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  1. Hi,

    I'm not sure if it's allowed here but I have 3 standing tickets for The last Shadow Puppets, on 31st May at de monfort hall

    I can no longer go and looking to sell them


  2. Unlocked 1000x10 coin boost but only get 200 after each game. This game is getting beyond a joke

    This just one of the recent problems of a whole plethora of shit wrong with this game

    Why are players on same team just running into each over and falling over, passes going all over the place and 100 chem teams having no idea where other players in the team are.

    If you already have a boost being used it will use that first before starting the new one

  3. Howcome they can't have been IF, doesn't that defeat the object?

    That's just these 3. It's for players who have been consistent but not got an IF. So have played well throughout the year but done nothing amazing in in a game to get a totw.

  4. 442 lloyd

    433 lennon

    plus if anyone now wants around 40k in coins list a player and ill do a trade offer at 12 tomorow before i post.

    Yes I will, serious help towards getting IF kasper

    Van der gun

    3412, st


    FC Utrecht


    Start - 30k

    Bin- 50k

    On for 1 day - accidentally put it up for one hour just now, will put it up for 24h once it finishes

    Psn Kotecha09

  5. right listing as i type.

    will list all items at 2800000 start price and 2801000 buy now so should be easy to find in search if you use the listed formation, team, pos and nation along with those prices.

    so 443 de gea. now for sale.

    443 kompany

    4411 hernandez

    433 oxlade chamberlain

    433 micah richards

    4411 knocky

    4231 courtois 98 contract.

    4411 handanovic

    433 oscar 89 contract

    443 luis

    433 defoe

    433 walcott

    4411 zarate

    433 cabaye

    442 kasper

    433 baines

    433 lennon

    442 delaet

    443 nuge

    433 king

    theres a few others as well if you search that price range.

    make me a trade offer for any off them shit players a few coins. they go in 12 hours.

    sent trade offers

  6. il take kompany if u dont mind, psn - kotecha09

    yeah sorry ps3. will list them tonight if I get chance, will need them gone by tuesday night tho, as have to post out weds.

    of top of my head i can do a 443 De gea, david luis, kompany, baines, azplicueta. will sort the rest later, add me Bayfox07. will list for 24 hours from 10pm tonight.

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