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  1. Anyone got any experience of cycling self guided tours in holland? Would like to get back over to get some games in once we can get ferries and the football is back. But thinking of staying a bit longer and maybe cycling between the cities instead of using the train.
  2. The alternative is all clubs need to look at things. I was in no way crtitsing the owners and and ambition. The last decade as a supporter has been great. But football in general maybe needed something like this as a reality check. It probably wont happen, but these clubs are at the mercy of tv deals, they have put all their eggs in one basket for too long now.
  3. Chasing the dream, but at what cost. Ok you couldn't really have foreseen this situation. But our wage to turnover % has been to high for a number of seasons now. CL income and the spike in shirt sales and merchandise etc from the intrigue of us winning the title was great, but we need that on a regular basis to keep up those sorts of numbers, or we will have to continue the selling of one player for huge sums each year, how easy that will be once things settle down, no one knows. The longer the game is shut down and not accessible to fans, the harder the clubs will be
  4. I've just packed him and he's not going for loads of coins. Should I hang on to him then. I've got futmas de gea and totwm kasper in my current PL squad. Also is there likely to be an icon swaps 2 again in the season rewards. Before I use my 7. If there's a chance I can make 10 i want overmars as upgrade on season progress anderson at LM I'm avoiding the 9 for prime icon as I'm bound to pack Kaka or puyol as i already have them.
  5. So having had 0 cases in the last 4 days and 19 only, you want to import 1000s of potential carriers. Not sure that's ideal.
  6. Reckon he nicked that from area 55.
  7. Seriously tempted.just 270 seems a lot of cash for the initial set up but jupilier at 2.60 a pint seems well worth it. Guess may that to see what they say about pubs, I like the social side to it so once lockdown is over, I guess it won't get as much use.
  8. They mentioned the fact that Batty won it and was challenging at Newcastle as well. As for speed. It is unfortunately always PL era. Leeds won the last Div1 title. So again a bit like vardy and batty despite winning the top flight they aren't considered a big 6. Think people have to get past the term, it was 4 once now it's 6. Sure it will stretch to 7 if we stick around long enough
  9. To be fair didn't gary, say something about the so called big 6 as an introduction. It's not worth getting hung up on, it's just a $ky invented phrase. Let's be honest what's more worrying is, they had southgate on the list at all, and Alan had Vardy at 3
  10. What if Fuchs and Kasper won't rent out their suites.
  11. Cheers for some reason that works. Guess that's me having to squad battle all afternoon to do that one and the championship one.
  12. Reminds me of a real live harry kane, he's not outstanding at anything, but has that nack of scoring goals
  13. Cheers I'll have a look.
  14. Nope still got the same problem.
  15. Same. Crock of shit.
  16. 1st The Hawthorns Last KP (away wise Carrow road) Best Soft Spot for the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán Stadium Worst Boothferry park Want to visit Camp Nou hopefully with Messi still around. Or spurs new ground asap. To get me to 105 grounds. OCD means i don't like being stuck on 104 following us.
  17. Guessing if we have to resort to face masks to attend football. The away fans would have to follow suit, otherwise there won't be any in the ground to rip us.
  18. If you are on fb. Or can google it. Find JLR flooring. He should be able to help. His old man was one of the best floor layers in the country. To the point he quit as he was paid more to teach from germany to japan. His lad, my mate since about 5 has taken over the mantle in recent years. He should be able to advise. If you cant find him, drop me a DM and I'll provide you with his mobile.
  19. Bayfox


    Thanks to @Ian Norman Droid and anyone else who may have donated. My daughter finished her 100 miles today, with 1 ride to spare. 100.6 in total. She has raised a fantastic £625 so far. And shes got me back in the cycling groove as well I've managed over 200 miles myself this month, with over 100 solo miles coming in the last week.
  20. Us. But the owners will give them away. Probably only for some scrote to going round nicking them and banging them on Ebay.
  21. I got to puyol he's been very impressive so far. Would like to make the gamble, but not sure if I will, and knowing my luck I'll get Kaka
  22. I'm doing the same. 9 PL plus 2 icons, that's 2 down. Now to attempt the la liga and seria A with whatever untradeable players from both leagues I have. Already completed one offline one as well. Aim would be to get to 9 again but unless i pack something decent to build a championship squad I'm gonna struggle and may have to live with 6 this time.
  23. Same more slog. But a back 3 of him, puyol and fuchs Also like the look of that hagi season prog card as well and thinking I get to 100k I may have to opt for umtiti as I have no need for pedro.
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