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  1. Yep don’t think he played in cup game during the week
  2. Wasn’t this the same Twitter account that said we’d bid / agreed a deal for the Ukrainian winger? Nothing ever came of that...
  3. He liked cags screamer in training as well...
  4. That is true, as long as others can cover in that department. We played a ridiculous high line against Spurs with Evans, Bennett and Morgan... Tah is ok, but we cannot afford to play a high line if him and Evans both played together (IMO). Unless of course Cags played with them in a back 3
  5. Foxestalk has now been completed for me... a clip from the greatest film ever made
  6. I am sure it was £18million with a load of add ons...?
  7. Glad that’s one less over hyped player we don’t be signing. I admit to not watching Lyon week in week out, when I’ve seen him, he’s offered very little. Looks like they have started with Ekambi this season as well
  8. And still gets on with the job... still presses, still scores...
  9. Because Perez is the new scape goat, even when we win...
  10. Good win, was expecting a bore draw... WBA still a championship team though on that showing. Justin kept getting caught out with balls over his head but did a lot of other good things. Castange was outstanding, especially for a debut. Need to do more in around penalty which to be fair, we did in the end to get the pens. Special mention for N’Didi playing out of position and Mendy who filled in for him
  11. Has looked better than Albrighton when he’s played against us...
  12. Hang on, Barnes hasn’t had a full stint yet, Fofana can wait his turn...
  13. One of the few players able to press so no surprise he’s being linked to Saints - If he doesn’t get much game time this season I reckon he’ll leave next
  14. Maybe he’s been hacked?
  15. I like McNeil. Not surprised by the usual snobbery in here. Foreign player ‘X’ is better than English player ‘Y’ even though you’ve not seen them play 😂 I’d rather we sign McNeil than not sign a wide man at all, surely everyone would agree?
  16. I’ve only seen him once and he was rubbish 😂 Albeit against Inter... Will go with everyone else’s seemingly better judgement that he’s decent... I don’t watch a lot of Italian football
  17. It’s nice to see this... I’m used to seeing “haha you’ve bought a right duffer there” etc etc...
  18. Who plays right back and left back then if JJ plays one of the three? Feels too light especially with Europe this season
  19. That leaves us with Wes Morgan as cover... 4 centre backs, when playing 3 all the time isn’t enough
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