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  1. ...and there it is. Barely deserved but entirely predictable.
  2. I really like his mentality. Even in games where he struggles for short periods, he never lets his head drop, ever. Always sticks at it and demonstrates a good attitude. He's doing a great job for the team.
  3. I love him. Genuinely one of the top 3 midfielders who I've seen a Leicester shirt. Would love to see him extend his contract.
  4. 4 wins from 6 after last season's heartache. IMO he deserves huge credit for that and for picking the boys up after the devastating way last season ended. All against a backdrop of serious injuries to key players. He's doing a good job.
  5. Ashamed to admit that I initially thought we should have gone with James Tarkowski's prem experience. I couldn't have been more wrong Wes looks he's already twice the player Tarkowski is and is only going to get better whereas JT has probably peaked. Well done to the scouting team.
  6. Love that he waited for Arteta to show his hand first and then grabbed the chance. Arsenal were getting frustrated and so Arteta pushed his full backs right up and within about 5 minutes Brendan brought on Vardy and Cengiz and pushed Harvey back out wide, they couldn't live with us after that. That was clever tactics imho.
  7. I thought Nampalys was sensational today. Absolutely brilliant.
  8. To be fair, bar the save from Bellerin, Kasper didn't have much to do.
  9. A few people owe Brendan an apology. He's made you look a bit silly.
  10. Mendy and The Fof have been brilliant so far.
  11. Well, we're not losing and they have only had two on target, that's about as positive as I can be.
  12. We are so ****ing crap from set pieces it's embarrassing
  13. All those people with shit streams should be grateful.
  14. Theres is absolutely no out-ball with this formation.
  15. Completely disagree with Redknapp, I think Digne 100% meant to do that. Nasty, nasty challenge.
  16. Put a tenner on Little Wes to get a headed goal at 33/1. Go on Fofana.
  17. He reminds me a lot of Vardy in the sense that he's aggressive, never gives up and looks like he's a nightmare to play against. His approach play is underrated too.
  18. Have to admit, I love Danny Ings, I think he's a fantastic footballer. Would love to see him in a Leicester shirt. Good to see Che Adams doing well.
  19. Patient: "Doctor my bottom hurts" Doc: "Can you tell me exactly where it hurts?" Patient: "Right around the entrance." Doc: "As long as you call it the entrance, it will hurt."
  20. Agreed. I genuinely think that's up there with any starting 11 in the league perhaps with the one exception of Liverpool.
  21. I still think there's a player in there but the sad fact is, everytime he comes on, I'm just waiting for that **** up that costs us. I love him, I want to see him become a really good player for us but he's a liability right now.
  22. I'm beginning to think maybe Leeds won't win the league after all
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