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  1. I'm using fuchs at lcb with no problems. I'm in the same boat I basically rinsed everything I had to get him, they made an error in starting wilf with no way of completing him. Got enough to get the same icons as you or gattuso, no idea if it's now just time to discard everything for 1 PL side or what.
  2. Just did the pl 12 pack upgrade and got totssf wan bissaka shame its untradeable. Do I chuck it in the PL guaranteed or use him
  3. They can go play in a european league then I understand the horse has bolted, but something needs to be done, because this virus is gonna show how close to collapse the house of cards really is...sadly you are correct tho and nothing will change.
  4. Hopefully some sort of salary cap is agreed. But if not, a lower basic wage, more incentive, performance related. Sure they could all live off 50k a week across the board for example, then boost that income by clean, sheets, goals, assists, apps etc. There's no reason other than greed that the contracts ended up the way they did, they saw 1 person getting silly money so followed suit, at the cost of smaller clubs, now the big boys risk the same outcome, maybe it will shock them into action, as I say I doubt it, but it would be nice to think they could come up with a model that doe
  5. Short trip for us and the petanque piste keeps my kids quiet for a while. As well.👍
  6. I was meant to be on one in April, for a July wedding, wedding now gone as well. Stag do now Nov, wedding june 2021.
  7. So this is a joint scheme building one side of the 46 in charnwood and the other side near six hills falling into Melton borough. So a great new urban development, with the A46 straight through the middle. Oh I can't wait to move there For what it's worth I believe this is another Gladmans project whatever the article says about the name on the application, no idea why they keep trying down here, they recently had an application for 300 houses in East Goscote rejected and I'm sure a similar outcome in Sielby. Charnwood have their 5 year housing supply, so many major ap
  8. No but we handed huge rises across the board after 2016, that I don't as such have an issue with, but extending them all for basically 4 years almost across the board was a little reckless, they could have just said to the likes of Fuchs, who at the time had suggested he wasnt staying, kingy, god love him, wes, Simpson etc we will bump your wages for the remainder of your contract and sot and talk then. On the subject of summer 16 transfer business, I know slim and silva have been mentioned in terms of still being here but not playing, but then we have kapustka, chuck in musa, RRZ
  9. Anyone got any experience of cycling self guided tours in holland? Would like to get back over to get some games in once we can get ferries and the football is back. But thinking of staying a bit longer and maybe cycling between the cities instead of using the train.
  10. The alternative is all clubs need to look at things. I was in no way crtitsing the owners and and ambition. The last decade as a supporter has been great. But football in general maybe needed something like this as a reality check. It probably wont happen, but these clubs are at the mercy of tv deals, they have put all their eggs in one basket for too long now.
  11. Chasing the dream, but at what cost. Ok you couldn't really have foreseen this situation. But our wage to turnover % has been to high for a number of seasons now. CL income and the spike in shirt sales and merchandise etc from the intrigue of us winning the title was great, but we need that on a regular basis to keep up those sorts of numbers, or we will have to continue the selling of one player for huge sums each year, how easy that will be once things settle down, no one knows. The longer the game is shut down and not accessible to fans, the harder the clubs will be
  12. I've just packed him and he's not going for loads of coins. Should I hang on to him then. I've got futmas de gea and totwm kasper in my current PL squad. Also is there likely to be an icon swaps 2 again in the season rewards. Before I use my 7. If there's a chance I can make 10 i want overmars as upgrade on season progress anderson at LM I'm avoiding the 9 for prime icon as I'm bound to pack Kaka or puyol as i already have them.
  13. So having had 0 cases in the last 4 days and 19 only, you want to import 1000s of potential carriers. Not sure that's ideal.
  14. Reckon he nicked that from area 55.
  15. Seriously tempted.just 270 seems a lot of cash for the initial set up but jupilier at 2.60 a pint seems well worth it. Guess may that to see what they say about pubs, I like the social side to it so once lockdown is over, I guess it won't get as much use.
  16. They mentioned the fact that Batty won it and was challenging at Newcastle as well. As for speed. It is unfortunately always PL era. Leeds won the last Div1 title. So again a bit like vardy and batty despite winning the top flight they aren't considered a big 6. Think people have to get past the term, it was 4 once now it's 6. Sure it will stretch to 7 if we stick around long enough
  17. To be fair didn't gary, say something about the so called big 6 as an introduction. It's not worth getting hung up on, it's just a $ky invented phrase. Let's be honest what's more worrying is, they had southgate on the list at all, and Alan had Vardy at 3
  18. What if Fuchs and Kasper won't rent out their suites.
  19. Cheers for some reason that works. Guess that's me having to squad battle all afternoon to do that one and the championship one.
  20. Reminds me of a real live harry kane, he's not outstanding at anything, but has that nack of scoring goals
  21. Cheers I'll have a look.
  22. Nope still got the same problem.
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