahanbakask one this week as well.


    Got a reasonably solid silver pl side. 




    The wes player moments

    Big Dan





    Can you tell its aittle bias lol

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  4. 1 hour ago, Md9 said:

    Ah didn’t realise Dybala was that good. Thinking of doing Ronaldo just for the fact I haven’t owned him in my team on any of the years yet. 

    Just done it him for the same reason.


    Hes gonna have to be shoe horned in next to vardy in my pl side tho just to get to use him lol

  5. On 05/09/2020 at 18:31, Legend_in_blue said:

    Mountain bikes I'm looking at are starting to come back in.  Want to try a Whyte 901 but stock very thin on the ground.  Patience required.

    Probably a bit late but the guy who set up Whyte or the head designer was previously with Marin so maybe worth a look at those as well.

  6. 10 hours ago, Spudulike said:


    Hold on, so the condition doesn't need to be removed as the work is happening anyway? So it's open for business as soon as Highways complete the work in Dec?

    As far as I can understand the work is scheduled for Dec yes. Which seems strange the club want to push to get in 1 month or so earlier. Must be desperate to get in ASAP.


    To confirm the post above this as well.


    It's an A road so is Highways England that have been putting off the works. And there is nothing the club or council can do really to get them to hurry up. But it seems we are almost there.

  7. 3 hours ago, Bayfox said:

    Leicester are pushing to get the condition about the junction removed. 


    However because its such a big deal it is likely to go to committee again. Leicester pushing to get it on Nov agenda. Unlikely to be heard until at least Dec and even if found in favour of the club. Thats at least new year before they move the 1st team up there even if ready before.

    Sorry to quote myself but now found out highways have actually planned the work in for Dec anyway. So remains to be seen if City continue with trying to gain 1 month realistically or not.

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  8. 57 minutes ago, Dan LCFC said:

    Hard to single out any particular game (Southampton at home seems to ring a bell for some reason) but it just seemed a general battle between Chilwell and our fans, Chilwell makes error, fans get vocally frustrated, Chilwell makes another error, rinse and repeat throughout the game. This happened a couple of times as well I think.


    This may sound really harsh but I think this is why I think in the long run he'll flop at Chelsea.

    Said the same during our game last night. I think long term if he struggled with the pressure at Leicester, I can see it going badly wrong if he has a run of poor games or makes errors leading to goals at Chelsea.

  9. For those in favour in a vaccine, todays study showing that immunity could only last a few months is a bit of a blow. Meaning it could lead to regular 6 month injections. Good for the drug companies I guess.

  10. 3 hours ago, Bellend Sebastian said:

    Innocent question that I cannot be arsed to Google because it will throw up a lot of bollocks - have vaccinations ever actually caused any real problems?

    There has been cases of families successfully suing for brain damage caused, by immunisations. I believe there is also an ongoing case of a group suing a pharmaceutical company as around 1 in 16 in the trail have suffered brain trauma as well. I've not read into it enough to know how solid the case is.


    Personally even before I'd seen the articles I Personally won't be taking one any time soon. Side effects could take years to come out, I know we have a lot more information nowdays, but I'd want to see years of study on something not a few months, be interesting to see what happens on roll out.


    Are we gonna be forced to have it if we want to be able to go about a normal life, would those who made an active choice not to, not be allowed to carry on an everyday life. 


    There's been mentions of having a immunity passport in terms of applying for jobs etc. What this country doesn't need is more division.


    Really does still feel like we are living a bad dream or some movie script.

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  11. 12 hours ago, Bert said:

    You don’t really account for injuries. How’s Under ever gonna get fitness if he doesn’t play? Benkovic clearly doesn’t figure in the plans. People need to get over that. Truth is we have no idea what’s going on with Gray. 


    We do. He has been offered a new contract, but it was made clear to him, he is seen as an impact sub only and Brendan doesn't see him as a starter. Gray has therefore refused to sign the new contract and I guess will be leaving on Jan for a small fee or next summer for nothing.

  12. 18 minutes ago, Larry_LCFC said:

    Managed 14/16 in the end with my little 82 team. Genuinely baffled by the amount of super squads already. I would expect that after a month or so. How on earth are people getting so many good players this quickly?

    I played someone in Div 8 with 4 icons and messi last week. Luckily he was shit. So I can only assume he had spent a fortune on packs lol

  13. 4 minutes ago, hackneyfox said:

    Can I watch this Villa game via an annual Now TV Sports Package?

    If not:

    I'm with Virgin so if I buy the Sky Sports Package I can then view Live Events and pick and pay an extra £15 for the game?



    Don't think from memory when I used to use Now TV that it covers box office. 


    So yes you would need sky sports then still have to pay for the match via box office. Unless your virgin package allows you to just pay for box office events. I assume if you select the channel it will tell you, you can either pay for it or you need to upgrade 1st.

  14. Honestly after winning the league and doing the CL games away from home especially. 


    My boy.


    I don't think I will ever get the buzz that 15/16 16/17 gave me. Until we finally win the FA cup. Missing out on EL this year has done me. 2 of those games at least were easily doable. 


    If it wasn't for my lad now wanting to go every week I would be on the verge of calling it a day. I love meeting up with my mates, the beers and chat with them pre and post game. The awaydays, but realistically the football on the pitch is probably now not the driving factor.


    And as this topic has cropped up at a time when we are reading about the so called top 6 and a few others wanting to make changes that stops the likes of wolves and ourselves upsetting the apple cart. I wish they would **** off to there European Super League and see how long it is before people get bored of seeing the same games year in year out. Not those in the states, middle and far East who I'm sure will keep forking out for TV rights. But the man in the street in Liverpool or Madrid. Milan etc. 


    The game is constantly changing and hardly ever for the best.


    I'm taking my cash to quorn or melton Town next week and taking my lad to see what grass roots football has to offer.

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