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  1. Not sure why anyone bothers with it. Horrid at most times but rush hours you can sit there for ages. Easier as you say to go to goscote and pull on out the back of broome lane. At least it's a proper slip road.
  2. That contradicts what was said at the FCC they definitely stated a build of just over 12 months. Wonder if that timeframe allows for hitting problems.
  3. They will be done by end of 2019 start of 2020 not end of 2020. Timeframe is 13 to 15 months they reckon.
  4. If they get permission at sept plans committee they hope to start asap ie october. They they think it will take just over a year to complete. So I think you are probably looking at them moving in Dec 2019 or jan 2020 from the looks of things.
  5. Starts to check Eurostar and eurotunnel prices.
  6. Good news. I was after a copy of the European tour one. Are you there all day as I have my pre order to collect on the morning of re-opening? I'll come get one in person if so.
  7. Looks like it but documents obviously were not scanned before close of play friday.
  8. Application was submitted yesterday. So should be online by Monday at the latest if not already. Google charnwood weekly planning list and you should be able to find it.
  9. To be fair we tended to get decent seats when we were on it. When we asked for the back they tended to give out decent seats including using their brain at places like selhurst and giving us the last few rows before the roof completely knackers the view. But we left after we won the league as we wanted Europe more than domestic that season and didn't want to be stuck with tickets. I have heard since they started with all this selling order nonsense it seems tickets being handed out are a bit more random. Them again I know a lot on p1 that now hold off buying for the sam
  10. Messi isn't scoring this. Just before everyone goes into comparison mode.
  11. I know and now I'm sat here replying to you which is taking more effort.
  12. Yep I know I was just to lazy to edit
  13. It's all white It's all white It's all white It's really all white. All white All white Everything's gonna be all white.
  14. Oh you will fit in well round here. Imagine working all year to pay for 10 days in Ibiza with your family and getting called out by some newbie to foxestalk. Yep that's about how far I've fell
  15. Dutch top flight clubs agree to €15 cap for away games for next season.
  16. Did I say he wasn't but they love the whole respect thing but only one way. Even if they knew can you imagine it looks good on their part? Having kept him on after that game?
  17. Really would have sacked him after palace. Respect to him for somehow keeping his job. Sign new attacking rb seems I thought that was the 1 reason he was still here. Although thought the owners would still pull the trigger. If he then ****s off I expect him to leave with 2 fingers firmly up at KPFC. our owners will hate the lack of respect?
  18. 23k season ticket holders. 1.9k tickets on sale in one hit. 1st real test of the new site
  19. I think the issue lies with, paying £60 quid and yet still having to pay £40 quid say in the kop, so in theory your ticket has cost, £43 quid compared to £21.80 for a season ticket holder, yet because demand dropped so far last season, non-members could buy at the same price. It has been suggested maybe a discount could work, but as sol says the fear then is that the season tickets get more expensive to close the gap.
  20. Chop the sleeves, my 8 y/o daughter has a sewing machine, sure she can tidy them up for you, job done, she won't even charge, it's good practice for her
  21. They aren't allowed, they have to have a certain percentage for sale to non-season ticket holders, once you take into account away section, they are at that limit, you will see no movement in the 23k cap until the expansion happens. Not really, they left it late last time as well, and I think you may well find some positives compared to last year, there is certainly on going discussion with regards to the initial cost, or the disparity in paying 100% more than a season ticket holder across the course of a season in certain areas of the ground, the club are certainly listening at
  22. Fulham Away midweek in Dec, is the biggest let down in years.
  23. I have a foot in both camps mate. I'm also p1 and have been for many a year. I had the fore sight to register my kids for season tickets 7 and 5 years ago respectively even tho they were 2 at the times and had no interest in football because I wanted to them to have the option in the future and the seats next to me became avaliable. However they have next to no away points because tickets for 2 of those seasons were hard to come by at the lower end. I know the club are keen to try reward loyalty that goes back years. But I have raised the point that it's hard for me to
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