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  1. It won’t have removed the buy out clause, because Rodgers and his agent will be the ones that want the clause in the first place.

    What it will do though, as others have said, is probably put the price up, provide Rodgers a bigger wage and “signing on” bonus, reaffirm his commitment in the short term to end the speculation from distracting us this season, and provide another massive boost to the players morale, (and that of the supporters) which is already sky high!


    A great move for the club.

    It doesn’t necessarily give long term guarantees against certain specific clubs coming in for him, but it’s the best thing for all parties at the current time.


    Great news! 

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  2. So I’ll admit, I haven’t seen a lot of our u23 games, but I keep hearing George Thomas’s name come up.


    From what I read, he plays as either a right winger, or attacking midfielder, and it’s raised a question that maybe someone else, who has seen more of him play, can answer.........


    Do we think we should be looking to integrate him into the first team squad, and give him minutes at RW??


    Come January, I think we could (and should) still be looking for a genuine Right Winger.

    Ghezzal wasn’t good enough, and although Perez has been playing there, I think he looks more of a forward, and isn’t particularly providing the partner on the wing that Pereira can dovetail effectively with.


    I believe Thomas is out of contract in the summer, so is now the time, before January, to give him a boost, with some 1st team squad action, and maybe some minutes on the pitch, to gauge if he could be the answer, and is deserving of a new contract?


    Can anyone offer balanced insight into his progress in the u23’s?.....

  3. Let’s be realistic here, the only options in the Premier League that could be considered a “step up” are:


    Man City - Pep is going nowhere yet, and even then, Brendan wouldn’t be on their shortlist, they would need a fan appeasing appointment after Pep.


    Liverpool - Klopp isn’t likely to go yet, and it’s unlikely they would re-appoint Brendan. They feel they have moved on.


    Spurs - Possibly one of the more likely jobs to become available, however would he be happy to work with Levy in rebuilding a squad that will need re-invigorating from upcoming big player losses?? It’s looking like a large exodus is just around the corner. I personally find it doubtful that Brendan would end up there.


    Arsenal - This could be an interesting one.

    They have money, and if they continue to loosen the purse strings a little bit, Brendan could actually do wonders there. They like young players, have a big fan base, and the project could actually interest him. Arsenal would actually be my biggest worry if they get rid of Emery.


    Chelsea - Obviously a massive draw for Brendan if the opportunity arose, but Lampard is starting to get them firing, and I think he’ll actually be there for quite a while now. If the job comes up, I’ll worry, but I don’t think it will.


    Man Utd - Put very simply, the club is toxic right now, and more likely to implode than improve. Add to that Brendans Liverpool history, it won’t ever happen.


    So, unless something drastically goes wrong for Lampard, I actually think Arsenal would be the best fit, but I’d put money on Brendan being with us for a little while yet! 🤞🙏



  4. I want to see Albrighton out wide, not due to wanting Perez dropped as such, but because Albrighton deserves a chance too. He never lets us down, and is just as deserving of being given a start and an opportunity.


    I also think people underestimate what Chilwell adds in an attacking sense compared to Fuchs.

    Fuchs has done really well as cover, I’m not denying that, but chilwell adds so much more going forward, if not so much defensively.


    As people have said, back to the 4231 / 4141 please


















  5. 1 minute ago, Silva Fox said:

    All valid comments but you're missing my point - in this league you have to spend big just to stand still and despite some fantastic business so far the teams competing for the same places as us have made some impressive signings too. 7th-10th place is probably still our realistic ceiling unless we really go for it before 5pm Thurs. 

    The point is, yes we have clearly progressed.


    Has everyone else progressed to the same level? The final table will tell us that next June.

    Football isn’t won “on paper”.

    From watching our team every week, and knowing our players and the signings we’ve seen in pre-season, we know that we have progressed.

    We can’t be sure if everyone else has until we play them.


    But the question “have we progressed?”, as a team, undoubtably yes!


  6. I can’t believe some of the reactions in this thread.


    At the start of the window there was a thread along the lines of “Would you accept us ‘doing a tottenham’ (not signing anyone else) if it meant signing Tielemans?”, and most people said yes!! Is anything ever enough for some of you???!!


    Since this time last year, we have:


    Brought in a top midfielder, who has already proved himself to us for half a season, was our top transfer target, and most here thought he could be one of our best ever players if we, somehow, got him!


    Replaced Simpson, who, although a great servant to our club, we’d outgrown, and brought in a highly rated young back-up to Ricardo.


    Brought in, out of the blue, another clubs top scorer from last season, who has already in pre-season shown good skill on the ball, and the ability to find the net for us.


    Sold Maguire for £80m, who most on here were convinced a few weeks ago was the high value player we were least likely to miss, and for some were almost happy to cash in on, probably for less than the £80m we got aswell!


    And most of all, swapped Claude Puel for Brendan Rodgers. A manager who couldn’t get us to break down teams like Huddersfield and Fulham, for a manager who after he came in, had us earning enough points to put us in the top 6 of the form table!!!


    Anyone who thinks we haven’t progressed, even before we look at spending the £80m burning a hole in our (the fans) pockets, must be an Ostrich!!!





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  7. 1 minute ago, That_Dude said:


    No way we'd get him or any other decent CB in this league for 50M. Not after the HM saga and so late in the window.

    I don’t disagree that may very well be true, so we should either go abroad for a CB, or run with what we have.


    Harsh as it sounds, defenders add less value to a team than other outfield players, which is why very few defenders are their clubs record signing.


    If we have managed to build the team we have by only paying a maximum of £35-£40m per player, that shouldn’t change for a new CB.

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  8. There is a reason why the world record fee for a defender is £80m and yet there are numerous midfielders/strikers in the world worth way more than that. Defenders, even the best ones, should not be your club record signing.


    If we spunk more than the £35m-£40m we paid for Tielemans on a central defender, we’ve been had.


    I’ll personally be gutted if we spend more than £30m on a Maguire replacement.


    There is no way that we will get Ake for less than £50m, and we shouldn’t want to pay that amount. We need to look elsewhere. 

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  9. I’m going to support him, and hope he improves, but I do have concerns over him.


    For me the main problem is how he comes out of the back 4, at pace, to close down opponents when we are not in possession.


    This often seems to result in either giving away a foul (I can see him racking up the cards in the Premier League), or even worse, he quickly gets turned or bypassed by the opposition, so he is then out of position, running back towards his own goal, chasing an opponent down.


    I also think his general positioning is quite poor a lot of the time. He quite often seems to be playing “catch up”.


    Admitted he has only just turned 23, so he can still improve a lot, and I’m in no way writing him off after a handful of appearances. However, for me, these issues need addressing, and if he is going to be a first choice starter alongside Evans this season, they need addressing quickly.


    Personally I wouldn’t be against getting in an experienced Premier League CB in alongside Evans as first choice, and loaning Soyuncu out to a bottom half prem team, until we see more of how he can cope at this level. However,  if he stays in our starting 11, he’ll have my support.



  10. 5 minutes ago, ClaphamFox said:

    If that happened, the club would just say, "Well, cheerio then." The club still does not want to sell Maguire, and that won't change no matter whether or not he expresses his desire to leave.

    What I’m saying though, is if that happens because we’ve tried to push for more money than we’ve told Harry is acceptable at the start, we could then be stuck with a very unhappy player.

  11. 7 minutes ago, leicesterlad1989 said:

    I think you have answered your own question there mate.


    The only thing we should all take for gospel is that BR has spoken publically twice about how Leicester's stance hasn't changed.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not taking anything for gospel, but I am starting to get nervous and twitchy that reports are now starting to appear about wanting £90m (which is more than anything previously reported) , Harry not playing tonight because of his frame of mind, and him getting “more and more frustrated”.


    I really hope we don’t play ourselves into a bad position.

  12. Has no-one considered that raising the asking price is the one thing that will really piss off the player??


    If we believe the “realistic” part of what has been written, at the start of the window Harry told Leicester his intentions, and the club told him he could leave if we got a bid of x amount. (Possibly £80m, but who knows for sure).


    From what we can see, he’s gone about things the right way, spoken to the club in private, got on with training, played in whichever team he’s selected for in pre-season, not done any interviews, not publicly put out a statement, not put in an actual transfer request.


    If Leicester start moving the goalposts, and reject a bid that meets what they told Harry they would accept, he’s (quite legitimately) gonna get pissed off. He may then feel it is time to put in a request, speak out to the media etc, as he may now believe the club is going back on it’s word??


    I’m all for squeezing Man Utd for every penny we can, but not at the risk of Harry making moves that will jeopardise what we’ve already been offered. One word from Harry in public and Man Utd might turn around and say “right, things have changed, £60m or we totally walk away”, and then what are we left with? Less than we wanted, or a very unhappy player that has publically asked to leave?.


    If Man U actually offer £80m, I think for our own sake we NEED to accept it, before we lose the upper hand!

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  13. At the risk of repeating myself, I’m still hoping we jump in for Harry Wilson from Liverpool.


    Had a great pre-season with them, scoring against both Dortmund and Lyon.


    Scored 15 goals in 40 games in the championship last season on loan at Derby.


    22 years old, perfect age for Brendan to coach and develop.


    Already acclimatised to the intensity of English football, if not the Premier League, but is hungry for the step up.

    (Maddison last season?)


    Right sided winger, who is predominantly left footed, so will cut inside while Ricardo overlaps.


    Expected to be available for £20m to  £25m. (Probably more like £25m with Bournemouth showing some interest).


    This feels to me like a great fit for us.

    Unfortunately no real rumours of us showing interest though.

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  14. 1 hour ago, sm1 said:

    The bookies table is basically a mirror image of last seasons table. I think 4-9 are going to be very competitive between ourselves, Everton, Wolves,  Chelsea, Utd & Arsenal. 

    This ^


    A good season and we could finish as high as fourth, an average season and we finish 9th. Less than 9th will be classed as failure given our squad and manager.


    Personally think Arsenal, Chelsea, and possibly Man U are all there for the taking this season, if we get things absolutely right.


    Also think Wolves may struggle more this season if they make the Europa League group stages. They’re a good team, but playing Sunday-Thursday most weeks is a gruelling schedule.


    We’re Leicester though, no guarantee we will get things right.

  15. 2 minutes ago, HighPeakFox said:

    Wow. How come you were in his company at 6am?

    I was working, can’t say more than that because of confidentiality around my job, but it really was such a shame to see. 


    Italia 90 was where my football obsession started, watching Gazza and Lineker as world stars.


    I have no doubt Gazza has been influenced by the wrong people during his life, but it now seems he’s happy to have the wrong people around him, “helping and protecting” him.

  16. Met Paul Gasciogne a few months ago, and let’s just say I now believe in never meeting your heroes!


    Watching him drinking Gin straight from the bottle at 6am was (ironically) a very sobering experience for me.


    He was friendly enough, but seeing him doing that, and listening to some of the things he talked about, I felt 50-50 sorry for him, and disappointed in him.


    He’ll always be the best natural footballer I ever watched, and be a hero from on the pitch, but definitely no longer a hero off it unfortunately. 

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  17. From the wording, it sounds like we wouldn’t interest him either.


    We put a bid in which was rejected.

    Fiorentina put a bid in which got them into talks (so we’d assume a higher bid), but he turned them down, as he wants a “significant” step up in club.


    Sounds to me like we’d have to offer more than we think he’s worth, and even then sounds like he’d turn us down too.


    Also, from this, it sounds like he’d probably be demanding to be a starter for us, where I think it’s more likely we’d be looking to rotate him.


    I’d put money on this deal not happening.



  18. As has already been said, we had a very promising (not perfect) first half, using half of the 1st 11 and half reserves.

    Followed by a pretty abject 2nd half, using a mix of reserves / u23’s / shop window players. 


    It’s not really surprising how the game went on the whole.



    Great build up play with Ricardo, Perez, Tielemans and Vardy.

    Perez finding the net on his first appearance.

    A decent performance from Leshabela, building some confidence for the lad.

    A clean sheet.

    Amartey looking tidy after injury.

    A high intensity first 45, which is good for fitness levels.



    Jakupovic made a couple of howlers with his distribution, possibly due to lack of game time / lost confidence etc

    Soyuncu got caught in possession, whilst out of position a few times when marauding up the pitch. If he’s going to push forward, he needs to find a safe lay off at the end of it. 

    The players in the second half that we may be looking to either loan out or offload (Jakupovic, King, Ghezzal, Elder, Knight, Iheanacho etc) did nothing really of note to help their causes.



    Still early days though.

    Bring on the next one!

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  19. Further evidence of “reliable sources” being reported in the sun............


    If any of these actually happen, maybe we shouldn’t rule out selling Slimani to Real Madrid!........


    I’ll wait for something more concrete before I believe Maguire is actuallly leaving.




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  20. Anyone who has seen all the tripe that the sun has put out in this style this transfer window, knows to pretty much ignore it.


    Given time I could post 100’s of these sun “exclusives” from the past month that have just been plain bulls**t. 


    Not just wrong, but totally fictional.


    I’m not saying negotiations haven’t been going on around Maguire, but until something comes from better sources, I refuse to believe that either a fee has been agreed for Maguire, or we have actually bid for Dunk.

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  21. If we are genuinely going in for a Right Winger, which is now really the main area I feel needs strengthening, I’ve got a list of 4 names i’d love to see coming in.


    However, they’ve all been mentioned before, and I’m not really optimistic about actually getting any of them if i’m honest:


    Thauvin - Probably interest from bigger teams in European competition, so unlikely to come to us


    Ziyech - The same as above


    Deulofeu - Watford are an arse to deal with, he only signed last year, and they’d likely ask for a ridiculous price


    Knockaert - May not have any interest in coming back


    For me, any of those have great ability to unlock defences, are exciting to watch,  and chip in with a fair number of goals too. 

  22. 25 minutes ago, Matt said:

    Whilst many people had major problems with Puel I think you have to hold your hands up saying not every single thing he did was bad, most of it but not everything.


    I said all of that at the time.


    The fact it was awful football, I was so disinterested and on the verge of hating something i'm so passionate about was where alot of people stand however.


    There were lots of comments at the time saying they could imagine Puel being a very good DOF that still remains, as a football manager, certainly in England, he's awful.


    He was bought in to do a job, he arguably did that job and we will probably look back and be thankful, but what we saw footballing wise was turgid, depressing, disinteresting, godawful football and something had to give.


    On either side of the argument regards Puel most people seem to find it hard to comprehend you can have such an opinion.


    Totally agree with this.


    I was firmly in the Puel Out brigade, and I still firmly believe it was the right decision to get rid, but i’m also willing to accept he did things that helped us.


    He cleared some of the deadwood, firmly started the transformation into this fresh new side we have now, and gave crucial game time to young players even though (arguably) they weren’t quite ready for it yet. (It clearly has benefitted them though).


    As stated though, we were playing absolutely turgid football, losing to teams we absolutely shouldn’t on a regular basis, we weren’t getting the best out of the talent he brought in, and our 20 goal a season striker looked isolated, lost, and therefore devoid of confidence and goals.


    Also, without Brendan coming in when he did, bringing renewed hope, confidence and results, I honestly think Maguire, Chilwell, Ricardo, Schmeichel, Vardy etc would all be actively looking to leave this summer, and players like Tielemans would have absolutely no interest in joining us now.


    Puel is due some thanks, absolutely, but we also got rid at the right time, and getting Brendan is already looking like a masterstroke.

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