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  1. A dark day in the Purl era. No excuses.


    I think the reason Puel splits fans’ opinion is because he is, on average, a mediocre manager. Not completely bad and not consistently good. Some great results, some woeful results. Some inspired tactical moves, some unfathomable decisions - all averaging out to plain old mediocre.


    I think he has done enough and earned enough points this season to guarantee our survival. Therefore he should be given until the end of this season - let’s see if he can build consistently and review it in May - ideally with a plan B lined up to prevent us slipping back during a prolonged transition period if we do need a change.

  2. 1 hour ago, lgfualol said:

    Think a lot of managers will be cautious. You are only an accent and boring interview away from having the fans against you, and only about 12 months until the players try and get you out.

    I genuinely think the main issue with Puel is the on the pitch performances. It’s dull, boring and ineffective. Regressing and not progressing.


    I am not enjoying games at the minute and many fans are also attending out of duty and loyalty.


    His inability to communicate is only a secondary issue, and wouldn’t matter if we were performing well.


  3. 7 minutes ago, LCCFox96 said:


    Great, let's just leave ourselves sitting ducks. If he stays, he needs financial support in the market to continue bringing in players better suited to how we want to play. If the club are not prepared to back him with any funds at all then they might as well pull the trigger now. That's a question only a few people on the Board of Directors will know the answer to.

    My point is - pull the trigger

  4. Negatives

    - tactics that don’t maximise the talent in the team (Vardy)

    - doesn’t know his strongest team 

    - Spent more money than any previous manager

    - no connection with the fans

    - killed the atmosphere at the KP

    - abject performances 

    - going backwards, no evidence of improvement

    - best squad outside the top six

    - boring, boring and more boring

    - reproducing his results at Southampton 

    - his philosophy is unproven to work in PL

    - odd substitutions

    - demotivated the players

    - rubbish results

    - inflexibility, ideologically driven 



    - he plays young players

    - he had some historic success in France

    - he won some games at he beginning of his tenure at LCFC

    - excellent at downplaying and managing expectations - fans now accept failure as progress towards 

    - lucky - gained many points this year despite poor performances

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  5. 28 minutes ago, ttfn said:

    We were playing to our “best style” when we finished 12th last season and were 18th when Shakespeare left.


    Absolutely no chance we’d have even been in with a sniff of Europa League had we carried on with the “best style”.  We wouldn’t even have been talking about Europa League had it not been for the start he made, just look at the “am I mad for thinking we’ll finish 8th” thread where everybody laughed at the OP.


    Puel is trying to totally revolutionise the playing style of the entire football club. This does not happen overnight, it’s never happened overnight anywhere. That he’s managed to implement some level of transition without us ever having even flirted with the relegation zone is to his credit. Realistically our most optimistic fans would have been pleased with 7th when he took over and there’s every chance we will miss that by one place. Is that really a good case for changing the manager?


    The last five home games have produced a collection of desperately poor results but on the balance of play we really ought to be sat on 4-8 more points from those fixtures in which case we’d still be looking at a promising end to the season. These things happen in football - it’s not cost us anything significant. 


    People are absolutely within their rights to criticise the style of play and what we’ve become and argue that we’re being led by the wrong man (although critique of his personality is absolutely crackers, Ian Holloway had a good personality it didn’t make him a good football manager). I think he’s made some big mistakes, notably persevering with Morgan and Simpson and (though I was certainly in the minority at the time) loaning out Slimani. But as far as I’m concerned he’s put us on the right path. For that alone I’m willing to give him next season.


    Stylistically were in a really difficult spot. You only need to look at Burnley’s success this season (and indeed ours from November 2015-April 2016) to see how difficult it is to score against a deep set defence. Because of our almost unique threat behind the defensive line literally every single team we play outside the top 6 sets up with a deep lying back 4 and an aggressive press on our midfield. Look at Southampton yesterday - set up looking to contain our threat behind first and foremost despite the fact that they desperately needed a win. Man City aside every team in the league struggles to break this down;we’re not unique in that sense. Yes, it’s Puel’s job to work it out but far more celebrated minds with far better players have struggled to figure it out elsewhere. 


    Whatever happens now the board need to be decisive. My preference is that they back Puel in the transfer market, bring in 3-5 new players to support the style he wants to play and give him at least until Christmas to get us in the top half and playing good football. But if they don’t do that they need to be looking for a new manager now and have them ready to come in at the start of June with a clear plan as to how they evolve this team.

    What gives you confidence that we can recruit five good players in one window? My count is two good players in 14 signings since winning the league.


    Can you name a club who have successfully integrated 5 players in one window?


    Can you name a club who has successfully transformed their style?


    Can you name a club with our budget who play possession football and beat the big budget clubs?


    Can little old Leicester attract the type of ball playing footballers we need to implement this new style?


    I think gambling on all of the above is a huge, huge risk. 

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  6. I have been trying to give Puel the benefit of the doubt, hoping that we are seeing a transitional phase. Unfortunately, the performances are providing little room for optimism.


    As many have already said we are slow in possession and look devoid of attacking threat.


    My real concern is that the playing style is getting further away from the identity of Leicester City as a hardworking, difficult team to play against. 


    I think Puel is trying unsuccessfully to impose his own identity on to a Leicester squad that doesn't suit a slow possession based game. Another transfer window for Puel is likely to take us further away from the blood and guts performances that epitomise great Leicester teams and further towards a slow possession based side.


    Big decisions to be made in the summer, even if on the surface our leave position looks okay. Decision which our owners will not shy away from.


    History may repeat itself for Puel.

  7. I am on the fence with Puel. The optimist in me thinks it is a transitional phase before we kick on and dominate next season. I would like to see more speed from back to front and more aggression all over. Let's not lose all of the blood and guts identity of Leicester City in the process of transformation.


    Although even more important than Puel's coaching ability will be our transfer dealings. We need to buy starters. No more squad players. We need top quality. Especially if we need to replace Mahrez.


    Interesting times ahead. In context of out club's history these are the golden years for which we need to be grateful. We should all remember to enjoy the next seasons before we do the classic Leicester Yo-Yo! :-)



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  8. I love Simeone. I've always thought he would be a perfect fit at LCFC. As much as I am sure he would like to work with Jamie Vardy, it is very unlikely to happen. As others have said he will be looking for a big club. He will turn Chelsea into an Atletico-esque monster counter attacking team.

  9. Chilwell is clearly a very talented player and prospect. He is quick, great with the ball, can take a player on and cross accurately.


    He is learning and with experience will grow into a super player. Yes he made a mistake but it is to be expected with young players. Importantly he kept his head up and never stopped trying.


    It is great to see a Leicester side with so many talented youngsters coming through. Our job as fans is to help them through the development phase by being supportive and realistic. We should all be thankful that we are witnessing the golden years in our club's history.


    I've said it more than once, but I feel that Puel is bringing through an exciting young team who are more technically gifted than any other previous squad I can remember in my 30 years of supporting the club.


    I was initially sceptical of Puel, but I am delighted that he has proven me wrong. I am more and more impressed with the changes he is gradually making. He is a shrewd coach and manager. Change takes time and necessarily has its ups and downs.


    Let's put it into perspective when we get the urge to criticise our young players. I was at the game last night and can understand the frustration. However, we are seeing the birth of a new post-title-winning side and we should be patient and enjoy watching the team flourish.


    It's a long view required with a bright future ahead.

  10. Gray clearly has the raw ingredients and natural talent to succeed. In my eyes it is only his decision making which is holding him back (an area that I assume must be easier to fix than say a lack of pace!). He has shown glimpses of real top level performance but not managed to gain consistency, as yet. It will come.


    I back Puel to improve his confidence and his decision making over time. I hope that Gray shows a willingness to learn and improves his game in the next few months.


    We must begin to play Gray and Diabate more often before Riyad likely leaves in the summer.


    A lot of clubs would be desperate for a player with Gray's ability and potential. We are lucky to have a wealth of youth coming into the ranks - a new dawn!


    These kids are the future! And a very bright future at that!

  11. I have no problem with Mahrez leaving as along as we get a market value for his transfer fee. This is crucial.


    I am pleased that Mahrez has the option of signing for an elite European team that befits his quality, rather than Roma or Arsenal. He deserves to go on and win trophies.


    Man City clearly have the finances to pay a market rate and if they want him enough they will pay it. Mahrez and his agent must remember the obligation is on Man City. They can't expect Leicester to sell cheap, since it would reduce our ability to recruit a replacement and ultimately impact negatively on the club and our fans.


    I am pleased that our owners stood firm and respected the club above any single player. It sets a marker for the summer window. I also hope that Mahrez gets on with his game and goes out playing his best football. It would be tragic to see this end in a Berahino-style attempt to reduce his fee by going AWOL.


    I will be cheering Mahrez as soon as he sets foot on the pitch. He has been our most creative talent ever. He is awesome and deserves respect once he gets his head back in the zone.


    Onwards and upwards!



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  12. My view is that Puel has brought out more attacking flair than we have seen in a while, but at the same time we have begun to ship goals - conceding two or more goals in six out of our previous seven games and eight out of Puel's 12 PL games in charge.


    The attacking and better possession is good to watch and encouraging. I hope the leaky defence is a function of a team in transition. Lots of the goals have been individual errors but the overall pattern of conceding a lot of goals can't be ignored.


    I have seen glimpses of us being a real force. We have young high quality players emerging all over the pitch and if they can be moulded correctly then we have an exciting future! Let's hope we can keep a few clean sheets in January - if we can we will undoubtedly win games because of our goal threat.


    Exciting times ahead!!

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  13. I thought Chilwell was excellent yesterday. He is strong and growing in confidence in his defensive play.


    More importantly he is an attacking threat. He glides past players and creates opportunities.


    It is great to have so many players who can take players on. We now have Mahrez, Gray, Chilwell, Vardy and Maguire who can take the ball past the opposition. I think this will be a key factor in our future success.

  14. I have to say that he is winning me over. Some lovely spells of possession and attacking play yesterday. Lots of young players looking better than before (Gray, Chilwell and Ndidi.) 


    It's not a finished product yet but  I am excited at the quality in the squad. Let's hope we see more of Iheanacho at appropriate times.


    I am confident that we should have a solid season and then build next year.



  15. Agree with Kitchandro. You have to do something different (play a different style of football) to beat the top teams. It's pointless trying to play possession football unless we are going to outspend the top clubs and buy better quality. Puel's style is low tempo and flat. He doesn't get the best out of a squad which was put together to run hard, run fast and outwork the opposition.

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  16. What a farcical situation. Our owners are so in the dark about our previous success that they appoint a manager who reminds them of Ranieri. Crucially he will be a yes man to Rudkin. That seems to be the driving factor for our decision making these days. 


    Claude is not the right appointment for Leicester City. He will struggle to win over our dressing room full of strong characters, who will be underwhelmed by this appointment.


    The context has changed since Ranieri. The players have proven themselves as PL champions and will expect better than Puel. He will need to impose himself on the players and win them over from day one - which is not by all accounts his personality strength.


    Tactical knowledge is pointless if you can't convey it to your players. Or motivate them to perform!


    I despair that our owners and senior management have no concept of an identity or blueprint for our club. Blindly switching from one style of manager to the next without consideration of an overall plan.


    How many more managers will it take for them to learn what is staring everyone else in the face. Our success came from a long term, holistic approach, starting with finely honed player recruitment. 


    Our saving grace is that we have Appleton - who will be no doubt be running the show with Vardy, Morgan and Kasper, while Puel fumbles around with his own parallel backroom staff!! The management practice of setting up competing parallel staffing structures is a stroke of genius that only Leicester City is capable of implementing - you won't find that in Harvard Business Review!

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  17. Puel it is. Underwhelming. He won't be able to manage the strong characters in our dressing room. Southampton got rid because he fell out with the players and played defensive tactics. I predict a players' revolt and him being sacked before the end of January.


    It is clear why they appointed him - he reminds them of Ranieri and will be a Rudkin yes man. Farcical that our owners are so clueless about our success that they try to hire a guy with a similar personality to Ranieri. Just get the monks back to bless the squad and we will be fine!!

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