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  1. Don't show him inside. Oh wait too late.
  2. It won't be. We're going to Wembley.
  3. Feel free at least it will be a break from them singing the stabbed him in the back song, without a hint of irony that man city owners did the same to Pellegrini
  4. There since day 1 and I'm not moving for anyone in protest I'm sticking my head through your next tifo...... oh wait.
  5. Yeah imagine the year is 1998 and Leicester City are doing well and the club have a piece of card in your season ticket wallet that they stamp everytime you go in and buy an away ticket. Modern day technology really should have updated this system buy now. I mean actually having to travel to European cities and collect in person and yet more than 150 people still actually brought tickets for 1 game and still never showed up. But hoped they would gain a point.
  6. I'll sell 4 at £125 each in that case. Would hate to see folk ripped off. *But will take £1000 for 1 if we make Wembley
  7. Old bastard. Don't forget your flask and blanket, will be cold one
  8. Your experience must have been different to mine then.
  9. Well that's what the Kop from filbert st have turned into after all they will all now be early 40s even if they remember it and most likely mid to late 50s. And due to the lack of success during the 80s added with the issue of hooliganism thorugh the same period there's a huge missed generation potentially. I must have been 1 of about 4 that supported the city when I was at school. Everyone else was armchair, liverpool, Everton, the fword, spurs, man utd, liverpool etc. Recent success now sees 90% of my former primary school wearing Leicester shirts, which is great but
  10. The fear and loathing is an excellent book. If you have any interest in el classico. Theres a book called dance like the world is watching or something that's about football mascots, told is a great little toilet book so to speak, one you can read a chapter and put down and come back to next time you need a no.2
  11. Exactly 300 tickets left now. 92 191 11 and 6 in 4 blocks with seats left.
  12. Just catching up on the weekend. Thet saints 49s game was great to watch.
  13. Really. Reminds me of that twat Everton have. Absolutely no place for the modern day robbie savage. We have moved on.
  14. Glad to be of service. Up the city.
  15. Profit isn't the issue turnover is, all these new deals mean we need regular european football and a good share of the TV money. We had the same problem after we won the league, handing out huge pay rises etc, really impacted on the wages to turnover ratio, key to FFP. Although the exceptional circumstances in that case allowed a little more room for manoeuvre. It's great to see us trying to tie down these players, but we know it is also an exercise in being able to comand maximum profit if any of them, do leave, the model of selling 1 player for huge money is not likel
  16. Think he means when they don't open up the ground and its west stand only.
  17. So I have seen. I do get it, but as pointed out. There was a good chance the club didn't open up the kop as it was, so where else was he gonna sit/stand anyway. And he could have easily sent ufs a request for a ticket and stated his seats.
  18. Although if you look at sk1 the whole rear section is blocked out. Only front is available. Has there been a change if plan @Union FS
  19. Oh those not able to have there normal seats are gonna be causing jim some grief
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