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  1. 8 minutes ago, Col city fan said:

    No one is going to persuade me that Iheanacho is the answer to our lack of goals this season. He’s not a patch on many of the strikers we’ve had down here in recent times. I thought he was going to be lethal, but he’s clumsy and unintelligent.

    A top striker is definitely needed on our shopping list.

    At the moment I just can't work out what kind of striker he's supposed to be. He's not showing enough pace to play off the shoulder of the last man, he rarely gets a shot away when he has a chance to, he's not strong in the air and his decision making is really poor. His first touch is awful too currently and he doesn't seem to attack the ball at crosses. He may just be devoid of confidence and he's still young but he's just not contributing enough for me. 

  2. 45 minutes ago, fuchsntf said:

    I won't let that lie,or if will become an another forum point ,based on singular opinion...


    I also remember the odd negative chants,getting quite  a bit of stick and booed down by others...

    the vitriol that one experiences today,was never so blatant as today ,plus even towards the end Bloomfield had more supporters backing him than,

    the odd big mouths,because those same turned up also so readily with B.Little,Adams,O'Neil,Ranieri......


    I'm not saying they were right nor that it was everyone. But there were definitely those chants. I loved the Bloomfield era. For me this is one of the reasons that I'm willing to give Puel time. I can remember my dear old dad saying to me at the time "people should be careful what they wish for" and sure enough we ended up with Frank Mclintock, the sale of Frankie Wortho and a freefall to relegation. I'm in no way comparing Puel to Bloomfield but I can see what he's trying to build and we are comfortably mid-table unless that changes and unless there is a better option I don't share the view that ANY option is better. Ps for anyone of a similar era "Weller walks on water" 

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  3. 6 hours ago, Foxaholic ME said:

    I dont think you are correct about Bloomfield every one of my vintage loved watching his sides . The only time I can remember him or the team being booed was his last match which we lost 5-0 to WBA. He was not booed out finishing his contract and not choosing to renew it.

    I'm afraid there were plenty of "Bloomfield out" chants towards the end of his last season. From what I can remember some supporters were frustrated that we never quite got into the European places despite the fact that this was a wonderfully talented and entertain team (albeit prone to the odd 5-0 thumping). 

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  4. 11 hours ago, fazzyfox said:

    We gave Liverpool much more of a game than Spurs tonight, was it just Maguire being the difference? We lost that too but they were never in cruise control against us and they're a couple of notches above Spurs.

    I agree. We also looked really good at times against Manchester Utd and Arsenal(first half) earlier this season. I'm not sure if it's just down to Maguire being much more attack minded in terms of both bringing the ball out of defence and attacking the ball from corners but he is a big miss in that respect. 

  5. 3 hours ago, mozartfox said:

    I still suffer nightmares over the Frank McClintock Managerial extravaganza...........

    Me too! We had club record signing Roger Davies as top scorer with 4 goals for the season. Maybe we should set up a virtual reality suite at the KP and make everybody relive that nightmare of a season so there's a bit more perspective about our current position? 

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