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  1. 15 minutes ago, TrickyTrev Benjamin said:

    Anyone else order Barrie pierpoint book ? I’ve just got mine today and have to say anyone who followed city during the 90s it definitely brings back a lot of good memories. I’m quite surprised the club isn’t selling it in the shop to be honest. Think it be good with the retro shirts. 

    I will take a look, thanks for the letting us know Barrie!

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  2. 2 hours ago, Finnegan said:

    We absolutely, categorically, under no circumstances should be playing five at the back against these. 


    We need to be maximising our attacking and creative players. Madders and YT to start with Mendy, Under and Barnes to start up with Vardy. 


    No ****ing around, get back to the formation that actually gets us goals. 

    Not saying you wrong about needing to change formation, bit we have scored more in first 9 game (18) this season, then we did last years first 9 games (16).


    I'd be surprised if we change, BR seems to like it. 

  3. Decent player who would still be playing he part in the squad if he signed a contract.


    Pretty sure he will go else where and do ok, and have a decent journeyman PL career.


    Looking a spurs he would be even further down the pecking order then he is here.


    Think they will be seeing him as a way to make a quick buck

  4. 22 minutes ago, Corky said:

    Agreed. A solution might be to move the BT slot to 5.30pm (I think they used to have it) so Sky can vary who plays at 12.30pm a bit more. BT can still take a big team's match but the gap from the previous midweek is longer.


    Managers and players want the longer rest, boardrooms want the most money, TV companies want the best kick-off times. Who will concede ground? Presently, I don't see the clubs above the playing staff giving anything up so we're stuck with this cycle of complaining for a while yet.

    Players and agents also want the money, can't have you nose in the trough and complain to much.  


    Only in football could you have roughly 50% of PL clubs losing money each year but players still want more.



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  5. Just have a feeling he's a short term fix, unless he rips up it from now and the end of the season I think we have other Irons in the fire. After a season of no fans a lot if clubs in France, Portugal and Spain will be offloading players 


    I like him, another day he nets against Braga.


    He's two assists for Vardy against Leeds and Arsenal were class.


    He does one thing that no one other then Maddison does and thats shot from range.

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  6. 3 minutes ago, Lcfc-1992 said:

    It’s like playing Fifa street at times, I dont really use skill moves and can’t be bothered to learn. Hate playing players that do skill with every player that touches the ball. 

    It worth learning 4-5 simple ones!

  7. 2 minutes ago, Md9 said:

    Just switched to use this.not the best team to be fair.  I am think I am also going to try buy Vardy today as Calvert lewin is good but to slow and every one that has had him to Werner seem to fly past everyone. Yeah fridays are hard just needed to get some games in as won’t get a chance to complete it over sat and Sunday. 


    You need to get yourself a couple of decent CDMs like Allen if you are doing a PL team, I'd drop Modric as having a player on 4 chemistry and a team under 100 chemistry isn't going to help you cause. 7 chem is fine but try and not go below that for a player.


    Without decent CDMs you are going to find defending hard.



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  8. 3 hours ago, Md9 said:

    Ffs lost second game 9-0 😂 then winning comfortable then ended up losing 6-5 

    What team, formation, tactics are you running, they can make a massive difference.


    Friday is normally a hard day to play as well.



  9. 1 hour ago, kyleolly said:

    It’s one thing being highly rated by the academy but if we are to progress we need to improve and buy an elite proven goalkeeper 

    Which would cost us 30-40m, no chance we are doing that when we will be looking for a long term successor's to Vardy, which is probably going to cost the same.

  10. 1 hour ago, Sol thewall Bamba said:

    The next thing we need to do is get Caglar and Fofana playing together without Evans there to steward them.

    Think that may take some time, both are very aggressive and natural what to rush out.


    Think both of them need more experience, I'd imagine it will 12-18 months before they are the regular partnership. Evans slips into the Morgan role.

  11. 1 hour ago, Babylon said:

    If we are counting missed chances then our reserves could have been 4-3 and still in the game, against a team who are certainly no mugs. 


    I know it was en vouge to slate the squad in the summer, but I said it then that I think the squad in general is far stronger than people give it credit for. I didn't put our collapse last season down to injuries, because it started long before that and even the fit players couldn't string two passes together half the time. What also helps is Rodgers is being rather more pragmatic in his approach this season, and not trying to play the same style all the time. 


    There were a few notable areas for concern in the summer, CB, LB and ST. But we fixed the CB problem with what looks like a masterstroke. And Justin has been coming on leaps and bounds, whilst Thomas has been steady and not disgraced himself. So whilst we'll need a new LB or RB in the summer to replace Fuchs going, the options look ok at the moment with Ricardo and Castagne coming back. 


    ST backup is an issue, if we are thinking that the replacement is going to get close to Vardy. They aren't, and we'll be very lucky to sign someone who can get close to him. The replacements we do have aren't perfect and aren't Vardy, but they'd score double figures given a whole season up front. Which is respectable. 

    Can't help think, it a little like replacing Mahrez, we could never one replace him with a like for like replacement, we had to improve the team overall. 


    I think the same about Vardy, we can get a decent forward, but never one of Vardy's level, but if we can improve our wide forward by 10-15% we will be ok.

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  12. 5 minutes ago, hejammy said:

    I'm not sure about him at RCB. I actually think his best attribute is driving forward and I can see him getting caught out of position quite a bit today. He needs to keep his discipline but I'm not sure he can. Let's hope for the best! 

    Yes but you need CBs willing too carry the ball out when you play as a 3. In a 2, l would agree with you, but in a 3 there's a decent amount of cover.


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