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  1. Time to go, he’ll never make it his attitude stinks
  2. Too many kids with no bottle, never turn up in big games, even if we’d have got to the final Man City would’ve smashed us. On a side note, Kasper trying to command his area is painful to watch
  3. I think I am right in thinking, Mendy is out of contract at the end of the season? Got the feeling, even before his injury, he was simply there to help fill in for Wilf and nothing more. He will go at the end of the season and be upgraded (I hope)
  4. Know nothing about him and still prefer this over Vestergaard
  5. I’m not having a go, please don’t take it like that, I’m just of a different opinion. In Germany, the game is a bit slower, a bit more technical (not that he’s very technically gifted) and tactical... here, it is faster paced. If he doesn’t fit in at Southampton (with a German manager who plays similar to many teams in Germany) and he doesn’t suit a high defensive line and pressing style, how will he all of a sudden suit us...? If we sign him then obviously, like everyone else I’ll give a chance (and wouldn’t stoop to boo’ing him...), but I am against this just like I was Ghezzal and Inler. Everything I saw, heard/read from people who’d watched them week in week out made me think they’d have no hope in our league. Southampton fans have confirmed what I’d seen up to this point... he can’t run, he can’t jump, he’s not agile nor is he that good on the ball. I just don’t get this at all.
  6. He’s a greedy b******
  7. Not from me... we needed experience back then but also weren’t playing a high line...
  8. He’s huge but he can’t jump... a ball in behind, he can’t run (bearing in mind we play a high line). Someone quoted once he’d not scored for Southampton (might not be the case anymore) but proves he’s no good in the air. I think I’d prefer benkovic being given more of a chance... and Wes
  9. One of the worst and immobile centre backs in the premier league... Lee Congerton effect? We have been praised and rightly so, for our transfer dealings over the last few years. This however is the complete opposite
  10. Agree hundred percent, Hamza is better higher up the pitch closing down aggressively... something you can’t really do as the deepest centre mid
  11. lcfceaves


    He was never that bad for us!! He tried filling in for Vardy but because he didn’t close down like Vardy he got the same treatment from some of the moronic fans in the stand that Kelechi started getting last season...
  12. He’s not very good... I can’t see us going for him, stinks of paper talk
  13. This is never happening, but it is the sort of player we desperately lack. Flair, skill, make something from nothing. Hard to come by but since Mahrez, we’ve never had any of the above in his abundance. Saw a clip from a few years back when Mahrez placed a side footed volley from a narrow angle past the keeper... it was glorious ... no one we have now could do it or just produce a bit of magic, it’s all too predictable with what we have at the moment
  14. Simply... we aren’t as good as too many thought we were (that is aimed at all the people who go by purely results rather performances). We have a lot of young players, some of which aren’t that good but believe the hype, some are that good but have become arrogant or had their heads turned. Some are mentally weak (maybe because of age) and can’t stand up to be counted when the chips are down. If the owners want to be a big team (something Brendan has alluded to more than once) then it isn’t just about brilliant training grounds, players with potential or good servants to the club... it’s about the players ability. Are they good enough? Is our staring XI really any better than the top 6... ? There are a couple of players who’d probably get a game, but come on, let’s be honest... they aren’t good enough. We either spend some dough in the Summer on better players (don’t just get numbers in for the sake of it) or we continue to be a mid table side. That isn’t me having a moan, I am referring to the board and manager... they want to be big (it seems). I just simply watch the team whatever the size or direction they go in. Pi***** off with some of these recent performances, but reality is there for all to see
  15. The truth will eventually come out if they’ve done something.
  16. Can’t see us winning. If we can’t beat what was put in front of us today then god help us
  17. Yep. Scapegoat all they like, every player has been crap for months. If anyone is to blame surely the buck stops with the manager? I’m sure he’d accept that, but on Maddison, while I’ve never been his biggest fan, but he is no way the sole reason for this piss poor form
  18. We didn’t exactly created bucket loads today... I was saying it just felt very Puel-ish... Vardy missing a pen as well, not happened since Puel? Might be wrong
  19. It feels more like Puel ball to me... pretty possession over substance
  20. Everyone saying calm down, we are 3rd... we are judging them on this terrible form and this string of terrible performances... if we still finish top 4 then we’ll done, we’ve over achieved. But right now, we are watching terrible performances week in week out
  21. Being as shit as we are just lately it’s a surprise we aren’t already. Chelsea and Utd seem to struggle for consistency as well
  22. Given everyone a 1. Don’t deserve anymore than that for losing to the worst footballing side in the league. Wheels have completely fallen off and if we don’t spend any money in the summer on some quality attackers then it’s not unthinkable to think we will be bottom half next season. I don’t have any confidence in watching a winning performance anymore, it seems the players don’t either. Even from a winning position we looked shaky. This isn’t an individual being out of shapes, no scapegoats... the whole side are awful right now Really poor
  23. The worst team we’ve played in a while and we still find a way to lose
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