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  1. 1st The Hawthorns Last KP (away wise Carrow road) Best Soft Spot for the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán Stadium Worst Boothferry park Want to visit Camp Nou hopefully with Messi still around. Or spurs new ground asap. To get me to 105 grounds. OCD means i don't like being stuck on 104 following us.
  2. Guessing if we have to resort to face masks to attend football. The away fans would have to follow suit, otherwise there won't be any in the ground to rip us.
  3. If you are on fb. Or can google it. Find JLR flooring. He should be able to help. His old man was one of the best floor layers in the country. To the point he quit as he was paid more to teach from germany to japan. His lad, my mate since about 5 has taken over the mantle in recent years. He should be able to advise. If you cant find him, drop me a DM and I'll provide you with his mobile.
  4. Bayfox


    Thanks to @Ian Norman Droid and anyone else who may have donated. My daughter finished her 100 miles today, with 1 ride to spare. 100.6 in total. She has raised a fantastic £625 so far. And shes got me back in the cycling groove as well I've managed over 200 miles myself this month, with over 100 solo miles coming in the last week.
  5. Us. But the owners will give them away. Probably only for some scrote to going round nicking them and banging them on Ebay.
  6. I got to puyol he's been very impressive so far. Would like to make the gamble, but not sure if I will, and knowing my luck I'll get Kaka
  7. I'm doing the same. 9 PL plus 2 icons, that's 2 down. Now to attempt the la liga and seria A with whatever untradeable players from both leagues I have. Already completed one offline one as well. Aim would be to get to 9 again but unless i pack something decent to build a championship squad I'm gonna struggle and may have to live with 6 this time.
  8. Same more slog. But a back 3 of him, puyol and fuchs Also like the look of that hagi season prog card as well and thinking I get to 100k I may have to opt for umtiti as I have no need for pedro.
  9. I it seems can only play with vardy potm, he's got 729 goals in 667 games My next best is kluivert whith 238 in 309 I've got the flashback costa as well 94 in 124 but none of them offer me what vardy does Kaka has 106 in 201 he's been ok. But my wise players don't get enough either for the number of games they play. On another note been well impressed with puyol so far having swapped for him last night. Now to try grind 9 more to get the prime pack.
  10. I get she's frustrated at not seeing her friends, but she has a garden to play in, I've taken her out on her bike every day, she's fundraising for mind, my wife has helped with school work, they baked or sewn with her most days. Not sure what more we can do for her and I guess my patience is just staring to get bit thin.
  11. Families not all it's cracked up to be. Mine are doing my head in, I thought I'd been doing ok, bit of fifa, getting out on my bike, but this evening I realised I was just ignoring it, we tried to have a games night and a takeaway and my daughter just can't play games nicely, she's you competitive and wants to control everything. That coupled with he reluctance to home school, despite her being a dream at school according to all her teachers and reports. I've realised getting our on my bike was me hiding from the confrontation and despite trying to be the one that has b
  12. Yep. Lost the 1st game as it's a shite side as it's all untradeable. Played a 2nd and won. But didn't register.
  13. Yeah I get that. I played with a full starting 11 and won yet it didn't register as a win. So wondering what I've missed.
  14. Anyone got any ideas on the Conmebol offline icon swap? Do they all have to be from the same one. I've got a mixture of libertadores and sudamerica am I missing something?
  15. Guess it's grind out some more icon swaps to improve my team.
  16. 20 packs and yep. **** all.
  17. My fear is. Miami take Tua he fails. He goes elsewhere he succeeds and everyone looks at miami like they were mad. Just the way things have gone for us in recent years. The top order of this draft tho is actually really interesting, some good QB and plenty of promising tackles as well. 1st time I've really paid much attention, Covid19 has a lot to answer for
  18. I honestly don't think it's worth worrying about. For the record I still think this season gets finished behind closed doors, as for Europe forget it, even if it happens, you wont be allowed to travel away in my eyes.* But honestly I will wait as long as it takes until we are told it's our choice to attend. And when we can, it's gonna be amazing. Close to Everton levels of anticipation i reckon. But I wouldn't lose to much sleep over it. *but i will forever be pissed at the bat eating or lab testing willy pullers that have ruined CL football for
  19. Easyjet have finally put an online form for refunds after weeks of only offering a change in flights or a voucher. The bit at the end says. Don't contact unless no response in 90 days
  20. Sure there's loads if I put my mind to it. Messi is just a joy to behold. But growing up having watched MJ play basketball was a phenomena I'm glad I witnessed. Also probably not one for the masses, but because of my love of the game in the 90s, (it's wained over the years due to not having the means to watch it) but watching Penny Hardaway for the Magic in their years of close shouts at a NBA ring. He after MJ was the one I wanted to be as a kid.
  21. On the stella bottles tonight. The wife is in for a treat
  22. Seems justin may have lost his old man today, that would explain the change. RIP Suprised madders didn't fancy it having gone out of the unofficial one that took off after orients original one.
  23. I'll certainly appreciate my time with mates and familiy on match day even more than I ever did. I'm doing a lot more cycling, mainly due to the pubs being closed, I'll make more effort to keep up the cycling even if it's only an hour for so a day. Will keep me out the pub and save me a few quid. Been walking with my boy as well will make sure we try keep that up as well. Theres plenty of footpaths round here that we should make more use of. I am definitely however making sure Ofsted close my home school before I end up killing the kids.
  24. Ok what have I missed, just played 2 rivals. 1 quit as soon as I won a corner. But he did have an all PL side is the 8 game objective still live Then 2nd scored and og and left. But his side was a right mixture so cant see any benefit of quitting at 1 nil. Having not even scored. Getting silly now. 3rd game stick one top corner and again pauses and leaves. 3 results in about 3.5 mins.
  25. I'd be interested to see what that said. But when Thomas cook went bust, any vouchers were worthless and the only way to claim any money back was to apply to the liquidator as a creditor. A worthless exercise as you would have been so far down the pile you would never see a penny. I'd still advise booking something for next year, that suits you of you are in the situation.
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