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  1. He is highly paid because the owners recognise his talent in achieving high standards with limited resources. I believe our owners are out to prove themselves globally as among the most capable sports owners. They want to achieve excellence in all areas of operation and they are in it for the long haul. Most owners seek financial success (in very limited terms though) and/or sporting glory. Few owners actually expect to achieve the highest standards in everything the club does. These owners are the real deal, unfortunately even after everything that has happened, some support
  2. As consumers we focus on the headline price of everything. All sorts of companies boost their revenue through add on fees and miscellaneous charges - ever bought a ticket from Ticketmaster or Viagogo, or a holiday online? It's a long standing industry trend. The club should just be more transparent with its pricing and just increase the ticket prices.
  3. Any other news group / broadcaster would realise the commercial value of interviews and the duty they, as a public broadcaster, have to broadcast great content to the public. Long ago they would have done the necessary and sent someone else to interview the manager and players. But we're talking about the sanctimonious and pompous BBC here. While the BBC dithers on this issue the club seems to be upping their game (in terms of their own match day broadcasts) and other broadcast formats (like vlogs) are coming to the fore, along with other news organisations. The way we consume football news is
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